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Doug & Amy Paterson
Lees Summit, MO, USA
Socata TB-20 Trinidad, aka Roxy
Doug & Amy are thrilled to be joining the Air Rally for the first time this year. Doug
flies for work at his airline job, but its still the trips like this one that he finds exciting
and fun. Amy has learned to love the freedom of general aviation (We left when I was
ready, and no one took my shampoo from me!), and the foodie in her cant wait to
partake in the food & wine festival in St Croix! Together, weve become Oshkosh
regulars and frequently use the airplane for weekend getaways. This will be our first
trip built specifically around using the airplane, and weve been talking about visiting
the Islands for a long time nowserendipity!

Ugo Derouet & Guillaume Legris

Quebec, CANADA
Piper Seneca
Ugo: I have always been fascinated by aviation. I started flying at the age
of 16. I gradually accumulated the prerequisites for my PPL and then my
CPL. At age 21 I received my instructors certification. In 2015 I purchased
a Piper Seneca in partnership with my father. This helped me accelerate
my professional goals. My first flight to the USA completely changed the
vision I had of aviation. I received my multi- IFR and instructor class 2. I
have accumulated more than 550 hrs.
Constantly seeking new
adventures , I set myself the challenge to accompany you in this rally.

Steve Wills/Barbara Jackson: Paul & Patricia Mitchell

Alberta CANADA
Piper Mirage PA-46
Paul and Steven have been flying partners in
Calgary since 2010...their first partnership was
with a Turbo Cessna 182 and they subsequently
graduated to the pressurized Piper Mirage PA-46 in May 2014. They have made
several long treks together in these aircraft to the Bahamas, Baja Mexico, Palm
Springs, throughout southern Alberta and to the coast of British Columbia. They
love to fly and have set up a company to provide financial aid to students who are
pursuing their own dreams of flight. Their spouses, Patricia and Barbara, have
been very supportive of their flying habit and usually accompany them on their
journeys to warm beaches
and deserts!

Julia Kirchenbauer & Jonathan Apfelbaum

Colorado USA
Stoddard Hamilton Glastar
Team Captain is Petty Officer Second Class Julia Kirchenbauer, a veteran of the
US Navy and currently serving as a member of the US Navy Reserves. A recently
minted private pilot, she is a member of The Ninety-Nines, Ladies Love
Taildraggers and Women in Aviation International. She is also a full time college
student pursuing a degree in Bioengineering.
Chief bottle washer is Jonathan Apfelbaum, an Emergency Medicine Physician. A
pilot for 30 years, he holds airplane single engine land and sea ratings, as well as
glider and instrument ratings. He started competing in aerobatics competitions
this past year and is loving every minute of it.
We are from Parker, Colorado and our airplane is based out of KFTG (Front Range
Airport). Our Little Yellow Bird is a 2004 Stoddard Hamilton Glastar (N767JA), built by Jonathan over a 5 year period. We both have
a passion for aerobatics and are active members of the International Aerobatics Club. We are also both avid aviation photographers
with over 100 images published in national magazines and publications. We have been married for three years and dont have any
childrenjust one spoiled yellow lab Honey and two sassy Bengal kittens Java and Sushi.

Robert and Michele Connelly

Minnesota USA
PA28R-200 Arrow
The Picture is Michele and I at Jackson WY a couple of years
back when we were visiting West Yellowstone. This will not be
the plane we will be taking to Caribbean. Since that trip we
purchased a Piper Arrow PA28R-200.
We are empty nesters at this point in our lives and we are
enjoying the adventures that aviation allows for us.
Recent recreational self-piloted destinations in the last few
years include:
Taos NM- West Yellowstone/Jackson
Hudson Corridor /Nantucket/Martha's Vineyard
Galveston TN/Smokey Mountains
Bahamas/North Eleuthera/San Salvador/Staniel Cay
Churchill Manitoba/ Beluga Whales/Polar Bears

