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Common Lesson Plan

Teacher Candidate: Matthew Remmich

Cooperating Teacher:
Ms. Poeppel and Dr. Houge
Grade Level: 8
Subject: History
Date: 17 February 2015
Common Core/State Standard(s):
8.H.2.3 Analyze the major sources of conflict that led to the Civil War.
8.H.2.4 Associate key individuals with their roles in the Civil War.
Learning Objective(s): Students will be able to recognize the differences between the
Confederate and Union sides of the American Civil War and analyze the major sources of
conflict that led to the Civil War.


Describe how this lesson is developmentally appropriate:

According to Piaget's theory of cognitive development, students in the 8th grade have
entered the formal operational stage of cognitive development and are capable of
abstract thought and reasoning. This lesson will make students think abstractly and use
reason to understand how and why the nation split and broke out in Civil War.
Students will require skills in reading and understanding historical documents.
This lesson will help students to understand the polarization of issues in the real world
and will be asked to recognize these polarization tendencies in the world today.
(Republicans vs. Democrats, etc.)
I will use a combination of direct instruction and student based learning to allow
students to find out the causes of the civil war. Students will read primary documents
from the time period and together we will find evidence of the causes of the civil war.
Pre-assessment will be issued via whole class question and answer session. I will ask the
students general knowledge questions regarding the topic and allow the students to
answer the best that they can. From their answers I can assess their current knowledge
of this topic.
During the lesson I will present a few primary documents from the time period detailing
the views and beliefs of the confederate and union sides of the Civil War. The will
demonstrate that they have attained the goals of the lesson by being able to read the
primary document resources and pull the evidence from the readings. I will assess their
understanding by constantly asking them questions and ensuring that all students are
following along and understanding the content.
I will asses students understanding of the lesson content by issuing an assignment of a
short, one page paper where students will write down their understanding of the
material. I will give them an assignment sheet with the questions I wish for them to
answer in as much detail as possible. I will then read the papers and evaluate their
Key Vocabulary:
Technology needed:
Civil War
SMART board and computer combination
will be used to present materials to the
entire class. They will read the documents
Abraham Lincoln
posted on the smart board and we will
Jefferson Davis
analyze these documents as a class.
South Carolina
Other required materials:
Pen/Pencil and paper
Copies of primary documents.