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Vol. 34 No. 1 April 2016

The 162nd Boat Race Won By Cambridge

Chancellor Unveils
Billions In Spending Cuts,
Tax On Sugary Drinks
George Osborne losing support of Tory MPs, allies
warn . . . needs to rebuild reputation after second
consecutive budget runs into trouble.
RR By Danica Kirka

CAMBRIDGE won its first Boat Race in four years on March

27, defeating university rival Oxford by 2 lengths in the 162nd
annual contest on the River Thames.
Despite extremely rough and choppy waters, pre-race favorite
Cambridge looked more comfortable throughout the 6,800-meter
(four-mile) course in south west London, finishing in 18 minutes,
38 seconds.
Cambridge leads the series 82-79, with one draw. The race
between the universities first took place in 1829 and is one of
the oldest sporting events in the world.
Cambridge has led overall since 1930.
Approaching the first bend, Cambridge was building a promising lead but a determined Dark Blues crew remained in contention when approaching the second bend by Hammersmith bridge.
Cambridge built on its advantage in the unfavorable conditions
caused by strong winds, and by the time the Light Blues reached
Chiswick they were set up for victory.

BRITAINS Treasury chief unveiled a budget last month that

included billions in cuts and an
eye-catching levy on sugary
drinks, underscoring his claim
that this was a plan for the next

Cambridge women almost sinking.

Earlier, the Oxford womens crew won for the fourth
straight time by a massive 24 lengths with Cambridge coming close to sinking in the 71st contest. Despite Oxfords
13th victory in 17 years, Cambridge has a 42-29 overall lead.
A difficult race for Cambridge descended into a struggle
to finish as its boat took on increasing levels of water. The
crew declined an offer from race organizers to stop before
the finish line.
On the second consecutive year the womens race was
staged in London, Oxford finished in 21:49.

Report: BBC Missed Chances To Stop Sexual Predator Savile

RR By Danica Kirka


Savile sex abuse scandal cleared the
BBC of wrongdoing last month, even as
it painted a damning portrait of an institution where employees were afraid to
raise even serious concerns about sexual
misconduct for fear of upsetting celebrity
talent or making the corporation look bad.
Savile, a BBC television presenter
and popular charity figure who died in
October 2011, is believed to be one of
Britains most prolific sex offenders.
The review initiated by the BBC
blamed the institutions internal culture
for being behind the failure to sound the
alarm on Saviles predatory activity. It
was only after Saviles death that the
extent of his crimes became clear
touching off a national shock wave of rage
and introspection about how best to deal
with sexual abuse charges, particularly
involving the famous.

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A 12-Month
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Celebrities were treated with kid
gloves and were virtually untouchable,
said Dame Janet Smith, a former Court of
Appeal judge who conducted the inquiry,
describing a BBC culture of not wanting
to rock the boat.
There was a feeling of reverence
for them and a fear that, if a star were
crossed, he or she might leave the BBC,
she added.
According to the report, a particular
fear of whistleblowing prevented BBC
junior staff members from escalating
their complaints to senior managers.
Smith said an atmosphere of fear still ex-

ists at the BBC but cleared the institution

of responsibility for Saviles widespread
sex abuse a decision likely to infuriate
his victims.
I have found no evidence that the
BBC, as a corporate body, was aware of
Saviles inappropriate sexual conduct in
connection with his work for the BBC,
she said.
Smith said 117 people at the BBC
admitted they had heard rumours about
Savile, who abused victims on BBC
premises, including the venues where
his programs Top Of The Pops and Jimll
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RRFootballer Adam Johnson

Sentenced To 6 Years Jail For
Child Sex Crimes

FORMER England soccer international

Adam Johnson has been jailed for six
years for child sex offenses.
The former Manchester City and
Sunderland winger showed no emotion
as he was sentenced at Bradford Crown
Court March 23.
Judge Jonathan Rose said the
15-year-old girl suffered severe psychological harm.
Johnson pleaded guilty to one charge
of sexual activity with the girl and
another of grooming building an
emotional connection with a child to
gain trust for sexual motives.
The 28-year-old Johnson denied two
further charges of sexual activity with
the schoolgirl and he was only found
guilty of one of them by a jury three
weeks earlier.
Johnson, who played 12 times for
England, was sacked by Premier
League club Sunderland in February.
A jury cleared him of one count but
convicted him of another, by a majority of 10-2.

RRBBCs Top Gear Sorry For

Filming Near War Memorial

A HOST of BBC car show Top Gear has

apologised unreservedly for filming
stunt driving near Britains best-known
war memorial.
Chris Evans says program-makers
were unwise to film close to the
Cenotaph, a stone monument to Britains war dead near Parliament in
central London.
Some bystanders complained after
co-host Matt LeBlanc and a professional
driver were seen performing doughnuts in the street nearby. Col Richard
Kemp, a retired army officer, called the
stunt gravely disrespectful.
The BBC said photos made the car
appear closer to the monument than it
really was, but Evans said he understood why some people were angry.
He said last month that on behalf of
the Top Gear team and Matt, I would
like to apologise unreservedly for what
these images seem to portray.

George Osborne warned of a dangerous cocktail of risks as he delivered a

spending plan in which Britain acts now
so we dont pay later. He offered 3.5bn
in cuts by 2020 to achieve his target of
balancing the books in the face of weaker
global economic growth and repeatedly
insisted he was focused on the future.
He announced changes in the school
system and pledged taxes on sugarladen sodas to cut obesity in the young,
a cause championed by celebrity chef
Jamie Oliver.
In this budget we choose the long
term, he said. We choose to put the
next generation first.
But he was forced to acknowledge
that debt would rise as a proportion of
gross domestic product, missing his own
target. And growth forecasts were cut
in the face of a slowdown in the broader
global economy.
As a result, Osborne argued it was a
moment for caution over state finances.
Britain is not immune to slowdowns
and shocks, he said. Nor as a nation are
we powerless. We have a choice. We can
choose to add to the risk and uncertainty,
or we can be a force for stability.
Mindful of the dramatic recent drop in
oil prices, Osborne also offered tax relief
to companies operating in the North Sea.
But even as he offered relief to many in
Scotland whose jobs depend on offshore
oil operations, he chided Scottish National Party lawmakers, who had argued
that oil revenues would underpin the
economy during their campaign last year
for independence.
We are only able to provide this kind
of support to our oil and gas industry
because of the broad shoulders of the
United Kingdom, he said.
Tax relief was also offered for the
wealthy and for small businesses. But he
controversially announced the disabled
will face cuts later forced to backtrack.
He also pledged to crack down on taxdodging.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn described the budget as being fundamentally unjust.
This budget has unfairness at its very
core, paid for by those who can least afford it, he said. He could not have made
his priorities clearer while half a million
people with disabilities are losing over 1
billion pounds in personal independence
payments, corporation tax is being cut
and billions being handed out in tax cuts
to the very wealthy.
The Office for Budget Responsibility
downgraded its forecast of economic
growth in 2015 from 2.4 percent to 2.2
percent and in 2016 from 2.4 percent to 2
percent. There were also trimmed for the
subsequent years through 2020.
The office also offered a caveat, arguing that all the figures did not take into
account the uncertainty that would follow
should Britain vote to leave the European
Union in a popular vote in June.
Full budget details at:

Cabinet Member
Resigns Over Budget
Cuts To The Disabled
sought to unite a warring Conservative Party behind his modern,
compassionate government last
month, after a senior minister resigned and accused the Treasury of
targeting societys poorest people
with welfare cuts.
The shock departure of Work and
Pensions Secretary
Iain Duncan Smith
who said he could
not stomach plans to
slash payments to dis- Iain Duncan
abled people blew
the top off simmering
Conservative divisions over government
priorities, and the European Union.
Duncan Smith is among a group of
senior Conservatives who want Britain to
leave the EU, and his resignation heaped
pressure on Cameron and Treasury chief
George Osborne, both of whom want the
UK to stay in. British voters will decide in
a June 23 referendum whether to remain
in the 28-nation bloc.
Duncan Smith, who has pushed
through a series of unpopular changes
to the countrys welfare system over
the past six years, dramatically quit last
month, accusing the government of
targeting the poor for cuts while protecting pensions for the better-off. He said
last months budget, which included a
4bn cut to disability benefits, was the
last straw.
I am passionate about trying to
improve the quality of life for those in
difficult circumstances, said Duncan
Smith, whose nickname during his unspectacular 2003-2005 term as leader
of the Conservative Party was the Quiet
Now, I want to do that and I want my
party to do that. But I felt that Im losing
my ability to influence that.
The government then dropped its
plan to cut the disability benefits. But
Cameron defended Osbornes wider
austerity measures, saying none of the
governments reforms would have been
possible without turning the economy
Duncan Smiths resignation gave
anti-EU lawmakers a chance to link
unpopular austerity measures to the
referendum. But Cameron batted away
claims that cuts have been necessitated
by the cost of EU membership.
The 46bn we spend on disability
benefits is many, many times more than
anything we give to the European Union,
Cameron said.
Nonetheless, Tim Bale, professor
of politics at Queen Mary University of
London, said Duncan Smiths move
would bolster the out campaign in the
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April 2016

in the past month . . .

Charity Worker Piles Bags On

Man In Wheelchair While She
Takes Ciggy Break

OBVIOUSLY unaware she was being photographed, the care worker in the photo
below decided to have a cig, and thought it
appropriate to dump the bags she was car-

amazing precision, doing exactly what he

was told.
The fun-loving lad was asked to leave the
package under the doormat so, naturally,
thats what he did. There was only one
catch... the parcel was HUGE.
But, this didnt deter this driver at all he
left the package after balancing the doormat
on top of the box.
Then, for good measure, he posted
the photos to Reddit so that everyone could
enjoy his little joke, adding the caption: Im
just here to serve the customer.
Following instructions certainly sits high
on this mans resume.

EDL Falls For Fake Hot Cross

Buns Without Crosses Article

rying in the lap of the man in the wheelchair

she was caring for last month.
The Mencap employee was suspended
after the picture, taken in Market Harborough,
Leicester, was uploaded to the charitys
Facebook page last month.
She was meant to be taking care of the
man who also has learning disabilities.
One of your staff in the Leicestershire
area smoking whilst on the phone shoving
all of her shopping bags on top of him with
no care in the world, Charlotte Shaw wrote
after she posted it.
She added: I dont think she should be
able to work with vulnerable people who
need care.
Mencap apologised and confirmed it
had suspended the employee involved, the
Leicester Mercury reported.
We are appalled by what is happening
in the picture, Mencap told
After seeing it we immediately took
action, and have suspended the support
worker in question and reported the issue to
the relevant local authority . . . Our priority
now, as always, is ensuring that we offer the
highest quality of care to our beneficiaries so
they live the lives they choose.

Delivery Man With A Sense

Of Humour Takes Customers
Message Literally

DOING WHAT he was told, brought the life

of one delivery man into the internet world of
laughter big time last month after he posted
a photo of one drop online.
A customer had told him what to do in
the event of the house being empty, but the
instructions didnt make much sense.
Everyone knows theres nothing more
frustrating than realising youre going to
be out of the house when your important
package arrives. And, weve all learned that
in these situations,
its wise to leave
instructions for the
delivery person
for example: leave
it with the next door
neighbour or put
it behind the plant
pot, etc.
But, last month,
one delivery driver
responded to his
customers instructions with

FAR RIGHT protest group the English Defence League were victims of a hot cross
bun joke article last month and ended up
quite cross themselves.
The article posted on the spoof news website Southend News Network convinced one
reader enough to share it on the EDL London
Division Facebook page. The fake article was
about a bakery removing the crosses from
hot cross buns in case they offended anyone.
The original joke article claimed a fundamentalist maths teacher raised the alarm
because the crosses might confuse children
learning the difference between addition and
He stormed out of the bakery shop area,
and at closing time he came back with four
other Maths teachers and they used baseball
bats to smash everything up, supposed
baker Michael Prove was quoted as saying.
Another part of the piece read: Hot cross
buns without a cross. Well thats just a bun.
We must not upset the Islamic invaders
must we?
The ensuing uproar brought angry posts
and comments by EDL followers, some calling for a boycott.
But it didnt take long before people spotted the fact hot cross buns were not in any
danger, and commenced mocking the EDL
for the mix-up.
There was no comment from the EDL
according to Metro.

Power Co Billed Woman For

Neighbours Usage For 14 Years

DESPITE years of wrangling with her power

provider Lorraine Calderwood feels she has
paid out thousands of pounds in bills she
shouldnt have as well as legal fees.
A frustrated Lorraine has been mired in a
row with Scottish Gas, since she moved into
her home in 2002.
Calderwood, 49, is adamant a problem
with the external power meter, which supplies three other homes in the block of homs
where she lives, has led to her paying the bill
for a neighbouring property over the years.
Calderwood, who lives with her disabled
teenage son James said: From the very start
Ive been telling Scottish Gas that something
wasnt right and time after time, year after
year, Ive been told I was wrong and that I
had to pay up or face legal action.
I tried to fight it but they insisted that
they were supplying the property so in the
end I just paid up and the deal with Npower
ended. Then in 2007 I got a bill from Scottish
Hydro out of the blue, which I had to get the
lawyers in to resolve, and one year I got a

2015 Fragomen Union Jack - REVISED.pdf 1 6/17/2015 9:00:58 PM


a period of five years.

The car park was part of a redevelopment
scheme that was meant to link the car park
to another one but this work has yet to be
finished. Apparenlty a bridge too far.
Unsurprisingly locals were confused
when the image was posted on social media
considering the lack of parking available in
the centre of town.
Its a symbol of how badly managed
the redevelopment has been, from my
perspective, local Gareth Thomas, 25, told
Rushmoor Borough Council added: As
part of the planning permission, parking was
provided on the roof of block two.
The bridge link to this car park will be built
as part of a future phase of the development.
In the interim, the residents parking is being
provided by the developer in the Kingsmead
multistorey car park.

completely unexpected 345 bill from Scottish Gas, which again the lawyers had to deal
with, costing me more money.
Calderwood opines: It all comes down
to an external meter which has only three
reference numbers despite supplying four
homes with gas. Every bill Ive had from
Scottish Gas has a reference number for one
of my neighbours, not my own.
Now with Scottish Power Calderwood
says she is paying half the amount she has
been consistently charged over the previous
14 years.
Scottish Gas chiefs also insisted: We
have spoken to Ms Calderwood and she has
confirmed that she does not have any issues Supermarket May Not Be The
with the manner in which we have billed her.
There was no evidence that energy One You Are Thinking It Is . . .
supplies had been mixed up, despite Ms SOMETIMES the eyes can play tricks on
us, and other times its just a shop owner
Calderwoods repeated claims.
trying to trick us into thinking his store is
something it is not.
Rusty Old Tin Of Scotch
The supermarket in the picture below is
Porridge Oats Found At Remote getting a LOT of attention on social media
can you spot why?
Antarctic Outpost
The photo of the shop, which is believed to
A TIN OF Dollar Oats, from the town of the
same name in Scotland, have been discov- be in Buckinghamshire, has gone viral but
ered in Antarctica by Iain Pringle while doing its not all as it seems
Yes, thats right. The type font might look
an inventory at the Port Lockroy site.
Even more incredibly, the Dollar Oats were familiar, it might even be that lovely orange
found by a former resident of the Clackman- hue weve come to associate with the very
familiar chain supermarket but, on closer
nanshire town.
Pringle, who went to school in Dollar, is inspection you will see its not a Sainsburys
one of four people running the most southerly branch.
One rather creative person possibly
post office in the world.
He found the tin while doing an inventory with the surname Singh has decided to
at the site, where its thought to have been hijack Sainsburys branding for their own
shop and change the name to Singhburys.
preserved in the cold.
Pringle, whose customers are usually Imaginative for sure.
The photo of the store, which is in Aylespassengers stopping off on cruise ships
at the post office on Port Lockroy, said: bury was shared on social media last
During the week I was delighted to meet a month by Twitter user @goulcher and soon
passenger who lives in Dollar, where I went racked up hundreds of retweets.
But even more amusingly, its also
to school and whose children also went to
other Twitter users to share their
school there.
I even knew one of her sons as he was pictures of shop names which have an
in my sisters year.
I also took the opportunity to show her
the Dollar Oats in the pantry which had been
found a couple of weeks ago during the
conditions survey of the artefacts.
This was very exciting and new to myself
and the lady as we hadnt known that oats
had ever been produced in Dollar and it will
be fascinating to research the history of the
company once Im back in the UK.

Secret Car Park That Is Only

Accessible On Foot, But Has
Full Planning Permission

IF EVER you visit Queensmead, Farnborough

in Hampshire you can take a lovely, leisurely
stroll to a rooftop car park built during some
downtown redevelopment in the town.
The problem is, that strolling is the only
way you can reach this car park, because it
cannot be accessed via . . . a car!
The mystery car park is above a gym,
and looks convenient at first but the big
problem wasnt as obvious to the city in
early days it seemed. And that has been for


on the eaterys Breakfast Club menu will now

cost between five and ten percent more.
So, its farewell to the change-fromthree-quid brekkers. Now, a full English
will cost them 3.25, increasing from from
The price of a bowl of porridge will rise
by 20p to 2.39, while a cup of tea or large
filter coffee will set customers back 1.10.
March 13 brought the last pour of gravy
on the Sunday Roast, and hungry customers were then offered offered a new item
consisting of a Sunday Brunch and drink
to replace it.
The pub giant, which has 950 restaurants
and is officially known as JD Wetherspoon,
says top-selling beer brands such as John
Smiths and Ruddles will cost the same.

Zero Tolerance At John Lewis

Store As Mum Thrown Out
Because Of Toddlers Tantrum

A TODDLERS tantrum saw staff at a John

Lewis tell a mother she would have to leave
last month.
The staff cited other customers complaints as the mum was trying to sort out
her childs antics.
John Lewis staff told a mother that
she would have to leave a store after
complaints as she Lindsay Robinson was
shopping at the Trafford Centre branch,
near Manchester when her 16-month-old
daughter, Heidi, had a screaming fit.
Robinson, 36, from Prestwich, said that
a member of menswear staff said, Im
afraid weve had a complaint, you will have
to leave.
She added: I was shocked. I dropped a
key ring and rucksack for Heidi that I was
about to buy, and this staff member escorted
us out of the store.
I said to my friend, who was shopping
with me, did that really happen?
Robinson added: Heidi has only just
learned to walk, so I use a harness for her
as she is a bit unsteady on her feet. I was
carrying her and she started to lose the plot.
I was trying to put the harness back on and
Heidi was loud and vocal. I was trying to do
my best to calm her down, and get her harness on so she didnt crawl off.
Since the incident Robinson contacted
the store: I called customer services and
someone did call me back. They apologised
and said the member of staffs behaviour was
out of order. They said they would send a 20
voucher as an apology. I dont think I will be
going back to that store.
In a statement John Lewis said: We are
very sorry that Mrs Robinson was upset after
visiting our shop. One of our managers spoke
to her to sincerely apologise and today our
uncanny resemblance to familiar brands.
head of branch has written to Mrs Robinson
In some cases, the font is almost exactly to formally apologise again, and has also
identical, leading us to wonder why they sent her flowers.
havent faced a whole host of issues from
lawyers . . . or maybe thats to come?