Marty and Marilyn Crabdree

Texas, USA
Mooney M20K
I began flying in 1968 out of Festus Missouri and acquired my Private Pilot License in
1969 at the age of 17. After graduating from high school I enlisted in the U.S. Army
Warrant Officer Flight Training program and attended their flight schools at Ft.
Wolters Tx. and Ft. Rucker Al. After graduating in 1973 I was assigned to the 101st
Airborne Division and flew UH-1 Helicopters for the next two years. After being
discharged from active duty I used the GI Bill to acquire multiple ratings for fixed
wing and rotor wing aircraft. These included CFI, CFII, CFIR, and multi engine fixed
wing ratings Through the 1970's I held various flying jobs that included crop dusting,
flight instruction, air taxi, and seaplane tour pilot. In the early 1980's I flew Bell OH58's (Long Ranger) for one the early EMS Life Flight programs out of St. Louis
University Hospital where I met my wife who was an ER Nurse at the time. In 1986 I
was hired by Comair Airlines out of Cincinnati OH. and flew Embraer EMB110's and then in 1987 I was hired by Continental Airlines
who I was with until I retired in 2007. I hold ATP Multi Eng. and ATP Helicopter Licenses. I also have Flight engineer (Turbo Jet)
certificate and am type rated in DC-9, MD-80, Boeing 737,757, and 767 aircraft. I have owned a Cessna 182RG, Beechcraft Bonanza,
and have had my Mooney M20K (231) since last year.

Glenn, Elizabeth and Jacob Hancock

Georgia USA
Twin Commander 680FP
I own a software company and fly about 400-500 hours a year all across the country. I have
been flying since I was 10 years old and I love to fly. I purchased a Cessna 310Q so that my
wife who works for my software company and my young son, current 4 years old, could go
on trips with me and therefore allows me to stay longer without much stress on the
family. My son loves to fly and usually fights his mother to sit up front. He also loves to stay
in hotels and loves to visit all the airports.
We recently purchased a Twin Commander
680FP that I'm hoping to be taking on our trip
with you in April. Its been in the shop the last 6
months getting everything we could find wrong
fixed so I'm hopeful it will be in good shape and
ready for the trip.

George Thibault, Patrice Robin

Quebec, CANADA
PA28R-200 Arrow
George: I have 27 years in the Canadian Armed
Forces. I was deployed in Cyprus and Egypt
(paratrooper commando). After a few years in an
airborne unit, a career change was necessary to
have a family as two children (Melanie and Simon)
came to fill our dream. A mutation in Germany helped me discover Europe as I spent 12
years in this beautiful country. Moreover, during my military career, during the first Gulf
War (1990) I had the opportunity to stay in Kuwait and Qatar. In my last seven years in
the Armed Forces, I worked as a quality assurance representative for various NATO
countries at a landing gear manufacturer in Quebec. After a well-deserved retirement, I
was approached by Bombardier Aerospace to work as inspector on the Global Express.
Subsequently, I entered into a second career of 16 years, this time for the Air Transat Airline, as a mechanic on 10-11 Lockheed and
Boeing 757 heavy maintenance (C-Check), then moved on to the Airbus 310 and A-330 and Transat's maintenance control &
training center until January 31, 2015, when I took my final retirement. I became a private pilot in 1992 and I have accumulated 600
hrs on this airplane.
Co- Pilot Patrice Robin
I am passionate about aviation ever since I acquired a certification in aviation
manufacturing in 1983 to ENA and ETS in 1990. So 32 years as a representative (auditor
) for the Department of National Defense, from suppliers , primarily , Bombardier, Pratt
& Whitney, Hroux-Devtek . I got involved volunteer for 6 years including 4 as
president of a center for early childhood Joujou Beloeil . I am also active in my union
volunteer since 1986, I am president of the local section UNDE / PSAC negotiator for
the technical group of the federal government. For my upcoming retirement , I study at
night CIS to become residential and commercial real estate broker. I am in a
relationship with my sweet Marie- Claude since 1986 , we have two beautiful
daughters Chloe and Camellia, aged 22 and 23 years

Eric Parent and Sylvie Guerin

Eric and Sylvie are both senior information security professionals who
specialize in coaching senior executives to better optimize their security
posture. After leaving the military in the 80's, Eric founded an InfoSec
company that is now one of Canada's oldest. He and Sylvie both share
several passions such as teaching (they teach in two Montreal universities)
and flying. When they are not hacking a companies technology to show
areas of weakness, they love to take to the skies and often bring their baby
girl along for the ride. This edition of the air rally will be a second experience
for Eric and a first for Sylvie. Baby Millie will have to wait a few years.

