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Dear Lady / Dear Sir,

I have recently found out that you are concerning with stuff requirement. I am addressing to your firm
and I hope that you will be able to help me to obtain an appropriate occupation.
As you will notice in the enclosed resume, I am a third year student of Romanian - American
University, at The Faculty of Law. At the present moment I am working in a software company. Of
course, I have knowledge of computer programming and I speak English and French.
Besides these things that I have mentioned in my resume, I would emphasize my dynamism, my
orientation for assuming a responsibility and my team spirit, which are typical for me. I am convinced
that I will reach a superior level of development of my skills in an adequate firms environment.
I would like to work in a consultancy firm, regarding the fact that I have all the necessary knowledge
and abilities in order to provide a succesful contribution to a good developement of an activity as a part
of the activities programme of that firm. I do also believe that I could obtain very good results in other
fields, according to my qualification.
If you find my training to be in accordance with any job requirements of your firm, as I am available
for an eventual interview in the next interval, I would be delighted to be given the opportunity of
meeting you, so we can discuss my proffesional future. For these reasons, I am sending you my
I am looking forward to your calling me at the mentioned telephone number.

With respect,