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19 / 20 FEBRUARY 2005
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom
to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee all the blessings of
light that each one of you require at this time in order to serve you
on the new path of light that you have chosen to integrate as a
result of the seals that all of you shall come to break through and
step into a new world of experience over the next two
days. Greetings beloved ones.
And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may
gather with each one of you as we hold you firmly within the heart
of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Brothers and Sisters as we hold each one of you within the light of
the Christed consciousness and we gather with you in this presence,
it is truly with great excitement that we gather here. This is a time
of immense change for humanity, each one of you are experiencing
this change rapidly, intensely. The intensity of the changes are in
fact what propels you into the new light of the new day of the new
age of light, the Aquarian Age.
The Piscean Age was the age of control, ignorance, darkness, that
was when the four matrixes of poverty consciousness, victim
consciousness, lust consciousness and conditional love
consciousness found their root within the consciousness of
humanity. They were literally dark ages on many levels; humanity
was deprived of so much life. The deprivation was to the extent
that now as the life is returned to man, man fears it, rejects it,
seeing it as something evil rather than their power returning to take
them home. However, many have accepted the challenge of
reclaiming their power, of embracing the light, of acknowledging
their authentic identity and have stepped into the world to lead by
example and to pave the way into the new day and age.
Beloved ones so much has changed in life in general and it is vital
that through this process of change that you remind yourself to be
flexible and to grow with the flow. I have said before that much of
what was taught to humanity in the ancient times bears an essence
of truth, however, the way it has been presented and the way it has
been applied in the past is no longer applicable because your world
has changed physiologically and genetically. Humanity has
changed, your modernised lifestyles have contributed to many of
the changes therefore be discerning regarding what you expose
yourself to especially that which comes from the old world. The

reason why we say this is because one can easily fall into the trap of
the old paradigm by becoming caught up in the circles of the past
which have perpetuated a circular flow of old paradigm belief
systems and levels of consciousness. It is vital that you hear these
words with your heart and your mind, beloved ones.
A circle is a closed circuit of energy; it works its way through itself
all the time. A spiral is a different flow, the energy can either spiral
upward or downward. In the year 1998 all of the circular vortexes of
energy on the planet that were trapped within a circular motion
were released to their original spiral form, this meant that
consciousness could rise at a more accelerated rate. This also
resulted in many of the old paradigm teachings changing
dramatically. This meant that what was brought from the East to
the West needed to be adapted in ways that could support the
Western consciousness, the Western life-style, yet still bring the
ancient truths, the essence of the East. The East being the
direction of illumination. The Son of Illumination came from the East
to rest in the West in order to awaken both polarities to the truth of
You have heard for most of your life how as within, so without, you
have heard that as above, so below but there is also a time where
the man becomes the woman and the woman becomes the
man. Masculine and feminine united to form one impulse of light
however the man must surrender to the woman and the woman
must surrender to the man in order for heaven to manifest on earth
and for the inner light of the inner world to be a part of the outer
light of the outer world. We do not now speak of wives having to
become subdued to their husbands or vice versa, we speak of the
feminine and masculine principles of your inner self surrendering to
one another. This manifests in an outer expression of men and
women surrendering to one another and accepting each other in
their truth, without judgement, without challenge and without
expectation or conditional love. This is a mighty task as so many of
you have realised already especially through the process of doing
this for yourself but there has to be a time where humanity will
grasp the concept and the process will move into another level of
accelerated revolution within and without. The revolution is in fact
the next step of man and woman evolving, a revolution is a process
of re-evolution, re-evolving.
So the fall of mans consciousness is re-evolving, climbing the
stairway to heaven, the spiral of ascension which takes one through
the different dimensions back up to where the presence of light and
sound originally was held before the consciousness fell through to
the dense vibration of third dimension. The journey through the
upward spiral of the chakras is one of the most powerful journeys
any human being can take within their personal development and

program of personal ascension. You have to understand your nature

in order to recognise what you no longer need and what you need to
bring into your space in order to continue evolving. This is another
reason why we tell you what was in the past is old hat, it is a new
energy, a new frequency. Material written five years ago may not be
applicable at this time in its full presentation, within the material
many truths still exist. Now beloved ones, you need to read
material with a new mind, read it but be sure to be clear about when
it was presented and through your own process of gaining wisdom
adapt the information according to your understanding of how your
life has changed. This helps one to deal with what one perceives as
conflicting information. I have discussed this before, it is however
vital that I explain this to all of you again, many of you were not
present at my first explanation.
There are many levels of consciousness, as you all know. Within
each level of consciousness or school of thought are levels of
intellect. Imagine every level of consciousness as a world of its own
and that world is made up of different structures, specialists within
different areas that resonate only with that world. As with your
world there are many other worlds that you do not even know about
that you would not even be able to understand let alone
acknowledge its presence, the same happens within the earth
world. Sometimes one gains access to the information of the other
world or the other school of thought, their truth being different to
your truth, even the complete opposite to what you believe. For
some or other reason your soul has guided you to read the
information and it gives rise to deep inner turmoil and conflict
because suddenly the lower ego is reeling because what it thought
was truth has now been challenged and automatically the lower ego
wants to throw everything away or hold on with all its might to what
it believes as being a truth. One of the reasons why ones soul does
that is to in fact open ones awareness to the presence of other
worlds, to also challenge your ability to discern for yourself and to
challenge your faith, your belief systems. How much do you truly
believe what you profess to believe and how easily will you be
swayed by your truth being challenged? It is important to realise
that you will be challenged in all these areas for that is part of the
ascension programme. It always has been and always will be. How
many times have you heard of stories where a knight or an initiate
will be challenged by its master or different demons to see if in fact
the knight or the initiate had learnt what was required. It is exactly
the same for you and your personal master will challenge and test
you. Earth is a school of thought, a school of learning, a school of
expression, of integration and incredible prospects of
evolution. Another reason why you so willingly returned, you forgot
when you arrived why you came but believe me you were very
eager to come.

So in the space of experiencing another worlds truth fear arises or a

sense of rejection arises or for some people they will immediately
feel that their truth was a lie all along, they have been tricked. Each
person will react differently depending on the life experiences you
have had. Every school of thought has to have its own truth, its
truth facilitates the upward spiral of evolution. Some schools of
thought maintain the downward spiral of devolution. This
degenerative process is also one experienced by choice because
you have the choice to discern or not to discern, you have to choice
to buy into other peoples fears or to stand in your own truth, so
again you are being challenged to use your ability to make choices
and use free will. People who have chosen to experience a world of
ignorance will be immensely challenged by a school of thought who
focuses on metaphysics or the occult or philosophy and will reject
the other school of thought however, the information for the
ignorant world and the information for the metaphysical world is
perfectly applicable for both worlds and not necessarily is the
information blatantly a lie, it is the truth for that particular world. As
members of that school of thought experience change they will be
drawn into other worlds like you have been, like you are being
drawn into other dimensions, you are naturally inspired to move in
new directions because your inherent qualities draw you to that
place. You have a mechanism inside of you that will always draw
you toward something higher than yourself even in the depths of
So if you find yourself in a position of being faced with conflicting
information ask yourself what resonates with your heart and feel it
rather than think it. People are so busy thinking that they forget to
feel because humanity has forgotten to feel their feelings, anger has
wreaked havoc with your planet because the rejection of feelings
have the left the space wide open for the lower ego to utilise its
power in all areas of life. When you feel what resonates with you,
you can confidently take the information and work with it. If you still
feel that there is something in the conflicting material that you need
to get to the bottom of, then ask your guides to assist you in gaining
clarity regarding what the conflicting information is trying to tell
you, what direction is it pointing you in. Are you being forced to
expand your awareness? Are you being inspired to look at another
aspect of your world and to acknowledge that that world has its
truth and for you to accept it without judgement or have you been
criticising certain aspects of yourself that you perceive as lagging
behind other peoples truths and perhaps it is time then for you to
acknowledge that your truth is in the process of changing and that it
is safe to make the transition. Nothing beloved ones is ever rarely
black and white as you know it, there are dimensions to everything.
As your world changes, concepts, ideas, truths change and this is
why I said a little while ago your truth today may not necessarily be

