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March 10, 2016

Title: Cups
Source: Molly Gilbert- RT intern at
Sycamore Springs in Lafayette, IN
Mayo Clinic- Multiple sclerosis

Equipment Needed: One plastic cup per patient

Procedure: This activity is similar to the song Cups by Anna Kendrick
1)Teach the routine
- Clap, Clap
- (3) Hits on table (right, left, right)
- Clap
- With right hand, lift cup and put it back down
- Clap
- Grab cup with upside-down right hand
- Opening of cup to palm of left hand
- With right hand, tap bottom of cup on table
- Place cup, up right, in left hand
- Right hand on table
-Place cup upside-down on table to the right of your right hand
2) Once the participants get the concept, you can increase the speed
3) As you increase the speed, and you notice that the participants are getting a hanf
of the routine you would add them passing the cup to the right at the end of the
4) Depending on the level of functioning of the group, you can play the song while
doing the routine.

Leadership Considerations:
An adaption that could be done for the activity, it can be broken down into
segments. If this were used for individuals that deal with stress (short term) this
would be a way to cope with anxiety they would receive from playing. Those that
deal with anxiety they would receive both positive and negative coping mechanisms
from playing. Now for individuals that have multiple sclerosis, they can benefit from
this activity as well. With the movements and clapping in the routine it would help
lessen the symptoms. The symptoms that are associated with this disability, such as
anxiety or mood swings in particular the cups routine can help them get those
coping skills. They also have difficulty thinking and understanding, therefore with
breaking down the routine would aid with that and get results. As well as general
anxiety disorder, this activity would be perfect for them. It allows them to be able to
get those coping skills and lower their stress level. Having a high anxiety level could
cause dysfunction for someone with those disabilities that are stated.