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Shakespeare's Patrons


James I was a great admirer of poetry and the drama from his earliest days.
ad been tutored by the celebrated George Buchanan.
as one of Scotland's greatest poets, and had produced political and
ous works, and also poems and dramas. It has been usual to ridicule the
nesses of this king, but he had his noble qualities, that far outweighed his
es and weakness.Mr. D'Israeli gives the character of the King: "He was
d a pedant, but," says he,"he was no more a pedant than the ablest of his
emporaries, nor abhorred the taste of tobacco, nor feared witches, more
they did: he was a great wit, a most acute Disputant.
James was crowned king at the age of 1, after the death of queen
beth.He was one of the most intelligent kings to reign over Scotland.

One of Jamess passions was
scripture, and Macbeth has lots of
scripture and imagery.
Because of his double kingship of
England and Scotland, there was a
reference to that in Macbeth.
King James was into black magic and
believed in it, but for bad reasons.He
wasnt a good guy.Actually, he was a
lot like Macbeth in the story.
An allusion to an assassination plot of
King James can be found in Macbeth.


queen devoted herself to the study of the ancient classical period.She also
hted in theatrical entertainments and used her influence in the progress of
nglish drama, and fostered the inimitable genius of Shakespeare. Shakespeare
ardently attracted to Elizabeth and her Court, and proved a faithful servant to
oyal mistress. The first evidence of this is in his fine eulogy of the virgin queen
at most sweetly poetical early drama, A Midsummer-Night's Dream. A story of
en Elizabeth and Shakespeare must perhaps be noticed here, the anecdote a
late eighteenth-century invention relating to Queen Elizabeth at a theatre one
ing while Shakespeare was playing a king, and bowing to him as she crossed the
e, but he went on with his part without returning the salutation. The Queen
n passed him, and to directly attract his attention dropped her glove; the poet
ce picked it up.

Shakespear wrote many pieces for her, and about
her.The queen supported Shakespeare completly, which
helped make his work of the most popular in literature.
The Elizabethan Sonnet was named after Queen
Elizabeth I because she influenced the arts a lot during
this time period.
She influenced Shakespeare to give many of his female
characters power in a lot of his plays.For example Lady
Macbeth from Macbeth.
When Queen Elizabeth I died, people became upset and
angry.This horrible event affected Shakespeares
writing, which caused tragedies to occur in his plays.
The queen contributed to Shakespeares play style and
his plays popularity.



he third Earl of Southampton was Henry Wriothesley.Many poets have

itten dedications to Hanry, such as Barnabe Barnes, Thomas Nash and
illiam Shakespeare.Shakespeare was one of Henrys important clients.
years pass they become friends.Shakespeare dedicated two poems to
r. Wriothesley:Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece.
any people have disputed the relationship between these two men.
ome think that they could have been either lovers, friends, or simply
st associates.Henry was na inspiration to William Shakespeare, and
so his friend.We will never know if the rumors of other relations are
ue or not, the only important thing we have to remember is that we
ained two poems and a few sonnets from this great writer which so
appens to refer to Mr. Wriothesley.