your truth in a years time. What was your truth five years ago is
certainly not your truth right now. You change, you grow. As you
change and grow your truth evolves with you. The truth you had at
the age of ten years old is certainly not the truth you know today, so
honour the fact and accept the fact that your truth will always
change, if it doesnt then you are not growing. The core essence of
your truth will remain the same but you will expand upon that truth,
you will adapt as you learn more about life. The more you learn
about yourself, the more your truth will change. Beloved ones the
breaking of your seven seals is precisely around all of this, you are
breaking away from the old truths, from the old concepts, breaking
away from the old attitudes and belief systems. You are severing
the umbilical cord to the old mother consciousness. You are
breaking away from holding the hand of the old father
consciousness. Your rebel will rise to reject the old consciousness
authority so that you may step into the true power of the true
authority of Mother/Father God, not an authority who is of a
matriarchal or patriarchal militant system of discipline or
governing. This is the authority of Mother/Father God that rises from
the very core of your being, the one that is in alignment with the
universal principles of authority.
Each and every seal you break transports you into the universal
wisdom, it transports your consciousness to merge with the
universal mind, to reconnect you with the authenticity of your
god/goddess self. Each and every single one of you will find that
through everything that you experience over the next two days you
will have individual truths manifest, you will find truths that you
have held dear up until this very minute may even change because
a new concept is presented. You will understand Gods language in
a broader nature because your nature is expanding into higher
worlds, you are evolving into higher aspects of your mind and your
higher self. You are drawing upon the cosmic consciousness of who
you are. Each and every single one of you having some form or
another set the intention that you rise above the limitation of the
3rd dimensional world. On some or other level you have reached the
point of being full of the old way, ready to purge yourself of the old
stagnant stifling energy and you have chosen a breath of fresh
air. You have chosen a new influx of energy and this you shall
It is important to hold in your consciousness and in your heart
especially over the next two days that you are an individual impulse
of life, you are a cell of Mother/ Father Gods body. The impulses
that move through you hold worlds of consciousness, you are a
manifestation of the greater body of light and sound, the greater
body of wisdom and knowledge, the greater body of love and power
for without each of those six energies nothing else can exist. Those

six energies are feminine and masculine making up the twelve

strands of light within the consciousness of your DNA.
Light manifests love, love will manifest light. Light manifests sound,
sound manifests light, the higher it vibrates the more light it
emanates. Light and sound give rise to the feelings of love. Love,
light and sound give birth to knowledge. Knowledge supports the
process of manifesting wisdom. Love and knowledge manifest
wisdom. Wisdom and love manifests light, manifests sound. Power
drives all of it. Knowledge is within each and every single one of
you. You have the responsibility to get to know yourself. Knowing
yourself is tapping into the know-ledge within you, you have the
power to do it, that power will motivate you to gain the
knowledge. Why do you think people say, knowledge is
power? Power will inspire you to find more light, to open to the
vibrations of sound of the greater universe which will bring more
love, more light and in the centre of it all truth resides. By holding
those six pillars: love and light, wisdom and knowledge, sound and
power, you have the points for the feminine triangle and the
masculine triangle which make up the Star of David. When the Star
of David manifests itself into a three dimensional form it manifests
the star tetrahedron, this is your Merkabah vehicle. In the centre of
the six points is truth being the seventh point, also the crown
We would like you to choose which of those seven qualities you
would like to integrate into each of your chakras. The seventh one
is the point of truth, the other six chakras you will choose how to
use the energies of light and love, of knowledge and wisdom, of
power and sound. The choices you make will indicate to you
through which chakra you will integrate that kind of information and
through which chakra you will express that information. Those are
the chakras you will work through to build your new life, your new
chakric system and lead by example.
As the seven seals are broken you reintegrate the original authentic
truths within each chakra centred around light and love, knowledge
and wisdom, sound and power. Throughout the next two days you
will gain a deeper understanding regarding this. It is however
important to know how much a part of you those six pillars are. For
each of you to know that the Star of David is the central geometric
shape of life giving vitality within the core of your being and as it
spins it manifests the star tetrahedron which is why the star
tetrahedron is the shape of the Merkabah vehicle of the first level of
light within the structure of all that you are.
It is important at this point to also understand that much has
changed around the original concept of meditation and
prayer. Originally it was taught that one should spend hours in

silence, in a state of meditation, to find the stillness within, to hear

the voice of God within, many people have had immense difficulty
doing this. Because of their difficulty in doing it they have rejected
it, rejected a spiritual journey or going there so to speak because
they experience such discomfort trying to go into that state of
meditation. Beloved ones those of you particularly who have had
difficulty in that area, it is time to accept and to recognise that your
life is in fact your meditation as much as it is your purpose. Every
day is a purpose of life and everything that you do should in fact be
a meditation. If what you are doing becomes a meditation, you are
then centred and focused, you are in the now because your focus is
holding you in what you are doing therefore you are fully present in
your activity. Different strands of consciousness have difficulty
holding them self for a long period of time within the sense of
stimulus and this brings us to another message for each and every
person to acknowledge the different tribes so to speak that
humanity is made up of, some of you may know them as the
thirteen root races. Each and every single one of you are linked
through the thirteen root races therefore certain aspects of a person
depending on their root race can hold meditation for hours on end
whereas another root race can absolutely not and the enforcement
of such a discipline does more damage than good. The root race
that holds the strand of creativity can much better meditate in the
style of their day being their meditation as apposed to the root race
that holds that inner quality of being the disciplinarian or the
teacher who can hold that meditative state for hours. Beloved ones
when you begin to see each individual as different, as having a
resonance that will draw them to a different quality, one releases
judgement, one releases expectation, one releases criticism
because one can acknowledge that one is different (unique) from
Prayer has also evolved; prayer has now become the process of
intention. Prayer was considered an act of being on your knees with
your hands clasped together at the edge of your bed before you go
to sleep or the edge of your bed upon rising or to be done once a
week in church. Prayer in fact is a conversation with God and every
single person has the right to converse with God at any time. The
original depiction of prayer was distorted and individuals who had
an inherent repulsion to any kind of conformist religion would have
rejected that. Many people do not know how to pray because of the
original way that Christianity presented prayer. The power of
intention is a form of prayer beloved ones. This is why we have
been working intensely with humanity for years now, more so the
last two to three years to communicate with Spirit, to converse with
your guides, to present to Spirit what your problems are, what you
need, what you dont need, to ask Spirit for intervention. This has
been the process of grooming you for this time where intention is
one of the most powerful tools of prayer you can use. By setting

your intentions clearly you take the time to meditate so to speak, to

understand what your true needs are. By simply sitting and saying
please God protect me or dear God please take my problems
away you are not getting to the point or to the core of what the
problem is. When you sit in the stillness and you ask yourself what
is my fear?, what is my problem?, where is the core of my anger?,
where is the imbalance? - you communicate with yourself. That
communication with self reveals to you what the problem is, then
you can say to God or to Spirit, dear God I realise I have a problem
and I currently understand that my problems stem from this
particular experience, I need greater clarity on this in order for me
to be able to manifest (and you list it), I believe that this problem is
blocking my ability to manifest this, if this is the case please
facilitate the process of helping me recognise what I need to do in
order to change it. This is very different to asking God to take your
problems away. You need to be an active participant in the game of
your life, it is not up to God to take your problems away, it is up to
you to know yourself, to know your heart, to know your mind, to
know your being, so you can understand where the problem is, what
caused it and why so it doesnt come back again. The repetition of
destructive patterns is there because you do not know what the core
of the problem is and by going within, finding the stillness within or
getting the mind still enough for you to be able to communicate
clearly with yourself, will provide the means to know yourself. To
commune with God, not to lay on Gods lap the responsibility of
fixing your life, it is asking for the support to change your world. By
asking Spirit to intervene or asking Spirit to facilitate the process of
discovery, you take your power back, you empower yourself with
the tools to resolve problems. You manifest the ability to find
solutions in your life. You gain wisdom as much as you gain
knowledge, that wisdom and knowledge gives you power and that
power becomes the answer to someone elses prayer for you may
very well be a teacher placed within a persons path to help them
find the answer they seek just like someone will be placed in your
path or a book or a message of some sort will come to you to
manifest the answer to your prayers. The original concept of prayer
held one in victim consciousness, it was a dis-empowering process
and distorted the concept of a relationship with God. Not even God
wants you to give your power over to him or her, you are meant to
hold that power. Mother/Father God will work through you but does
not want to own you.
Understanding how to use those tools beloved ones, will help you
understand how to work with the new energies that will flow through
your new chakric system. Those tools will help you understand
everything that will spill forth as a result of the old seals being
broken. Your purging process will bring an immense amount of selfknowledge. This will build your confidence in your ability to accept

challenges as the opportunity to learn more about yourself, to

understand more about life and not as something there to destroy
you. A person trapped in victim consciousness is terrified of the
challenges of life and will see the challenges as God punishing
them, they will see the challenges as fate destroying their lives. A
person in victory consciousness sees it as an opportunity to grow,
this is what you are working toward. All challenges affect every
aspect of the four original matrixes of debilitation that we have
spoken about earlier on. As those four matrixes are shattered
through the process of breaking the seven seals of the old chakric
system, the four templates of victory consciousness, prosperity
consciousness, trust and unconditional consciousness become a
part of the ethers and that energy then filters into every fibre and
cell of humanities consciousness, their body and their chakric
Each one of you are supporting the process of the collective
consciousness breaking through the old barriers, to expand their
awareness. I have said before that people in fact spend very little
time in their body and in the present moment, the majority of
peoples energy is in the past, another bit of it is in the future, with
the least amount of energy being in the present moment. In order
to write a new story instead of repeating history you have to be fully
present, a minimum of 85% of your consciousness to be in your
physical body, that is a lot of presence. However that presence
grounds you, it brings you back into your body so that you can do
what you need to do.
The Tree of Life has been given to you for a purpose. Imagine a tree
now in your mind, a tree has roots in the earth and its body
stretches out to the heavens. It draws energy from the earth and it
draws energy from the heavens. Do you think an un-rooted tree will
live very long? So how long do you expect to live if you are not
rooted to the earth? There are many people who think they are
alive but are dead, this is why so many people are dying to
live. Root yourself like tree, learn about the tree of life beloved
ones, that teaching has been given for a very specific purpose.
The Tree of Knowledge is called so not just for fun but because it
holds keys to life. The ten initiations of life are given within the Tree
of Knowledge, study it, apply it in the ways that you feel is truth for
you and you will see your awareness expands, the way you
experience life expands. If you will not be daring enough to look
beyond the constraints of the paradigm you have created you will
not go beyond what you have become accustomed to. This is why
humanity needs to move beyond the boundaries of limited
knowledge and existence. That is why the ages bring with it new
opportunities, the Piscean age has now broken through into the
Aquarian age. As the Aquarian age comes into power it shatters all

