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Lesson Plan

Student Name: Trudy Michalak

Activity: Teasing Mr. Shark

Age Group: 3-5

Date of Activity: 3/14/11

Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards Addressed (write out standard in its entirety) :
Approaches To Learning, Creativity and Imagination, B. EL. 2 Expresses self creatively through
music, movement and art.
Cognition and General Knowledge, Mathematical Thinking, B.EL. 1 Demonstrates an
understanding of numbers and counting.
Approaches to Learning, Diversity in Learning, C. EL 3 Uses Various styles of learning including
verbal/linguistic, bodily/kinesthetic, visual/ spatial, interpersonal, and intrapersonal.
How will you check to see if the standard(s) is met (what will you look for, observe or ask about children to
know they learned what you wanted them to learn)?
I will know when the standard of Creativity and Imagination I will know when the child meets the
standard when they use their own dancing to represent one of the fishs or the shark. For
mathematical thinking I will know when the standard is met when the child can tell me how many
fish are left in song. I will know when the approaches to learning standard is met when the child
tries using different techniques throughout the activity. For example the child could use a different
motion for when the shark snatches the fish.
Materials and Set Up Needed (Include all items needed for the activity including materials/supplies, books, etc..
Include the name and author of books; attach words/actions to songs and finger-plays; Identify any specific set up that may
be required):

For this activity you will need the finger play Teasing Mr. Shark, flannel board, a fish stuffed animal that is
not a shark (sharks are also fish) and a Mr. Shark hat
Introduction (Include a visual or other creative attention getting technique; relate the introduction to the activity):
I will introduce the activity by showing a fish to the children. I will then ask them can you tell me what this is.
What kind of animal eats fish? After the children answer, I will then introduce Mr. Shark to the children. I will
then tell them that he has a story to tell them but he needs the help of four fishes (you can also do this by
using a flannel board).
Procedure (order of the activity):
The teacher will pick four of her classmates to be the fishes and another classmate to be the shark. The
four fishes will stand up and wait until the shark eats them. The fish will start singing the song Teasing Mr.
Shark (dancing or doing something to tease the shark) and the shark will swim around the classroom and
decide which fish to eat. When the shark decides to chose which fish to eat, he or she will touch the child
on the head or create a clapping sound using their hand to represent the crunch of the shark. (there are
other ways of the child representing how the shark will eat the fish.) The rest of the classmates will count
how many fish the shark has eaten when the shark eats one. This will continue until all of the fish have
been eaten.
Closure/Transition (What will you say/do to let the children know the activity is over, to review lessons learned, and to
transition the children to the next activity; relate the closure to the activity just completed)?

The child will know when the activity is done when all of the fish have been eaten and when all of the
children have had a turn to be a fish or the shark. I will then ask the children do you remember how many
fish the shark ate. Can you tell me what color the last fish that the shark ate was? After the activity the
children can then go wash their hands for snack.