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MORGAN LOCAL 65 WEST UNION AVENUE P.0. BOX 509) MeCONNELSVILLE, OH 43756 OL DISTRICT PHONE: 140-962-2782 PAX: 740-962-4931 WEB: LORI SNYDER-LOWE, SUPERINTENDENT SUSAN GABLE, TREASURER FSUSAN TROUTNER, ASSISTANT FOR INSTRUCTION, March 15, 2016 Dr. Lonny Rivera Interim Superintendent of Public Instruction Ohio Department of Education 25 South Front Street Columbus, OH 43215-4183 Dear Dr. Rivera: For several months, I have watched many districts invoice the state of Ohio for the millions of dollars that are being misspent to sustain the dismal, abusive charter school industry. I use the term abusive because I truly feel that our students (and thus, our future) are being neglected and ignored, To allow Ohio’s future to be derailed by inadequate educational services for our most important resource, our children, is unfathomable to me. I have personally witnessed students who retum (o our district after receiving “instructional services” from a charter school and 100% of the time, these students are 1-3 years behind their peers in all academic areas. It is extremely sad to see these children lose so much instructional time and knowledge and be forced to receive intervention services so that they can try to catch up to their appropriate grade level. Often, the students feel lost, intimidated, and depressed by these circumstances and consequently, the educational challenges they face become even larger and more overwhelming. With this said, it is the hope of our district that by invoicing the state of Ohio, we will not only be reimbursed for our huge funding losses, but also the Ohio legislature will act to dismantle the charter school monster and give a sound public education experience back to all Ohio’s children. Research and experience have proven that the best educational experience for children is a public education based on the principles of core academic instruction and all the other great experiences that occur in public education settings such as the arts, extracurricular, ete. ‘As you can see, the attached invoice details our loss of over $1.1 million in local tax dollars that have been lost to Charter Schools over the past 10 years. We greatly appreciate your immediate consideration of this invoice and the need to “fix” the future of Ohio. We must provide a sound educational experience for ALL Ohio’s children and we cannot “lose” anymore children to the Charter School abyss. Respectfully, oe Melo ‘Lori Siyder-Love Superintendent Proud of Our Past, Focused on Our Future RESOLUTION TO INVOICE OHIO DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION for AST CHARTER SCHOOL DEDUCTIONS FROM STATE FUNDING WHEREAS, itis the statutory duty of the Morgan Local School District Board of Education to deliver the educational programs and services to the school children of the Morgan Local School District, and WHEREAS, the members of the Board are elected by the Morgan Local school community to ensure an effective, efficient, vibrant and productive system, and WHEREAS, the elected board of education is responsible to the community including taxpayers, parents and other patrons, as well as the state, and WHEREAS, the charter school industry now extracts in the range of one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000) ANNUALLY from public school districts across the State of Ohio, and WHEREAS, school district boards of education have no control of students, student outcomes who enroll in charter schools, and inancing, educational programming and WHEREAS, charter schools as a group in Ohio demonstrate low academic performance compared to traditional public schools, and WHEREAS, the fraud and corruption in charter schools, as reported repeatedly in the public media, has made Ohio the Taughing stock throughout the nation, and WHEREAS, Ohio has been dubbed as the “Wild, Wild West” in charter operations, and WHEREAS, the Morgan Local Schoo! District has lost a total of $1,138,235,00 in local funding to charter schools over the period FY07 to FY16, and WHEREAS, this deduction has reduced programs and services to Morgan Local School District students, and WHEREAS, the Morgan Local School District Board of Education has a fiduciary responsibil taxpayers of the District, be it therefore y to the students and RESOLVED, that the Board of Education directs the Treasurer of the District to invoice the State of Ohio for all the local funds extracted from the Morgan Local School District for charter school students. ‘Adopted ZA Ke Becky “Thompson, Bolrd Member Susan M. Gable, Treasurer MORGAN LOCAL 6S WEST UNION AVENUE. P.0. BOX 509 MeCONNELSVILLE, OH 43756 OL DISTRICT PHONE: 740-962-2782 FAX: 740-962-4931, WEB: LORI SNYDER-LOWE, SUPERINTENDENT SUSAN GABLE, TREASURER SUSAN TROUTNER, ASSISTANT FOR INSTRUCTION INVOICE Ohio Department of Education Columbus, OH 43214 March 15, 2016 ice for: Reimbursement of Local Funds for Charter School Tuition from Fiscal Year 2007 — Fiscal Year 2016 147,914.81 Fiscal Year 2015 142,416.72 Fiscal Year 2014 145,981.87 Fiscal Year 2013 109,223.34 Fiscal Year 2012 90,473.01 Fiscal Year 2011 96,738.72 Fiscal Year 2010 108,714.68 Fiscal Year 2009 123,668.68 Fiscal Year 2008 84,176.28 Fiscal Year 2007 88,926.46 TOTAL $1,138,234,59 Less Amount Received: $___0.00 Amount Due: $1,138,234.59 Please remit payment to: Morgan Local School District Attn: Susan M Gable, Treasurer P.O. Box 509 MeConnelsville, OH 43756 If you have any questions concerning this invoice, please call the Treasurer's Office at (740) 962-2782 Proud of Our Past Focused on Our Future