those old boundaries because it brings in additional energy, it brings

in light and any place where light is brought into must change, it is
inevitable. The more light there is, the more you can see, very
practical dont you think?
Beloved ones, we shall hold each one of you through the process for
the next 72 hours. This process is one that will take you into very
deep parts of your inner self, it will also take you into the very
depths of the worlds of higher light within the inner planes as well
as the dimensions of higher consciousness. Try your best not to
limit your experience based on you conditioning, based on belief
systems that have been projected by the outer world. For the next
two days we ask you to try and maintain as open a mind as possible
and if you find your mind clamping down on something, just
reassure your ego that you are experimenting, that you are researching for the truth. Research is about finding what has been
lost, the original truth, so all of you are researching for what was lost
and what was forgotten. At this point might we also add to bear in
mind that as a group you will be releasing many of the conditionings
and blockages that were imposed upon you that are still stored
within you on a cellular level to a degree, that comes from those
early dark ages where powers took away peoples power especially
small groups of people who abused their ability to read and write by
omitting information, by changing scriptures, by preaching to people
and distorting the information to suit themselves. Remember it was
only really in the early 1700s when more and more people gained
access to the ability to read and write, prior to that they were
vulnerable to certain echelons of power and you are breaking all of
that. You are shattering the lineage of limitation through that
particular line of abuse. Those of you who stood firmly in your truth
at different times through the dark ages you will also be supported
today to shatter the old fear and defence mechanisms related to
being either killed or incarcerated for your belief systems, for your
truth. All of that abuse beloved ones, is what created the seals and
now that they are being shattered, you are going back in time so
that you can move into the future. The place that you journey to
back in time, is back to when the original truths were there and you
bring them to a future within a new body to present in a new way
the original essence completely intact.
Are there any questions at this point that we can assist you with?
Q: Yes Lord Kuthumi. To stay in the moment, I do try very hard but I
find that if I use my mind to stay in the moment, then surely that is
defeating the object?
K: It is important to remember that the process of change takes
time. It was repetitive behaviour and constant affirmation that
manifested what you come to know as your reality today. It was
constantly drummed into you that you do not have the power to see

God. You will have heard over and over again that certain behaviour
labelled you as bad. Because you heard it enough times you
accepted it as a truth. It is the same with changing the old into the
new, you have to give it a new point of focus. In the beginning you
will need to be conscious of what is going through your mind but
also to be conscious of what you are feeling regarding what you are
thinking so if you find yourself doing something and you are
worrying about tomorrow or the next day stop yourself and ask
yourself what feelings are arising in your body as a result of your
worry because the feelings or emotions inside are feeding the mind
to worry about it. So when you understand the emotion, perhaps a
fear that is giving rise to the worry, you can determine what the fear
is, put it into context, work with it and let it go. If as a child you
always got into trouble for your room not being in order, if you are
aware certain aspects of your room need to be placed in order and
you have said to yourself I need to tidy my room, and while you
are making dinner you are worrying about the untidy room you can
understand because it was drummed into you as a child it is that
programming that is in fact motivating your worry. The fact that the
room is untidy for a little while longer is not the end of the world,
when you know that it is no longer a major issue you can project
love and light into the food you are making, you can enjoy what you
are doing in that moment and know that when you have finished
your meal and enjoyed the sustenance it has given you and you
have had some fun with your family, you can go and tidy your room
later. Allocate time for when you know you will not be challenged,
or you know that you are not giving yourself too little time or set a
programme for yourself where you will address one aspect of it at a
time. Empty the top drawer of all junk on Monday, Wednesday, do
the second drawer or half of it. Do you understand?
Q: I do. Lord Kuthumi is there a being or guide I can work with to
help me to stay in the moment?
K: Yes. Call upon the Lords of Time to assist you to hold your
consciousness within the present moment. You can also call upon
your personal guides to alert you to when you are moving out of
that space or when you are losing yourself in the past or in the
future. You see there is nothing wrong with thinking about the past
and there is absolutely nothing wrong with planning for the future
but when 60% of your energy is in the future and 30% of your
energy is in the past or vice versa, you only have 10% in the present
moment, so you will not be grounded, therefore you will not be able
to create what you need in the present moment to fulfill those
needs. If you have 60% of your energy in the past you will
continuously manifest in the present moment what you experienced
in the past, hence repetitive patterns of self-sabotage, of abuse, of
destruction and whatever else. If 60% of your energy is in the
future, you will find yourself continually chasing dreams but never
ever bringing anything into realisation or into a physical

manifestation, everything will always be in the future, or always be

tomorrow or when I am rich, when I am happy, when I am
thin. You understand?
This is why one needs to be in the present and if you ask your
guides to alert you to that you will see it becomes quite amusing
when you realise how much energy you invest in the past or in the
future. Use your past as a means to keep yourself in check
regarding what you perceive as being mistakes or painful
experiences. Plan your goals if this is what you would like to
do. You have dreams, you have visions for the future hold them
there yet do what you have to in the present moment to bring your
future dreams into physical manifestation. This means have your
dream come back to the present. Think about the past, gain the
lesson, come back to the present. Dont remain in the past or in the
future, it is when one gets stuck in those paradigms that one
manifests problems in the present.
Q: Lord Kuthumi I just wanted to ask with a healing session will it be
more powerful for a client to set an intention with me or with
themselves at the beginning of a session?
K: Do you feel this would add benefit?
Q: Yes I do.
K: Then by all means go with it.
Beloved ones we will end this transmission at this point. It is time
now to proceed with the activation of your new body as you go
through the journey of breaking the seals know that with each seal
that is shattered you automatically activate new aspects of
yourself. You re-activate dormant aspects of yourself and you bring
yourself further into the light. It is truly a de-light-ful experience.
Beloved ones, with each sense of clarity you manifest make note of
your realisations, make note of your insights as you work through
the material for the next two days, your insights will help you to
remain focused on what you are leaving behind. When you
recognise the patterns of behaviour that have caused problems in
any area of your life related to a chakra make note of it, you will be
able to refer back to it through this initial phase of changing the
affirmation of your life to a different one. You can use it as a
reminder to keep yourself in the present, to remind yourself not to
do something or to do something differently so that you change the
plan completely. Remember it was affirmation and repetition that
got you to where you are with regards to your belief systems, your
attitudes, the vices that display themselves, everything that
debilitates you, it is the same repetition and affirmation process that
you will use to change it into something different. You will be using
your power to choose what you want to bring into your new life, you
will direct it completely under the auspices of your higher self,

Mother/Father God and the higher worlds of Light. It is vital that you
communicate internally or verbally, if you like, with those beings of
Light who work with you. It does not matter whether you know their
names or not or what they look like or not, simply align yourself with
the presence of those beings, ask for the intervention, ask for the
support to recognise the clarity. Set the intention that your energy
be open to receive the insights. Take action, ask and you will
receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened
unto you. Take the action to seek, so you will find. Take the action
to ask, so that you will receive. Take the action to knock, so that the
door will be opened. It is up to you to make it happen beloved
ones. You are being given your power back, it is being handed back
to you on a golden platter or silver or platinum depending what your
preference is. It is yours, it always has been, take it and use it
I am Kuthumi and I greet and bless you in love. Adonai.
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom
to greet thee at this time.
Beloved ones, as we have gathered with you today in the presence
of the light grids of all the new energetic templates of energy, of
light, of sound, of wisdom and of knowledge that filter into your
earth plane at this current time. We further assist you and facilitate
the process of you integrating the same systems of energy into your
body. Greetings beloved ones.
The process that has been unfolding for the last two days is one that
has placed an immense amount of pressure on the chakras of all of
you as well as others connected to you. This pressure has been a
build up of un-vented energy which has manifested in different
areas of your life as limitation, lack, self-sabotage, destructive
patterns and much of what we discussed with you yesterday.
The sacral chakra seal has been broken, as the seal has been broken
so the water is able to flow and Mother Earth weeps with Father Sky
as the emotion can now freely flow for humanity to move into a
deeper level of feeling. The inability to feel ones emotions often
manifests blockages within the subtle bodies. Those blockages
begin to build up with the unexpressed energy until eventually
something must give or break so that the energy can find its way to
flow. If something is frozen for long periods of time, eventually
nothing can grow in it either and when water is frozen it cannot feed
the earth therefore the earth becomes barren and infertile. If your
sacral chakra is frozen, your base chakra cannot nurture what you

