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NETS for Coaches

KSU EDCI 887 NETS Self-Assessment & Update

January 20th, 2015

Kimberly McWilliams

I. Reflections on Coaching Technology

When I began this process to obtain my degree in Curriculum and Instruction- Digital
Teaching and Learning I thought that I had a strong grasp on technology. Each semester
I realize that this couldnt be farther from the truth. My situation is unique compared to
many other of my peers. The district that I am in, is currently in their 2nd year of 1:1
iPads. At the high school level, where I teach, they encourage the use of social media
and all electronics. I will be honest most of the time it is a blessing but sometimes a
curse. At the beginning of last school year in-services and trainings were held to help
prepare teachers how to integrate the iPads. The district had a lot of for though in
implementing strategies for initiating and sustaining technology innovations and
manage the change process in schools and classrooms (ISTE, 2014, p. 1). Although
training was received initially for the iPad in this current school year it is apparent it is
more of an individualized approach. Each teacher is unique in their level and comfort
ability with the iPad making one training fits all approach obsolete. Collaboration and
ingetration of content has been very much encouraged. Many teachers have began to
use Google Classroom. The concept is very similar to that of KSOL and it introducing
them to turning in assignments online, to collaborate, and have a central location for
An area of growth Im constantly working on is designing, developing, and implementing
technology my classroom that promotes digital age best practices in teaching and
assessment (ISTE, 2014, p.2). I feel this is challenge is constantly evolving and looks
different every semester. Im also a go to for technology in my high school. There are
many times that teachers from other content areas ask me to collaborate with them
better integrate technology or keep it current. This is sometimes challenging but also
keeps my wheels constantly in motion. Always turning the stone into rubber.
II. NETS for Coaches Self assessment:
There are many things that I do believe I am good at when it comes to incorporating
technology into my classroom. I always engage in safe, healthy, legal, and ethical uses
of technology ISTE,2014, p.1). Teaching students and setting an example of digital
citizenship or just being professional in general is important. The field of education is
constantly evolving and technology is no different. I am constantly looking for new,
exciting, or better ways to make my classroom more engaging and meaningful for
students. I feel like do a good job of weeding out useless apps that dont offer a true
benefit for learning. When I do use new apps and resources I do a direct example
approach. Often literally guiding the students step by step what they should do and what
to look for specifically. This is made very easy by the fact that my iPad is directly
connected to my projector. So what I am doing is exactly the same as the student.
Im continuing to get better at using technology for checks for understandings. Apps such
as Socrative, Google Forms, and Kahoot are quick and easy ways to test students
knowledge. This semester Im also beginning to test strategies on how the iPad can help
increase retention for vocabulary.

Last semester it was a goal of mine to analyze results and date more. Im glad to say
that I feel I have accomplished this. If students are not doing well I feel I am catching the
pit falls quicker and am learning to review material more thoroughly with technology.
OPPROTUNITIES: Room for Improvement (RFI)
My areas of opportunity are adjusting content upon student readiness levels, learning
styles, interest, and personal goals (ISTE,2014, p.1). I take into a count these things on
a class level but should be focusing on a more individual base. Technology has made it
even more accessible to adapt lessons for each student. Again this semester Id like to
focus on establishing more digital communication with students and parents. I did much
better last semester but know there is still a lot to be done! I feel that when I have
reached out to parents it has been met with positive feedback. The last room for
improvement I have is integrating technology into projects thats really delves the
students into the full steps of learning. I want to take them from knowledge all the way to