Wetherspoons Regulars Faced

With Higher Prices, And No
Sunday Roast

SUNDAYS will never be the same for fans of

the chain restaurant Wetherspoons, who last
month announced they were axing Sunday
Roast dinners.
But, the double whammy was that items

We Know
You Know

a Brit who would Love

a gift subscription to

Union Jack

April 2016

food outlets. There are even plans to create homes in some arches with innovative,
London based firm, Undercurrent Architects
coming up with a plan for a highly insulated
arch-dwelling, again in South London.

Signing The Blues

Jimmy Hendrix

SEMINAL GUITAR guru of the 60s, Jimi

Hendrix lived and died in London. The Seattleborn, former US paratrooper had an apartment in Brook Street, right beside Claridges
in fashionable Mayfair. Now you can enjoy
your very own Jimi Hendrix Experience
by visiting his former home there which has
been restored to look pretty much as it did
in 1969. It is sometimes difficult to establish
a link between vastly different music genres
but in this rather lovely Georgian terraced
house, it is easy as the German classical
composer Handel also lived there some 200
years earlier. The Handel and Hendrix Trust
has established the permanent exhibition
which opened to the public last month and it
is well worth a visit.
Hendrix tragically died at the age of 27
from an accidental drugs overdose at his
girlfriends home in nearby Notting Hill but he
left the world with All Along the Watchtower,
which lives on in music history and from
the same building of course came Handels
most famous work, Messiah. After his death,
a copy of Messiah was found amongst Hendrixs possessions.

Swinging 60s Continued

But if it is a multi-sensory taste of the

psychedelic 60s you are after, the Victoria
and Albert Museum has just started selling
tickets for an exhibition which opens this year
and promises just that.
You Say You Want a Revolution? Records
and Rebels, opens there this September
and looks set to become one of the most
popular exhibitions they have ever had. With
Situationist disruptions and Replication of
hallucinogenic trips on offer, curators of the
exhibition describe it as an immersive mind
expansion experience. Hopefully the belief
that drugs opened the mind to perception and
creativity is to be countered by highlighting

A Florida

the devastating effect and terrible toll that

they also took (and continue to take) on
young lives.
There will be some 350 items of 60s
ephemera on display including the chair that
Christine Keeler sat on for her famous nude
portraits after the Profumo Affair and the suit
that George Harrison wore on the cover of Sgt
Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Rather appropriately sponsored by Levis,
the famous jean company, the exhibition
displays, according to V&A Director, Martin
Roth, the seismic political, cultural and
social changes of the era. Not sure what
Victoria and Albert would have thought!

Underneath the Arches

The price of land and property continues

to reach record levels in London as demand
outstrips supply and one area of opportunity looks set to become joyously exploited.
Railway arches have traditionally been the
territory of grotty storage units and back street
garages like the one in EastEnders. Architecturally though, these arches are finally being
recognised as things of great beauty and are
being renovated on a significant scale.
Network Rail owns 10,000 arches in London and has an active programme in place
to renovate entire rows rather than individual
units. The wonderful brick arches offer visually stunning, interesting shapes for shops
and restaurants but also opening them up to
adjoin developing areas provides beautiful
backdrops for wider-scale development.
Borough Market, just south of the Thames
is undergoing a 300m ($425m) renovation
project which includes opening up the arches
occupied by Vinopolis, the wine-themed adult
playground. Just down the road, the dingy
Leake Street, under Waterloo Station, made
famous by Banksy graffiti, is to be turned
into an avenue of coffee shops and trendy

The latest batch of blue plaques for

buildings where famous people once lived
in London have been announced and top of
the list was one for the family home of Queen
lead singer, Freddie Mercury in the ungloroius
west London suburb of Feltham.
The Blue Plaque scheme is run by English
heritage and was founded in 1866. Now, 150
years later, there are over 900 dotted around
London and anyone can nominate a building
to be honoured in this way though it can
be a lengthy process. To gain a successful
nomination, the person commemorated
must have been dead for twenty years and
the criteria is quite tough. The plaques themselves meanwhile have been hand-made by
the Ashworth family in Cornwall for over 30
years and each year a few more are installed
on all kinds of London buildings.
A plaque has long been prized not only for
its historical interest but also because it is
perceived to add value to a property. English
Heritage have run into an unforeseen problem
of late though. So many properties in London
are owned by foreign individuals and through
such complex offshore company structures
that it is becoming increasingly difficult to
find who actually owns the building and can
give authority for the installation of the award!
Where the owners were found, famous
people commemorated in the latest batch include the comedian Tommy Cooper, England
World Cup football captain, Bobby Moore and
the ballerina, Dame Margot Fonteyn.

GOSH How Old Are You?

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Cabinet Member
Resigns Over Budget
Cuts To The Disabled
Continued from page 1
EU referendum.
I think it reinforces the public view
that David Cameron and George Osborne
appear to be disconnected from public
opinion, he said.
He said it gave the impression that
the government did not care about the
working poor, because they dont vote
for us.
The row is a particular blow to Osborne, who has been Treasury chief
since 2010 and aspires to succeed
Cameron as Conservative leader.
The Budget was accepted by 310
votes to 275, a government majority
of 35.
The government also won a series
of votes on specific Budget resolutions,
including the cut in capital gains tax.
Opposition amendments to scrap the
tampon tax and block an increase in
VAT on solar panels were accepted by the
government without the need for a vote.
Osbornes primary economic policy
has been to reduce Britains deficit
through a cocktail of spending cuts and
tax increases. The government argues
that its austerity medicine has been
shared fairly across all income brackets
its mantra has been were all in this

Report: BBC Missed Chances

To Stop Sexual Predator Savile
Continued from page 1

The pioneering Childrens Hospital in

Londons Great Ormond Street (GOSH) is
celebrating its 164th birthday this year and
long-term supporter Sir Paul McCartney
recorded a video birthday message thanking
them for the fantastic work they do. Of course
it was entirely appropriate for him to rework
one of his hits from 1967 with the words
Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
when Im 164!
This awesome place was the first Childrens hospital in the English-speaking
world when it opened in 1852 with just
10 beds and over the decades has been at
the frontline of paediatric care in the world.
GOSH has pioneered heart, lung and cancer
surgery for children and young people since
the 1960s and has introduced immunisation
and vaccination programmes which have
saved countless young lives. In 1929, J M
Barrie gave all the rights to his play and novel
Peter Pan to the hospital and to this day the
proceeds are still used to buy vital equipment
and fund ground-breaking research.
There are some great ways for you to
support the work of GOSH at

But Duncan Smith said pensions,
which account for more than half of total
welfare payments, have been untouched
while billions have been cut from benefits paid to working-age people and the
most vulnerable.
Cameron said his government is working to improve the life chances of the
poorest in our country by creating jobs,
battling discrimination and introducing a
higher minimum wage, and praised Duncan Smith for contributing an enormous
amount while in government.
The Conservative feuding drew comparisons to the partys fractious period
under Prime Minister John Major, which
ended when they were ousted by Tony
Blairs Labour Party in 1997. The Conservatives remained out of office until 2010.
But the Labour Party is weakened,
with a left-wing leader, Jeremy Corbyn,
who is mistrusted by many of his own
Steven Fielding, director of the Center
for British Politics at the University of
Nottingham, said that for the Conservatives its a terrible crisis but theyre
not facing Tony Blair. Theyre not facing
a united Labour Party.
The row at the top of the government
weighed on the British pound. In lateafternoon trading in London, it was down
0.6 percent at $1.4383.
Kit Juckes, foreign exchange strategist
at Societe Generale, said that for the
currency, politics is going to be more
important than economics for the next
three months.

Fix It were shot.

Smiths review said the Savile abuse
incidents dated all the way back to 1959.
She identified 72 victims of Savile, both
male and female and one was only eight
years old.
But girls who raised concerns about
Savile were treated as a nuisance. In
one case in 1969, a girl who was molested
on the Top of the Pops program while
standing next to Savile on the podium
was ejected from the building.
The inquiry also concluded that another BBC star, sports presenter Stuart
Hall, 86, also used his celebrity to shield
his activities, often plying his victims
with alcohol.
The Hall investigation was carried out
by another former Court of Appeal judge,
Dame Linda Dobbs, because Smith had a
conflict of interest. Dobbs found 21 victims of Hall, who was jailed in 2013 after

pleading guilty to
multiple charges
of indecent assault.
The culture
at the BBC certainly enabled
both Savile and
Stuart Hall to go
undetected for
decades, Smith
said. I have
Stuart Hall
identified five
occasions where
the BBC missed an opportunity to uncover their misconduct.
The director-general of the BBC,
Tony Hall, apologised to the victims
last month.
What this terrible episode tells us is
that fame is power, a very strong form
of power, he said. And like all power
it must be held to account. It must be
challenged and it must be scrutinised.
And it wasnt.

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Page 4

April 2016


From Benefits To Bendy Bananas:

Fact-Checking UKs EU Debate
RR By Jill Lawless

ARGUMENTS and allegations are flying

as Britons grapple with how to vote in a
June 23 referendum on whether to stay in
the European Union or walk away.
Opponents say the 28-nation bloc is
a bureaucratic behemoth that sucks up
billions from British taxpayers while imposing undemocratic laws even dictating
the maximum curvature of bananas. Supporters argue that Britains prosperity and
security benefit from EU membership.
A look at some of the claims by both
sides and how they compare with the
CLAIM: The EU makes most of Britains
laws; it even regulates the shape of bananas.
THE FACTS: Opponents of the EU
argue that what began in the 1950s as
a trading bloc has ballooned in scale and
ambition, making policy in areas once reserved for national lawmakers. The group
Business for Britain claims that 65 percent
of laws introduced in Britain either stem
from or are influenced by the EU.
Researchers at the House of Commons Library came up with a much lower
figure: 13.2 percent of British legislation
introduced between 1993 and 2014 was
EU-related. However, the calculation
does not include EU regulations that

are implemented without the need for new

national laws so the
real figure is probably
higher, though likely not
as high as 65 percent.
As an example of legislative heavy-handedness, Britains tabloid
press loves to cite the
claim that the EU bans
bendy bananas and
crooked cucumbers.
A 1994 EU regulation
did indeed specify that
bananas must be free from abnormal
curvature. EU rules also governed the
shape of many other fruits and vegetables
cucumbers, for example, needed to be
almost perfectly straight. Many of these
specifications were abolished in 2008,
though the banana guidelines remain on
the books.
CLAIM: The EU costs British taxpayers
almost half a billion dollars a week.
THE FACTS: The figure, cited by antiEU group Vote Leave, comes from the
House of Commons Library, which estimates that Britain paid 17.8bn to the EU
in 2015, roughly 350m ($490m) a week.
But Britain got half the money back,
including 4.9bn through a rebate nego-

Syscos US Foods Tampa (FL) International Food Club (FL)

International Market (Las Vegas) Performance Food Service (Santa Cruz)

tiated by then-Prime Minister Margaret

Thatcher in the 1980s. The UKs net
contribution in 2015 was 8.5bn about
165m ($230m) a week.
On a per-capita basis, Britain is the
eighth-biggest contributor to the EU
budget, paying less per head than countries including Germany, the Netherlands
and France.
CLAIM: Britain will be poorer outside
the European Union.
THE FACTS: While the economic impact of a British exit or Brexit is hard
to predict, many economists believe that
leaving the EUs tariff-free internal trade
and market of 500 million people would
be an economic blow.
Trade with EU countries accounted for
45 percent of UK exports and 53 percent
of imports in 2014. A Brexit would disrupt
that trade, at least temporarily, while new
agreements were negotiated a process
that could take several years.
The London School of Economics
Center for Economic Policy has calculated
that, even if trade barriers with other
European countries do not significantly
increase, per capita income in Britain will
fall by between 1.1 percent and 3.1 percent
after a Brexit.
The possibility of trading more with
the rest of the world cant offset the loss
of trade with the EU, said the centers
Thomas Sampson.
Britain also would likely have to pay
into EU funds to secure trade deals with
the bloc, as non-EU members Norway and
Switzerland currently do.
Some economists, however, say the
British economy will benefit if it is freed
from EU regulatory shackles and protectionism.
Patrick Minford, professor of applied
economics at Cardiff Business School,
argues that EU policies supporting
agriculture, manufacturing and other
sectors prop up unsustainable industries
and warps our economy. He says that
Britain which has been charting a more
free-market path than many of its European neighbors since the Thatcherite
1980s would be better off leaving the
EUs protective umbrella and conducting
all its trade under World Trade Organization arrangements.

CLAIM: Britain will be able to control

its borders and limit immigration if it
leaves the EU.
THE FACTS: As a member of the Euro
pean Union, Britain must allow citizens
of all 27 other member states to live and
work in the UK Britons can also move
abroad, but over the last decade the traffic
has been lopsided. The House of Commons Library estimates there are around
1.2 million Britons living in other EU
countries, compared with around three
million EU migrants living in Britain.
If Britain leaves the EU, it would regain the power to stop European Union
migrants settling but that is not the
whole story, says Jonathan Portes of the
National Institute of Economic and Social
He says a move by Britain to limit or
end free movement will make it very difficult, and maybe impossible, to negotiate
the kind of free trade and single-market
relationships that many people on the
Brexit side want to see. Countries outside the EU that have struck free-trade
deals with the bloc, such as Norway and
Switzerland, have had to allow EU nationals access to their job markets in return.
CLAIM: Migrants are drawn to the UK
by generous welfare benefits, and limiting
benefits will reduce immigration.
THE FACTS: EU leaders have agreed
to let Britain impose a temporary ban on
new arrivals from member states claiming some top-up benefits paid to lowerincome workers.
The British government says this will
help curb immigration by removing the
pull factor arising from the UK benefits
But there is little evidence that benefits
are a pull factor for migrants. A recent
study by the Overseas Development
Institute said researchers had found essentially zero evidence for the notion that
welfare systems pull migrants to wealthy
countries. Portes says the National Institute of Economic and Social Research
found no evidence to suggest its true.
Most economists and policy-makers
think wages are a much bigger attraction.
Britains minimum wage is 6.70 ($9.37)
an hour, three times the rate in Poland
and more than six times that in Romania.
CLAIM: Leaving the EU will make
Britain less safe.
THE FACTS: Many top brass and
former military chiefs oppose leaving the
EU. A group of former generals, admirals
and air marshals said in an open letter that
within the EU, we are stronger and
better able to confront threats including
the Islamic State group to growing Russian nationalism. Britains independent
reviewer of terrorism legislation, David
Anderson, says EU-wide mechanisms
such as the European arrest warrant and
passenger-record sharing are effective
counter-terror measures.
Others point out that Britain would
remain a nuclear power and a member of
the NATO alliance if it left the EU. And
the UKs security also rests on its close
intelligence-sharing relationship with the
US, which would likely not be affected by
EU withdrawal.

Scottish Leader: UK Vote

To Quit EU Would Fuel
Independence Push

SCOTLANDS leader says she doesnt

want to use a possible British vote to
leave the European Union as leverage to
achieve independence. But First Minister
Nicola Sturgeon concedes that Scots
secessionist spirits would be inflamed if
English voters forced them out of the EU.
Sturgeon spoke last month on the second day of her Scottish National Partys
spring conference, which is focused on
strengthening nationalist control of Scotlands Parliament in a May 5 election.
She linked the UKs June 23 referendum on EU membership to her partys
ambition to stage a second referendum
on ending its political union with fellow
UK members England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
A poll published in a Scottish newspaper provided new indications that
Scotlands case for independence would
be revived if the UK as a whole voted to
leave the EU.
The poll, Sturgeon said, demonstrates the strength of feeling in Scotland
that we want to stay in the European
Union but also the strength of feeling
there would be if we were taken out of
the European Union against our will, if
Scotland voted to stay in but the rest of
the UK outnumbered us.
The survey of 1,000 registered voters
across Scotland questioned last month
by pollsters ICM had a three-point error

UK Report Says Leaving

EU Would Cause Decade
Of Uncertainty

A NEW REPORT written by civil servants

in Britains government concludes that
leaving the European Union would touch
off a decade of uncertainty because
of the complex process of agreeing to
terms to leave.
The report cited in the Guardian newspaper last month said that millions would
be affected as the UK takes a decade to
extricate itself from the 28-nation bloc.
The Guardian quoted the report as saying
that a vote to leave the EU would be the
start, not the end, of a process.
The report argues it would take years
to just negotiate new trade deals with
the United States and others causing
uncertainty in the economy.
The comments come as members
of the campaign to leave accuse their
opponents of scaremongering.

Leader Of UK Business
Group Resigns After Call
To Leave EU

THE DIRECTOR-general of the British

Chambers of Commerce has resigned
after saying the UK should leave the
European Union.
The organization said that John Longworth has decided to step down because
his personal view on the referendum is
likely to create confusion.
The group, which represents hundreds
of businesses, says it will not campaign
on either side in Britains EU membership referendum, to be held June 23. A
majority of its member businesses supported staying in the bloc when surveyed
last year.
But last month Longworth said that
the UK would be better off taking a
decision to leave the EU.

UK Lawmakers Warn
Obama Not To Intervene
In EU Debate

A HANDFUL of UK lawmakers have

warned US President Barack Obama
not to intervene in the debate about
whether Britain should remain in the
European Union.
In an open letter last month, five lawmakers and Nigel Farage, leader of the
anti-EU UKIP party, argue that interfering
in the debate would mark an unfortunate milestone in Obamas presidency.
Obama is traveling to Britain next month
ahead of a trip to Germany.
Lawmakers who want Britain to leave
the 28-nation bloc fear the president will
throw his considerable popularity behind
the remain campaign.
The letters signatories argue that
it is imperative that the question of
exiting the European Union is not one
answered by foreign politicians or outside interests.

