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why am I not surprised??

These favorable trends are, nevertheless, counterbalanced by some

disturbing contradictions.


1. Graphic
Bitmap images--technically called raster images--use a grid of colors known as pixels to
represent images. Each pixel is assigned a specific location and color value. For example, a
bicycle tire in a bitmap image is made up of a mosaic of pixels in that location. When working
with bitmap images, you edit pixels rather than objects or shapes.
Bitmap images are the most common electronic medium for continuous-tone images, such as
photographs or digital paintings, because they can represent subtle gradations of shades and
color. Bitmap images are resolution-dependent--that is, they contain a fixed number of pixels. As
a result, they can lose detail and appear jagged if they are scaled on-screen or if they are printed
at a lower resolution than they were created for.
1 :

2. Automation
Certain user groups, among them planning and technical consultants and users with PC/CAD
experience, expect the LOGO! to offer a programming interface for their equipment which does
not necessarily simulate operation of the unit but chiefly increases the ease of programming and
offers good facilities for testing and documentation.

LOGO!Soft Comfort provides Windows users with a tool which provides an even more
straightforward and convenient facility for producing control programs on a PC and printing out
detailed and clearly laid out circuit documentation.
2 :

3. Legal
Repaired, corrected, or replaced Software and Documentation shall be covered by this limited
warranty for thirty (30) days after the date (a) of delivery to you of the repaired or replaced
Software, or (b) Licensor advised you how to operate the Software so as to achieve substantially
the same functionality described in the Documentation. Only if you inform Licensor of your
problem with the Software during the applicable warranty period and provide evidence of the
date you purchased a license to the Software will Licensor be obligated to honor this warranty.
3 :

4. Game
Every unit has its own strengths and weaknesses. Play the strengths and you put
together an unbeatable army. The trick is coming up with the right combinations of
units and keeping them organized for peak performance. A number of excellent
changes have been made in the game since the original Microsofts Age of Empires
release in 1997. Age of Empires was a best-selling title and one of the most popular
choices on Microsofts Internet Gaming Zone. The result of so many players
competing online is a dynamic cross-fertilization of new ideas. The best players
learned from each other, and some developed uses for certain units that surprised even
the games developers.
4 :

1997 []

5. Computer Science
With an ever-increasing amount of information entering and leaving corporate
networks, security administrators need reliable and effective solutions for monitoring
and filtering the traffic. Symantec VelociRaptor provides a robust, fast, and secure
connection to the Internet. As a fully integrated hardware and software firewall/virtual
private network (VPN) appliance, Symantec VelociRaptor employs full-inspection
technology to deliver enterprise-class network security.
VelociRaptor is a single-rack unit high (1RU), plug-and-protect appliance that ensures
complete control of information entering and leaving the network. Its advanced data
inspection technology filters traffic and integrates application level proxies, network
circuit analysis, and packet filtering into the gateway security architecture. To bar
access to private networks and confidential information, VelociRaptor applies fullinspection scanning techniques that ensure that data is validated at all seven levels of
the protocol stack, including application proxies.
5 :

Symantec VelociRaptor



6. General
This paper investigates expertise development in design, product (Industrial) design in particular.
The research concentrates on the modeling of design expertise. The research stands on the
premise that knowledge - domain-specific knowledge in particular - plays a significant role in
distinguishing a novice from an expert. The knowledge is based on the analysis of designers'
visuals generated during the early stage (conceptual stage) of the design process
6 :

7. Vehicle
Heavy vehicles, in particular trucks, burden the road infrastructure as there is a progressive
relationship (4th order) between axle load and road damage caused by axle loads. The number of
trucks is the major determinant for the degree of road repair and maintenance. A
disproportionately high percentage of the damage to road infrastructure is caused by trucks with
axle loads higher than legally permitted. Overloading of one or more truck axles or the whole
vehicle is also likely to have a negative effect on traffic safety.