have planted within it. Without the moisture and the nourishment of
your sacral chakra your base chakra dries up.
The emotions flowing is what will carry you into the next level of
understanding how the world has changed and will continue to
change. You will begin to see how the dysfunctions of society have
come about as a result of the lower chakras being in a state of great
trauma and stress. The old seals which have prevented humanity
from feeling, seeing and knowing will come alive in a way that will
allow the new seals to bring about a new order of action,
application, integration and expression. When we speak of the old
seals bringing this we refer to the gift that comes out of every
challenge. Any situation perceived as a bad situation is only bad
because of ones perception of it but out of everything, something
good will rise. By searching for the light within the dark we find the
gem. If one chooses to focus on the darkness one will never find the
light therefore the gem remains a hidden treasure never to be
found. The treasures within the darkness become tools of wisdom,
wisdom that becomes applied, which allows one to integrate and
express in a whole new way.
The new seals offer one the opportunity to explore oneself and the
world even further. Each seal is symbolic of a new world of
discovery lying behind the seal. The breaking of the seven
unnatural Jehovic seals is probably one of the most intense
processes that your planet will undergo. These unnatural seals
have bound you all to the lower levels of circular motion as opposed
to spiral ascension. For today beloved ones, you will rapidly ascend
the spiral of light through your chakras moving from the solar plexus
up, out and through your crown chakra. The way it will be
processed for you as group specifically today is through the purpose
of supporting Mother Earth in it, therefore the information that will
come through for the remainder of today will be applicable to you all
as well as Mother Earth herself, therefore you need to work with the
chakras in this manner. Working with the maps, Sister Salome, and
each one of you opening your vessels as a conduit of sensation in
order to feel where you fit in. Some of you have already been
informed by Lady Guinevierre which chakra you are currently
working with for the planet, however all of you as a group here
today are also holding specific forces of energy linked to different
places around the globe.
The recognition of where you fit in will process the energy and break
those remaining seals very rapidly, which is why you need to work
with the seals on a planetary scale as well. By working with Mother
Earth you remain grounded through the process of activation. This
is the first time in two thousand eight hundred years that such a
process has been allowed to happen with groups such as this to
work with breaking seals of old matrixes and consciousness. The

last time this was allowed there were certain energies out of balance
that seeped through, this has been in preparation for the past two
thousand five hundred years. All of you have had an interaction
with such a process of consciousness shifting before, so you will be
drawing upon cellular memory. The reason why transcending ego
visualisation was initiated before we spoke to you is because in
order to work with the earth in this manner, in order to tap into the
new levels of consciousness coming through the new frequencies of
light that break the old seals requires that you be beyond your ego,
that you see yourself as part of the higher world yet detached from
the lower aspects that keep one trapped in emotion. Emotions of
destruction, emotions that manifest and perpetuate lust
consciousness, victim consciousness, poverty and conditional love
consciousness. When one is trapped in the old fields of emotion,
one remains attached, one sees every reaction as part of them self
and buy into the reaction by reacting to the reaction and as the
reactions continue to react against one another wars break
out. Destruction becomes the process as a result of clashing
personalities, of clashing egos, of the egos trying to hold on dearly
to everything that it is and to everything it is terrified it is
not. Attachment is one of the most destructive forces of energy that
one can ever be exposed to. Attachment prevents one from moving
forward, attachment keeps one trapped. This is why many masters
have taught to let go of all material attachments, not to measure
your worth based on what you have achieved materially even
academically, this means nothing when it comes to the worthiness
or value of a soul. The core of a persons spirit and being is what is
most important and how that energy is utilised within a world is
what is important. A person can have nations of wealth within their
bank account and have degrees as long as the Nile river behind
their name but if they do not apply the Laws of Light to their life
they have gained very little in the arena of soul investment for the
purpose of raising consciousness. They have certainly manifested a
powerful opportunity to learn about the sacred laws of the universe
and what not to do with power. But now, beloved ones, the time has
come for humanity to take full responsibility for all actions, all
thoughts and all words.
The past two thousand five hundred years have been a very
comfortable space in fact because it has been a place where people
did not have to own anything. If one has had a challenging
upbringing it was very easy to blame ones parents, to blame
abusers and to sit comfortably within the victim role. The poverty
within the heart and mind will always justify the very terrible life
they have had to live but the perpetuation of focusing on the very
terrible life they have had to live has not allowed them to move on,
it has become a part of their identity to justify to themselves that
the ego is still safe in its position of holding on to the past. Let us
tell you now the choice, because it is, to hold onto the past will keep

one in the four matrixes of the Piscean consciousness. The choice

to take responsibility for your life in other words using your ability to
respond to your life in a way that supports you in moving forward,
taking your power back is what you are all being offered. Choosing
to wallow in self-pity keeps you in the old paradigm, choosing to
wallow in blame will keep you in the old paradigm. These are ego
attachments, beloved ones, therefore when we speak of attachment
it is not limited to the material world, it is most certainly the
emotional and mental world. The emotional world is certainly the
most volatile at this current time, humanity has not been educated
in the arena of proper emotional management. It is often referred to
in your world as emotional intelligence but how does one manage
that intelligence? One can have many levels of intelligence walking
around but if the intelligence is not managed in a proper fashion it
can still get out of hand and simply create another scenario that
perpetuates another phase of destructive or limiting behaviour. This
is quite easily recognised within the arenas of power plays within
the worlds and their governments, where there are powerful people
of high intellect, people of great wealth but how they manage the
power and intelligence is highly questionable. Therefore you need
to learn how to manage your emotions. Humanity needs to be
taught how to understand what motivates each emotion, humanity
needs to be taught how to embrace their wound, how to embrace
their levels of anger, pain, grief, shame and guilt. Put it into
context, explore it and express it in a healthy fashion.
All of you will be supported in doing precisely the same and we are
not limiting it to what one is having to go through today, this is for
the rest of your life. The intensity of this particular journey this
weekend has been the preparation and to show you where your life
is going. The future of energy, the future of how the world will
unfold, having relinquished control to the higher self as opposed to
remaining within the grips of the ego. By claiming responsibility for
your thoughts, for your words and your actions, you in fact empower
yourself because when you sit in blame there is no reason for you to
move forward. When you sit in judgement of another there is no
reason to move forward but when you own the judgement and
recognise the judgement as a mirror image of your inner self you
have reason to move forward, you have reason to move out of the
comfort zone of the lower ego and to find the voice of your higher
self calling you from the top of the spiral to make your way home, to
journey upward, to journey into the sound of your light.
You will become aware of how easy it is to pass the buck, you will
become even more conscious of how easily people do this on a
regular basis. This is played out more publicly within the
governmental systems, within corporations and organisations of a
wide variety, this is also seen quite clearly within the religious and
spiritual sectors of your world. Many of you will find some of the

greatest challenges of overcoming ego being in the religious and so

called spiritual sectors of your world. There are many people who
label themselves as spiritualists, new agers, alternative living
systems, yet they judge, reject and withhold light. When you
become enmeshed in competition, in fear of losing your place in the
world, you are acting from ego. When people clamber to get first
place or clamber to be seen or to be heard, ego is speaking far
louder than the internal spirit. The greatest fall of the ego will come
within the spiritual and religious sectors of your
world. Governments have been playing it out for eons of time, it is
quite common knowledge of this fact and in fact many people
humourise this aspect of the worlds systems but religion and
spirituality is a far more serious factor in most peoples minds. I
have said before, however I will reiterate, that any person or
organisation that has rooted their intention in ego will not stand for
long for the spiritual practices of the universal laws do not permit it
to stand for long and those people, individuals and groups, who live
by the principles of higher integrity will not stand for the egos
influence upon the higher levels of energy working its way through
the various systems of life. You yourself will see yourself reacting to
that kind of behaviour, the reaction offers you an opportunity to
move out of the egos reaction and to move into the higher selfs
response to what is happening. When you respond to a negative
situation, you find a solution, when you react, you play the ego
game. So think before you speak, before you act, consider
whatever is occurring in your space and what it is showing you.
These shifts and changes are bubbling forth within the flesh of
Mother Earth. The new energy will come forth very rapidly over the
next five years and each one of you will find yourself actively
working with these energies in different areas of life for the next five
years be it through the environment, be it with the economy, within
religion or spirituality, within business or the law, you will leave your
mark of light in one form or another because you have all
volunteered to be a part of this process, to act as facilitators,
channels and conduits of energy to make this a manifested reality
within earthly living. Your chakras are either an expression of the
ego or an expression of your higher self. It is important to bear in
mind that when we say there is no excuse for blame, we do not say
that in anyway are we not empathetic to the struggles and
challenges that people have faced, we refer to the process where
the victim has become the identity of the individual and prevents
them from moving forward. How the poverty consciousness
manifests stagnation and limitation and the abuse of energy
becomes conditional love and lust consciousness. When you detach
from the lower ego, you move into a state of empathy, that
empathy allows you to see whatever is occurring from a point of
objectivity rather than an emotional reaction to what has
occurred. When one reacts emotionally, one reacts from the ego,