April 2016

Page 5



New Rules For Foreign Student Work Permits

UPON UNIVERSITY graduation, foreign
students in the US are traditionally offered a
12-month period Optional Practical Training
(OPT) in order to provide them with American
work experience that would be useful upon
their return home. For foreign graduates in
the STEM (science, technology, engineering
& math) fields, students can obtain a further
17-month extension of their OPT IF their US
employer signed up for the Federal employment authorization verification system known
as e-Verify.
Changes have been made to the STEM
OPT program that will be effective May 10,
2016 that foreign students as well as their
US employers should be aware of. The most
significant components of this change are
as follows:
STEM OPT Extension Period: Went from
17 to 24 months resulting in a total of 36
months of STEM OPT employment authorization. There are provision to convert 17 month
STEM OPT period to 24 month periods
Availability of a Second STEM OPT
Extension: If a foreign student completes a
STEM program and the associated period of
OPT he or she can get an additional 36 months
if they complete another more advanced STEM
degree program.
Eligible Degrees: An expanded list of
programs that qualify as STEM is a part of
this new rule.
Qualifying for an OPT Extension Based
on Previously Obtained STEM Degree: The
new rule allows for a look back at an earlier
degree. If that degree was in a STEM field,
there is a mechanism to get more OPT time.
Training Plan Requirement: This is the
big change. There is a new form that requires
details as to the actual training program to
include, goals to be achieved, performance
evaluation, etc.
Impact of Material Change to Training
Program: The Designated School Official
(DSO) must be notified of such changes
Changing Employers: This is permitted
as long as the new employer complies with all

new requirements.
Evaluation Requirements: The student
and employer must complete an evaluation
after 12 months.
Compensation/Hours: Compensation
must be commensurate with the employers
similarly situated US workers. OPT worker
must work at least 20 hours.
Reporting Requirements: OPT worker
must report any material changes in employment including loss of employment within 10
days. They must verify accuracy of reporting
information every six months. Employer has
five days to report a termination of resignation
of/by the OPT worker.
Site Visits: Department of Homeland
Security may conduct site visits with 48 hours
notice IF a complaint is not made. If a complaint is made, there is no notice requirement.
Unemployment Limits: The long standing 90 day unemployment period allowance
remains. The new rule allows another 60
days of unemployment during the 24 month
extension period.
This is the first significant change in the
foreign student OPT program in many years.
US employers have long been able to take advantage of this program to train high achieving
foreign national talent. The best and brightest
among these trainees are often offered full time
positions where a more robust work visa must
be obtained. This rule introduces a number of
additional requirements that US employers
must be made aware of in the continuation of
participating in the OPT program.
Mitch Wexler is a Partner with Fragomen
Worldwide, the worlds leading immigration
law firm. He manages the firms Irvine and
Los Angeles, California offices. Mitch has
been practicing immigration law for over 30
years and is a California State Bar Certified
Specialist in Immigration & nationality Law.
He welcomes all comments and queries

Motorcycle Racing
At City Of Industry
In California
IF YOU attended Motorbike
speedway racing back in the
UK, your thrill fix may be just
around the corner!
Industry Racing proudly presents the return of American
Speedway Motorcycle Racing to
Southern California for their 13th
season at The Grand Arena.
These 500cc methanol burning
motorcycles, no brakes, no gears,
no fears, drifting into corners, a
four-lap race on a 1/8-mile dirt
track, all racing for points, trophies and tens of thousands of
dollars paid out over 15 races in
the summer series.
The fun begins with the Connor Penhall Memorial Cup on
Wednesday June 1. Racing
starts at 7:30pm with gates
opening to the public at 6pm with
a live classic rock band, great
Mexican food, bacon wrapped
hot dogs, garlic fries, kettle korn
and cinnamon roasted almonds.
Tasty beverage specials are featured each week with free fan
On special nights we feature
the 1,000cc sidecars a fan
favorite!! Check our website at for
this years racing schedule.
Adult admission is only $12 for a
regular admission night, $6 for Military/Senior/Junior ALL kids under
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Sponsorships are still available
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Well see you at the races!!
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Facebook To Pay More Taxes After Criticism

SOCIAL MEDIA giant Facebook, which
has been under fire in Britain for its tax
arrangements, said last month it will stop
routing its British sales through Ireland
a practice that had kept its UK tax bill
extremely low.
Facebook, Amazon and other multinationals have been criticized for using
complex tax arrangements in Europe to
drastically reduce their bills.
Facebook said in a statement that from
April, UK sales made directly by our
UK team will be booked in the UK, not
Ireland. Facebook UK will then record
the revenue from these sales. It said the
change would provide transparency to

Facebooks operations in the UK

Facebook paid just 4,327 in corporation tax in 2014 in Britain, where it
recorded 105m in revenue. The UK is
one of its biggest markets outside the
United States.
The company did not say how much
more tax it would pay under the new
arrangements in Britain, where the
corporation tax rate is 20 percent of
taxable income.
Facebooks announcement follows
Britains introduction of a diverted
profits tax of 25 percent to deter companies from using complex international
arrangements to cut their tax bills.

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Fly* from Miami, Boston,
New York (JFK), Las Vegas and
Los Angeles nonstop to
Manchester and beyond.
*) Condor codeshare, operated by Thomas Cook Airlines; book on

January 2016.indd 1

08.12.2015 10:28:55

Page 6

April 2016

Education Minister Mounts

Attack On Exclamation Marks!

HERES A little test

for you answer
at the end of this
Punctuate the
following sentence:
where he had had
had I had had had
had had had had
been correct
I am afraid that
punctuation is really
important in me. That is, I grant you, a very
sad admission but then again I did spend 51
years of my life teaching English so perhaps
I may be forgiven for having an obsessive
nature when it comes to the nuts and bolts
of punctuation.
I am quite keen on spelling. Im not sure I
believe in dyslexia or at least where you draw
the dividing line between crap spelling and a
developmental disorder. Nevertheless, poor
spelling does not upset me since it rarely
impedes communication. You can invariably
work out what word has been mangled and
since 20 percent of all English words are not
phonetically spelt, it is easy to understand
why a person might make an error.
Poor spelling, indeed, can at times light up
your life. Just round the corner from here, I
daily pass a house outside which a notice
announces: Five birth caravan for sale. Its a
surrealist concept to my mind which elevates
a humble mobile home to an altogether more
significant machine.
My spelling is as a matter of fact impeccable. I dont claim to be anything special since
I impute my mastery of the order of letters

entirely down to my junior school teacher,

Miss Taylor, who corrected each of my spelling mistakes by hitting my knuckles with an
ebonite ruler sideways on while proclaiming,
F-R-I-E-N-D : I before E except after C and
when it sounds like an E. Each capital in
that announcement represented a whack on
the knuckle, and contributed to my eventually
arthritic fingers. In all fairness, this was 1948
when the long-term effects of brutalising little
boys had not been fully considered.
Im a bit more distressed with poor
grammar. I dont really expect most people
to bother which of between you and I or
between you and me is correct. Apart from
the pain of being attacked by Miss Taylor, I
also had the pleasure of learning Latin when
it was dinned into us that a preposition is
followed by the accusative case. One of the
drawbacks of a classical education might be
that elsewhere in the system, a woman will
attack your fingers, but that may be a price
worth paying to understand the difference between the nominative and accusative cases.
What I find less acceptable is the proliferation of me, him and her in sentences
that go, Me and him went to town. Its ugly
and downright wrong but I fear its a linguistic
battle that is now well and truly lost.
But punctuation...No, Im sorry, I cant let
punctuation go. If you go back to the introductory paragraph, you can see my reasoning.
Those sixteen words are absolute gobbledygook whose sense only becomes clear when
they are correctly punctuated. For that is what
punctuation is all about: making sense.
If I go back to the industrious Miss Taylor
who was intent on bruising me into correct

spelling, she was at the same time equally

industriously hammering me into submission over correct punctuation.
We were instructed that punctuation is all
about breathing. If you take a deep breath,
you are using a full stop and that was part of
a spectrum which had a deep breath at one
end and the slightest of catches at the other.
This was, listen boy, where the comma was
employed. Next came the more measured
catch in the breath known as the semi-colon,
which in its turn was just short of a serious
intake known as the colon. Simple. Had I
known in those days about asthma, I might
have challenged her on the respiratory side
of punctuation.
You may wonder what has brought all
this on. Well, the government has just issued guidelines for junior school teachers
about the correct use of all things of the
exclamation mark. You couldnt make it up.
Nick Gibbs, the Schools Minister, is determined to raise standards of written English.
He has formulated a policy for Key Stage
1 and Key Stage 2 English, ie what a child
should know at ages 7 and 11 respectively.
To clarify matters, a Department for
Education spokesperson has spelt out the
official position,
(Seven-year-old) Pupils should learn
how to use sentences with different forms,
for example, as a statement, question,
exclamation and command. A sentence that
takes the form of an exclamation starts with
What or How and uses the syntax of an
The guidance indicates what is acceptable
eg What a lovely day! How exciting! Except

that neither of these expressions is a proper

sentence with a verb. To be correct they
would have to read What a lovely day it is!
How exciting you are!
The interesting thing is that teachers of
seven-year-olds are instructed not to give
credit for exclamations which do not begin
with What or How.
Whats that all about? Give credit?
Such a level of sophistication is required for
seven-year-olds and 11-year-olds to enjoy
examination success. Is this what falling
standards amounts to?
I invite you to take a look at a seven-yearold boy, possibly kicking around a football,
more likely fiddling incomprehensibly with a
tablet. All thumbs and feet. Can you honestly
think for one moment that that lad has the
faintest clue how to use sentences with different forms? The idea is ludicrous, merely
indicating to the rest of us how far from
reality politicians are when it comes to the
day-to-day business of assessing a childs
ability or potential.
It also hints at a wider issue with our
society. That we have a tick-box mentality
which enables us to make judgements about
anything based on what features we can tick
off. And whatever you do, beware of too many
exclamation marks!
The answer
Imagine two boys are writing an essay.
One write I had enough and the other I
had had enough. The teacher marks had
had enough as the correct versionn.
Where he had had had, I had had had
had. Had had had been correct.

Prince Harry: I Was Broken When Removed From Afghanistan

PRINCE HARRY has said he was broken when a security breach forced him
to quickly leave his military deployment
in Afghanistan in 2008.
He told Good Morning America last
month he felt he was abandoning men
serving with him when security officials
rushed him back to Britain after news of
his frontline deployment was published.
He said his 10 years in the British
army provided the best escape Ive ever
had and that he felt he was achieving

something by being part of a team.

All I wanted to do was prove to other
people that I had a certain set of skills
lets say flying an Apache helicopter, for
instance rather than just being Prince
Harry, he said.
Harry was promoting the upcoming
Invictus Games for wounded veterans.
Harry also told the interviewer he
hopes his late mother Diana Princess
of Wales is proud of the work her two
sons are doing.

Harry and his brother Prince William

have been involved in charity works like
those embraced by Diana before her
death in a Paris car crash in 1997.
I hope shes looking down with tears
in her eyes, being incredibly proud of
what weve established, Harry
He said he
is sure Diana is
longing for me to

Prince Harry Visits Nepal Quake Victims

RR By Binaj Gurubacharya

PRINCE HARRY last month visited with

families living at a camp in Nepal for people
made homeless by last Aprils devastating
earthquake as he continued a trip that many
hope will draw attention to Nepals struggle
to recover from the disaster.
Harry talked to families living in the camp
at Bhaktapur, just east of the capital, Kathmandu, inquiring about the living conditions.
He also spent part of the second day of his
five-day official visit to the Himalayan nation
at palace and temple areas damaged in the
About 60 families have been living in tents
at the Bhaktapur camp for nearly a year and
remain uncertain about when theyll receive
government assistance to rebuild their houses.
Its just one of the camps scattered around

Nepal where people have been forced to live

since the earthquake struck, killing nearly
9,000 people and destroying about 1 million
Authorities have been slow to push ahead
with quake rebuilding efforts. A government
reconstruction agency was finally appointed
in December, but has yet to provide promised
aid money to displaced families and guidelines
to build new houses and structures.
Harry also traveled to Patan, south of
Kathmandu, visiting the citys old palace and
Golden Temple areas, which suffered major
damage in the earthquake.
During his trip, the prince also visited a forest conservation area and meet several retired
Gurkha soldiers and their families. The prince
served with a Gurkha battalion during a tour
of duty in Afghanistan.


Awarded 4 stars by
restaurant critics

Vegetarian Meat Dishes Tandoori

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Favorite Indian restaurant of

South Florida Brits


Dinner Only

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authentic curry geared to
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lunch buffet. 11:30 - 3pm. DINNER 5-10:30PM

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SINCE 1991

have kids so she can be a grandmother

Harry said the loss of his mother when
he was 12 had shaped his life and his family would do everything we can to make
sure she is never forgotten.

Pub Hours To Be
Extended For Queens
90th Birthday
PUB OPENING hours will be extended
on June 10 and 11 to mark the Queens
90th birthday, David Cameron has announced.
The Prime Minister made the announcement during Prime Ministers
Questions, saying: Im sure that will
be welcomed right across the House.
The Queen celebrates two birthdays
each year: her actual birthday on April 21
and her official birthday on a Saturday in
June this year on June 11.
There will be a series of events over
the June weekend.
These will include a street party in
The Mall, a service of thanksgiving at
St Pauls Cathedral and the traditional
Trooping the Colour ceremony, also
known as the Queens Birthday Parade,
at Horse Guards Parade.
Wales and England also have their
first football matches of the 2016 European Championships on Saturday June
11 Wales play Slovakia and England
play Russia.

Duchess Of Cambridge
Describes Queen As
Doting Granny
WHILE THE rest of her subjects call
Queen Elizabeth II Your majesty, her
great-grandson knows her as Gan-Gan.
The Duchess of Cambridge revealed
that tidbit in a television documentary
celebrating the queens 90th birthday
to broadcast on Britains ITV channel
over Easter.
In her first solo interview since marrying Prince William in 2011, the former
Kate Middleton says the queen is a doting
great-grandmother to Prince George
and Princess Charlotte and she always
leaves a little gift or something in their
room when we go and stay.
Our Queen at Ninety also features
interviews with the Prince of Wales, the
Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry.
The queen turns 90 on April 21, but her
official party will take place in June with
a celebration in London.

April 2016

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TRACY FINDS out that boyfriend Robert

slept with Carla Connor. And its fair to say
shes not too happy about it. She tells Carla
she knows about their fling and blackmails
her, saying that she will tell Carlas fiance
Nick Tilsley all about her cheating on him.
However, Tracy says shell stay quiet if Carla
puts pressure on Nick to sell the Bistro to her
and Robert. But theres more, Tracy also
wants Carla to move away from Weatherfield.
Carla tells Tracy that if Nick doesnt receive
another offer other than Roberts then hell
sell the Bistro to Robert and Tracy. But Nick
does receive another offer and it comes
from Leanne. Ken offers to give Leanne the
money to buy into the Bistro, using Simons
inheritance from Deirdre. When Tracy finds
out that Kens willing to back Leanne after he
refused to do the same for her and Robert,
war breaks out in Weatherfield.!
Over at the Bistro its Stephs 21st birthday. She celebrates in style on a night out
with Andy before having to go to court go
give evidence at Jamies trial. The scumbag
is given a three year stretch for his revenge
porn nastiness.
Sally decides to stand to win the role of
Independent Councillor for Weatherfield. She
adopts the slogan Dont be silly, vote Sally!
and her poster declare shes Whistling the
peoples tune!. Norris doesnt like the sound
of that tune and decides to stand against Sally
in the upcoming elections. When Frescho
announce theyve been given the go-ahead
to build a new superstore, the locals want
to know if their would-be councillor Sallys

WHEN I DIE, I want to die on EastEnders,

where death is not necessarily permanent
Martin finally discovers the truth about
baby Arthur, that hes Kushs, and he takes
off for Florida (without telling anyone) to
see big sis Michelle (who knows a thing
or two about passing off one mans kid as
someone elses). Weeks later he returns with
no suntan, punches out Kush, announces
to the Vic that the baby is Kushs, and says
hes going to leave for Florida for good but
he has a change of heart, and instead goes
to Stacey and embraces her and Arthur. Is
all forgiven?
Across the Square Things arent going
great with Lee, causing messed up Whitney
to try and kiss Mick. He pulls away, sees it for
what it is and immediately tells Linda. They
both forgive Whitney but Aunt Babe sees an
opportunity to get rid of Whit, so she threatens
to expose her to Lee if she doesnt tell him
herself. Whitney does and they break up
Abi is still not pregnant and she cant get Ben
to sleep with her, then he finds out hes got VD
and cant sleep with her. Whats a girl faking
a pregnancy to do? Under pressure (and the
warped influence of Aunt Babe) drunken Abi
picks up and sleeps with drunken Lee in an
attempt to get the stick to turn blue. We await
the resultsLee and Whitney then get back
togetherCute couple of the year, Tamwar
and Nancy break upNancys resentment
of her brother Lee grows till they have an
argument where she shoves him, and he
falls back, knocking baby Ollie out of his
high chair. They should go to Casualty but
they dont until days later when Ollie stops
breathing. Turns out hes got a skull fracture
and now the old Bill and social services are
involved, and Mick cannot tolerate the sight
of Nancy
The bad penny returns: Lucas, and hes
got a new way to scam Denise that involves
the return of Jordan. HE is troubled and
Denise want to help, especially when she
finds out hes now got a little son, JJ. But it
turns out it was all orchestrated by Lucas,
who wants to escape and take (abduct?)
Denise and take them all away to be a family
(to where his delusional mind thought they
could go, were not sure). But Denise has
finally had enough, finally tells Lucas off and
has closure (we hope!)
Phil continues to lurch around the Square
drunk, despite Ronnies best efforts, despite
being told he will die without a liver transplant
and despite being told he cannot even get on
the transplant list without being sober at least
six months. He seems to have a death wish.
Ronnie is the only one who hasnt given up
on him. She finally gets him to go to AA, and
who should he meet there but his old drinking
buddy Lorna, she of the angular jaw. They

for or against the development. Sally hasnt

a clue if shes in camp No Frescho or Pro
Frescho. But she does buy Lloyds share of
Streetcars and installs husband Tim there,
telling him its his new job. Im not a thinker,
Im a drinker, Tim moans when faced with
managing the cab office. But it doesnt take
long for Tim to get his feet under the table and
his hands in the biscuit tin in his new job. He
calls a staff meeting with Eileen and Michael.
Item number one on the agenda is biscuits.
Whats item number two? Eileen asks.
Nothing. There isnt one, he replies. With
Eileen out of the cab office, Tim and Michael
play on the switch. Come in Houston! Come
in Houston!
Nasty Pat Phelan shows his true colours
when he throttles Anna up against the wall
inside Roys Rolls. Kev walks in just as its
happening and demands to know whats
going on. He knows now that Phelans not
all he seems and tries to warn Eileen off him
but shes deaf to his words and has her eye
on Pat Phelan, you can tell.
Poor Izzys in a state. Shes in so much
pain that she goes to buy dope from a dodgy
bloke in a dodgy pub. The dealer sells her a
bag of oregano, not the cannabis she was
after, and when she goes back to complain
she gets roughed up. Gary gets her to open
up about how much pain shes in and how
she cant go back to the doc as the tablets
he gives her makes her hallucinate and she
cant look after little Jake. Gary determines
to help her the best way he can.
And finally this month, theres an open
day at the Victoria Court gym. Audrey signs
up for a Twerk Out while Gail wants a M&D
day. Mother and Daughter day, M&D, she
tells Audrey who replies, M&D? Id rather
have a G&T!
Glenda Young
were a mess together 20 years ago, but
shes cleaned up her act. After finding out
shes now sober and a counselor, he flees
and speaking of Ronnie, Honey tries to play
matchmaker and get Ronnie and Jack back
together. It works for a temporary reunion but
then Ronnie gets cold feet
Elsewhere Gavin is currently blackmailing Claudette and Sharon (separately).
Sharon sells her half of the Albert to pay him
off, but Claudette hits him over the head and
thinks shes killed him. But when she comes
back for the body its gone. Gavin tells Vincent that it was his mum who killed his dad.
He goes to confront mum Claudette and in
a tussle between him, Patrick and Claudette,
she tumbles down the stairs and his hit head.
They think shes dead and Vincent does the
logical thing: He buries her in the cellar, the
day before contractors were to pour a new
cement floor. But turns out she wasnt dead.
She was just resting. She digs her way out
before the cement goes down and returns to
blackmail Vincent. Ah, a muvvers luv, East
To keep up with all things EastEnders,
Ill sign you up for the FREE E20Chronicles
And even though Downton Abbey has
aired its final episode, my Downton Abbey
Dish blog on PBS ThirteenWNET will remain
on Heres my recap for
Downton Abbey Episode nine, the finale, in
which I make the case that Spratt and Denker
are really Road Runner and Wily Coyote:
Are you on Twitter? Follow me on Twitter
Signed, Your Faithful Reporter
Deborah Gilbert AKA E20Launderette

Ex-Bank Of England
Chief Says Euro A Very
Serious Problem

THE EUROPEAN single currency is

a serious problem for Britain whether
or not the country leaves the European
Union, a former governor of the Bank of
England said last month.
Mervyn King said that even though
Britain does not use the euro, we are
influenced and affected by what goes on
in the euro area. He says the euro has
been economically a, if not disaster,
very serious problem.
Asked on BBC television if that meant
Britain should leave the EU, King said:
I dont think you can draw that conclusion.
He said in or out, Britain would have
close ties to the eurozone.
The euro area is our biggest trading
partner, thats going to carry on being
the case and therefore it does matter to
us what goes on there, said King, who
now sits in Parliaments unelected upper
chamber, the House of Lords.
Nineteen of the EUs 28 members use
the euro, which has suffered instability
since the 2008 financial crisis hammered
the currencys debt-burdened weaker
members, particularly Greece.
Those who want to leave the EU say
the crisis shows Britain would be better
off outside the bloc.
Economic issues have dominated the
debate ahead of Britains June 23 referendum on whether to stay in the EU.

