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Name: Rocio Martinez

Age: 47
Relation: Mother
Key Period 9 Interview
1. Q: What were some technological innovations/advancements that you remember from
this time period (1980-present)? How did they affect your everyday life?
A: The Walkman, digital watch, internet, and the iPhone are a few technological
advancements that have had an impact on my life. The Walkman allowed me to listen to
music anywhere I went. Before I couldnt do that. The digital watch on the other hand
was more of a convenient way to tell time, rather than using a traditional clock. The
internet was much more impactful on my life. It gave me access to more information than
I could probably learn in a lifetime. I no longer needed encyclopedias to gather
information. Lastly the iPhone had a drastic change on my everyday life, because I now
have access to a computer wherever I go. I can use the internet more efficiently and do
more than just call or text people (flip phone).
2. Q: How did the culture in California change as a result of an increase in population over
A: Before I remember society being predominantly white, mainly because we lived in
orange county, a predominantly white area. I remember being one of the few Hispanics at
my school. There were not many minorities at my school compared to the white children.
Also, while the Hispanic population is more prominent throughout southern California
now, I remember society being focused more on white culture and English rather than
Hispanics and Spanish.
3. Q: What was 9/11 like? How did it affect you at the time and how did you react to it?
How did it change life for you?

A: When 9/11 happened, I remember being shocked. It was not something you would
expect to happen in the U.S. and seemed like something from a movie. After my mother
told me I remember staying in bed all day with your father watching the news. After 9/11,
I though traveling was no longer safe and airports clearly took this to heart. Now you
have to wait longer just to travel. Overall people were scared and at the same time unsure
what was going on.
4. Q: What do you recall from the war on terrorism?
A: I remember that after 9/11, the president (Bush) was adamant in declaring war.
Originally I supported this decision, like many Americans, and felt that it was the right
thing to do after the horrific events of 9/11. Later on I came to realize that the war was
not worth it, because it took the lives of too many Americans. Overall I feel that terrorism
has only gotten worse as a result of ISIS.
5. Q: What do you remember most about the Cold War?
A: I dont remember much, but the Berlin Wall being torn down was the one thing that
stood out to me. After it was taken down, I felt amazed that these families could once
again be reunited and were no longer living under suppression. Although it did not affect
me directly, it made me feel a new sense of pride for democracy.
6. Q: What was your view on global warming/climate change? Has it changed over time?
A: Initially I felt that changes were necessary in order to prevent this global crisis. In the
end, Ive come to realize that action wont make much of a difference right now for us,
but I still feel that we should all do our part to better the situation. Over the past five
years, global warming has also become more evident in California, from the lack of rain
to the rise in temperatures.
7. Q: What important developments regarding race, gender, religion do you recall during
this time period?
A: Over the past thirty years I have seen society become much more diverse. This has
become evident through pop culture (movies, food, etc.). I also think that the supreme

courts ruling on legalizing gay major has been a major recent shift in society. Societies
views on LGBTs has become more accepting over time. Lastly I remember that when I
was young people would refer to breaks/holidays as Christmas and Easter, but now they
are referred to as winter (X-MAS) and spring break. It seems that people now are not
comfortable with talking about God and Christianity in public anymore. Theres this
negative social view towards religion now. These are a few things I have noticed
throughout this time period.

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