one reacts based on ones personal pain especially if it is an issue

that reflects and echos similar pain in ones life. Detachment and
empathy allows one to tap into the energy of solution, rather than
the egos reaction which may very well worsen the situation or
perpetuate the issue in another direction still carrying the same
essence of destruction.
Your chakras are bubbling with life at the moment, it looks like acid
bubbling through your charkas. The acid dissolves the old seal and
bursting forth is light. As you work with the earth today, the same
seal will be broken in the etheric matrix of your planet. The etheric
matrix is what has held the old Jehovahian unnatural seals in
place. The matrix is often referred to as the synthetic merkabah;
this is being dismantled at this time, therefore as each of you
choose the authentic journey of self discovery you automatically set
in motion the natural process of re-manifesting the natural
merkabah of your planet and of your lighter bodies. The merkabah
vehicle is a light body however there are many layers of this
vehicle. This system can be used for constructive purposes and
destructive purposes, therefore it is vital that you as an individual
take full responsibility for your life. When you behave irresponsibly
by not taking responsibility you give your power away to unseen
forces that can manipulate you in many different ways, that
manipulation manifests through people in your life whom you
attract, who energetically sense your vulnerability, which is how
people get locked in lower ego dramas. Because you are working
your way out of this you will find yourself moving away from
situations and from people that have perpetuated these patterns in
their life before. Because it will change rapidly within your own life
you will also find systems of rectification manifesting in your life,
either through your own thought forms and imagination or through
inspiration and these mechanisms of rectification are programmes
of light (if we can call it this) that will bring to humanity the required
awareness to rise out of the trappings of the lower ego. Many
people are not even aware of the fact that the lower ego governs
their life, so there are many levels of ignorance that need to be
dealt with and each of you will deal with it in different ways.
There are other groups around the world who have tapped into the
same levels of energy that we are working with you at this time,
there are other Masters of the Light namely Lord Melchizedek, Lord
Maitreya, Lady Kwan Yin, Lord Soltec and Lord Sananda working with
other groups around the globe to activate the same seals of light in
order for the new consciousness to become the order of the new
The Piscean Seal, beloved ones, has been completely broken and all
of you as a collective consciousness through many levels of energy
have facilitated that process. Your reward comes in the conscious

recognition of what you need to do, the conscious realisation of how

you need to do it and in what areas of your life it must be
applied. You will then clearly see how the application of that energy
and information will gracefully manifest change within all the outer
sectors of life and the inner worlds of humanity, especially those
who are in a state of deep search, however their fear of being
exposed as different keeps them trapped in the closet so to speak.
We have already spoken about the phantom earth the one created
for the purpose of holding those who choose not to make their
transition through the gateways of ascension with Gaia, those who
choose to remain within the trappings of the lower ego so that Gaia
does not have to carry the burden of that weight any longer. You
are ridding yourself of the weight of responsibility that is no longer
yours, the weight of responsibility that in fact has never been yours
but at some stage you took it on for the purpose of trying to find
your identity, your place in the world, who loves you and who you
need to protect yourself from. It is still important and always will be
important to hold your energy in its centre, to be discerning about
the places you place your energy in. Protecting yourself is as
important as brushing your teeth. When you understand the more
technical aspects of energy and how intricate the system of life truly
is, you will realise why supporting Mother Earth in this manner is so
important because what affects her affects you and what affects you
affects her, what humanity remains ignorant to continues to pain
her. Ignorance is not necessarily bliss, beloved ones, the pain of
waking up can sometimes be overbearing but with a little
perseverance you find knowledge is power and that power brings
Are there any questions at this point?
Q: Yes, I just have a question about the activation of the merkabah,
is that a natural thing, does it happen on its own?
K: Which merkabah do you refer to sister?
Q: My own?
K: Your merkabah as a human being will ignite itself naturally at
precisely the right time it needs to be. Just like the Kundalini, the
merkabah cannot be forced to become active, this is another reason
why we tell people to take responsibility and to feel, however every
journey is for a purpose. If a merkabah is activated prematurely,
the Lords of Light usually intervene to bring it into balance in order
to bring the persons bodily system into balance. Sometimes when
a merkabah is prematurely activated, it can manifest in severe
psychosis because it opens many levels of consciousness to the
person, this also manifests in delusions of grandeur and seeing too
much of the outer worlds yet still embraced in the ignorance of the
lower ego causes the mental body to snap away from the emotional

and physical bodies and this is usually when people end up in

This is why, beloved ones, we have taught so often to take
responsibility to discern, to use the power of choice, not to run into
anything blindly. You would not use a very dangerous piece of
machinery or equipment if you did not know how it operated, you
use your sense and you study the manual before you utilise the
equipment. It is the same with the other worlds, yet the other
worlds are far more complicated than a piece of heavy duty
machinery, see it in the same light. Many people have seen the
occult world or the physic world as extremely glamorous, many
people imagine being a physic or a mystic as extremely mystical
and glamorous, beloved ones there is no glamour in that world, the
glamour is very much of the world of ego. You are all raising your
consciousness beyond the physic realms and into the realms of
Spirit therefore if you are wanting to enter the world of university
make sure you have completed your lower grades first.
Q: Lord Kuthumi may I ask a question about the Sumatran
earthquake, I did speak to you two days ago during the Lady
Guinevierre channelling. I wasnt certain, we spoke of it being a
sacral chakric point, because of what you said, but when you look at
the map it doesnt sit on a sacral chakra. Are you referring to its
original source being outside of New Zealand or are you talking
about the actual point in Sumatra?
K: It would be the old point, remember it is the breaking of old seals
as the energy shifts into its new position as a result of the new
seals it will have changed.
Q: So the map I am working on is a new map?
K: Yes.
Q: How then do I correlate these chakras?
K: Open your eyes and look through the etheric. As we work with
all of you today with the maps, you will see that each body has itself
within a body. Imagine the physical body, the emotional body, the
mental body, the etheric bodies and so it goes on, so when you look
at a place you are looking at many levels of its structure but as the
body is structured, it layers itself in the form of a spiral so it will turn
in a 360 degree rotation through the vein of energy that it was
originally conceived in and birthed through.
Imagine a child being born, a child is born in a hospital or in a
home. From the point of birth the child is taken to a different place
perhaps it spends a few years of its early childhood life in one place
and then it moves on. Throughout ones life one moves and with
each move one makes the chakras move and change because every
area of Mother Earths body holds a different frequency and
vibration of energy. Now you also have the consciousness of each
place, be it a suburb or a province or a country because the

collective consciousness within those areas reflect the predominant

chakric personality or character within that area.
If for instance you find yourself in an area where the greater
community is focused on old paradigm religion, very conservative
religion, you are then dealing with certain base chakra issues
regarding the religion, you are also dealing with the sixth ray of
devotion which is responsible for taking one out of that old limited
religious belief system. Now someone, like one of you, within such
an area would have great difficulty feeling comfortable within that
area. You may be bringing the third eye charka energy into the
limited base or you may be bringing crown chakra energy into that
lower base or fearful base chakra where the people have not
empowered themselves to the degree to be able to express their
power in a safe and healthy manner. The chakric force being
brought into that area is what usually acts as the catalyst to shatter
the old way. When the old chakra or the old chakric energy is
shattered a new level of that chakra emerges so for instance if the
empowered aspect of the base chakra is now evident in many areas
of the community the crown chakra and third eye chakra will
automatically become a part of it. So the body of that community
begins to wake up and then you can see the base chakra, the crown
chakra and the third eye chakra becoming alive but perhaps the
throat, the heart, the solar plexus and the sacral has not been
activated yet so it will not be seen clearly until something else
occurs, perhaps a heart chakra person comes in and acts as a
catalyst to bring about many levels of forgiveness into the
community. The forgiveness energy breaks the heart chakra open
and also opens the solar plexus and the throat chakra.
Do you understand Sister?
Q: I think so. So what you are saying then is that Pandache, which
is where the earthquake was, it now sits on a throat chakric point
within a larger heart chakra.
K: Yes
Q: So this is the new energy, it now has voice.
K: Yes it is, precisely. That is precisely what we refer to when the
chakras need to emerge together in that sense. Bearing in mind,
the heart charka is the air element and the throat chakra is the
etheric element, the element of ether and sound. When one gives
oneself the space (which is the air element) to express what is on
ones heart, one creates a shift within the ethers to bring into being
that which is being expressed. When the shifts take place
etherically there are many levels of energy that are broken down or
Q: Las Palmas, the solar plexus point within the heart chakra is an
old seal.
K: Yes it is.

Q: Reflecting it on this map doesnt make any sense.