Cranberries Singer
Fined For HeadButting And Spitting
THE LEAD singer of
the Irish rock band
The Cranberries has
been fined 6,000 euros ($6,600) for an
air-rage incident on a
flight from New York
to Ireland.
Dolores ORiordan avoided a criminal
conviction last month. The 44-year-old
had pleaded guilty in December to assaulting three policemen and a flight
attendant during an alleged psychotic
episode last year.
She was arrested at Shannon Airport
in Ireland after the flight in November
2014. Police said she spat in their faces,
head-butted one and kicked the others.
Medical records given to the court
indicated she was mentally ill at the
time of the altercation.
As she was leaving the courtroom
ORiordan urged other people suffering
mental illness to seek help. She thanked
her doctors for helping her recover.

Jolly Good
Pork Pies
Sausage Rolls



Our Name Says It All!

(323) 290-2265

FAX: (323) 294-3943

Los Angeles, CA 90043


become clearer in June, whilst the dust
And The Chancellor should
will only settle here at the end of the year. (For
read haboob well, I am in Arizona!)
Does . Nothing! dust
If you have income from the United King-

GOOD NEWS! Theres absolutely nothing in

the UK Budget Speech or Announcements
about removing the personal allowance from
non-residents! Of course, this doesnt necessarily mean that a provision wont appear in the
Finance Bill and it certainly doesnt mean the
issue has gone away for ever, but we certainly
should be OK until April 2017.
Also, said personal allowance (that we still
get!) is increased to 11,500 for the tax year
2017/18 (and will be 11,000 for the tax year
beginning on April 5, 2016). Ten years ago,
it was less than half of that figure, which is a
huge increase in a relatively short time, particularly when compared to US exemptions which
increase at a rate of $50 per year.
One of the big issues for people so far this
year is the fall in the value of the pound, and the
effect thats having on people whose income
comes wholly or partially from the UK. For a
few days earlier this year, the rate went below
1.4; its difficult to adjust to this when weve
got used to thinking 1.6 was normal!
Many people have income from the UK
that must stay there for example, state pensions, employer pensions and money held in
UK trusts. Even if you can move your assets
many will feel that now is certainly not the
time to bring additional funds into the United
States! However, the effect on their income of
the current exchange rate may be sufficient to
make them rethink their investments when the
exchange rate returns to normal (or what may
be the new normal).
As to when that will be, unfortunately my
crystal ball is as murky as everyone elses
on that point. Politically, both countries have
major issues pending this year the only
positive point is that the situation in the UK

dom paid directly to you here, you will have

seen immediately the result of the change in
the exchange rate. If you receive income into a
UK account and make transfers intermittently,
you are no doubt trying to work out what to
do. Should you make a large transfer now in
case the rate goes down further, or a smaller
one to cover immediate needs, and hope the
rate is better when you need to make the next
transfer? Nobody wins at this game all the
time and in can drive you crazy being too
aware of how much youve lost. Its a bit
like spending your time on holiday translating
every cost into your home currency not
conducive to relaxation!
Of course, there are some people who
are benefiting from the current rate. Many
non-residents with vacation property here are
seeing this as an ideal time to sell and take their
US dollars back to their home country. Weve
seen a huge increase in our work from this
source already this year both with Canadians
and British people have decided this is the time
to sell their vacation home.
Fewer people will be required to file Foreign
Bank Account Reports for 2015 because the
rate is lower, but the difference is only 360,
(6,781.50 compared to 6,419.31 for 2014)
so I dont hear a large celebratory shout!
There are some things we cant do anything
about, and one of them is exchange rates.
Mary-Heather Styles is currently working
more hours than she realized there were in
the day but shes definitely not complaining
about it! You can contact her on (602) 8451420 (but shes not answering the phone much
for the next month or so) or at mhstyles@ (but again, you may not
get a reply until after April 18!)

Gas And Electricity Supplier Npower To Cut 2,400 Jobs

BRITISH GAS and electricity supplier
Npower says it is cutting 2,400 jobs, a
fifth of its workforce, after losing hundreds of thousands of customers and
reporting poor financial results.
The company, which is owned by
German group RWE, said that the cuts
to its 11,500-strong workforce would hit
both directly employed and contract staff.

Npower has seen its share of Britains

competitive domestic energy market
crumble amid rising customer dissatisfaction. In December it was fined 26m
by the UK energy regulator for providing
poor service to customers.
Dave Prentis of the Unison union said
workers were paying the price for poor
decision-making at the very top.




McVities Biscuits, Typhoo Tea,

HP Sauce, Heinz Baked Beans,
English Sweets and Much, Much More!

Large Selection of
Afternoon Tea Sets
& British Gifts

We ship all over the US

Villa del Sol

305 N. Harbor Blvd., Suite 124 Fullerton

CALL FOR HOURS: 714.738.0229

Page 8

Contact Leo and Karen at

WHAT BETTER way to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the famed Spitfires maiden flight
than a presentation by the Commemorative
Air Force (CAF) of Camarillo of a framed print
and plaque of their now fully restored Spitfire
MK XIV flying alongside a P51-D Mustang
with a Rolls Royce engine, both having flown
in WWII, to adorn the walls of the newly
expanded Crown and Anchor restaurant/pub
in Thousand Oaks 2891 E Thousand Oaks
Blvd 91362. (805) 497-0070.
CAF have over the years amassed a large
array of classic and WWII airplanes, so much
so they have just expanded to their new
1million dollar hanger to accommodate their
smaller planes. (805) 482-2212.
The event will be held Sunday April 10 at
11am promises to be a lot of fun, a chance
for all Spitfire fans of all ages. The media
has been invited as well as local dignitaries,
service organizations, several celebrities,
representatives of CAF, as well as volunteers that have spent thousands of hours
meticulously restoring these magnificent
WWII aircraft will be on hand for a pint and
to explain the work they do. So if you want
to meet the pilots, both British and American
here is your chance!!!
BritWeek, now in its 10th year, is happening
at the end of April on into May. It was founded
by the former Consul General Bob Peirce, wife
Sharon Harroun, and Nigel Lythgoe. If you
havent seen Nigel on KCET Ch 28 promoting
events all over LA and Orange County, go to

April 2016

The Olde Ship in Fullerton/Santa Ana has

been a part of BritWeek since its inception,
has a full calendar of British themed events
planned, including a British car show, quiz
and Curry night, and of course, some great
British themed bands Santa Ana location
where live music is offered year round on
Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. (714)
Sadly we lost an icon, Sir George Martin
who died in his sleep March 8. He was an
amazing man who had an extraordinary
career and artistic life. At 17 (1943) George
joined the Fleet Air Arm as an aerial observer,
was commission soon after. 1947 to 1950 on
a veterans grant he studied piano and oboe
at the Guildford School of Drama. One of his
teachers, Margaret Eliot, was Jane Ashers
mother who later became involved with Paul
McCartney. In 1948 Martin married Sheena
Chisholm having two children, Alexis and
Gregory. Later he married Judy LockartSmith in 1966 having two more children,
Lucie and Giles.
Upon graduating from the BBCs classical
music dept, dreaming of becoming the next
Rachmaninov, fate took a hand. In 1950 he
joined EMI Parlophone Records producing
numerous comedy albums with a range of
artists from Peter Ustinov, Antony Hopkins,
Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan of Goon short
films (George was best man at Spikes second
George was way ahead of the game,
before Brian Epstein introduced him to the
Beatles, whom he saw as rough around
the edges. Karen and I think thats why he
signed the Beatles. It had nothing to do with
music. He just liked their sense of humor and
One of the most memorable nights two of
my life was when I first met George Martin
at the induction into the Grammy Foundation
Hall of Fame when he was listed into the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful
producer ever at USC Broad auditorium followed the next night by a dinner concert of
Martins work.

That night I met just about everyone Id

enjoy having a pint with, from Jeff Lynne,
Tom Jones, Yoko Ono, Burt Bacharach, Chris
Botti, Jeff Beck, Olivia Harrison, Chris Martin,
Joe Walsh, David Foster, and Jimmy Webb
amongst many others who all got up on stage
and paid a musical tribute to Sir George. We
featured the article front and center pages
volume 26 number 5 August 2008.
The second time, when Karen got to
meet Sir George and his wife Lady Judy on
a very private get together in Santa Barbara
to introduce his show, produced with his
son Giles, Love for Las Vegas. Hed not
seen the previous UJ article but stopped
to read it, liked it, and thanked the UJ and
ourselves, stating how pleased he was that
we had covered that event and how well we
had presented it! Just two complaints: That
he never liked being called the fifth Beatle.
That was George Harrison, our editor Ron
and a million other peoples fault, and signing
So Karen and I asked him if he would sign
the UJ. Grudgingly he did. Arent we glad he
did! Its a tribute to all UJ readers and the UJ
itself. It will never be sold, at any price, so
dont ask. Lady July Martin, Giles and the
rest of the family, our personal condolences
and luv go to you and your family from all
of us and all UJ readers. (See photo online)
We also lost Keith Emerson who was
an English keyboardist and composer. He
played in a number of bands before he
found his first commercial success with the
Nice, formerly P. P. Arnolds backing band,
in the late 1960s. He became internationally
famous for his work with the Nice, which
included writing rock arrangements of classical music. After leaving the Nice in 1970,
he was a founding member of Emerson, Lake
& Palmer (ELP), one of the early progressive
rock super groups.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer were commercially successful through much of the 1970s,
becoming one of the best-known progressive
rock groups of the era. Emerson wrote and
arranged much of ELPs music on albums

Kim, Jeb and Maggie of the Crown and Anchor at CAF museum in
Camarillo. Photo: Leo Lewis
such as Tarkus (1971) and Brain Salad
Surgery (1973), combining his own original
compositions with classical or traditional
pieces adapted into a rock format.
AllMusic describes Emerson as perhaps
the greatest, most technically accomplished
keyboardist in rock history. He never
received any formal musical training, and
described his piano teachers as being local
little old ladies. He learned western classical
music, which largely inspired his own style,
combining it with jazz and rock themes.
Emerson did not own a record player, but
was inspired by the music he heard on the
radio, particularly Floyd Cramers 1961 slip
note-style On the Rebound and the work
of Dudley Moore. He used jazz sheet music
from Dave Brubeck and George Shearing and
learned about jazz piano from books. He also
listened to boogie-woogie, and to countrystyle pianists including Joe Henderson, Russ
Conway and Winifred Atwell. Emerson later
described himself: I was a very serious child.
I used to walk around with Beethoven sonatas
under my arm. However, I was very good
at avoiding being beaten up by the bullies.

That was because I could also play Jerry

Lee Lewis and Little Richard songs. So, they
thought I was kind of cool and left me alone.
Nerve damage was again affecting his
playing to the point where he became
depressed and anxious about his ability to
perform at upcoming shows causing him to
end his life March 10, 2016.

Royal Bank Of
Scotland Posts 8th
Year Of Losses
INVESTORS punished the Royal Bank of
Scotland last month for pushing dividend
payments into the future as the cost of
past conduct issues led it to its eighth
consecutive annual loss. Shares in the
taxpayer-owned bank plunged eight
The sell-off came as the bank reported
a fourth quarter net loss of 2.74bn, down
from 5.79bn from the same period a year
earlier, as it set aside another 2.1bn for
past misconduct.
The loss was driven by costs relating to litigation over mortgage-backed
securities and provisions for selling
payment protection insurance to people
who didnt need it.
CEO Ross McEwan says the bank is
working through as many of the remaining conduct and restructuring issues as
we can.
Once the worlds largest bank, RBS
was bailed out during the 2008 financial
crisis and has been posting annual losses
ever since.
Treasury chief George Osborne suspended sale of the government stake in
Lloyds Banking Group due to market
turmoil. Analysts do not expect any
resumption in the sale of government
stakes of RBS or Lloyds soon.
Taxpayers own around nine percent
of Lloyds and around 73 percent of RBS.

April 2016

Page 9

Cold Blood
By Linda La Plante
I NICKED this book from my cousin on my
visit home last month. Ms La Plante is a
British author from Liverpool and this is the
first time I have had the pleasure of reading
her books.
Ex-lieutenant Lorraine Page now of Page
Investigations is wondering where the next
check will come
from if there is a
next time. She had
tried to get a business going after
drugs and alcohol
had pretty much
ruined her life.
Her husband had
divorced her and
left with the kids.
Lorraine had been
sober for two years and was really trying to
get her life organized but it proved very hard.
Her friend Rosie was her partner in the firm
and tried her best to keep Lorraines spirits
up. Rosie herself was still going to AA meetings and struggling with her own demons.
Rosie was at her AA meeting, not wanting
to go in, sits and talks with Phyllis, another
AA member. Phyllis asks her if she knows
about Elizabeth Seals daughter Anna
Louise? Elizabeth Seal is a huge Hollywood
movie star whose 18-year-old daughter
disappeared about a year ago. There have
been many investigations, both public and
private, with no results. Rosie immediately
goes back to the office to find Lorraine and

tell her about it. This could be their salvation! Lorraine has always been a top-notch
detective and, if she can find the girl, or find
out what happened, this will be their ticket
to success! Anna Louise had disappeared
on Mardi Gras while they were all staying at
their property in New Orleans.
Lorraine goes to meet Mrs Seal and,
despite the objections of Robert Caley Mrs
Seals husband, is hired. And to top it off
she is promised a one million dollar bonus
if she figures it out. Lorraine and Rosie will
also split their money with an old colleague
of Lorraines ex-Captain William Rooney.
Rooney has recently lost his wife and is quite
lost but he was damn good too so he heads
down to the precinct to see what details he
can turn up on the investigation from his
old buddies. Lorraine sets off to speak with
school friends of Anna Louise and also with
Juda Salina a physic that Elizabeth Seal
had been tied to for years. The school chums
seem to be tight-lipped but claim they know
nothing. The fellow officers Rooney speak
with have no information, with the exception
of Nick Bartello, he seems to think he has
some info worth paying for he wants in on
the million dollar split.
Lorraine also is summoned back to the
Caley residence to meet with Mr Caley where
she is told to just let it go and not take advantage of a suffering woman. Lorraine is not put
off and questions him he is an extremely
attractive man and seems to have it all. He
claims to take no money from Elizabeth he
is in real estate, but something isnt right.
Juda Salina is a piece of work it takes some
conniving to get in to see her and Juda isnt
happy about it at all. She isnt going to tell
nobody nuthin about poor Mrs Seal but she
just knows that her bay daughter is still alive
she can feel it. Lorraine isnt buying any of it
but cant get anything concrete. After a couple
of days of digging the four of them set off for
New Orleans to see what they can find out.
New Orleans is crazy when they arrive
its coming up on Mardi Gras and its party
central. They get settled in their rooms and
head off in different directions to see what

The Legendary

they can find out.

There are lots of folks who still believe
strongly in Voodoo in New Orleans and they
find it challenging to get information out of
anyone for fear of reprisal from the spirits.
All of the staff at the hotel knew Anna Louise
as the family stayed at the hotel as much as
they stayed at their own New Orleans residence. As it turns out Juda Salina has family
in New Orleans and is not telling everything
she knows. Anna Louises best friend who
she was with on the night of her death commits suicide after speaking with Lorraine. Mr
Caley has all of his money tied up in a Casino
project and has now made enemies on the
wrong side of the project. Elizabeth Seal is
hooked on drugs and Nick has been murdered
while investigating. Time is running out for
them to solve the case Lorraine thinks shes
in love with Robert Caley AND Nick Bartello.
Holy cow! What next? Do they finally figure it
all out? Do they get the million dollar bonus?
Does Lorraine finally straighten out her life?
Does Rosie? Who dunnit?
Youll have to read it to find out believe
me its well worth it and the twists and
turns along the way will keep you guessing. Just when you think youve sussed it,
youre wrong!
I grabbed another one of Ms La Plantes
books before I left the UK and will be reading
it shortly. I hope to pick up many more of her
books to enjoy.
I had a great trip home too short! Cant
wait to go back.
Hope you had a Happy Easter!

Britons To Face Theft Charges

In Poland Over Auschwitz Items

A COURT in Poland has refused to drop the case against two British
teenagers caught in June taking objects from the site of the Nazi Auschwitz death camp and has referred it to a lower court.
Initially, the teenagers from Hertfordshire, in southern England,
pleaded guilty to charges of stealing items from the historic site while
on a school trip. But later their lawyers argued that the case should
be tossed out, because the teenagers were not aware that the objects
they took from the site of the former camps warehouses had special
historic value.
A court in the southern city of Krakow admitted the items were of
no special historic value, but ordered a court in Oswiecim, where the
former camp is located, to weigh charges of simple theft.

