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Sanger High School

7045 Bethel Avenue, Sanger, CA 93657


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- Principal

February 22,2016

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this letter of recommehdation for

Yang. Currently, Joanna is a student

in my Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition Course. Although I have not known
Joanna long, I have been impressed with several of her positive traits including her: academic
intelligence and active involvement in extra-curricular activities.
Pa Tshai (Joanna)

One characteristic that stands out about Joanna is her academic performance. This year, Joanna
decided to accept the challenge of taking AP English Literature. In our AP English Literature Class, we
read a variety of texts including: AII the King's Men, Demian, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Macbeth,
1984, and The Catcher in the Rye. The challenging and rigorous course requires a great deal from students.
Joanna has continually shown her ability to critically interpret and analyze the material. She offers insight
and unique views regarding complex motifs such as: love, ambition, revenge, sacrifice, adolescence, loss
of innocence, and race. Joanna has also shown growth and improvement in terms of her analytical writing.
She continues to expand the depth of her analysis and the clarity of her writing. Her outstanding academic
skills are an important aspect that shines a light on her positive attributes as a student. In the future,I am
confident Joanna will continue to excel as she faces new and exciting academic opportunities.

Another important trait that must be mentioned about Joanna is her active involvement in school and
extra-curricular activities. Along with taking a rigorous academic schedule, Joanna has also
participated in: Apache Closet, CSF (California Scholarship Federation), Asian Club, and Girl's
Badminton. Through Apache Closet, Joanna has participated in several community service activities
that have allowed her to make a positive impact on our society. She has also maintained her dedication
while participating in Girls' Badminton which requires her to attend practices and games throughout
the spring sports season. Her various commitments show her ability to effectively manage her time,
while offering her dedication and commitment to enhance each group. In the future, Joanna will surely
be more than capable of handling any and all demands and expectations that are placed upon her. She
will be an invaluable and respected asset who positively contributes to each situation in which she is

It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Pa Tshai (Joanna) Yang. I have enjoyed
working with her throughout this school year. Her intelligence and active nature are important traits
that make her an outstanding individual who is a strong candidate for this scholarship opportunity.
Thank you for your time, and I hope this letter has been helpful in establishing Joanna's character.


Scott Okada
Sanger High School - English Teacher / Volleyball Coach
Sanger, C493657 - (559) 524-7I21ext.7365

"Always With Pride"