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The introduction of Richards family Angie, Gus, Richard and Pa.

Pa Richards father and his mother died when he was seven.
Richard, Gus and Pa went for hunting Richard misfired the buck ( has a
sense of compassion for animals)
Pa and Gus disappointed with Richard. Gus encourage Richard to involve
in sports.
Richard ignored Gus as he likes to write and read poems (this is Richards
biggest secret) and farming.
Richard wrote a poem about pa killing a buck. Richard felt that he was
different from the rest.

Chapter 2

Mrs Hansen introduced poems to the class by using Trees and Other
The class felt poems and poets are sissy. Richard was the only one who
interested with that class.
Richard met Mrs Hansen and borrowed the book.
On his way to the class, he saw Hannah cried at the hallway because of
the words Dirty Huns on her book cover.
Richard found New York Timess address ( Kilmers address). He decided to
post letter to Joyce Kilmer after taking the address.

Chapter 3

Schermers tavern had been damaged by some irresponsible people.

To show sympathy, Mrs. Hansen asked students to sign a card. Mrs Hansen
disappointed with the students as there was only one signature (Richards)
Richard asked the card from Mrs. Hansen as he wanted to give the card to
Hannahs family personally on his way home.
Abner and Harry wanted to have a fight with Richard but he fought back.
Richard went to Hannahs house to give the card.

Chapter 4

Richard produced many poems and choose one to be sent to Kilmer.

Mrs. Hansen suggested that Richard to share his poems with his
classmates Richard was nervous to reveal his big secret to the class.
(afraid of their reaction).
After school, Hannah apologised to Richard about her behaviour when
Richard sent the card to her house.
Hannah told Richard that they came to Iowa from Milwaukee to build a
better life, unfortunately, things turned out to be the other way round.
Hannah and family worried about Ottos safety (he has to kill his own kin
and might be killed in the warzone). Richard worried about Kilmers safety
as Kilmer now is Richards penpal.

Chapter 5

Richard shared about the content of the letters and poems between him
and Kilmer
Richard didnt like the last line of the poem as it sounded negative
(though some will surely die).
Some of his classmates felt so Hannah suggested although I wonder
Richard felt relieved that his secret was known by many..
In History class, Mr Higby explained the meaning of Huns nomadic
Mongolian and didnt have any relation with present days Germans
School ended on Summer. Richard enjoyed his farming and thought a lot
about Hannah. He even composed poems about Hannah.
For Richard, Hannah smart and beautiful.

Chapter 6

Richard and Kilmer exchanged letters during that school holiday Kilmer
said that soldiers were afraid of the war.
Richard wondered if he and Gus would join the war.
School reopened. Mrs. Hansen wanted to put on a patriotic programme for
the class ( to raise funding for the army at the battlefield).
Programmes were selling Liberty Bond (raise awareness about their
independence) and essay competition.
Richard and Hannah won the essay competition and got the roles to act as
Doughboy (Richard) and Lady of Liberty (Hannah).
The whole class gave a big applause to Richard but not Hannah.

Chapter 7

A group of frowning parents went into principal room demand that Mrs
Hansen choose somebody else for the role.
Hannah turned down the role to avoid anything bad happen in the future.
Richard understood d respect Hannahs decision. As a sign of protestation
to the class, Richard turned down the role as Doughboy.
Millie and Herbie had replaced them for the roles. This gladded Richards
and Hannahs hearts.
Schermers invited Richard to have supper with them. Richard is always
welcomed to come to their house. After spending time with Schermers,
Richard walked home. Pa waited Richard at the garden swing.

Chapter 8

Pa asked Richard why he turned down the role. Richard explained that the class
was being mean to Hannah and family.
Ike told pa that Richard was being unpatriotic and supported the enemy. Pa
reminded Richard that their people helped them during they were in their hard
time and Hannahs family had only been around for a short time.
As time passed , the class isolated Richard and Richard had been very close to
Richard shared his letter with Hannah. In the letter, Kilmer said he was so sad that
he had to be afar from his family.
To lessen Kilmers sadness and loneliness, Hannah baked some cookies and
knitted a scarf for Kilmer.
President Wilsons Fourteen Points peace plan would help to end all wars. Kilmer
had been promoted as Sergeant
Before school ended, the whole class went for picnic. Hannah and Richard sat
together and dreamed to go to New York (multicultural environment and modern
While craving their initials R and H on the tree, someone threw a stone craved
Dirty Hun on Hannahs ankle as a reminder of war and prejudice.

Chapter 9

Gus came home and told his father that he has been enlisted in army. He
explained to pa that he wanted to join the war to make pa proud and to do his
patriotic duty.
He told pa that he is too tough and smart to be killed.
Pa disagreed of Gus s decision and felt reluctant to let him go. Gus insisted and
went to Sioux City without pas blessing.
Richard went to Schermerss house to share his feelings about what happened to
his family.
He wrote letter to Mr Kilmer and asked how poems and poets could make the
world a better place?
Because his sense of urgency, Richard personally went to post office to send the
On his way, he met Hannah. She told Richard that Kilmer had died in the warzone.

Chapter 10

Richard was shocked with the news. Reluctantly, he read the newspaper to know
what happened to Mr Kilmer.
The headline in the newspaper about The American Poet Killed in Battle
recounted what happened to Kilmer.
War ended in the mid-November because of President Wilsons Peace Plan
Richard wrote a poem entitled In the memory of Joyce Kilmer
Pa and Richard were finally in the good terms as they had clarified everything
(Richards passion on poem, uncle Roland who died in war)
Richards poems have been published in Turtle Lake Weekly by the help of Hannah
and her family.
Pa has been Richards consultant in producing more poems.
They lead a happy life.






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