Aston Martin To Open

New Factory In Wales

ASTON MARTIN, the maker of the

legendary sports cars featured in James
Bond films, has announced plans to open
a new factory in Wales after looking at
more than 20 other possible locations
The decision means the hand-crafted
specialty carmaker will have two production facilities in Britain. The other is in
Gaydon, 90 miles northwest of London.
Aston Martin said last month it will
build a new model to be called the DBX
at the Wales plant starting in 2020. It
has built cars in England for more than
a century.
The high performance Aston Martins have long been
associated with the
James Bond film franchise as the cars have
been used by the 007
A Great British Pub
character since the
and Restaurant
Chief Executive
We serve the finest of
Andrew Palmer said
Imported and Domestic
the company studied
many other locations
and the best of Traditional
before deciding to
British Faire . . .
build the new facility
in Wales.
Our Happy Staff Cant Wait To Serve You!
The company says
Happy Hour
more than 750 jobs
For larger parties or
Monday through
will be created. OfMonday Nights
ficials in Wales said
Saturday from
special events please
the opening of the
Pub Quiz starts @ 8pm
3pm until 7pm
contact: Kim Miller
factory will mark the
first time cars have
been manufactured
in Wales in nearly 50
Open Monday-Friday 11am-2am
2891 East Thousand Oaks Blvd
Sat: 6:30am-2:30am Sun: 7am-10pm
The new factory
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
Sundays open early for EPL footy
will be located in
St Athan in south
Serving breakfast lunch and dinner
(805) 497-0070
Wales, 170 miles
west of London.



Crown & Anchor

1350 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV

(702) 739-8676 (702) 739-0281


Crown & Anchor

4755 Spring Mtn Rd,Las Vegas, NV

(702) 876-4733

Celebrate in our remodelled pub with lots of fun times to be had!

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April 2016

The Florida Page

For Florida adrates


By Patricia Kawaja [ex-Londoner]

Covering the states Brtish business and events since 1992

Thousands of British + Anglophile readers in all parts of Florida

FLORIDA OFFICE: Tel: (305) 371-9340 in downtown Miami

Reach me via email

THEY JUST announced that Eric Burdon

and the Animals, the Yardbirds, Spencer
Davis and a gaggle of other beloved British
and American bands and musicians will be
thrilling passengers onboard a music cruise.
Sailing from Ft Lauderdale, the weeklong
Flower Power cruise sails next February 27
with port calls in Jamaica and the Bahamas.
My office wall has a treasured photo with
Eric Burdons arm around me, following an
interview at the August 1993 Florida British
Invasion in St. Petersburg. That night we
blessed Brits in VIP seats, sat out under the
stars to hear those grittily thrilling sounds
of There is a house in New Orleans.
wafting through the balmy air. A standout
memory. So UJ readers you can experience that on a cruise ship! New acts are
being added to the lineup all the time,
organisers say. I wont be onboard. Details
n FLORENCE and THE MACHINE, flamehairedly fabulous and unique English chanteuse plays May 14 at Orlandos Amway
Center and May 13 at Miamis AA Arena.
This follows a hugely successful 2015, with
their first US Number One album, How Big
How Blue How Beautiful and nominations for
five Grammy Awards. Released to extensive
critical acclaim, the album reached number
one in the UK and the top spot on iTunes
charts in 24 countries. Said critics: There
are few singers who can match Florence
Welch for vocal powerriveting. Tickets:
n ORLANDO Prince Harry brings his
Invictus Games to Orlando May 8-12, 2016.
HRH is the Patron and UK founder of this
sporting event for injured military members.
Over 400 competitors from the UK and USA
are expected to compete in 10 sports and
wheelchair versions of basketball, rugby and
tennis. It takes place at Disney Worlds ESPN

Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando.

The first Invictus Games were held in London
in 2014 and more than 10 million watched
on BBC. I cant wait to see the American
public supporting these inspirational men
and women at the 2016 Games, Prince
Harry said. (Yes, pucker up single females
of Florida hes still eligible!) Event details
on Volunteers and Sponsors still sought details
on website. Or call Invictus Games HQ in
Washington (202) 429-5600.
THE BACC Broward-Palm Beach
holds its swish Queens Birthday Dinner

and Dance to celebrate Her Majesty turning

90. Saturday, April 23 at the Lighthouse
Point Yacht Club (just south of Boca Raton).
For an invitation, phone the BACC office
(954) 942-7330.

entrepreneur Suzanne Ellis opens her Kickboxing Fitness Center this month. 9Round
in Boca Raton is part of the fastest growing
fitness franchise in the USA, with the new
concept of walk-in workouts of 30 minutes,
with no set class times, which change daily.
She is also seeking British part time enthusiastic trainers---no kickboxing experience
needed. Well train you, she says. Contact
her via email to Suzanne.Ellis@9Round.
com or call (561) 419-7003.



Photo by Robert Hubbard

RRThis paper reaches the British community in all parts of Florida and, of course, the US

On subject line put

UJ ads FL

Miami. New resident Alan Robinson, just

emigrated from the UK, plays ACOL and
seeks fellow experienced players resident
in Miami. Email me for full details.
Why do Americans mispronounce constantly? The long-established European
chocolate spread Nutella is pronounced in
TV commercials here as Newtella. Inexplicable. It is made of nuts, not newts.
A British anthropologist, speaking at the
Cheltenham Literary Festival about her book
Watching the English concluded there is
one word which can differentiate an English
person from any other nationality in the
world. Americans dont use it for instance,
as we do. Its a word that immediately
identifies an Englishman. Its almost a national catchphrase for us. She maintains it
encompasses all English traits in one simple
exclamation, saying it is so quintessentially
English and can be used in the event of all
disasters ranging from burnt toast to the
outbreak of World War three. I utterly agree.
That one word is Typical!.
n ORLANDO Raucous British band Def
Leppard, going 30 years now, play the
Amway Center Friday, May 20. With more
than 100 million records sold worldwide
and two prestigious Diamond Awards, the
groups spectacular live shows, filled with
powerful melodic rock anthems, continue
to sell out venues globally. They have two
of the best-selling albums of all time. Band
info on their website
Commerce in Florida hold business and social events throughout the year. Phone each
for calendar and/or membership details.

7330 Ask for Roy Yates. ORLANDO BACC

office (407) 226-7251. TAMPA BABC. (813)
221-7438 and ask for Anabel Rodriguez.
MIAMI BABC (British-American Business
Council) holds business and social events
throughout the year. Consult their website for current calendar
and membership details.

notify me. Have you launched a British business in the last six months? Have a British
event coming up? Has a new British pub,
shop or British Club just launched? Email
me details with senders name, city, and
phone number with UJ Florida news on
the subject line. When I launched this page
in 1992 it was to serve and inform our British
community. That still holds true


The opinions in this column are Patricia
Dunedin area St. Andrews Society for Scots
and not necessarily shared by
and Scotophiles. See Or call Scottish lassie Fiona Union Jack Publishing, Inc.
Prosser (813) 317-6039. 2) Caledonian Club
of Florida west for local Scots. See www. Or call (941) 485-5199
and ask for Scotsman John Mitchell.
n SUBMIT NEWS ITEMS from all crannies
of Florida.Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville, Tampa, Naples, Melbourne, Destin,
The Keys This Miami-based columnist
cant know whats happening in the Sunshine
States British population unless YOU readers

The Perfect Gift Anytime!

A Union Jack
~ See Page 3 ~

Attention Florida's British businesses,

entrepreneurs and professionals
Hosted by
Patricia Kawaja
Established 1997

Join us at The British Network

April 12, May 10, June 14 in Miami

A roomful of Brits is never dull. From 6.30 to 9.30pm.

Make British contacts, business or social useful,
enjoyable networking with British professionals.
Hosted by the British Bureau/FABB. Free to attend
buy own drinks/food. We meet in Doubletree Grand
Hotel, 1717 North Bayshore Drive, downtown Miami
FL 33132 in Casablanca Restaurant. Go up the
escalator. Park FREE till 11pm inside the Publix at
1776 Biscayne Blvd, then walk east to Doubletree.
Or pay for valet at Doubletree.

FABB membership queries to:

Marketing since 1991. Reaching the British market for our clients CELEBRATING 25 YEARS
[305] 371-9340 office downtown Miami. Clients in all parts
In business 1991-2016
of Florida and the UK.

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law firm

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A Private
Law Firm

Elliot Greene, Attorney at Law

Admitted to the Florida Bar



Tel. (954) 509-1012 FAX (954) 337-0738
Toll Free from the USA 1-888-233-VISA (8472)
From the UK 0207-558-8064
Office: One West Camino Real, Suite 101A, Boca Raton, FL 33432
The hiring of a lawyer is a very important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience.

April 2016

Northern Ireland
Police Find
Bomb Parts In
Rural Park

A BRIGHT fireball meteor lit up British skies March 17.

Co-founder of the UK Meteor Observation Network Richard Kacerek said
that the meteor shone almost as brightly
as a full moon.
He said it was viewed at about 3:15am
over parts of Britain and was also seen in
France and the Netherlands.
Kacerek said it was the largest meteor
the group has seen since it started operating four years ago. He said it was
seen on eight of the groups 25 cameras
throughout Britain.
There were numerous social media
reports about the meteor.

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resort on Grand Bahama Island, e mail John 10-10
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good lad! Official-looking spoof passport

ELUSIVE street artist Banksy

may have been unmasked by
Scientists have applied a type
of modeling used to track down
criminals or map disease outbreaks to identify the graffiti
artist, whose real name has never
been confirmed.
Geographic profiling is used
by police forces to calculate from
multiple crime sites where the
offender most likely lives. Here,
the researchers used the location
of 192 Banksy artworks in London
and Bristol, western England.
Writing in the Journal of Spatial
Science, they say the artworks
are associated with sites linked to
one prominent candidate Robin
Gunningham, previously named in

media reports as Banksy.

They say the study is not conclusive but provides some support
for the theory.
Banksys spokeswoman did not
immediately respond to a request
for comment.

Irish Election Results Leave Nation In Political Limbo

THE FINAL results from Irelands election last month have been declared following an overnight recount of disputed
ballots in the Irish midlands.
Politicians from the two outgoing government parties, Fine Gael and Labour,
won the last two parliamentary seats in
the Longford-Westmeath constituency.
Last months results mean the centrist
Fine Gael remains the largest party in
Irelands 158-seat parliament with 50

Early Morning Meteor

Lights Up Britains Skies

Scientists Use Math To Hunt For

Identity Of Elusive Banksy

seats, down 26 seats from the 2011 election. The second-largest party, Fianna
Fail, more than doubled its seats to 44,
while left-wing Labour retained seven
seats, a 30-seat loss.
Ireland now faces weeks of inter-party
negotiations to see whether Fine Gaels
leader, Prime Minister Enda Kenny, can
forge a new coalition. The countrys two
main parties, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail,
never have shared power.


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Lets Have Tea

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English Tea Room


Tea for Two or just

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DETECTIVES have found a significant

terrorist hide, including explosives and
bomb parts, in a rural park in Northern
Ireland, police said last month.
The Police Service of Northern Ireland
said officers uncovered the stash at Carnfunnock Country Park, about 20 miles
northeast of Belfast, after a passer-by reported a suspicious. Police found several
buried plastic barrels containing a significant amount of bomb making components
including partially constructed devices
and a small quantity of explosives.
The discovery comes after police
warned that Irish Republican Army
splinter groups might try to kill police,
prison officers or soldiers before the
100th anniversary of the Easter Rising,
a 1916 Irish rebellion against British rule.
Also last month, a prison officer was
badly injured when a booby-trap bomb
exploded under his van in Belfast.
While the major IRA faction has
observed a cease-fire since 1997 and
officially disarmed in 2005, smaller rival
groups all styling themselves the true
IRA continue to plot gun and bomb attacks.
The bomb parts were discovered in a
largely British Protestant area, and Detective Chief Inspector Gillian Kearney
said it is too early to link these items to
any particular grouping among Northern
Irelands Catholic or Protestant militants.

Page 11

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Parliamentary Committee Says

Google Tax Settlement Small

A PARLIAMENTARY committee says Googles 130m tax settlement seems disproportionately small given the size of the companys operations in Britain.
But the Public Accounts Committee said last month it is not possible to say whether
the deal was fair to taxpayers.
The assessment came after the committee grilled the head of the companys
European operations, Matt Brittin earlier this month. The heated session tapped
into public anger over multinational corporations that operate in Britain but have
tax bases elsewhere. Britain is revising its international tax rules.
The committee says UK tax authorities should lead the way in pressing for international tax changes to prevent aggressive avoidance, by multinational companies.
It urged tax authorities to re-open the investigation if relevant new evidence
becomes available.

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Page 12

Coronation Street Creator

Tony Warren

79, creator of the
long-running soap
opera Coronation
Street, has died. The
show he leaves behind is 56 years old,
a national cultural
fixture whose fans
have included royalty, poets, rappers and millions of TV
Broadcaster ITV said March 2 that
Warren died the previous night, surrounded by his loving friends, after a
short illness.
Actress Helen Worth, who has played
the often-married, long-suffering Gail
McIntyre in the soap since 1974, said
Warren was a genius of our time.
He brought real life into our homes
for us all to relate to and enjoy. He will, of
course, live on forever through Coronation Street, she said.
Anthony McVay Simpson Warren
was a stage name was a 24-year-old
actor when he had the idea for a television series set in a working-class street
in northwestern England, where he had
grown up. He wrote the initial 13-episode
run of what was originally called Florizel
Street renamed before it was first broadcast in December 1960.
Some TV executives had their doubts
about the program, calling the characters
northern speech the language of the
music halls. But its workaday setting,
memorable characters, dramatic story
lines and tart northern humour was a hit.
Corrie as it is popularly known
set the model for British TV soaps, which
to this day offer grit rather than the gloss
of their American counterparts.
Coronation Street still has millions of
regular viewers and a surprising range
of fans around the world. Prince Charles
once made a cameo appearance, and his
wife Camilla pulled a pint in fictional pub
The Rovers Return during a 2010 visit
to the set. The late poet laureate John
Betjeman compared Corrie to the
novels of Charles Dickens, while Snoop
Dogg recorded a message for its 50th
For Warren, the shows success had
a dark side. He said in a 2010 interview
that the pressure of creating it left him
addicted to alcohol and morphine for
many years.
Warren wrote for the show for many
years, and ITV said he remained a consultant on the series until the day he died.
Warren also wrote several novels,
other TV shows and the 1960s film Ferry
Cross The Mersey, starring the Liverpool
band Gerry and the Pacemakers. But
nothing else had the impact of Coronation Street.

Irish Actor Frank Kelly,

Known For Father Ted,

77, Irish actor best
known for playing
a foul-mouthed
priest with a fondness for spouting
the words Feck!
Drink! Girls! in
the series Father Ted, has died at age 77.
Irelands president Michael Higgins
was among the many prominent Irish
figures offering tributes to Kelly last
month, describing it as a privilege to have
him as a friend.
Kellys most memorable role was as
Father Jack, the swearing alcoholic priest
in the Father Ted, sitcom, which poked
fun at the Roman Catholic church.
Kelly had suffered from Parkinsons,
but had said he was determined to keep
working. He told Irish broadcaster RTE
Ive been working as an actor for over
50 years, and a shaky hand certainly
wont stop me.
He added that his mobile is always

The Perfect Gift A Union Jack

See Page 3

April 2016

Peter Maxwell Davies, Composer With Royal Ties

PETER MAXWELL DAVIES, 81, an experimental,
socially radical composer who
served as Queen Elizabeth
IIs official master of music,
has died.
Davies management company, Intermusica, said he
died of leukemia at his home in Scotlands Orkney islands.
One of Britains best-known modern composers, Davies Max to his
friends created around 300 works including concertos, 10 symphonies, the
operas Taverner and The Lighthouse,
and music-theater piece Eight Songs
for a Mad King, about the current
queens troubled ancestor, George III.
His work could be bold and challenging or quietly lyrical. A strong
environmentalist, Davies drew inspiration from the rugged, wind-swept
Orkneys, where he lived for four
decades including several years in
a cottage without electricity.
The composition An Orkney Wedding, With Sunrise became one of

his most popular works, and

in 1977 he founded Orkneys
St Magnus Festival, an annual arts event where many
of his works were given their
Among his final works is
childrens opera The Hogboon,
which is due to have its world
premiere in June under Simon Rattle
and the London Symphony Orchestra.
Born in Manchester, in 1934,
Davies trained at Royal Manchester
College of Music before further study
in Italy and at Princeton University.
In addition to composing he conducted, for orchestras including the
BBC Philharmonic, the Scottish
Chamber Orchestra and the Royal
The position has no fixed duties,
although the Master may compose
pieces for royal or state occasions.
Davies held the post for a decade, and
told the Daily Telegraph in 2010 that
the role had made him moderate his
anti-monarchist views.

Cliff Michelmore, BBC TV Legendary Anchorman

CLIFF MICHELMORE, 96, the trailblazing anchorman of Tonight, the first
nightly television programme to blend
current affairs with light entertainment,
died last month.
Tonight which ran on the BBC for
eight years from 1957. For 45 minutes at
6pm on weekdays filling the space that
came from abandoning the teatime toddlers truce break Michelmore worked
with idiosyncratic reporters, among them
Fyfe Robertson, Trevor Philpott, Alan
Whicker, Macdonald Hastings, Polly
Elwes, Chris Brasher, Julian Pettifer,
Magnus Magnusson and Derek Hart,
bringing in stories from all over Britain.
A virtue was made of the live studio
setting, with TV cameras in sight, and
Michelmore sometimes perched informally on the edge of his desk, directing
the flow of items till signing off with:
And the next Tonight will be tomorrow
night. Goodnight. Technical breakdowns were negotiated unflappably, and
in the early years the days news was
often rendered in the form of a topical
calypso by Cy Grant, making him Britains first regular black TV performer.
Other songs came from the Scottish duo
of Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor,
and Julie Felix.
The tone was thoughtful, questioning and irreverent: it would have been
considered too larky before the Suez
crisis of late 1956, but by the early

1960s the openly

satirical ribbing of
public figures on
That Was the Week
That Was pointed to
the arrival of a less
deferential world.
Soon after Tonight came to an
end, Michelmore
and Kenneth Allsop, another Tonight
regular, took up a late-night slot with 24
Hours (1965-68). It was more political
and included more international coverage. Michelmore covered the Aberfan
mining disaster in 1966, when a slag
heap engulfed a junior school, killing 116
children and 28 adults. I dont know how
to begin, he said in his report to camera.
Never in my life have I seen anything
like this. I hope I shall never see anything
like it again.
He presented the general election
results in 1964, 1966 and 1970, and
coverage of that decades Apollo space
missions. In 1969 he was appointed CBE.
Then he decided to cut down his
broadcasting before it cut him down. He
embarked on a long association with the
BBCs Holiday programme (1969-86) and
ran a video production business for EMI.
His wife, Jean, died in 2000. He is
survived by his daughter, Jenny, an actor, and his son, Guy, a broadcaster and
composer of music for film and TV.