K: It will make sense because the solar plexus is the fire element,
the heart chakra is the air element. When the air is not moving and
becomes stagnant, the flame expires, there is no oxygen to feed
it. So that flame needs to be re-ignited and sometimes the air
needs to come, wind will bring the re-ignition of the flame. This is
what happens in life, beloved ones, which is why it is so important
to observe nature. When winds spread fires it is the heart chakra
igniting the solar plexus chakra, the solar plexus chakra is burning
through the veils of illusion that have blocked the heart chakra from
being able to be expressed. You will find if you have to take the
time to interview every resident in the area they will be going
through or will have gone through similar issues related to the heart
chakra and to the solar plexus chakra. You will also find many of
them having to deal with the throat chakra.
Nature speaks a language, the heavens have opened up with rain
today, why? What has been going on? What did we say earlier
on? Did any of you get it? Do you see that is the nature of natures
language, it speaks, the elements speak all the time. If you are
travelling around the world and everywhere you go it just happens
to be raining even if you end up in the middle of the Sahara Desert,
oh this hasnt happened in two hundred years, there is a rainstorm
in the Sahara Desert!, why? What is happening? This supports all
of you in getting in touch with your body. When you are in touch
with your body, you are in touch with Mother Earths body, she is a
part of you, you are a part of her. You eat organic matter nurtured
by her body therefore you cannot be separate from her even if you
try. You drink the water which is the life giving force of her body,
you are made up of that force. You are one with her, therefore you
need to work with her not against her. You have all clearly seen
what happens when you work against Mother Nature, believe me
her forces are far greater than yours, as you have all already
noticed. She is a grand body, she is the macrocosm you are the
microcosm, you too are the macrocosm of microcosms within
you. The cells of your body are a microcosm of the macrocosm and
what you feed the cells with feeds the cellular structure of the
macrocosm. That is why you are all one, you are created from the
same forces, the elements, the same substances. The blood that
flows through your veins is the lava that flows through the veins of
Mother Earth. The water that flows through her body is the cerebral
spinal fluid that flows up and down your spine, you are all
connected. The crystals of her body is like the skeletal structure of
your body. You need minerals to keep your body in balance, dont
you? When there are minerals lacking in the earth - her body - it
cannot nurture food or organic matter grown within her body and
those minerals and nutrients are therefore lacking to a degree
within the food and you are therefore not getting sufficient this is

why you will see many nutrients, vitamins and minerals are being
created because it is lacking within your body, because it is lacking
within Mother Earths body because she has not been treated with
The average human being does not pay much attention to their
body, there are very very few human beings who know exactly when
a mineral or nutrient is missing from their body. Very few people
can even tell the difference between hunger and thirst, many people
will be thirsty but will eat and have not recognised that what they
have interpreted as hunger pangs is in fact thirst. That is how out of
touch many have become with their body therefore disconnected
from Mother Earth and if humanity wants to manifest the healing for
Mother Earth required to keep her in balance, you need to get in
touch with your own body, that is where it begins and when you see
how you are of water she is of water, you have minerals and
nutrients within you as does she and your blood is the same colour.
Anything else?
Q: Yes of course. The seal you asked me to plot out in the
Dullstroom area, I see it as a throat seal for the feminine
counterpart of the golden foetus. That is a new seal, is that correct?
K: Yes it is.
Q: and has that now also broken?
K: It is 85% of the process broken, it will be completed by the
middle of March.
Q: When I first plotted it, it looked, well I had the impression that it
looked like the Pleiades. When you actually look at it it doesnt. Is
there a reason for it?
K: The Pleiades have had a great influence on the evolution of the
planet especially humanities relationship to the animal
kingdom. The Pleiadians, many of them come to show humanity the
importance of honouring the animal kingdom. In a past time the
Pleiadians were responsible for many many grotesque experiments
involving animals some of them went severely wrong and caused
great destruction. They have come now having learnt from that to
ensure that it is not repeated. It is simply another level of abuse
that humanity is being supported in changing and that is what you
saw in the sense of the Pleiades, you are very conscious of the
abuse lines within earths body, not so?
Q: I think so, that falls right in the Timbavati which will be white
lions and the abuse of the white lions.
K: There you go.
Q: Then there must be many seals, there are not seven seals, that
is a small seal. Seals within seals.
K: There always is. However, if we start working with the seals
within the seals within the seals we will have to seal you all away for

a few hours to be able to gather yourself back together to make

sense of it in your mind. So we will deal with it a layer at a time.
Are there any further questions?
Q: Yes, Lord Kuthumi I am finding it difficult sitting still!
K: Part of the process of shifting the seals in this manner is going to
invoke the need or the want to move forward. When one feels the
energy becoming part of ones cellular system one will feel such as
you are sister, restless and wanting to move. So acknowledge it as
the integration of that new energy and also an effect of the
transcending ego visualisation you were all started with.
Q: I just want to ask about the overall view from Spirit on
vegetarianism, not eating meat.
K: Beloved sister I have spoken on this subject at length on a
number of occasions so let us say to you at this point every single
person has personal needs not every single person is comfortable
with eating animal flesh, not everybody can go without eating
animal flesh. Each person needs to honour their bodies needs,
again about getting in touch with the bodies needs. If anything that
is being ingested is destructive to the physical body then one needs
to release it from ones diet, however, each person must feed their
body with what it requires and bear in mind that one mans
medicine can be another mans poison. You are all different.
Let me also add at this point that everything that one eats be it
vegetable, fruit or of animal protein is a living consciousness, there
is as much living consciousness in an apple and a lettuce as there is
within a cow. When one blesses ones food one is giving thanks to
the consciousness for surrendering its energy to be ingested to feed
ones consciousness. So when one plucks an apple from the tree it
is the same as taking the life of a cow. One has to do it bearing in
mind that all life has a consciousness. We have observed many
times where meat eaters will reject vegetarians and vice versa, it is
not generally that the rejection comes from any higher aspect. The
meat eater will reject the vegetarian because the meat eater feels
guilty about the fact that he/she is eating meat and would rather
have the vegetarian look silly in the face of others as opposed to
feeling or showing how bad he/she feels about eating the
meat. Vegetarians will look down on meat eaters and judge them
for having slaughtered an animal and unconsciously eating the
animals flesh. We do not see it in that way, we simply see it as
whatever the body requires to get it to a point that it needs to be at
is supportive. Listen to your body that is the bottom line.
Q: Lord Kuthumi, how would you bless food? Would it be verbally or
K: Whichever way you feel represents a blessing of thanks.

Q: So if you had to put the sign of the cross over your food, would
that be appropriate?
K: Does that signify a blessing for you?
Q: Yes.
K: Then so be it.
Q: I have one question please. This change around the attitudes of
humanity is it going to be brought about by a multitude of individual
changes rather than any organised effort?
K: It will be both brother because it will be a sense of organised
effort by like minded people gathering together, offering programs,
presenting techniques to move one out of density and
negativity. However these ones who present this will have to be
very careful and ensure that they lead by example in all ways. One
will always have to practice what they preach.
Q: Lord Kuthumi may I ask about the Essenes and the Essenic way
of life and the Great White Brotherhood.
K: What precisely would you like to know brother?
Q: I understand that their way of living leads one to ones higher
K: Yes.
Q: So what is the Great White Brotherhood?
K: The Great White Brotherhood are a group of highly evolved souls
who were the original core structure of the Essenes. These beings
of the light hold in place all of the mechanisms required to maintain
spirituality within the essence of all that is expressed as well as
experienced. The Great White Brotherhood is also responsible for
bringing the ancient universal truths into the modern world through
a number of systems including the human system. The Great White
Brotherhood is currently manifesting various systems of energy in
the form of reading material as well as inspirational energies
channelled to and through individuals who are able to adapt the
original Essenic way of life into the modern system of living so that
it does not appear as such a daunting task or an archaic way of
living in a new world. You are one of these, are you aware of that?
Q: Thank you.
Q: Master Kuthumi, the phantom earth that has been created is it
the people who choose to stay stuck in the Piscean Age that are
going there or is it the people who have chosen to move on that are
going there?
K: The people who choose to remain stuck will accompany the
phantom earth. Those who choose to awaken from the slumber,
from what is often referred to as Kali Yuga, will journey with
Mother Earth into the higher dimensions. The Kali Yuga is simply the
deep sleep state. Now as the seals are being broken the state of
Kali Yuga is falling away this is why you are finding many people in
actual fact are buying into the new system of living. This is evident

through tools being used within media and advertising, people are
coining phrases from the sacred texts and utilising it in everyday
life. This is another confirmation of how people are stirring on the
inside and waking.
Let us tell you that in fact there is very good news because a vast
amount of people are stirring from the deep sleep of Kali Yuga. Many
people have awoken, it will not be that a massive amount of people
are going to remain asleep because in some way or another the
stirring has occurred. Not everybody will make their sense of
awakening such as many are now but the awakening process is
certainly of a rapid nature at this current time. People are also
finding that their inner faith is what is important therefore it matters
not if one chooses a Catholic system or a Buddhist system or a
Muslim system of faith, it is the faith that is important. It is actions
within that faith that is important. One can be on a spiritualist path
but still deliberately manipulate people and energies. One can be of
a Catholic faith or a Muslim or Buddhist faith but the essence of
their being is in alignment with the highest order of the light, there
is a big difference. So the label of ones belief system is in fact of
little importance to Spirit, it is the quality of the essence of the self
that matters and that is what Spirit observes.
Q: So the people who chose to take the road of Ascension will go to
the higher worlds?
K: Yes.
Q: The ones that choose to wake up will stay on the current earth
until they are ready to ascend?
K: Yes.
Q: The ones that choose to sleep will go to the phantom earth?
K: Yes.
Q: Which is a mirror image of the current earth?
K: Yes it is. Let us also point out that those who are currently
awakening and who have the potential to achieve higher levels of
awakening at an accelerated rate will transcend many levels of
those lower vibrations and move into the higher levels with earth as
Systems are being adjusted all the time based on the choices that
humanity is making. Nothing is actually set in stone so to speak
because this is a zone of free will and as choices are made it
changes the vibrations all the time. The main focus at this time of
the Lords and the Masters of different federations of light from
different galaxies and solar systems who have come together is
focusing on dismantling the mechanisms that were originally set in
place to keep man in the state of Kali Yuga. There are many levels
of it that one would not quite understand but it is taking place and
those dismantling programmes will continue and are based on a set
programme regardless of what humanity is doing in any one given
time. So there are different focuses, do you understand?

