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Another day in Paradise

by Phill Collins

Listen and circle the correct option

She call/ calls / is calling out the man on the Street
Sir can you helps / is helping / help me ?
Its cold and Ive nowhere to sleeps/sleep
Is there somewhere you can tells/tell me.
He walks/s walking/ walk on, dont / doesnt look back
Hes pretending/pretends/pretend he cant hear her
He start/s starting/starts to whistle as he s crossing/cross/ crosses the street
Shes embarrased to be there.
Oh, think/thinks twice
cause another day with you and me in Paradise
Just think about it.
She s calling/ call/ calls out to the man on the street
He can see shes been cry / s crying
Shes got blisters on the soles of her feet
She cant walks/ walk but she tries/ try/s trying
Oh, Lord is there nothing more you can say
You can tell/tells from the lines on her face.

You can see shes been there

Probably been moved on, from every place
cause she didnt fit in there.

Lets talk

What is the main idea of this song?

What does the women in the song need?
Does the man care about her?