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Heather Ackerman

GRADE LEVEL: ____1st Grade_____
SUBJECT: Word Work
Standard - CC.1.4.1.Q
Use a variety of words and phrases.
Standard - CC.1.1.1.D
Know and apply grade level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words. Identify common consonant
diagraphs, final-e, and common vowel teams. Decode one and two-syllable words with common patterns.
Read grade level words with inflectional endings. Read grade-appropriate irregularly spelled words.



The student will be able to:
Students will identify the sounds for ar, or, er, ir, and ur.
Students will read words that have vowel-r teams.
Students will spell words that have r-controlled syllables

AR/ER/IR/OR/UR poster
YouTube Video on Bossy R
Bossy R Anchor Chart
-Ar/short A sort
-Or Word sort
-Ar/-Or/-Er word sort
Fly swatters
-ur and ir words
Pirate AARGH Craft materials
Popcorn or craft materials
Flower ir, -er, ur craft materials
Black colored pencils





How do letters and sounds work together to me read and write r-controlled vowel words?



This is an introductory lesson on r-controlled vowels for the students. It will be followed by a series of lessons
that introduces more vowel-r combinations and looks at r-controlled vowels more closely. The students are
familiar with the long and short vowel sounds, including a, e, i, o, u, sometimes w, and sometimes y. We
previously did activities where they had to identify long and short vowel sounds as a class, in small groups, and

Day 1
The teacher will review the short vowel sounds for a, e, I, o and u
This week we will learn about a type of syllable that changes the way a vowel sounds. Its called an rcontrolled syllable because the r controls the vowel sound. It is important to learn about r-controlled
syllables because many words contain these sounds. Being able to recognize and read r-controlled
syllables will allow you to read many more words.
Its also known as Bossy R
Teacher will show the students the Bossy R anchor chart
Teacher will then introduce ar and show the you tube video
Have students come up with some ar words to write down on the anchor chart
Students will then do the Pirate sort (ar and sort a words)
Day 2.
Students will watch the you tube video reviewing
ar words and introducing or words.
Students will help teacher come up with or words to add to the anchor chart
Students will then do an or sort with partners
Day 3.
Students will watch the youtube video which
introduces er, -ur and ir.
Students will add er words to the anchor chart
In pairs students will work on the ar, -or and er popcorn word sort worksheet

Day 4
Students will think of ur and ir words to add to the anchor chart.
Students will do a fly swatter game where they have to hit the word that has either ur or ir in it. This is
done in teams but as a whole group
We will then as a class do a whole bossy r review.

Day 5
Students will be shown three different bossy r crafts.
First is the bossy r pirate
Second is the bossy r popcorn
Third is the bossy r flowers

Students will have to pick which craft they are going to do

Once chosen they will cut out all the materials and create their bossy r craft
Students work will be hung in the hallway for the other students in the building to see.