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Hagens motivations
a. Clearly has a sense of honor, he gets offended, he lies about killing the
ferryman, throws the chamberlain off the boat
b. Hubris, angry, even after he knows hes going to die (nymphs
c. Hagens loyalty to Gunther
i. Hagen advising Gunther, Hagen typical lord,
ii. Hagen ignoring Gunthers calls for mercy
d. Hagen is angry when
i. Kriemhilt tells him to leave Gunther67
ii. Giselher tells him to just stay behind cuz he scared 134
2. Hagens actions (literally everything he does is evil)
a. Manipulating Sivrit into helping Gunther
b. Scheming and Killing Sivrit
i. Hagen knows Sivrit is on equal footing with Gunther, why is he
offended as Prunhilt?
ii. Pg. 93 Why you so upset, our troubles are over now that Ive rid
us of his power
iii. Pg 82 No one would have pursued the matter except Hagen
kept pushin it
iv. Pg. 83, lets pretend we have a war (Compare it to Sivrit
barging into the court)
c. Killing the Ferryman
i. Lies about it
3. Response to Hagens actions
a. Hagen is kind of a weak-willed shit esp. if you compare him to Ruediger
b. Gunther grew sorrowful pg. 82
c. (vs. Kriemhilt is flailed for her bout with Prunhilt)
4. Consequences of Hagens actions
a. He eventually dies. (but after he kills shittons of peeps), gains shitloads
of glory, and is just running shit. People are still listening to his advice
6. Hagens Manipulation
a. Hagen somehow has knowledge that no one else has. He recognizes
people, he can predict the consequences of actions, beyond the
immediacy. eeeey lets go here cuz they asked us to! no. this is going
to happen.
7. Generally accepted:
a. Gold = honor
b. Life > gold
8. Hagen characteristic
a. Weak-willed, lying to get away with things rather than just not doing
them to begin with
b. One eyed, unmarried,
c. Knowledgable
i. People believe his lies, but he doesnt believe peoples lies.
1. He lies to sivrit, lets race he lies to Kriemhilt, I want to
protect sivrit
2. Kriemhilt lies to him, come lets be festive!

9. What

Little tact are we to breed bastards, Etzels son
does it mean that:
Hagen uses wiles to kill Sivrit
Hagen uses force to slay Kriemhilt and Etzels forces, until he is slayed
with force.

Trash dump:
Hagens motivations sometimes differ from that of his lord. As advisor to the King, it
makes sense that he has opinions and is not merely a blind follower to Gunther. The
question is whether his suggestions are truly in Gunthers best interests. When
Hagen leads Gunther astray, it is clear that he is not inept.

Nobody reprimands Hagen for his actions. Kriemhilt is beaten (85) for quarreling with
Prunhilt. Hagen, (and men in general) are not punished for dishonourable actions. Nominally,
Sivrit is killed for sleeping with Prnhilt. Hagen murders King Sivrit, an unsuspecting ferryman,
and throws a chaplain off a boat.
Like a normal vassal, Hagen is interested in increasing the honor of his lord Gunther,
but he often acts in his own self-interest.

Hagen is more wicked than average, and he is often motivated by pride.