Stolen Fire Engine American Air Museum

Celebrates US-UK
Smashes Into Row
Special Relationship
Of Cars, Houses
teenager and a man in his 60s were
arrested after a stolen fire engine plowed
into a row of parked cars before crashing
into the front yard of a house.
Police say the fire truck was stolen
from a station in Larne.
It left a trail of devastation as it drove
at high speed and with lights flashing,
hitting at least eight cars and a house in
a residential street.
Resident Thomas Jobling said he was
woken by a horrendous bang at about
4:30am . He said we are just wondering
how in the name of goodness can something like this happen.
Police say men aged 19 and 66 are being questioned. One of them was treated
for injuries.

14 Jailed For Stealing

Antiques, Rhino Horn
From UK Museums

FOURTEEN members of a criminal gang

have been convicted of stealing millions
of pounds worth of rhinoceros horn and
Chinese artifacts from British museums
and auction houses.
A jury at Birmingham Crown Court in
central England found four gang leaders
guilty last month. Ten other men were
convicted at previous trials.
The thieves broke into collections
including the Fitzwilliam Museum in
Cambridge and the Oriental Museum
in Durham in 2012, stealing jade items
valued by police at between 17m and
57m. Many have never been recovered.
They also tried to steal a rhino head
from Norwich Castle Museum, but
dropped it as they fled.
The gang was dubbed the Rathkeale
Rovers because of its links to the village
of Rathkeale, Ireland.

AS BRITONS ponder their place in

Europe ahead of a vote on European
Union membership, a newly reopened
museum serves as a reminder that the
UK has often looked west to a special
relationship with the United States
that has survived revolution and been
cemented by war.
The American Air Museum, which
reopened March 19 after a major revamp, holds almost a centurys worth of
American aircraft that have been based
in Britain, from World War II bombers
to a supersonic SR-71 Blackbird spy
plane and a modern F-15 fighter jet. The
hangar-like space, designed by Norman
Foster and Partners, bristles with steel:
There are Mustangs, Thunderbirds and
Warthogs, tiny biplanes and a vast B-52
But the museums displays also tell
smaller, more human, stories. There are
silk stockings and Wrigleys gum, a war
reporters fur coat and a second-hand
wedding dress, painstakingly stitched
and altered amid the rationing of World
War II.
It was a beautiful dress, said Peggy
Albertson, who wore it on her wedding
day in 1945. Mind you, I wasnt too
keen on that long train and that long veil,
because it kept getting in the way. Those
air force chaps, theyre not too careful
what they step on.
The museum, on a former World War
II airfield 50 miles north of London, pays
tribute to the 30,000 US airmen and
women based in Britain who died during
the conflict. They were among almost
half a million US air force personnel
deployed in the UK in what was dubbed
the friendly invasion.
Americans and Britons found they
had much in common and a lot to find
bewildering, in matters ranging from
driving keep left! to tea.
See rest of the story at:

Trolls Who Impersonate Others

Online Could Face UK Charges

BRITAINS prosecution service says people could be charged if they create

fake online profiles in order to harass or humiliate others.
The Crown Prosecution Service says it is updating its guidelines to reflect
new and emerging crimes in the social media age.
Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said last month that we
are seeing more and more cases where social media is being used as a method
to facilitate both existing and new offenses, including domestic abuse and
violence against women.
The new guidelines say that it may be an offense to create a fake online
profile in someone elses name in order to damage their reputation and
humiliate them.
Prosecutors are starting a six-week public consultation on revising the
rules for online crime, which were last updated in 2012.

Call 1 (716) 823-3772

and place your order

expires 4-30-16

April 2016

Page 13

bells I believe, however it is not available in

the States. An alternative suggestion is to
find cans if La Leche/ Dulche de Leche
which can be found in the section where
evaporated and condensed milk is placed,
or in the Hispanic Foods section. The original recipe includes a hint of coffee, and the
Camps coffee (remember that!?) is perfect
as a coffee extract. However you can just
dissolve three Tbsp instant coffee, with 1
tsp of hot water, and that will work also.
I am giving the original method I used
to make the caramel, using the condensed
milk, which needs to be done in a big
heavy saucepan, with a long spoon, as
it bubbles up and is very hot; keep it on
a very low heat stirring to prevent it from
scorching on the bottom of the pan about
5-6- minutes. If you use the Dulce de
Leche, I found I need to add some butter
and brown sugar to get the right flavour.
So, to make on the stove, cook the butter,
and brown sugar in the saucepan first and
lightly cook for a few minutes, and then
add it to the Dulce de Leche, stirring in.
Allow to cool about 10-15 minutes. Be sure
to use just ripened bananas, if too ripe will
affect the taste. If you cant find digestive
biscuits for the crust, you can substitute
with Graham cracker crumbs. I hope you
like my version.

Day Gala Celebration. Yes, Scotland is more than
kilts, bagpipes, and whisky but there will be
plenty of that at the celebration. So please break
out your tartan finery and plan to join LA Scots.
On April 9, 2016, at 6pm at The Intercontinental
Hotel, 2151 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA.
Info: (310) 284-6500 and
in Balboa Park, San Diego are holding An
English Village Fete on Saturday, April 9 at the
International Cottages. SD Shakespeare Society,
Costume Guild Parade, Chivalry Group Knights
In Armour, Moreton bay Fig Morris Dancers,
Penny Farthing Bicycle group, Train exhibit,
Brass Rubbings, Grampen Admirers of Sherlock
Holmes, Victorian Lady Presentation. But, look
out Bobbies on patrol!
On the following day April 10, Lawn Events
12 noon 4pm. Baja Bugs (San Diegos finest
Beatles Tribute band) will entertain on the Lawn
stage, 2pm-3:30pm. And of course, British grub

Info: Fran Weekley: (619) 262-5512 or


For further information regarding Barbour
in the US, please contact Helene Fletcher at or call (617) 2272111; other contact president@nyctartanweek.
org or president@ or
Instagram: nyctartanweek
Twitter: @nyctartanweek (#NYTartanWeek)
Facebook: NYC Tartan Week


By Joe Nicholls. Joe & Kevin McGinty can

be heard on The Sounds of Britain and Ireland
BRITISH GALA, Kansas City, MO April 23 Sundays NewTime 6-7pm (EST).on Clevelands
10am-4pm. Shop for an array of British items, WCPN 90.3FM,) &
and learn about British businesses, services,
1, 15: British-American Club, Fish & chips dinsocial groups, and entertainers from around the
USA. Come enjoy a variety of original British ners, 8564 Ravenna Rd, (off Rte 82) Twinsburg,
foods including: cream tea, tea and crumpets, 6:30-8:30pm, (330) 963-6370.
1, 8, 15, 22, 29: West Side Irish American
Cornish Pasty lunches, sausage rolls, finger
Club, Irish-American style dinners, 8559 Jensandwiches, cookies, Welsh cakes.
British Car & Motorcycle display, British nings Rd, Olmsted Township, 6-9pm, (216)
Entertainers. $4 Entry Fee, Under 10 are free.
1, 8, 15, 22, 25: RSCDS Cleveland Hts.
Location and many more details here: or call (816) 600-7276. Group, Free beginners Scottish Country Dance
Classes at 7:30pm prior to regular classes,
Communion of St Parish, 2175 Coventry Rd,
18th NEW YORK TARTAN DAY PARADE Cleveland Hts, 7:30pm (216) 932-9038.
4: SHANO, Scottish Heritage Meeting, St BarSaturday, April 9, 2016, 2pm.
Join NY Scots as they celebrate Scottish- tholomew Church, 435 SOM Center Rd, Mayfield
American heritage and pride, and the continuing 7:30pm, (216) 464-1116.
8, 22: British-American Club, Pub Night,
bonds of friendship between their countries.
Grand Marshal Sam Heughan, star of the 8564 Ravenna Rd, Twinsburg, 6:30pm, (330)
popular Starz television series Outlander, will 963-6370.
10: Scottish American Society, Tartan Day
lead a parade of thousands of marchers up Sixth
Avenue, including pipe bands, dancers, clans, Dinner, New Era Restaurant, 10 Massillon Rd
families, our Barbour Tartan Dog Pack of Scotties (Rte18 & 241) Akron, 12:30pm (330) 882-0342.
10: English Speaking Union, Shakespeares
and Westies, Nessie, and so much more.
For further information regarding the New Why did he write? Seminar, The Hermit Club,
York Tartan Day Parade, please visit nyctartan- Chester Ave, Downtown Cleveland, 2pm, (216)



Legal Help For UK Pensioners With

Reduced Social Security Benefits

13: Calon Lan Welsh Club, Lunch Meeting,

Dennys Restaurant, Rte 224, Boardman. 1pm,
(330) 758-4202.
15: BACC Link Club, Monthly Luncheon,
Delmonicos Restaurant, Rockside Rd & I-77,
Independence,11:30am, (216) 621-0222.
16: Jaguar Club of Ohio, Bottle your own beer,
Brew Kettle, 8377 Pearl Rd, Strongsville, 1pm,
(216) 371-4101.
17: Cleveland Manx Society, Monthly Luncheon, Colony Restaurant, Baldwin-Wallace
University, Berea,1pm, (216) 481-2476.

THE 30TH ANNUAL Texas Scottish Festival
& Highland Games are scheduled for May 1314-15th, 2016. Renowned for its outstanding
entertainment, the Festival again features some
of the top Scottish performers in the world
including some of the top Scottish athletes from
North America and include professional, amateur,
female, and novice athletic competitions. Also
featured are Scottish Highland Dance and Scottish National Dance competitions. The featured
and host bagpipe band will be the championship
North Texas Caledonian Pipes & Drums. Unique
foods such as Scotch Eggs, Haggis, Neeps &
Tatties, Fish & Chips, and the usual festival and
international foods will be available. New for 2016
is the Texas Rugby Tournament and an extensive
Genealogy Seminar.
Scheduled events include Professional,
Amateur, Female, and Novice Athletics, Scottish
Fiddle Workshop, Childrens Games and Activities, Educational Seminars, a Gaelic Language
Seminar, Scottish Country Dancing, a Bonniest
Knees Contest, a Scotch Whisky Tasting, and
much more.
Info: (800) 363-SCOT (7268); E mail: Or site:

because of the Windfall Elimination

Provision. We charge no consultation
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Im Chiquita banana and Ive come

to say
Bananas have to ripen in a certain way
When they are fleckd with brown and
have a golden hue
Bananas taste the best and are good
for you
You can put them in a salad
You can put them in a pie-aye
Any way you want to eat them
Its impossible to beat them
But, bananas like the climate of the
very, very tropical equator
So you should never put bananas in
the refrigerator
(Chiquata Banana jingle in the 1940s;
they were at the time a very exotic fruit)

Banoffe Pie

A SPECIAL THANK you to those readers

who have contacted me regarding the
column, and the very nice things sent to
me with some requests, following my announcement of semi retiring. So this month
I am responding to a request for Banofee
Pie, which is made with bananas hence
the quote.
I first featured this many years ago, after
visiting with my friend in Sussex who has a
delightful B&B near Lewes and Eastbourne.
We were taken to a pub called the Hungry
Monk, where this recipe was developed,
and is quite decadent and delicious.
The original recipe (which I was kindly
given) called for boiling unopened tins of
condensed milk in water for two hours.
However, I was very nervous of anticipating burst cans exploding in the kitchen, so
I experimented with another way of making
the caramel. Since featuring this in a column, I know in the UK cans of ready-made
caramel are available, made by UK Camp-

2 cups crushed digestive biscuit

1/2 cup melted butter
1/2 cup butter (not margarine!)
1 cup brown sugar
2 x 14 oz cans of condensed milk (or
Dulce de Leche)
2 tsp coffee essence
4-5- medium just ripe bananas
Whipped cream

Process biscuit crumbs with the melted

butter, and press into a large pie pan. Bake
for 15 minutes at 350F, Cool. Make the
caramel, add the coffee essence, and allow
all to cool about 10 minutes. Slice most
of the bananas (reserve some for topping)
and layer over the cooled crust. Cover the
bananas with the caramel mix, and chill.
Before serving, slice the remaining banana
on top, and garnish with whipped cream .
Yield 4-6- servings
(I welcome requests and comments, and can be reached at

Footballer Fined For Peeing Into A

Glass And Pouring It Over Balcony

guests at this years event.

Tickets to some of the exclusive enclosures can cost more than 700 a day.
The series of images printed in The
Sun appear to then show a glass of liquid
being poured over the railing by another
man as Carruthers, 22, wearing a grey
flat cap and waistcoat, grins.
Two females with the group each
bared one breast when they apparently
spotted the press photographers below
the balcony.
MK Dons chairman Pete Winkelman
said in a statement on the clubs official
website: Samir has received a warning,
been fined two weeks wages and handed
a suspension by the club.

MK DONS footballer Samir Carruthers

was fined by his club, and suspended for
one game last month after being photographed urinating into a glass and throwing the liquid over the rail of a balcony
at the Cheltenham Festival horse races
Caruthers was caught by a photographer as he relieved himself on a balcony
while surrounded by race goers at the
prestigious meet.
Following the publication of the photographs in a number of national newspapers, the festivals organisers cancelled
the groups booking for the following day
of the race meeting.
The four-day festival is one of the
highlights of the horse racing season,
with Zara Philips among the well-heeled

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US and Canadian Service

11867 102ND STREET N., LARGO, FLORIDA 33773

1 (800) 399-3904 Fax (727) 392-6229

Page 14

April 2016


Compiled by Larry Gardner

Cricket; World Twenty20

THE SIXTH ICC World Twenty20 Championships hosted by India, commenced March 8
April 3, where eight nations in two groups of
four competed for two places in the SuperTen competition that started March 16. The
competition provides 58 matches over a
four-week period. India started hot-favourites
with no nation having won the trophy twice.
England was champions in 2010. Sri Lanka
are the present defending champions.
Scotland was in one of the qualifying
groups and lost their first match to Afghanistan
by 14 runs at Nagpur. Afghanistan 170-5 at
20 overs. Scotland 156-5 at close. They lost
the second game by 11 runs against Zimbabwe, thus ending their chance to progress to
the super-ten round. Zimbabwe 147-7 at 20
overs. Scotland 136 all out. The Duckworth/
Lewis method was used in the final match
against Hong Kong, after rain interference,
and the Scots were given a target of 76 runs,
and made 78, to win by eight wickets. Hong
Kong 127-7 at 20 overs. Scotland 78-2 at
close. Afghanistan and Bangladesh claimed
the two qualifying places for the Super-Tens.
Group 1; consists of England, Sri Lanka,
South Africa, West Indies and Afghanistan.
Group 2; India, Pakistan, Australia, New
Zealand and Bangladesh.
The opening game of the Super-Tens at
Nagpur, March 15, saw a major upset as New
Zealand beat hosts and the bookies favourite
India by 47 runs. New Zealand 126-7 at 20
overs. India 79 all out. England had a sobering
encounter in their opening game, where West
Indian run machine Chris Gayle, slammed
one hundred not out giving the Caribbean
eleven a six wicket victory. England 182-6 at
20 overs. West Indies 183 (Chris Gayle 100
not out)-4 at 18.1 overs. England chasing a
230 run total against South Africa at Mumbai,
produced an incredible fighting finish to win
by two wickets with just two balls left to play.
South Africa 229-4 at 20 overs. England 230-8
at 19.4 overs.

Aussies Win

After beating New Zealand by an innings

and 52 runs in the first Test, Australia won the
second game at Christchurch, by seven wickets to claim the short series 2-0. The second
Test was memorable because of Brendon
McCullums fastest Test hundred in cricket
history where he hit a century in 56 balls.
David Warner slammed the Kiwi fans as being
vulgar and derogatory, where partisanship
overrode the criteria of sportsmanship. New
Zealand 370 (Brendon McCullum 145) and
335. Australia 505 (Joe Burns 170, Steven
Smith 138) and 201-3 at close India won
the T20 Asian Cup at Dhaka, beating Bangladesh by eight wickets in the final. Bangladesh
120-5 at 20 overs. India 122-2 at close.


A full house at the Manchester Arena on the

last weekend in February, saw two u nbeaten
British world champions face off in the
super-bantamweight division. IBF champion
Carl Frampton (22-0) of Belfast and WBA
champion, Scott Quigg (33-0) of Bury, put
their titles on the line. Frampton seemed to
have the advantage in the early rounds and
Quigg found it difficult to connect, but as the
fight went on the judges witnessed a very close
encounter. Frampton took a split decision, with
Quigg, discovering he had a broken jaw at the
Manchesters Terry Flanagan, retained his
WBO lightweight crown at the Echo Arena, Liverpool, March 12, after a unanimous decision
over local fighter, Derry Mathews (38-10-2).
The unbeaten Flanagan (30-0) is the first
Englishman to ever hold a world lightweight
title, after beating Jose Zepeda in July of 2011.
The World Amateur Boxing Series witnessed the British Lionhearts win their fourth
consecutive contest with a 4-1 win over the
USA Knockouts at the York Hall, London.
A scheduled bout at Bethnal Green against
Moroccos Atlas Lions, was cancelled after
some of the Moroccan boxers were denied
entry visas.

Murrays Earn Davis Cup Victory

Britain faced off against Japan, at the

Barclay-Arena, Birmingham, March 4-6, in the
first defence of the Davis Cup trophy they won
last year. The World Group, first round match,

witnessed Andy Murray get Britain off to a winning start when he beat Taro Daniel in straight
sets. Local Brummie, Dan Evans, lost to the
world number six, Kei Nishikori 6-3, 7-5, 7-6
(7-3). On the second day, Andy and brother
Jamie Murray captured the doubles over
Yoshihito Nishioka and Yatsutaka Uchiyama,
prevailing 6-3, 6-2, 6-4. Andy Murray clinched
a 3-1 winning result beating Kei Nishikori
7-5, 7-6 (8-6) 3-6, 4-6, 6-3 in a match a few
minutes short of four hours. Britain will play the
winners of the Serbia-Kazakhstan tie in July.