Q: Thank you.
Q: There is so much available, will one be guided to what one needs
at any particular time where time constraints or financial constraints
dont allow one to attend every single initiation or attunement or
whatever it is.
K: One will always be guided but one needs to look at the financial
constraints or the time constraints and how it has
manifested. Sometimes it is the opportunity to recognise the
limitation that one has placed on ones self and to acknowledge
ones opportunity to move beyond that. However, always know that
whatever you need you will be given, the means will always be
provided to manifest what you require. Trust that.
Q: Lord Kuthumi, how will the process to the phantom world take
K: Beloved sister that has not been finalised at this current stage
because there are still many who are awakening at a rapid
rate. More information will be given on that probably in your earth
time in the year of 2007. Is this clear?
Q: Thank you.
Now, beloved ones, let us look at your energy bodies to determine
what part of the world you are supporting at this time. We will give
you the name of a place that will align with your physical body. You
however need to determine for yourself what your emotional body is
linked to and what your mental body is linked to.
You will also begin to see in working with the map work where your
chakras are linked and how the chakric energy works through
you. You will also then begin to integrate the new archetypes of the
new energy systems that you are bringing in respectively for
yourself and Mother Earth.
Sister A you are holding the energy for Cypress.
Sister B you are holding the energy physically through Spain.
Sister C your physical energy is linked directly through Colorado.
Brother D your energy physically is linked directly through Tibet.
Sister E your energy is linked directly through Namibia.
Brother F your energy is linked directly through Sweden.
Sister G your physical energy is linked directly through London.
Sister H your energy is linked directly through Pakistan.
Sister I your energy physically is linked directly through Hawaii.
Sister J your energy on a physical level is linked directly through
Johannesburg, South Africa.
Sister K you are in Toronto, Canada.
Q: and sister L?

K: One moment let us ask Lady Guinevierre if we can reveal that

Beloved ones we would like you now to work with the physical
process of working with Sister Salome as well in understanding how
the chakras are plotted out on the earth. This is the linking process
of merging you with the new seals of light with Mother Earth. This is
where your bodies become woven as one expression. Each one of
you need to listen very clearly to your body for all the other chakras
leading from your solar plexus to your crown will undergo the same
breaking process as you plot all the different chakras on the earth
map. It is a physical process as much as it is an emotional
process. Tomorrow you will integrate it through your mental body,
Tuesday you will integrate it through your spiritual body. Each
integration requires approximately twenty-four hours to bring it
through all the levels of the higher energy vibrations because it is
such a new sensation to all the energy bodies it requires a certain
length of time to be done but you have all successfully shattered
those seals of the base chakra and the sacral chakra. Mother Earth
and Father Sky weep with you today, the emotional day. Father Sky,
the water element of the sacral chakra feeds the earth (the earth
element of the base chakra) it gives the earth the sustenance it
needs for new life to take root and to spurt forth. May this process
of seeding, of taking root and of spurting forth the new life of the
new seeds planted manifest for each one of you under grace, in
perfect and miraculous ways. The blessings of what has occurred
over the past two days will come through to each one of you
through the course of today, again listen to your body and recognise
how Spirit and Earth will communicate with you.
I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in
love. Adonai.
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom
to greet each one of you at this time and to brace each one of you
within the new energy templates of the new structures of life that
have come into manifestation. Greetings beloved ones.
Brothers and sisters as you have worked with the earths body and
come to the deeper understanding of how your body is linked to
each part of the world so you come to integrate the templates held
within the cellular structure of her body that have held the ancient
truths and universal truths (often seen as universal mysteries). This
information becomes a part of your blueprint for the purpose of
assisting you in unravelling the truths of your past in order to
manifest the truths for your future in a harmonious and in a
responsible manner. The work you have been doing has been of a

very intense nature as many of you have experienced. The intensity

of the nature of the information has been such because you are
transcending many levels of dense energy. The density of the old
paradigm was very very intense beloved ones and what you have
been working through gives you an idea of how stuck the old world
truly was. Pulling yourself out of such density is very similar to the
process an unborn child goes through as it makes its way down the
birth canal, forcing its way out of the mothers womb. Some do it
with ease others need assistance in other words a caesarean
section. Many people will be birthed energetically through
caesarean section but there are ones such as yourselves who are
having a natural birth so to speak and finding yourself re-aligning
your chakric system along your spine, rearranging the cranial plates
of your skull in order to allow the light in so that whatever densities
have been a past part of your reality can release them self once and
for all. Holding the image of natural birth in your mind will help you
to understand how at times you may feel that you are having to
push your way through certain areas of your life in order to
experience the breakthrough you as a soul are working toward.
Many breakthroughs will manifest them self within your life and this
particular work we have been conducting with you over the past two
days will continue to expand itself over the next five years. This is
the tip of the iceberg, beloved ones, it is very new energy to many
because of the higher vibrations it can at times be difficult to
intellectually integrate bearing in mind you are working from a fifth
dimensional level and upward. No longer is it a case of drawing
energy in through the third dimensional aspect of
consciousness. You have actively worked to raise your
consciousness to higher levels now it is time to integrate
information and energy from the higher levels, graduation has taken
place and now it is time to play with bigger fish.
You have completed many of the lower grades so to speak and your
graduation takes you into a very new world. Some of you at times
may have experiences of dj vu because your body will respond to
the memories held within your cellular print. That print will release
information from the unconscious, drawn in from the superconscious to filer into your conscious consciousness bypassing the
subconscious. The reason why the subconscious will be bypassed in
this particular case is because it is not necessary to integrate it
through the subconscious, integrating it through the conscious
allows you to re-programme the subconscious and so you bring it in,
in a spiral effect.
Imagine the digit six drawing the energy in from the higher worlds is
the starting point of the digit six, as you draw it in from the super
conscious through the unconscious and into the conscious mind it
ends up in the subconscious at the end point of the digit six. Six is a

very important number at this current time because it symbolises

the reunion of all that has been separate, it is marriage where
divorced has been experienced, it is the manifestation of joy where
sorrow has had its root and you are the catalysts in creating the
bridges across the chasms of the old world and into the new
world. It is vital that you do not become too intellectually concerned
about the information you currently do not understand because you
have to pull it beyond the intellect and into your heart. When it
moves into your heart it filters into all the other systems and you
come to have a feeling understanding of the information rather than
a headspace understanding of the information, it is never meant to
be held solely within the head.
One of the problems has been that information is given and held too
much in the head and does not ground itself within the physical life
of the initiate. When such information is not grounded it is not
applied and when it is not applied it is simply dormant information
not doing much of anything in your space, therefore taking what you
understand thus far and applying it to the best of your conscious
knowledge is what is important. The rest will follow you will come to
the point of understanding the other levels of information,
remember you have not worked from this level of consciousness
before in this current lifetime, it is a new way of working with
information and a new way of working with energy and this is
something that we will bring forward for many people now.
Those who have chosen Ascension need to upgrade their energy, for
ages the teachings have descended to the level of the student, now
the student (the initiate) raises its energy to the higher dimensions
for no longer is it a student, the student evolves into the
initiate. The teaching becomes an application which the initiate is
able to do. An initiation is about moving into higher levels of
understanding. Having completed lessons you move into a new
world to learn the higher world teachings and that is where you are
working toward. You have asked for this beloved ones, and here
Spirit gives it to you, it is important that you allow it the time to be
All of your chakras have gone through the initial phases of being
broken, your heart chakra is the one that will break at the end
because you have had to merge the three lower chakras with the
three upper chakras, the heart chakra being the centre of the lotus
flower so to speak. The end is within the next fourteen days
according to your personal divine timing, so over the next fourteen
days you will experience various levels of your heart chakra
undergoing the breaking of the seals of the old times.
Yesterday we asked you to put the words that we have given you
next to each of the chakras, love and light, wisdom and power. Now

