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Create your own nation:

In Animal Farm, we see the birth of a new nation. After the rebellion, animals
have their own national anthem (Beasts of England), Independence day
and memorial holidays (Battle of Cowshed and the rebellion), laws (the
Seven Commandments), a flag, police, education, ideals and principles
(Animalism, equality for all)and the list goes on.
However, things go bad under the pigs leadership. So, if left up to you, how
would you decide to run a new nation, so that we could get rid of all societys
problems? What kind of society is best, in your opinion?
Tell us, by creating your own hypothetical nation, where you choose the
principles, ideals, systems, holidays, traditions, and culture (etc) by creating
a Country Profile Packet!

Country Profile:
Country Name:
Country Maxim:
Flag: (Create the flag on a separate piece of paper)
Colors on the flag:
What does each color represent?
Is there a symbol on your flag (e.g. stars, an animal, etc)? If so
what does it symbolize?
Country symbol (optional): (create on a separate sheet of paper)
Country Capital:
Country population:
Capital Population:
Country Animal (optional):
Country Flower (optional):
Country holidays:
Independence Day:
Other Holidays:

National Anthem: What kind of song would play to represent your nation?
(on a separate sheet of paper)
Laws and Constitution: Create your own Seven Commandments or Bill of
Rights what does your country believe in? And what laws will it abide by

(follow)? How will you enforce the law? Will you have police and/or a court
(on a separate sheet of paper)

History and Culture:

History: Whats your nations story? How did it become a nation? Was there a
revolution? Who were the founders and leaders? What story will your people
identify themselves with? Give a story in at least 3-4 paragraphs)

Culture: Who are its people? How would you define their culture and traditions?
You could even talk about their food, clothes, music, dances, beliefs, etc) Give at
least 10 sentences.

What are your nations policies on

Politics and government:
(Comment on what kind of policies and government the nation would
function under. Explain why you want it that way in at least 10 sentences.
Depending on which apply, give your opinion on capitalism, socialism, etc)

(Comment on what kind of economy the nation would function under. Explain
why you want it that way in at least 10 sentences. Include thoughts on
capitalism, communism, or other ideologies, trade relations, and imports
and exports, etc.)

(Comment on what kind of education system you would have. What is
necessary to teach in the schools? What principles would you emphasize or
indoctrinate? Would you have exams? What are the grade levels? Answer in
at least 10 sentences.)
Is education mandatory? (yes/no)

Foreign Policy:
(Comment on trade, alliances, diplomatic relationships and policies
concerning other nations. Who would be your partners? Give at least 6

Immigration and citizenship: Who can become a citizen of your country?

How do they become one? Why is this your policy? Give at least 6 sentences.

How will you ensure security for your people? (Give at least 6

How will you ensure equality? (Give at least 6 sentences)

What about retirement? And people who are jobless, homeless, or

mentally illwhat will you do with them? (Think about Boxer, what
will you do when people cant work or dont have money for medical
treatment?) (Give at least 6 sentences)