Brits In Mexico

Mixed results for the British contingent at

Abierto Mexicano Telcel in Acapulco, concluding February 28. Johanna Konta, who
had such a good run at the Australian Open,
beat Anett Kontaveit of Estonia but went out
in the second round to Mirjana Lucic-Baroni
of Estonia. The American, Christina McHale
beat Heather Watson in a three setter in the
first round. British number two, Alijaz Bendene
got passed Ivo Karlic, who retired injured, but
then, lost a four setter to Robin Haase of the

Monterrey Success For Watson

Later in the month, also in Mexico, at the

Monterrey Open, Heather Watson reached the
finals after beating Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark, and Caroline Garcia of France, where
she faced Belgiums Kirsten Flipkens in the
final. Flipkens had knocked out Johanna Konta
in the quarter-finals. The British number two
went a set behind, but came back to beat the
Belgium, 3-6, 6-2, 6-3, and move up the world
ranking from 84 to 53rd. It was the third WTA
win for Watson, who won the Hobart International last year Naomi Broady beat Sabine
Lisicki of Germany in the Malaysian Open, at
Kuala Lumpur, to reach the semi-finals, before
the Canadian, Eugenie Bourchard, delivered a
6-1, 6-2 reversal in the final.
The prestigious BNP Paribas Open at Indian
Wells, California, mid-March, drew Andy Murray, Heather Watson and Johanna Konta.
Murray beat Marcel Granollers of Spain, but
went out to the Argentinian, Federico Delbonis
6-4, 4-6, 7-6 (7-3) in the next round. Konta
took out Madison Brengle of the US, and the
Czech, Denisa Allerton, before losing 7-6
(7-2) 3-6, 6-3 to the Czech world number
ranked 19, Karolina Pliskova Heather Watson
reached the second round.

Sharapova Tests Positive

Maria Sharapova announced she failed a

drug test at the Australian Open in January,
where Meldonium was found in her system.
The 28-year-old Russian, who earned nearly
$30m last year, (most of it in sponsorships)
could be banned from tennis for up to four
years. Sharapova claims she had been completely unaware that Meldonium had recently
been put on the banned list, and had been taking it for ten years. Sponsors, Nike, and Swiss
watchmaker Tag Heuser, have distanced
themselves from her for the time being, while
Porsche are putting on hold anymore future
advertising with the former five time Grand
Slam winner.

Cycling Golds

The 2016 World Track Cycling Championships at the Lelo Valley, Velo Park, London,
March 2-6, witnessed Britain win five gold,
one silver and three bronze medals. Laura
Trott grabbed double gold in the Omnium and
Scratch races, plus a bronze in the womens
pursuit team alongside Elinor Barker, Clara
Home and Joanna Russell-Shand. Jason
Kenny took gold in the Sprint, Jon Dibben in
the mens points race, while Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish won the Madison.
The mens team pursuit took the silver, and
Andrew Tenant a bronze in the individual
pursuit final. Becky James got a bronze in
the Keirin World Track Champion Lizzie
Armitstead won the Italian one-day classic,
the Strade Bianche on the UCI World tour,
then a week later captured the Trofeo Alfredo
Bindn at Cittiglio.

Golf & Horse-Racing

The WGC Cadillac Championship at

Doral, Florida, March 6, had Rory McIIroy
up amongst the leaders, but he finished two
strokes behind the winner Adam Scott, who
concluded with a 12 under 276. Trivia from
the Blue Monster Course, saw Aussie, Steven
Bowditch, shoot four rounds of 80 or more
finishing last with a 37 over par. This golfing
feat was last accomplished at a PGA course in
1983. Bowditch still got a check for $48,000.
The biggest and most prestigious race
over the sticks, the Cheltenham Gold Cup, run
March 18, was won by Don Cossack the 9-4f,
who beat Djakadam (9-2) by four and a half
lengths. Don Poli (9-2) was third. Nine ran.
Cossack was ridden by Bryan Cooper, trained
by Gordon Elliot, and owned by airline CEO
Michael OLeary. The 325,462 is the biggest
winners purse in national hunt racing. Annie
Power (9-2f) won the Champions Hurdle two

days previously, leading from start to finish,

winning by four and a half lengths.


The new 2016 Formula One year commenced in Melbourne, for the first race of the
season the Australian Grand Prix, March 20.
The Mercedes team took the honours.
Nico Rosburg beat World champion
team-mate Lewis Hamilton to tale the laurels.
Hamilton started in pole position, but was
quickly dropped to sixth on the grid after being
overtaken by five cars before fighting back to
take runner-up.
Britains Jodie Stimpson won the first race
of the 2016 nine race world Triathlon Series
in Abu Dhabi The World Indoor Athletic
Championships in Portland, Oregon, March
17-20, did not produce Gold for Britain, but
there was three medals won. Robbie Grabaz
won silver in the high jump, Lorraine Ugen got
a bronze in the long jump, and Tiffany Porter
a bronze in the 60m hurdles.

City Claim League Cup After

Penalty Shoot-Out

The Capital One English League Cup final

February 28, drew a 86,000 plus crowd at
Wembley, as Manchester City and Liverpool
faced off. Fernandinho put the sky blues ahead
four minutes after the break, while Philippe
Coutinho levelled it seven minutes from time.
Extra-time produced no goals, and a penalty
shoot-out occurred. City coach Manuel Pelligrini stayed with goalkeeper Willy Caballero,
rather than Joe Hart, even though the Argentinian let in five goals against Chelsea in the
previous game. He was glad he did. Caballero
kept his nerve this time, and Manchester City
took their fourth English League Cup 3-1 on
penalties. Liverpool fans are still not forgiving
of Raheem Sterlings move to City, and he
was loudly booed every time he touched the
ball. Sterling was given two exceptional chance
to score, but did not deliver.

Champions League: City

Continue, Chelsea & Arsenal Out

After coming off a first round deficit of 1-2

against Paris St Germain in France, Chelsea
had it all to do at Stamford Bridge. March 9.
The French side put on a rambunctious display
with Adrien Rabiot, put them in the lead in the
16th minute. Diego Costa levelled it in the 27th
minute and a tight encounter began. Zlatan
Ibrahimovic netted in the 67th minute, and
fight as Chelsea did, PSG produced a 2-1 win
and a 4-2 winning aggregate.
Manchester City reached the quarter-finals
of the Champions League for the first time in
their European history, after a rather uninspiring scoreless encounter with Dynamo Kiev in
the second leg, March 15, at the Etihad Stadium. Sergio Aguero, David Silva and Yaya
Toure gave City a 3-1 win in the Ukraine, which
was entirely adequate for a winning aggregate.
Lionel Messis brace (73rd and 81st minute
penalty) spoilt any thoughts of celebration
at the Emirates, as Barcelona prevailed 2-0
against an unhappy Arsenal. performance. At
the Nou Camp, Barca continued their soccer
lesson with a 3-1 scoreline and the Gunners
are out. Neymar, Suarez, and Messi, were the
marksmen, while Mohammed Eineny got one
for the Gunners six minutes after the break.

Europa League Cup

The three remaining British clubs in the

Europa League Cup won their second leg
home fixtures, February 25, and moved in
to the round of sixteen. Manchester United
went a goal behind at Old Trafford when FC
Midtjlland took the lead in the 27th minute.
United fighting a 1-2 deficit from the first leg,
soon got back in the game however, when
Radurov scored an own goal, then Marcus
Rashford got a brace, Ander Herrera and
Memphis Depay netted too, while Juan Mata
missed a penalty. A 5-1 win for the Reds kept
75,000 plus very fans happy Returning from
a goalless draw in Germany, Anfield fans were
much relieved when James Milner put away a
penalty in the fifth minute that put the pressure
on FC Augsburg. It proved the only goal of the
match and put Liverpool through After a 1-1
tie in Italy against Fiorentina, Tottenham went
ahead at White Hart Lane with a Ryan Mason
opportunity in the 25th minute. Erik Lamela
scored in the 63rd minute, while Rodrigues
got an own goal in the 81st minute, giving the
Spurs a clear and concise 3-0 victory.

Only Liverpool Survive

The last sixteen first legs, March 10, pitted

Manchester United away to Liverpool for
one of the choice match-ups of the round.
Unfortunately, Van Gaals men never got
going and Anfield fans roared their approval
as Liverpool prevailed 2-0. Daniel Sturridge
put a 20th minute penalty away and Roberto
Firmino, got the second in the 73rd minute.
Uniteds goalie, David de Gea, had a full night
keeping an innovative and dangerous Liverpool
attack at bay. At Old Trafford, a week later,

full throated local support was not enough to

deter a Liverpool side who had the next round
in their sights. Anthony Martial put a penalty
away for United in the 32nd minute, but Philippe
Coutinho sliced a shot in on half-time for the
visitors, and the die was cast; as the first European meeting between the two clubs ended in
Liverpools favour with 3-1 winning aggregate.
Borussia Dortmund turned on the heat for
the visit of Tottenham Hotspur, and quelled
any positive action from the Londoners with
a convincing 3-0 victory. Dortmund led by the
one goal at half-time, that was followed in the
second half by a brace by Marco Reus. At
White Hart Lane, Spurs found the Bundesliga
side eager and confident and two goals by
Aubameyang in the 24th and 70th minutes had
Tottenham with their backs to the wall. Song
Heung-min put Spurs on the board in the 73rd
minute, but the 2-1 loss sees the London club
make its Euro-exit.

FIFA Elect New President

Former UEFA general secretary Gianni

Infantino became the new President of FIFA,
the world international body that runs professional soccer. He polled 127 votes, 27 more
than Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Kaifa.
Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan and
Jerome Champagne were third and fourth.
Infantino succeeds 17 years of the disgraced
Sepp Blatter. Infantino moved quickly to
recover some of the millions that were lost to
corruption, and filed a 22-page request with
the US Attorneys office and the US probation
office in New York, regarding the $190m that
has already been confiscated from them so far
41 indicted officials at FIFA. Former top FIFA
officials living high on the hog have not gone
un-noticed by Infantino.

FA Cup

Arsenal moved it up another gear in their

fifth round FA Cup replay at Hull City, March
8, where Steve Bruces squad suffered a 4-0
drubbing. A double by Olivier Giroud and
Theo Walcott gave the Gunners a convincing
victory. The sixth round, March 11, 12, 13,
witnessed cup-holders Arsenal lose 2-1 at
the Emirates, where Watford recorded their
first win over them since 1988. Odion Ighalo
put the Hornets ahead, Adiene Guedioura
prevailed five minutes after the break, while
Danny Welbeck put Arsenal on the board two
minute from the end. A couple of late goals at
Reading, saw Crystal Palace reach their first
FA Cup semi-final in 21 years, after Yohan
Cabaye (penalty) and Frazier Campbell
scored in the 86th and 90th minutes. The Royals finished with ten men after Jake Cooper
was red-carded. At Goodison Park, two by
Romelu Lukaku, gave Everton a 2-0 win over
Chelsea. Both sides finished with ten men
apiece after first, Diego Costa (84th minute)
got his marching orders, then the Toffees
Gareth Barry, was sent of three minutes later.
Manchester United drew 1-1 at Old Trafford
against West Ham Utd. The Hammers Dimitri
Payet opened up the scoring in the 68th minute,
while Anthony Martial got the equalizer two
minutes from time.

Scottish Soccer

Ross County collected their first piece of

real silverware at Hampden Park, March 13,
after winning the Scottish League Cup, 2-1,
over Hibernian. Michael Gardyne put the
County on the road to their first big soccer
success in the 25th minute. Hibernians Liam
Fontaine, levelled it on half-time. Alex Schalk
got the winner in the final minute as the seconds ticked away.
The quarter-finals of the Scottish Cup,
March 5-6, saw both Glasgow sides prevail.
Rangers swamped Dundee at the Ibrox
Stadium, 4-0, with goals by Harry Forrester
in the first minute. Kevin Holt, scored immediately after the break, Andy Halliday, seven
minutes later, while Lee Wallace, got the
fourth with six minutes to go. At Parkhead,
Celtic overwhelmed Greenock Morton 3-0,
nettings courtesy of Leigh Griffiths, Gary
Mackay-Steven and Callum McGregor.
Dundee Utd were down to ten men after 59
minutes when Mark Durnan got his marching
orders, but still managed a 3-2 victory at Ross
County, after a goal with a minute left proved
the winner. Hosts, Hibernian and visiting Cupholders Inverness CT drew 1-1. During the
replay, March 16, Anthony Stokes hit a double
before half-time giving Hibs the advantage. Iain
Vigurs got one back for Caley Thistle with two
minutes to go, but Hibs get the semi-final place
after a 2-1 result.

Womens World Soccer

The Womens World Soccer Champions,

namely the United States of America hosted;
The She Believes Cup, March 3-9, featuring
England, Germany and Frances international
womens sides. England women captured the
bronze medal at last years World Womens
Cup, and commenced the tournament against
the World Champions in Tampa, Florida. It
was a close match, where the only goal of the

game witnessed Crystal Dunn net in the 72nd

minute to give the Americans victory. England
played Germanys women at Nashville, Tennessee, where a disputed penalty defeated the
Lionesses. Fara Williams captured a record
breaking 150th cap for the English team. Englands Toni Duggan, put England ahead in the
ninth minute, before Gilly Flaherty, deflected a
shot in to her own net in the 76th minute. The
Germans clinched a 2-1 win after a penalty,
eight minutes from time. England drew the
final match against Frances women at Boca
Raton, Fla, after a goalless result. The US beat
France 1-0, then Germany 2-1 in the final game
to win the trophy.

International Soccer: Scotland

Win In Prague

Wales and Northern Ireland met for

the 95th time in a friendly at the Cardiff City
Stadium, March 24, Wales have won 41,
Northern Ireland 27. Real Madrids Gareth
Bale and Arsenals Aaron Ramsey failed to
make the team for Wales through injury, while
feisty Irish side took the lead in the 66th minute
after a Craig Cathcart goal. Simon Church
salvaged Welsh pride with a well taken penalty
in the closing minutes for the match to end
1-1. Same evening at Prague, Scotland came
away with a win over the Czech Republic,
after Ikechi Anya put away the only goal of
the game in the tenth minute.

Berlin Victory For England

England bravely fought back from 2-0

down in Berlin, March 26, to beat the Germans
3-2. Toni Kroos put the hosts ahead two
minutes before the break, then Mario Gomez
added to that total in the 57th minute. The
great English fightback started four minutes
later with a goal by Tottenham striker Harry
Kane, shortly followed by a spectacular strike
from Leicester Citys Jamie Vardy in the 74th
minute, while Eric Dier got the England winner
in the first minute of injury time.
A series of 2018 World Cup qualifiers
witnessed plenty of goals. Harry Redknapp, now coaching Jordan, saw his new
squad win 8-0 over Bangladesh. Australia
swamped Tajikistan 7-0 at Adelaide, while
Japan overwhelmed Afghanistan 5-0. Jurgen
Klinsmann squad could not hit the right note in
Guatemala, in their World Cup qualifier, where
the Central Americans scored twice in the first
fifteen minutes and held on for a 2-0 victory.

Late Cricket: England Reach


At Mumbai, at the World Twenty20 Championship in India, England beat South Africa
by two wickets in the third game of the Group
One series. South Africa 229-4 at 20 overs.
England 230-8 at close. They went on to beat
Afghanistan by 15 runs. England 142-7 at 20
overs. Afghanistan 127-9 at close. A victory
over the Sri Lankans by 10 runs saw England
in to the semi-finals, March 26, England 171-4
at 20 overs. Sri Lanka 161-8 at close. England
meet New Zealand in the semi-final, and the
West Indies face India.
In the corresponding Womens World
Twenty20 Championship playing alongside the
men in India also, the England women started
off with three victories. They beat Bangladesh
by 36 runs, and India by two wickets. They
beat the West Indies with last the ball of the
match by one wicket. West Indies 108-4 at 20
overs. England 109-9 at 20 overs.

Late Sport: Racing,Boxing

And Rowing

The worlds richest horse-race at Meydan,

March 26, the $10m Dubai World Cup, was
won by California Chrome, the joint 15-8f.
Chrome won two legs of the Triple Crown in
2014, and came home three and three quarterlengths from Mubtaahij (16-1) Bob Bafferts
Hoppertunity (25-1) was third. 12 ran. The
Chrome was runner-up at this race last year.
The unbeaten Kell Brook, retained his IBF
welterweight crown at Sheffield, blitzing the
Canadian, Kevin Bizier, in the second round
in front of home-town fans. Brook (36-0)
doomed Bizier (25-3) for a long journey for
The 162nd University Boat Race, March 27,
along four and a half miles down the River
Thames was won by Cambridge. They took
an early over Oxford, and put the advantage of
being bigger and heavier, positively, winning
by five seconds. Its the first time Cambridge
have claimed victory after four consecutively Oxford wins. Cambridge also won the
womens race though they were in danger of
sinking after the boat got swamped by water
during a nasty tidal flow.

Eubank Senior Ordered His Son

To Stop Head Punches

Chris Eubank Snr said he instructed his

son to stop targeting the face of Nick BlackContinued on page 15

April 2016

Page 15




First Leg
April 5
Bayern Munich v Benfica; Barcelona v Atletico Madrid
April 6
PSG v Man City; Wolfsburg v Real Madrid
Second Leg
April 12
Man City v PSG; Real Madrid v Wolfsburg
April 13
Benfica v Bayern Munich; A Madrid v Barcelona

First Leg
April 7
Braga v Shakhtar Donetsk; Villarreal v Sparta Prague;
Athletic Bilbao v Sevilla; B Dortmund v Liverpool
Second Leg
April 14
Shakhtar Donetsk v Braga; Sparta Prague v Villarreal;
Sevilla v Athletic Bilbao; Liverpool v B Dortmund


Arsenal 1, Watford 2; Man Utd 1, West Ham 1;
Everton 2, Chelsea 0; Reading 0, Crystal Palace 2
Wednesday, April 13
West Ham v Man Utd
Saturday, April 23
Everton v Man U or West Ham
Sunday, April 24
Crystal Palace v Watford


FINAL - February 8
Man City 1, Liverpool 1
(Man City 3-1 pens)


FINAL - March 13
Hibernian 1, Ross County 2

At Ibrox, Sunday April 10
Peterhead v Rangers


Hibernian 1, Inverness CT 2; Celtic 3, Morton 0;
Rangers 4, Dundee 0; Ross County 2, Dundee Utd 2
April 16
Hibernian v Dundee Utd
April 17
Rangers v Celtic

Andorra 0, Moldova 1;
Romania 0, Spain 0; Azerbaijan 0, Kazakhstan 1;
Russia 3, Lithuania 0; Austria 2, Albania 1;
Poland 5, Finland 0; Hungary 1, Croatia 1;
Germany 2, England 3; Andorra 0, Moldova 1;
Ukraine 1, Cyprus 0; Andorra 0, Moldova 1;
Liechtenstein 2, Faroe Islands 3; Ukraine 1, Wales 0
N Ireland 1, Slovenia 0; Georgia 1, Kazakhstan 1;
Montenegro 0, Belarus 0; Estonia 0, Serbia 1;
Macedonia 0, Bulgaria 2; Greece 2, Iceland 3
Gibraltar 0, Latvia 5; Norway 2, Finland 0;
Luxembourg 0, Albania 2; Austria 1, Turkey 2;
Sweden 1, Czech Rep 1; Switzerland 0, Bos-Herze 2;
Germany 4, Italy 1; Portugal 2, Belgium 1;
R. of Ireland 2, Slovakia 2; England 1, Netherlands 2
France 4, Russia 2; Scotland 1, Denmark 0

Continued from page 14

well to protect the stricken boxer from
a heavier beating in a British middleweight
title fight.
Blackwell was still in an induced coma in
hospital March 29 after suffering bleeding to
the brain, having collapsed soon after the end
of the fight against Chris Eubank Jnr.
The fight, March 26, was stopped in the
10th round, shortly after Eubank Snr entered
the ring to tell his son to no longer take him
out to the face.
Even in sparring, I tell Junior to stay away
from the head because his punching is fast,
powerful and dangerous, Eubank Snr said
later. So most certainly, I was saying this to
protect the fighter (Blackwell).
Speaking for the first time since the fight,
Eubank Snr said he was influenced by memories of his 1991 fight against Michael Watson,
which ended with Watson suffering a near-fatal
brain injury. Watson needed six operations to
remove the blood clot that had formed on his
brain, leaving him partially paralyzed.