8. Business Administration
This study tested a model of firm risk-return relations in which risk was conceptualized
in terms of downside outcomes. Drawing on the behavioral theory of the firm, we
developed a set of hypotheses involving downside risk, return, and organizational
slack. The hypothesized risk and return relations were tested using both downside risk
and the conventional standard deviation of returns. The results indicate downside risk
results in improved subsequent performance. Performance shows a negative relation
with subsequent downside risk.
8 :

9. Finance
Risk measures differing only in the scaling parameter were significantly correlated at
the 0.001 level, with a correlation coefficient greater than 0.96 in all four periods
9 :

10. Statute
The governing legislation is called the "Convention on Cultural Property
Implementation Act and among other provisions the C.P.I.A. stipulates, after

giving definition to key terms such as archaeological or ethnographic

material, that the U.S. Cultural Property Advisory Committee must consider
under the terms of the UNESCO treaty any request for assistance by making the
following determinations:
1. the application of the import restrictions set forth in section 307 with
respect to archaeological or ethnological material of the State Party, if
applied in concert with similar restrictions implemented, or to be
implemented within a reasonable period of time, by those nations (whether
or not State Parties) individually having a significant import trade in
such material, would be of substantial benefit in deterring a serious
situation of pillage, and remedies less drastic than the application of
the restrictions set forth in such section are not available;

11. Fashion Industry

This paper discusses the relationship between the product designer, sustainability and the
creation of good quality work within the manufacturing sector. When the principles of
sustainability are applied to the nature of employment, it points to a new direction for design and
product production where ethics, environmental issues and social wellbeing become far more
important criteria for success than is currently the norm.
11 :

12. Contract
The stated commission rate of 5% may be amended for specific marketing purposes on an
individual product or product purchase order basis and only upon prior written agreement
between the principal and the agent entered into at the time of or prior to the principals
quotation with respect to the said product.
12 :

13. Contract
Principal agrees that it shall not transfer, sell or assign, in whole or in part, its interest in sales of
Products to Customers, covered hereunder, in any way including the sale, trade or other transfer
of Principal's stock, or by merger or consolidation or by sale of all or a substantial portion of
Principal's assets, unless the successor, transferee or purchasing entity shall agree to be bound by
the terms hereof and agree to pay to Agent the commissions, required to be paid hereunder, with
respect to such sales.
13 :

14. Contract
If the holders of the amount of stock necessary to constitute a quorum
shall fail to attend in person or by proxy at the time and place fixed by
the Bylaws for an annual meeting, or fixed by notice as provided in Section
2 for Special Meetings, a majority interest of the stockholders present in
person or by proxy may adjourn from time to time without notice, other than
by announcement at the meeting, until holders of the amount of the stock
requisite to constitute a quorum shall be present. Any business may be
transacted which might have been transacted at the meeting originally

15. Education
I take heart in this situation by recalling the consternation of some
university colleagues of mine when they discovered a persistently
inconsistent hiccup in their masses of research data on students' school
performance, a hiccup of excellence that could be explained by the fact

that the teachers in a particular school gave a damn. The students in my

colleagues' study shouldn't have performed well in this -- but they did.
It's so much easier for social scientists to explain realities in terms of
income level, or ethnic origin, or average ages. But "giving a damn"?
Caring about kids? It made a difference, they -- but they were embarrassed
to admit it. We shouldn't be embarrassed!

A. Did Ed Sherwood make himself understood?
B. The food tasted bad, however Aunt Kit fixed it.
C. The food tasted bad; however, Aunt Kit fixed it.
D.May,asked Dick, were you sick yesterday?
E. I forgot to do my math homework.
F. I forgot doing my math homework.
16 :
A. Did Ed Sherwood make himself understood?
ED Sherwood ?
B. The food tasted bad, however Aunt Kit fixed it.
Aunt Kit
C. The food tasted bad; however, Aunt Kit fixed it.
Aunt Kit
D.May,asked Dick, were you sick yesterday?
May,?" Dick
E. I forgot to do my math homework.

F. I forgot doing my math homework.


In general, it is believed that, the impingement angle of particles in the hydraulic machinery is
small. Even though actual data for impingement angle are not available so far, it can be
considered as spectrum of low impingement angles when the water is flowing almost parallel to
the surface. At very high velocity, the impingement can be almost normal to the surface due to
turbulence as illustrated in figure 3.3.4. The jet striking the plain surface will also have spectrum
of impingement angles, but at least in this type of test rig, jet angle with respect to specimen
surface can be considered as reference impingement angle of particles.
17 :

This paper contributes to this interest by examining the process by which government auditors
may become recognized as possessing expertise relevant to guiding and implementing new
public management reforms. Our paper provides insights into how standards of good practices
develop through a process of fact building, which involves the undertaking of local
experiments by practitioners, the production of inscriptions in reports, and their subsequent
validation by other practitioners.
18 :