each word that you have put alongside each chakra adds another
dimension of expression which means whatever you have chosen to
symbolise your chakra adds to the archetypal consciousness
through which you will express, therefore if you have placed love
alongside your first chakra you will express the higher qualities of
love in the higher levels of your base chakra and that is how you will
maintain balance in that chakra. If wisdom is your second chakra
through the application of wisdom your creativity expands, your
receptivity becomes sharper and the wisdom of your sacral chakra
supports you in leading by example, applying what you have learnt
and maintaining balance within that chakra.
All of this offers you the opportunity to better understand what is
required of you to keep yourself centred, being centred means being
aligned with the centre of each chakra. Your pranic tube runs down
the centre of your body, imaging all of the chakras in perfect
alignment with your pranic tube and you centred around this will
bring your focus into a balanced state. Using mantras that you
resonate with centres your body, using breathing techniques centres
your body, anything that you enjoy doing (for example singing,
dancing, yoga, riding a bicycle, walking in nature) centres you if it
makes you feel good, if you enjoy doing it, it centres all the systems
of your subtle bodies and that is vital. It is vital to keep your system
open, balanced and clear in order to be able to integrate all the
higher level teachings. The majority of you here have experienced
the fifth dimensional chakra activations and you have asked to be
received into the ashrams of higher light. All of you in your personal
capacity have set intentions with your personal guides to climb the
stairway to heaven, in other words to ascend the spiral of ascension
so that you may reach your fullest potential. This is part of your
process. Understanding the language of your chakras helps you to
better understand your own systems of communication. The reason
why we asked this channel to include the astrological houses as
given through the original author or creator of that system was so
that you can understand the language of your chakric system. As
we explained to you this morning archetypes have been alias in your
game of life now you take this game to a new level, you have
completed stage one now it is the next stage. The challenges may
be a little different but they certainly offer you great opportunity to
manifest immense wisdom within your life and offer you wonderful
opportunities to truly see this inner core of your being.
Not many have seen this part of themselves because they are either
to busy with their head in the clouds or their head in the sand, now
it is time to pull the head out of either or both and have ones head
centred looking ahead, trusting the direction one is choosing to
move into is the direction of your personal and true choice
motivated by your authentic inner desire to explore what lies in that
direction rather than making a choice based on other peoples

opinions or what the outer world has professed is the best thing for
you to do.
Many will also see youngsters of your world, adolescents in their
later teens from around sixteen and upwards rebelling against the
systems of control and authority that try and push them in
directions that do not serve the highest will of their divine plan. This
rebellion is not of a destructive nature from the perspective of the
adolescent, it is the inner core stirring, propelling the soul in the
direction of their truth. These indigos bring the greatest waves of
change within humanities intellectual consciousness within their
belief systems, shattering the seals that originally manifested the
belief systems that children have to do as they are told regarding
their career choices, regarding the choices they are making
pertaining to education, career, choice of partner and the choice of
activity regarding spiritual belief systems as well. For ages the
authority of the past has influenced many a soul, the directions
many have been forced in have manifested destructively on certain
souls lives. There are billions of people currently trapped within the
darkness of resentment and anger as a result of being pushed in a
direction that did not feel right for them. The anger within is
relating to them self as well as to the outer world. A soul feeling
frustrated at their inability to have stood up for their rights and also
feeling frustrated that an outer force pushes them as it does.
Many of you will be in a position to help others understand why
these forces need to be honoured in the sense of the internal force
of motivation. This is where parents, teachers, guardians or
whomever it is that interacts with the young adolescents need to
give them the freedom to express their highest will. This is part of
the sacral and throat chakra seals having to break on a planetary
scale. The control of the young mind has kept many of the seals of
the unnatural source in place. Freeing the mind is one of the many
important tasks currently being played out in the worldwide game of
life. You will also have the opportunity to communicate with your
adolescent self and deal with the aspects your adolescent
experienced in its earlier years from the age of fifteen, sixteen and
upward where you felt forced into situations that you believe did not
resonate with you and you will go back in time to repair the crack in
your authentic energy duplicate field so that the authentic field can
merge with your current self and draw your plan back into its
original alignment.
It is important that this template be held in this manner through
ones such as yourself and this will manifest globally so that the new
children that have been coming into your planet since 1994 can
continue to hold the golden plan for your planet. This serves the
purpose of facilitating the integration of the golden plan by the
world as a collective being. The consciousness, more specifically of

those who are on an open path of exploration, which will facilitate

the interaction with the various worlds of light through the chakric
system and its language. This means the better you understand
the language of your body the better you will understand the
language transmitted through the sources of communication in your
world, in other words messages being relayed to you through
perhaps the animal kingdom, the nature kingdom and such of this
Again we reiterate the intensity and importance of this most
wondrous time not only on your planet but universally. You are all
the centre of attraction at the moment and the work that we are
drawing you through now is giving birth to many new levels for such
energy to be integrated. Surrender, trust and believe. Ask yourself
if you truly believe what you profess to believe, some people say
they believe however where their beliefs lie is not in the light but in
dark and by this we mean if a person truly believes that God
provides, that to surrender means to trust that Mother/Father God
will provide then it will manifest in such a manner but if one says
they believe but will not surrender then they believe not in the light
of Mother/Father God they believe in the darkness of fear, of doubt
because the power is been given to the fear rather than the
faith. Trusting that doubt will win over faith then you know where
your belief systems lie. If you say you trust your guides to guide
you in the right direction then surrender and let them guide you, do
not say you trust them and then fight the process by questioning
absolutely every move and doubting what is being presented to you,
vacillating on what must or must not be done.
Are there any questions at this current point?
Q: Inaudible
K: Sister by understanding the language of the chakric system and
how the archetypes play through it, it will be easier to understand
how they play out. Perhaps you can also look at it in the manner of
the base chakra being the physical, the sacral chakra representing
the emotional body, the solar plexus representing the mental body
and the heart chakra representing the spirit body. The crown chakra
would represent an aspect of the physical self, the third eye would
represent an aspect of the emotional body and the throat chakra
would represent an aspect of the mental body. Bearing in mind that
we have said that this is a new level of experiencing the teachings,
it is a first for the majority of you to experience the lessons of Spirit
in such a manner and this is why you find it a little confusing, rather
take it out of the headspace, breathe it into your heart space and
surrender to it and allow it to reveal its magnificent pattern of sound
as it must. Is this clear?
Q: Inaudible (something about the animal kingdom)

K: How is the animal kingdom treated in general?

Q: Badly.
K: Very well and how do people in general feel about the support
systems within their lives and in the world? Muscles support the
skeletal system, if you just stood on your skeleton you would fall in a
heap, the muscles help to keep your skeleton in place when you
move it is the muscles that bring the support. So as humanities
attitude to the animal kingdom changes and actually sees the
animal kingdom also as a reflection of their animal nature in its
different aspects they will come to see that the language of Spirit is
right in front of their eyes.
Now brothers and sisters it is important for the next seven days
ahead of you to work closely with the material you have been given
this weekend. Work with the information on the archetypes you are
integrating. Study the chakras and how the chakric language
manifests in the twelve areas of your life. Those twelve areas are
linked to the twelve strands of your DNA, each strand representing
an aspect of your divine nature in its awakening process. Divine
Nature Awakening D N A.
As your divine nature continues to awaken, you fill those parts of
your being with additional energy which manifests the so called junk
DNA as active DNA. When your DNA is fully active, no longer is it
divine nature awakening, it is divine nature awoken. You are a fully
active, fully conscious being of the light expressing that light within
a new world with regards to your perception and you bring those
new perceptions for those who still stir from their long sleep.
The archetypes will play with you, sometimes they will tease you,
sometimes challenge you. How will you use your choice to respond
or to react? Will you become involved in a power play or will you
stand back and observe the process unfolding and see what you can
take out of it? Will you find the light in the dark or will you wallow in
the dark? This comes to a point of choice by breaking the seals of
your chakras you have embraced the magnificent blessing of taking
back your full power and ability to choose, to truly use the power of
freewill. So, you have freed your will and now you observe life
through a different view point and the different places on the planet
reflect those view points and how you change, how you integrate
and transcend observe how Mother Nature, how Lady Gaia responds
to your healing process which facilitates her healing
process. Observe how the facilitation on her (Lady Gaia) part
supports your healing process, never again will you be separate
from her body, you have remerged, reunited with her. The
frequency of the digit six has brought you back together like a child
being removed from its mothers womb and laid upon her chest,
another level of bonding takes place. A bonding took place within

the womb and now one bonds from the outside in as opposed to
from the inside out.
You will also come to notice from this new perspective and from the
higher dimensions that at times one needs to pull energy from the
outside to the inside and that is where one learns the balance of the
masculine in the outer and the feminine in the inner. Not always will
it be drawn from the inside out, it is vital that you remember this
and come to understand what it means. It is not about giving your
power to an outer source in order to know what to do and it is not
about isolating yourself to the degree of introspection that you lose
touch with the outer world. Grounding and interaction is all part of
the process.
So, beloved ones, we trust you have enjoyed your graduation day
and that you will commit to the study of the new work that you as
an initiate have attracted into your life for a purpose even if you did
not know why you were coming to experience this work. Open your
heart and your mind to see how the awareness of what you are
integrating can expand beyond the current limitation. The current
limitation is the mind trying to grasp and understand everything,
sometimes it is necessary not to understand it simply so you can
feel it.
Beloved ones, you are certainly blessed at this time. Your blessing
is your expanded awareness. The blessing is embracing your power
to be free and use your will to choose at will what your experience
will be. You determine the drama or the play.
I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless each
one of you in love. Adonai.
Michelle Eloff