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Name(s): Eaton (Delgado) , Guin

Algebra 1


Wheel Of Fortune Review Lesson Plan

Lesson Objective: SWBAT to simplify and perform operations given polynomial
expressions on the Wheel of Fortune game using whiteboards with 100% accuracy.
Language Objectives: Given polynomial expressions the students will be able to
multiply and simply them.
Ways to Gain/Maintain Engagement: (Wheel of Fortune game on the SmartBoard).
Students engage in a competition with their classmates to see who can earn the most
money by performing operations on polynomial expressions.
Materials: Wheel of Fortune Game on SmartBoard, whiteboards, expo markers and
erasers, calculators
TEKS: 111.39. Algebra I, Adopted 2012
(10) Number and algebraic methods. The student applies the mathematical
process standards and algebraic methods to rewrite in equivalent forms and
perform operations on polynomial expressions. The student is expected to:
(B) Multiply polynomials of degree one and degree two;
(D) Rewrite polynomial expressions of degree one and degree two in
equivalent forms using the distributive property
Context: This lesson will occur during the first week of Unit 8: Polynomials. Students
would have already been exposed to vocabulary terms (such as monomial, binomial,
trinomial, polynomial), multiplying monomials by polynomials, binomials times binomials,
and finding the area and perimeter of a square, rectangle, and triangle using polynomial
expressions. They would have practiced on Interactive notebooks and doing the Hexagon
Setting Expectation: Teacher will explain todays lesson to reinforce the multiplying
and simplifying of polynomial expressions. The teacher will then explain the procedure
for todays activity:
1. One student will be chosen to spin the Wheel of Fortune.
2. Everyone works out the problem on his or her whiteboard. If the student who spun
got the answer correct, they get the amount initially spun. As for the rest of the
students, if they get the answer correct they add half of the amount.
3. This is done until there are about 5 minutes left of class. This is done so the
students have the opportunity to add up their money and the winner can be
chosen and materials can be returned.
Modeling/Checking for Understanding/Reteach: The teacher will model when
explaining todays lesson activity. While the game is going on the teacher will walk
around observing student work on his or her whiteboard. If one student is struggling
reteach one-to-one is possible. If there are multiple students struggling with a problem,
then reteach can be done on the SmartBoard as a class.

Closure: Winner will be chosen. Teacher will highlight students progress and
summarize any key things observed during the game.