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To contribute to the goal of preparing beginning teachers who are reflective practitioners, student teachers will write an
Action Plan at the end of each field experience in conjunction with the cooperating teacher and/or the University
supervisor. It will synthesize each field experiences evaluation, link each field experience to the next, establish goals
for improvement, and form an agenda for discussion between the student teacher, the cooperating teacher and
University supervisor at the beginning of the next field experience.

Name Sarah Amodeo

Student number 260478786

B.Ed.:Secondary English

Field Experience:




I have shown strength in these areas during the field experience:

- I am approachable.
- Professional.
- Organized.
- Prepared and Punctual.
- A team player.
- Take constructive criticism well, and react accordingly.

I would like to improve my skills in these areas:

- Smartboard knowledge.
- Conveying material in a variety of ways as to ensure no confusion.
- A variance of discipline techniques.


Strategies for improvement:

- Read a pamphlet on smart boards and how to fully utilize them in a classroom.
- Ask students at the beginning of the my next teaching opportunity how they best
receive material and continually try a variety of ways in accordance with their
- Using techniques acquired during this stage and communication with other teachers
try implementing different discipline techniques to see what is most effective with a
given group.

Sarah Amodeo
Tuesday March 29, 2016
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This Action Plan is to be discussed with your cooperating teacher and McGill supervisor at the start of
your next field experience.