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Public Notice

March 24, 2016

Humber Bay Shores Stormwater Management Pond

Inspection and Testing
Expected Start Date: March 28, 2016 (Pending Weather)
Expected Duration: 5 Days
The City of Toronto manages and maintains 85 stormwater management ponds across Toronto.
These ponds are specifically constructed to help manage and treat stormwater runoff caused by rain
and melted snow. In large cities like Toronto where there is a lot of pavement, stormwater ponds
collect runoff from roads and sidewalks. The sediment contained in the runoff settles at the bottom of
the pond and cleaner water is eventually released improving lake water quality.
A condition assessment was completed on the Humber Bay Shores Stormwater Management Pond
(located in the Humber Bay Park on Lake Ontario) and further inspection and testing is required to
ensure the pond is functioning as designed.
The inspection includes:

Divers: To complete an underwater inspection of the facility.

Dye testing: Placing red fluorescent dye into a maintenance hole near the stormwater
management pond and observing and recording the path of the dye through the pond to
ensure the water is flowing and is not stagnant. The dye is used by municipalities throughout
North America specifically for the purposes of tracking the flow of water. The dye is non-toxic
and biodegradable.
The City of Toronto has advised the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change that the
inspection and testing is taking place.

A map of the work area can be found on page 2 of this notice.


There will be two to four field staff and divers working as a team for several days. Staff will be
wearing yellow/orange/green reflective vests and will have identification that indicates the
consulting company that they represent.
Residents may notice red dye in the stormwater management pond. This dye will help identify the
flow of water in the pond and will dissipate during the test. Please do not be alarmed if you
observe a red liquid in the pond during the testing period.
Every effort will be made to reduce the impact to the public and your co-operation and patience is

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Work Hours: Work will take place from approximately 7:00 am to 6:00 pm during
the specified period. In the case of inclement weather, the work may be suspended
and resume the next day.
Road and Sidewalk Access: In order to complete the work safely, some pedestrian
restrictions will occur at various times around the pond. Signs will be posted.


If you have questions about the upcoming work, please contact us.
Project Manager

Sarah Duff,, 416-392-8236

TTY Hearing Impaired Service

(7 Days a week, 8:00 am 5:00 pm, closed holidays)

General inquiries




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