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Wynter Ruiz
Mr. Hawkins
Modern World History Period 6
21 March 2016
What Events During the First Days of Hitlers Rise to Power Might Have Foreshadowed What
Eventually Happened to the Jews in World War II?
There were many clues that Hitler intentionally put out that would prove what his
intentions were as a leader. Hitler was a ruthless and angry man who was responsible for the
deaths of millions of Jews throughout Germany, through genocide. It could have been a
possibility to have halted Hitlers rise altogether, if everyone understood how evil his plans really
were. These events established the plot of Hitler as a leader and made him remembered as he is
The events that could have sparked an idea amongst the German people that Hitler had
bad intentions for the Jews, some of these happened right in front of them. Hitler spoke to
scores of mass audiences, calling for the German people to resist the yoke of Jews and
Communists, and to create a new empire which would rule the world for 1,000 years.
(Evidence Piece 1) This could have shown the people that his intention was to rid the world of
Jews to make it a better place. He often spoke of his hatred for Jews like this. He reserved
the brunt of his vituperation for the Jews, whom he portrayed as responsible for all of the
problems and evils of the world, particularly democracy, Communism, and
internationalism. (Evidence Piece 3) Obviously Hitler didnt want Jews around no matter
what if he has this view on them. Everything that Hitler believed Jews stand for was a horrible
aspect or trait, he and the Nazis believed to be true. [The Jews] ultimate goal is the
denaturalization, the promiscuous bastardization of other peoples, the lowering of the
racial level of the highest peoples as well as the domination of his racial mishmash through

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extirpation of the folkish intelligentsia and its replacement by the members of his own
people (Evidence Piece 1) This is the description of Jews that Hitler provides in his book. He
sincerely believes that Jews are horrible and unbelievably evil people, and he wants the world to
be rid of them.
Hitler didnt only speak to make his schemes known. Hitler used the fire that
destroyed the Beichstag, the parliament building in Berlin, as an excuse to declare a state
of emergency and suspend democratic protections such as freedom of speech. (Evidence
Piece 2) After this fire occurred, Hitler blamed the communists and truly believed it was their
fault. Hitler hated the communist party because with them made less power over the economy for
these industrialists, work standards, more taxes to fund social programs, and less profits due to
unions. The Nazis (short for National Socialists) promised to stop reparation payments, to
give all Germans jobs and food, and to make them proud to be German again. And they
blamed Jews for most of Germanys problems. (Evidence Piece 2) Hitler was openly a Nazi,
and one could assume he believed in these same things. The German people needed jobs and
food, but they couldnt know the Nazis and Hitlers hatred for Jews would cause a genocide. In
Hitlers book, Mein Kampf, Jews were the German nations true enemy, he wrote. As such,
they were not a race, But an anti-race, (Evidence Piece 3) Again, Hitlers Nazi ideology is
blatantly obvious and completes why he is a dangerous man in power. Sadly he became one in
power, and it was very fatal, but it could have been stopped if Germany wasnt in such a
desperate situation.

Hitler made many good promises for the good of Germany, but that wasnt always the
case. Hitler promised to rid Germany of Jews and Communists and to reunite the German

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speaking part of Europe. (Evidence Piece 3) Communism has never worked in a country
before, so that was a good thing to rid Germany of. But Jews were very smart and important
members of German society just like anyone else, and Hitler didnt have a right to cause their
deaths. His dream of a racially pure empire would tolerate no Jews. He announced at
different occasions the annihilation of Jews living in the territory under his control.
(Evidence Piece 3) Hitler again gives more foreshadowing to what he would do in power. He
even told the people he would annihilate the Jewish people, but Germany was in that desperate
of a condition. Hitler was deeply involved in the anti-Jewish policy during the war,
particularly when it reached a murderous stage. In general, Hitlers comments on the
Jewish question reveal his essential commitment to radicalize persecution to the extreme.
(Evidence Piece 3) Hitler revealed he went through with his plans once he was in power. He and
mostly his men tortured and killed and stole Jews from wherever they could find them.
It is apparent that there were many signs that Hitler intentionally taught, that would
demonstrate what his intentions were once in power of Germany. Hitler was a ruthless and angry
man who was responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews throughout Germany, going to
ridiculous lengths to do so It could have been a option to have halted Hitlers growth in to power
completely, if everyone understood how evil his plans really were. Although, Germany had to
make a sacrifice, to either save the lives of the innocent or live in poverty.