19. Agreement
The Company never gives up its right to insist on compliance with the Agreement and with
the applicable laws governing the conduct of a business. No failure of Js to exercise any right
or power under the Agreement or to insist upon strict compliance by an IBO with any obligation
or provision of the Agreement, and no custom or practice of the parties at variance with the terms
of the Agreement, shall constitute a waiver of Jss right to demand exact compliance with the
Agreement. Waiver by Js can be effectuated only in writing by an authorized officer of the
Company. Jss waiver of any particular breach by an IBO shall not affect or impair Jss rights
with respect to any subsequent breach, nor shall it affect in any way the rights or obligations of
any other IBO. Nor shall any delay or omission by Js to exercise any right arising from a
breach affect or impair Jss rights as to that or any subsequent breach. The existence of any
claim or cause of action of an IBO against Js shall not constitute a defense to Jss enforcement
of any term or provision of the Agreement.
19 :

20.Current Events
The embargo cannot bring democracy to Cuba, but lifting it at the wrong time can keep democracy
out. The embargo has always rested on the premise that if Havana moves toward democracy,
Washington lifts the embargo.

21. Marketing (1)

It takes a lot of complicated engineering to look this simple.
Engineered for finely tuned musical experiences, its elegance belies its performance. With space
for almost 400 CDs in its CD Memory, AxSound 1400 combines with the visually understated
AxLab 2000 to provide powerful but subtle audio perfection.
21 :
22. Marketing (2)
Less recognised as a master of the bon mot than as the greatest philosopher of the 19th century,
Friedrich Nietzsche famously summed up the creative process with these words.
We celebrate this journey, exploring how artists, photographers, musicians and craftsmen are
defined by their quest to find new directions in the expression of their art.
22 :
23. Company Policy
Protection of employees, visitors, contractors and other personnel, so far as is reasonably
practicable, by the implementation of appropriate controls is a corporate requirement. At a
minimum, the requirements contained in this policy and all national, local and other regulatory
requirements must be met with regard to an exposure control plan. Additionally, best practice
standards should be identified and implemented as appropriate.
23 :
24. Description of Product

Thread Sealing Cord DF 175

WEICON DF 175 is a patented thread sealing cord made of 100% PTFE that seals almost all

metal and plastic threads permanently and safely. WEICON DF 175 reliably compensates the
intermediate space on the threads and creates a PTFE film in the required thickness during
the screwing procedure. This film is extremely resistant to almost all chemicals, even the
most aggressive solvents, caustic agents, and acids.
WEICON DF 175 is used
for almost all sealing of plastic and metal threads
for ducts and pipes in which extremely aggressive media are transported
in the area of drinking water
wherever an unscrewing of the connection (tested up to 45) without weakening of the
sealing effect is required

24 :
25. Software
When installing iX Developer, a DatabaseViewer is automatically installed and available from Windows
Startmenu. The DatabaseViewer makes it possible to open the database file and inspect logged data, and
to export the file to Excel. Any number of tags can be connected to a data logger, and data values
irrespective of type can be logged. Aproject can have multiple data loggers with different sampling

25 :

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6. ( grammar mood tense)

A. Minnie Scot Ginny Winnie

B. Lou Reed Standard American English


(Use relative clause to complete it.)

Candy Andy:?
Pam Quick
Bart Andrew
( both not2 )
Trish :
Scot Mist
Ted (Use Participle Phrase
to complete it.)


(Please include the word if to complete the

(Please include the word if to complete
the sentence.)

In her opinion you should not eat a big raw onion.

We can deliver this diamond necklace on your wifes birthday if you wish before noon said
Ms. Holly Sea my political science teacher says honesty is better than any policy.
Mathew just got his masters degree in English and he wants to get a job in Peru.
After the tiger had eaten Jerome went back home.
It is too late I guess to tell Nate about Kate.

7. ()



5.1. Security guard administration
5.1.1. A security guard is the practitioner of the entrance guard in the company. The
administrative practice relevant to orientation, duty assignment, staff rotation, attendance,
assessment, evaluation, and ranking shall be directed by the Security Section under General
Affair Office.
5.1.2. A security is representing the appearance of the company; hence he is required to pay extra
attention on your appearance, manner, and attitude when he is on duty.
5.2.1. Shall keep his appearance neat and behave with fair manner.
5.2.5. Shall be humble and polite to others.
5.2.7. A security shall keep in fine spirit.
5.2.8. A security shall handle the control sheet properly.
5.2.11. Shall strictly execute his duty with geniality.
5.2.12. Shall be in charge of the order as well as crime prevention.

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