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A Lesson Plan in English Grade 6



Objectives: Through varied learning experiences, the students with 60%

accuracy will be able to:
a. Identify the difference between adjectives ending in ing and ed,
b. Share ones opinion of the accuracy in using adjectives ending ing and
c. construct correct sentences with the use of ing and ed adjectives
Subject Matter
A. Topic: Participial adjective: Adjectives ending ing and ed
B. Concept: Bored if something is boring; Something is boring, it
makes you bored
C. Skills: Using adjectives ending ing and -ed
D. Values: Accuracy


Instructional Materials
A. Reference: Grammar in Use
B. Visual Materials: Pictures, Strips of paper


Procedure (3Is)
A. Introduction
1. Preparing Activities: Arranging the Chairs, Picking of Dirts
2. Review: Adjectives
The teacher will give strips of paper to the pupils. Then, let the
pupils classify as to what gender of noun each picture belongs.
3. Giving of the Instructional Objectives
4. Motivation- The teacher will present pictures and the students will
describe the feelings portrayed in each pictures.
B. Interaction
1. Presentation
-When to use adjectives ending in ing and ed
2. Comparison and Abstraction
- When to use pronouns He, She and It?
- What is the importance of accuracy and mastery of using adjectives
ending in ing and
3. Generalization
- We use adjectives ending in ing when describing: a characteristic of
a person, a thing or a situation

-We use adjectives ending in ed when describing: a feeling (or how a

person feels) or an emotion. It is used to describe a temporary thing.
Since only people (and some animals) have feelings, -ed adjectives
cannot be used to describe an object or situation .
C. Integration
A. Oral Constructing sentences using adjectives ending in ing and
B. Written
Choose the correct word.
1. Are you interesting / interested in tennis?
2. The tennis match was very exciting / excited. I had a great time.
3. Its sometimes embarrassing / embarrassed when you have to ask
people for money.
4. Do you get embarrassing / embarrassed easily?
5. Why do always look so boring / bored? Is your life really so boring /
C. Closure/Wrap-up:
a. What have you learned for today?