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Rugby Origins

By: Sahil R.

How It Was Born - 1826

During a game of football at Rugby School in England, legend has it that 16 year old
student William Webb Ellis, caught the ball and ran with it towards the opponent's goal
line, rather than following the regular rules of football.. This was where the game of
Rugby was created

Rugby- 1840s-1890s
1845: Rugby School students create first written rules
1840s: Rugby clubs formed at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale Universities in the United
1871: Rugby football union founded in 1873 with 21 member clubs

Early Rules of Rugby

The work to make the rules was done by
three senior pupils at Rugby School after they
received instructions to codify the game of
Football. They submitted 37 rules, the rules
were passed and a Rule book was printed.

Rugby Football Union

The Rugby Football Union was founded in
the Pall Mall Restaurant in Regent Street,
Charing cross, London to standardize the
rules and removed some of the more violent
parts of the game. Many groups went to the
meeting except the London club wasps
because they sent their representatives to the
wrong location.

20th Century
In 1895 20 clubs from the North of England resign
from the RFU to form their own union, creating a
new type of rugby with slightly different rules but
that allowed players to be paid to play.
United States played there first international match
in 1912 against Australia.

Rugbys Popularity
Outside North America, rugby is already the worlds
second-most popular game behind soccer, and a major
money-maker. The 2011 Rugby World Cup attracted a
combined audience of nearly 4 billion viewers.

Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup is the primary source of revenue for
the funding of Rugby development worldwide. Ninetyfive percent of all money distributed by the IRB
worldwide for development comes from RWC revenue.
There have been six Rugby World Cups so far, 1987
being the first ever rugby world cup. It became an
official sport after the third rugby world cup.

Current Day Rugby

Rugby today is growing bigger and bigger.
More people around the country are starting to
play this sport. Worldwide rugby is an enormous
sport franchise that millions of people watch.