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Grade 1B - Weekly Planner

Week 24: 24th April 2010

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Islamic Studies IT Arabic Arabic English:spelling Science Maths English

Welcome back and introduce

Estimating, Measuring and

next week's words:

What do magnets do? Pages Comparing Length & Reading Reading r-controlled "er", "ir" &
Stories of the Prophets I.T Arabic Arabic
256-259 for Math Success pp. 365-368 "ur", practice book p.43.
her, first, bird, girl, burn, were,
Lsn 10.1
shirt, fur, hurt, sir, visit & done.

English English Arabic Arabic Math English: Grammar IT Science

This week's story

"I’m a Caterpillar" pp.122-137
How are sounds made? &

Problem Solving: Use Logical

Am, Is, Are, Was and Were: What are sounds around us?
Comprehension Arabic Arabic Reasoning pp.369-370. Lsn I.T
G&WP Book pages 65 & 67. Ch.9 Lsn 6 pp.262-265.
"Draw Conclusions" practice book p.44 10.2
Workbook p.97A.

Science English: HFW Islamic Studies Social Studies Math English Arabic PE

"push", "wait", "visit", "done" & For A Better World Lesson 3 Estimating and Measuring with Adding '-er' and '-est' to words,
Lesson 6.3 - Etiquette of going
Review and Game "know." Practice book 1.2 p. 46 "Which way to go?", pp.22-23 Centimeters Lsn 10.5 pp.375- spelling practice book p. 70 & Arabic PE
out, Worksheet 6.3
& 47. Workbook pp.13-16 376. 72.

PE Math English: Handwriting Social Studies Science Arabic Arabic English: Phonics

For A Better World Chapter 3


Around the world: Lesson 1

Understanding Perimeter Lsn Writing letters A, B, D & M Reading contractions 's, 've &
PE "What is a Globe?" & Lesson 2 Chapter 9 Test Arabic Arabic
10.6 pp.377-378. pp.111-114 're p.45.
'Map of the World" pp.26-29
Workbook pp.17-20

Art Art English Arabic English: Grammar Math English


Adding '-er' and '-est' to words, Am, Is, Are, Was and Were: Look Back and Check Lsn 10.7 Focus on this week's story "I’m a
Art Art Arabic Caterpillar" pp.122-137,
spelling practice book p.71. G&WP Book page 68. pp.379-380. comprehension and vocabulary.