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Daily Lesson Guide

Subject Area: Art

Siera Speer
Lesson: Shape Houses
Pre K, K, & SPED
Preparation: The SPED students will have pre-drawn shapes with stop and go dots
on them to cut out and glue down to make their houses. The kindergarteners will
follow along by viewing me draw the shapes to make their houses before drawing,
cutting, and gluing.
Lesson Aim for Today: Today we will learn about different shapes that make up a
house and what types of things you may find on a house. The students will also
learn to glue objects in the right place, and they will learn how to cut out shapes
that they drew. By completion of the lesson the students will be able to name the
different shapes and objects that we covered for the lesson, know how to glue
things in the proper place, and they will learn how to cut out shapes that they drew.

Student Learning Objective: By completion of the lesson, the students will be able to
name the different shapes that make up a house. They will also be able to glue
things down on paper properly, and they will learn how to use scissors by cutting
out different shapes that they draw.
SOL Identified:

K.3 The student will follow a sequence of steps used in creating works of art.
K.5 The student will create works of art that connect to everyday life.
K.7 The student will identify and use the following in works of art:
1. Colorred, blue, yellow, green, orange, violet, brown, black, white
3. Shapecircle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval
K.11 The student will use motor skills (e.g., pinching, pulling, squeezing, twisting,
pounding, rolling, folding, cutting, modeling, stamping) to create two-dimensional
and three-dimensional works of art.
K.16 The student will classify objects in the environment by their visual qualities
(e.g., color, texture, line, shape, pattern).

A. Introduction
1st- Anticipation
The students will learn about houses and what different shapes we may use to make
one of our own.
2nd- Realization
The students will see the finished products of their projects and be able to
distinguish the different shapes that are found in houses.

B. Text Set:



What kind of differences do you see in these houses?

What kind of shapes make up houses?

What kind of shape are you going to make for a roof, house, window, door?
How can we draw these on our paper?
How should we cut these to make the shapes correctly?
How are you going to make the shapes a house on your paper?

What types of shapes did we learn about today?

What kind of house did you make?

Teach the Lesson:

A. 3rd-Contemplation
B. Activities:

The students will look on the board to talk about some different houses by looking
at pictures.
The students will follow along to draw different shapes on different colors of paper.
The students will cut out the shapes.
The students will glue the shapes on another paper to create a house.


Materials Needed:
glue stick
construction paper

A. Check of Understanding:
Completion of the project will help to check for understanding. Questions will
be asked at the end about the project to assess learning.
Lesson Closure
A. Reinforcement:
Questions will be asked about what we covered during the lesson to check for
understanding of the material covered.
Self-Evaluation of Lesson:
It was a challenge working with the students on their cutting abilities. However, it
was very rewarding. Some of the SPED teachers said that their students were not
able to cut, but we tried to help them anyway and they did very well. It is important
to me to try to teach the basic skills of art to any student, despite their abilities, and
whether or not their teacher has hope and faith in them to complete such tasks. The
SPED teachers brought special scissors for the students to use, and we helped them
one-on-one to complete the project. The kindergarteners were very excited with the
project. I noticed that some were accidentally throwing away their cut pieces to
assemble their houses, so I made an adjustment when teaching other classes. This
adjustment was to put their pieces in separate piles, one for trash and one for their
pieces they needed for their houses.