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Cues Nursing Diagnosis Goals and Objectives Interventions Rationale Evaluation

- After 8 hours of Independent: After 8 hours of
Risk for infection nursing 1.Note risk factors for To help the patient nursing intervention,
related to post intervention, the occurrence of infection identify the present the patient was able to
operative incision patient will: in the incision risk factors that may meet the goals with an
add up to the infection evidence of the
Short term: absence of the signs
 Identify the 2. observed for and symptoms related
risk factors localized sign of To evaluate if the to infection.
that are present infection at insertion character, presence
 Have partial sites of invasive lines, and condition of the
understanding surgical incisions or present infection
about infection wounds.
3. Make health
Long term: teachings especially in To help the client
 Client’s full identification of modify/change/avoid
knowledge in environmental risk some of the
identifying the factors that could add environmental factors
risk factors of up on infection. present which could
the infection reduce the incidence of
 Be free from Dependent: infection.
any signs and 1. Administer
symptoms of antibiotics as
related to ordered by the Antibiotics will help
infection physician kill and stop the
proliferation and
growth of the bacteria
which could cause
Bogs.. dahil ikaw ang may handle nung patient syempre di ko alam ilalagay na mga cues neto. Kaw ang nakakalam nung sa cues, kaw nap o mginsert hehe
Yung background knowledge mo ilagay mo yung post operative incision or infection process. How and when it starts ganon eke k. ayun po

Cge tapos na hehe