Sporting Passings

The King of the Netherlands, Willem Alexander, called him a Dutch icon, while a string
of soccer condolences followed the news that
Johan Cruyff had died. Cruyff, started out at
Ajax of Amsterdam, where he aided the club
to a plethora of trophies. Later he would play
at Barcelona, Spanish club Levante, American
clubs Los Angeles Aztecs and the Washington Diplomats of the old NASL league,
finishing up back at Ajax and Feyenoord before
retiring from the game in 1984. He returned as
coach at Ajax, later moved to Barcelona, where
he took the Spaniards to their first European
Championship in 1992. He earned 48 caps for
the Netherlands, featuring at the 1974 World
Cup final where the West Germans prevailed
2-1. Johan Cruyff was 68.

As of March 30


England Sweep To
Six Nations Success

IN ROUND 4, the series was over. England

swallowed Wales in Twickenham and Scotland finally put a decent game together with a
win over France. With the last round to come,
England had won the Triple Crown and the
Six Nations. All that remained was a spring
evening in Paris and an away win to earn
England their first Grand Slam since 2003.
England 25 Wales 21
Wales came within an ace of scoring
a fourth and match-winning try in the last
minute of this game. Such a result would
have been a travesty since England, 19-0
up just after halftime, seemed on the verge
of a cricket score. But in the final quarter
Wales suddenly scored three quick tries
and were pressing for the winner as the final
whistle blew.
This England side though really looked
the goods for three-quarters of the match.
In Maro Itoje they have found a world-class
lock forward who deservedly won the Man
of the Match award and almost singlehandedly destroyed Welsh hopes of winning
the championship.
Eddie Jones has brought a killer instinct
to the English side. It was noticeable that
unlike as in the World Cup whenever they got
a penalty from a kickable position, Owen Farrell was summoned, not to kick to touch and
set up an attacking line-out but to have yet
another successful poke at goal. He scored

League Approves Evertons

New Billionaire Shareholder

EVERTON last month got a stamp of approval

from the EPL last month giving hem the goahead for billionaire Farhad Moshiri to buy a
49.9 percent stake in the club.
Forbes, which lists Moshiri as an IranianBritish businessman with a net worth of
$1.79bn, ranks him 894th among the
worlds billionaires. He recently sold shares
in Evertons Premier League rival Arsenal
to Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov, a
business partner.
Everton chairman Bill Kenwright said in a
statement that after an exhaustive search I
believe we have found the perfect partner to
take the club forward.
I have got to know Farhad well over the
last 18 months and his football knowledge,
financial wherewithal and True Blue spirit
have convinced me that he is the right man
to support Everton.

Rafa Benitez Takes Over As

Newcastle Fire McClaren

RAFA BENITEZ started this season tasked

with winning the Champions League with Real
Madrid. He will end it trying to keep Newcastle
in the English Premier League.
The Spaniard replaced Steve McClaren
as manager last month, signing a three-year
deal with the club that is 19th in the 20-team
standings but only a point from safety.
I have the pleasure to confirm I have
committed to a legendary English club, with
the massive challenge of remaining part of the
Premier League, said the former Liverpool
manager, before taking the first training session with his new players.
His first game in charge of Newcastle
was a 1-0 loss against surprise Premier
League leader Leicester, followed by a 1-1
draw against northeast rivals 17th-place

Everton Goalkeeper Tim Howard

To Join Colorado Rapids

EVERTON says Tim Howard will leave the

English Premier League club at the end of
the season to join Colorado Rapids in Major
League Soccer.
It will end the American goalkeepers
13-year stint in English soccer, 10 of which
have been at Everton after joining from Manchester United.
Howard has agreed to a 3-1/2-year deal
with Colorado, starting when the Premier
League ends in May.
Howard says: I will remain an Evertonian
for life. This will always be my team; my
The 37-year-old Howard has recently lost
his place in the Everton team to Joel Robles.
Howard is back playing for the US this season
after a one-year sabbatical following the 2014
World Cup.

18 points plus another couple converting

Anthony Watsons first-half try. England had
two more likely tries ruled out by the TV replay
for lack of conclusive evidence.
Scotland 29 France 18
Finally, the Scots put together a performance that echoed their startling World Cup
challenge when only a refereeing aberration
denied them a semi-final place. They were
facing an eighth Home Nations defeat,
something that has never happened in the
133 years of the Championship.
They simply relied upon an open passing game, taking a leaf out of their visitors
book. It came off spectacularly well with the
home side scoring three tries, including a
real beauty after an outrageous flick over his
head from Stuart Hogg to set up Tim Visser
to settle the game.
Ireland 58 Italy 15
The Irish simply slaughtered the Azzurri
on a sunny spring Saturday in Dublin. In the
process they scored nine tries, a record haul
for them in the Six Nations.
Italy have never had it easy in this competition but this awful display asked serious
questions about their maintaining top rank

status. It might be possibe for the authorities

to introduce a relegation/promotion element.
There are several northern hemisphere sides
who might be considered. Canada and the US
are two obvious contenders and Romania is
probably the best of a handful of European
Round 5
Wales saw off Italy quite comfortably
67-14, their biggest-ever Six Nations triumph.
But the nine tries could not wipe out their
regret at the poor opening halves against Ireland and England. In Dublin, Ireland managed
to outscore Scotland three tries to two to win
35-25 but the game will be remembered for
a piece of Stuart Hogg genius, scoring for
Scotland with a run that took him from his
own half clean through the Irish.
But no-one could begrudge England their
first Grand Slam in 13 years notching up three
tries against France in a 21-31 victory. Eddie
Jones has produced an England team that
seems on the verge of northern hemisphere
dominance with some exciting newcomers
who have the youth and class to offer a real
challenge in the next World Cup.

Remi Garde Leaves Villa

his clipboard in his left hand, Van Gaal stared

at Dean in mock horror.
Van Gaal said he had later apologised to
the officials for his actions.

ASTON VILLA manager Remi Garde has left

by mutual consent after just 147 days at the
Premier Leagues bottom club.
The 49-year-old Frenchman replaced Tim
Sherwood on a three-and-a-half-year deal in
November, but departs after six successive
His last game in charge was a 1-0 defeat
at Swansea City on 19 March, a result that
left Villa 12 points from safety with seven
games remaining.
Villa won only two of their 20 league
games during Gardes tenure.
A club statement thanked the former
Arsenal player for his efforts during a difficult
period and said Eric Black would take charge
until a new manager is appointed.

Northern Ireland Coach ONeill

Signs New 4-Year Deal

MICHAEL ONEILL has signed a new fouryear contract to coach Northern Ireland after
steering the team to the European Championship, its first major tournament since 1986.
ONeill, who won 31 caps for Northern
Ireland as a player, has been in charge of the
team since 2012.
The 46-year-old ONeills new deal runs
through June 2020.
Northern Ireland was the first fifth-seeded
team to win a European Championship
qualifying group, finishing above Romania,
Hungary, Finland and Greece in Group F.
Northern Ireland will play Poland, Ukraine,
and Germany in the Euro 2016 group stage.

Karanka Resumes
Middlesbrough Job After
Removed From Duty

AITOR KARANKA is back in charge of

second-tier English club Middlesbrough after
being removed from first-team duties ahead
of the teams loss at Charlton.
The Portuguese coach, who is in his first
managerial job abroad after being assistant to
Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid, was reported
to have left Middlesbroughs training ground
unexpectedly following a row.
The northeast club announced last month
that Karanka did not take training that day
and would not be in charge at Charlton the
following day.
Karanka appeared to be on the way out
but Middlesbrough announced later that he
will be resuming first- team duties with the
club with immediate effect.

Van Gaals Touchline Dive

Sparks Laughter At Old Trafford

WITH eight goals in their previous two

games, Louis van Gaals Manchester United,
last month, finally started to provide some
entertainment at Old Trafford.
So was the Dutchman himself.
In a moment that drew laughter around the
iconic stadium, Van Gaal fell to the ground
on purpose while remonstrating with fourth
official Mike Dean in the technical area during the second half of Uniteds 3-2 win over
Arsenal. Lying on the ground and still holding

England To Play Turkey, Australia,

Portugal Ahead Of Euros

ENGLAND will play friendlies against Turkey,

Australia, and Portugal ahead of the European
Championship in June in France.
Roy Hodgsons side will play two of those
games away from its usual home of Wembley
Stadium against Turkey at Manchester
Citys Etihad Stadium on May 22, and against
Australia at Sunderlands Stadium of Light
on May 27.
The final warmup game against Portugal
will take place at Wembley on June 2, two
days after UEFAs deadline for all competing
nations at Euro 2016 to submit a 23-man
England is in a group with Russia, Wales,
and Slovakia.
Hodgson will announce his squad for the
tournament on May 12, before the English
Premier League finishes.



Saturday,April 2
Aston Villa v Chelsea; Arsenal v Watford;
Bournemouth v Man City; Norwich v Newcastle;
Stoke v Swansea; Sunderland v West Brom;
West Ham v Crystal Palace; Liverpool v Tottenham
Sunday, April 3
Leicester v Southampton; Man Utd v Everton
Saturday, April 9
West Ham v Arsenal; Aston Villa v Bournemouth;
Crystal Palace v Norwich; Southampton v Newcastle;
Swansea v Chelsea; Watford v Everton;
Man City v West Brom
Sunday, April 10
Sunderland v Leicester; Liverpool v Stoke;
Tottenham v Man Utd
Wednesday, April 13
Crystal Palace v Everton
Saturday, April 16
Norwich v Sunderland; Everton v Southampton;
Man Utd v Aston Villa; Newcastle v Swansea;
West Brom v Watford; Chelsea v Man City
Sunday, April 17
Bournemouth v Liverpool; Leicester v West Ham;
Arsenal v Crystal Palace
Monday, April 18
Stoke v Tottenham
Tuesday, April 19
Newcastle v Man City
Wednesday, April 20
West Ham v Watford; Liverpool v Everton;
Man Utd v Crystal Palace
Thursday, April 21
Arsenal v West Brom
Saturday, April 23
Aston Villa v Southampton; Bournemouth v Chelsea;
Liverpool v Newcastle
Sunday, April 24
Man City v Stoke; Sunderland v Arsenal;
Leicester v Swansea
Monday, April 25
Tottenham v West Brom
Saturday, April 30
Swansea v Liverpool; Everton v Bournemouth;
Newcastle v Crystal Palace; Stoke v Sunderland;
Watford v Aston Villa; West Brom v West Ham
Arsenal v Norwich
Sunday, May 1
Man Utd v Leicester; Southampton v Man City
Monday, May 2
Chelsea v Tottenham

Leicester City
Tottenham H
Man City
West Ham U
Man Utd
Stoke City
West Brom
Swansea City
Crystal Palace
Norwich City
Newcastle Utd
Aston Villa

P W D L F A GD Pts
31 19 9 3 54 31 23 66
31 17 10 4 56 24 32 61
30 16 7 7 48 30 18 55
30 15 6 9 52 32 20 51
30 13 11 6 47 35 12 50
30 14 8 8 38 27 11 50
31 13 8 10 41 32 9 47
31 13 7 11 34 37 -3 46
29 12 8 9
45 40 5 44
30 10 11 9 45 41 4 41
30 10 9 11 30 37 -7 39
29 9 11 9 51 41 10 38
31 10 8 13 38 50 -12 38
30 10 7 13 30 32 -2 37
31 9 9 13 31 40 -9 36
30 9 6 15 32 40 -8 33
31 7 7 17 32 54 -22 28
30 6 8 16 36 55 -19 26
30 6 7 17 29 55 -26 25
31 3 7 21 22 58 -36 16

Sky Bet Championship League

Hull City
Derby County
Sheffield W
Cardiff City
Ipswich Town
Preston NE
Leeds United
Blackburn R
Nottingham F
Bristol City
Rotherham U
MK Dons
Charlton Ath
Bolton W

P W D L F A GD Pts
38 21 12 5 61 31 30 75
38 19 14 5 52 35 17 71
37 21 7 9 48 23 25 70
36 19 9 8 50 22 28 66
38 17 13 8 51 35 16 64
38 16 14 8 56 36 20 62
38 15 14 9 49 41 8 59
38 16 10 12 46 44 2 58
36 14 11 11 40 35 5 53
38 13 14 11 36 35 1 53
38 12 15 11 47 43 4 51
38 12 12 14 46 51 -5 48
37 11 14 12 37 45 -8 47
38 11 13 14 37 36 1 46
38 11 13 14 34 36 -2 46
38 12 9 17 52 53 -1 45
37 11 12 14 42 43 -1 45
37 12 7 18 48 59 -11 43
38 11 10 17 40 58 -18 43
38 11 6 21 44 62 -18 39
38 8 14 16 57 64 -7 38
38 9 10 19 32 51 -19 37
38 7 11 20 34 69 -35 32
38 4 14 20 36 68 -32 26

Sky Bet English League One

P W D L F A GD Pts
Burton Alb
39 23 6 10 50 33 17 75
Wigan Ath
39 20 14 5 65 35 30 74
37 19 11 7 57 38 19 68
38 19 9 10 65 44 21 66
39 19 8 12 60 44 16 65
Bradford City 39 18 10 11 45 38 7 64
39 19 5 15 60 48 12 62
39 16 9 14 55 50 5 57
Coventry City 39 15 11 13 59 44 15 56
Scunthorpe U 39 15 11 13 49 43 6 56
Port Vale
40 15 11 14 45 47 -2 56
Sheffield Utd 38 15 10 13 55 50 5 55
Southend United 38 15 10 13 50 49 1 55
Peterborough 38 15 6 17 65 61 4 51
Swindon T
38 14 8 16 56 63 -7 50
39 13 11 15 48 62 -14 50
Shrewsbury T 38 12 10 16 47 57 -10 46
Chesterfield 39 12 7 20 48 60 -12 43
40 11 9 20 37 50 -13 42
Fleetwood T 38 10 11 17 43 48 -5 41
Oldham Ath 38 8 17 13 37 50 -13 41
Doncaster R 39 9 10 20 39 56 -17 37
Colchester U 39 8 10 21 51 87 -36 34
Crewe Alex 39 6 12 21 40 69 -29 30

Sky Bet English League Two

Oxford Utd
Plymouth A
Accrington S
Bristol Rovers
Wycombe W
Leyton Orient
Carlisle Utd
Exeter City
Cambridge U
Mansfield T
Luton Town
Crawley T
Hartlepool U
Newport Cnty
Notts County
Yeovil Town
York City
Dag and Red

P W D L F A GD Pts
39 26 8 5 71 39 32 86
40 20 13 7 69 36 33 73
39 21 8 10 56 35 21 71
39 20 10 9 63 44 19 70
39 21 5 13 61 40 21 68
38 16 15 7 62 35 27 63
39 17 10 12 41 34 7 61
39 16 11 12 53 51 2 59
38 14 15 9 58 55 3 57
38 15 11 12 55 47 8 56
39 15 11 13 54 53 1 56
39 15 10 14 53 51 2 55
39 14 11 14 49 46 3 53
38 15 8 15 52 51 1 53
39 14 9 16 51 57 -6 51
39 13 8 18 43 60 -17 47
37 12 6 19 39 55 -16 42
39 10 11 18 40 56 -16 41
38 11 8 19 47 66 -19 41
38 11 7 20 57 67 -10 40
38 9 12 17 36 50 -14 39
38 8 11 19 45 64 -19 35
39 6 10 23 43 74 -31 28
38 5 10 23 34 66 -32 25

Scottish Premiership

St Johnstone
Ross County
Partick Thistle
Inverness CT
Hamilton Ac
Dundee Utd

P W D L F A GD Pts
30 21 6 3 73 23 50 69
31 20 5 6 52 34 18 65
30 16 8 6 51 29 22 56
31 12 7 12 48 47 1 43
31 12 5 14 38 46 -8 41
31 12 4 15 45 50 -5 40
30 8 13 9 42 45 -3 37
30 10 7 13 31 38 -7 37
30 9 9 12 37 41 -4 36
31 8 9 14 34 51 -17 33
31 7 7 17 30 54 -24 28
30 5 6 19 32 55 -23 21

Scottish Championship

Raith Rovers
Queen ot Sth
St Mirren
Alloa Athletic

P W D L F A GD Pts
30 24 3 3 79 24 55 75
31 17 10 4 51 26 25 61
28 17 4 7 44 26 18 55
31 15 6 10 41 38 3 51
31 10 7 14 34 36 -2 37
30 11 4 15 36 43 -7 37
31 10 7 14 34 43 -9 37
29 8 5 16 26 54 -28 29
30 7 6 17 33 43 -10 27
31 4 4 23 16 61 -45 16

Scottish League 1

Ayr United
Albion Rov
Forfar Ath
Brechin City

P W D L F A GD Pts
31 22 6 3 78 21 57 72
32 16 11 5 71 35 36 59
31 17 4 10 57 42 15 55
32 12 6 14 34 47 -13 42
31 11 6 14 39 45 -6 39
31 10 9 12 33 40 -7 39
31 11 5 15 42 70 -28 38
31 9 5 17 42 67 -25 32
31 7 9 15 41 51 -10 30
31 8 5 18 37 56 -19 29

Scottish League 2

East Fife
Elgin City
Annan Ath
Queens Park
Stirling Alb
Berwick Rgrs
East Stirling

P W D L F A GD Pts
31 16 6 9 57 38 19 54
31 16 4 11 49 36 13 52
31 15 5 11 49 42 7 50
31 14 7 10 60 49 11 49
31 13 9 9 39 28 11 48
31 12 6 13 42 40 2 42
31 11 6 14 38 48 -10 39
31 11 5 15 39 40 -1 38
31 10 7 14 45 63 -18 37
31 8 3 20 37 71 -34 27

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April 2016