Team Pipistrel info:

Rand Vollmer from Tampa FL and wife Anna (originally from
Heidelberg Germany)
Rand is retired US Army Col and owner of SALSA
Aviation - the Southeast Dealer for Pipistrel-USA.
He is also Certified Flight Instructor - Glider (SelfLaunch) as well as Light Sport Repairman
Anna is a retired Nurse. This is our first Flight to
the Caribbean and we are really excited. We will
be flying our Pipistrel Sinus FLEX (has two sets of
wing tips - one gives us 50' span, the other 40'

we'll be flying the 50' "Sinus" version wing which has a glide ratio of 28:1 so we'll never be out
of gliding distance to land.
The Self-Launch Glider is normally called a Touring Motor Glider. We have a Range of over 800 NM on just 24.5 gallons of fuel at a
cruise speed of 110 Knots. This is an all-Composite (Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, and Kevlar) aircraft which will float in the
water. Similar Pipistrel Aircraft with Extended Range Fuel Tanks have made two record breaking flights around the world including
legs of over 2,200 miles. I have flown my demonstrator non-stop from Oshkosh, Wisconsin to Tampa, Florida 1250 miles at economy
cruise setting - just need to keep
track of which Gator Aid bottle is which :-)

Stephen Cima, Team Pipistrel 2

San Antonio Texas USA
Pipistrel Sinus Flex
Arvid and Lisete Isaak
British Colombia CANADA
Cessna 182 H
We participated in the 2015 Caribbean Air Rally.
We covered a total of 8100 nm from BC, to the Caribbean, and back; average
fuel burn was 12 gph; average speed was 120 kts; and we had a total of 33
takeoffs and landings. All the flights were VFR. Lisete was a great co-pilot. She
took notes for frequencies, which proved very helpful when things got busy.
Were now ready for more adventures! Another Air Rally but this time, April
23 , instead of heading back North, they will head to South America.

Arvid & Lisetes record of their 2015 journey to and from:

They won second place on the Air Rally

Erich and Judith Klassen

British Colombia CANADA
Erich and Judy Heard of the wonderful
adventure from Arvid and Lisete and
decided to come onboard in 2016
I (Eric) was interested in flying all my life but never thought I would one day be
a pilot. That opportunity came in 2009 when a friend edged me on and I
decided to make the plunge and take up flying lessons. Judy decided she was
willing to join me in this adventure and we have flown a lot together since. We
live on the West Coast of Canada in the Vancouver area where there are a lot
of gorgeous places to fly in to. Our first really big adventure was in 2013 when
we flew all the way across Canada from Vancouver to Charlottetown, PEI. I
think that is when we both got hooked on taking bigger trips. Just this past
June we flew up north and visited the Yukon and Northwest Territories. I am
also part of a group that is building a 750 Cruzer. It is a club located in our area that got together the funds to purchase a kit and we
have drawn in many people to take part including young people who also dream of becoming pilots one day. It is a great way to pass
on the interest to the next generation. We hope to build the plane within a year and it has been a great challenge and learning curve
for me. We are excited to be part of this opportunity to visit the Caribbean and look forward to making many new friends who share
a love for flying!

Paul and Annie Lachance

Beaconsfield, Quebec, CANADA
Glasair sportsman

Annie and I have been flying for over 10 years. I have about 1000 hours and flying mostly around Quebec and Florida.
We have done several trips to Puerto Rico and Dominican and the Exumas as well as most of Bahamas and we
participated to the 2011 Caribbean Air Rally with a Mooney Acclaim and the 2015 Air Rally onboard the new Glasair
Sportsman amphibian. Annie and I are happy to join again this year.

Richard and Trisha Schmidt

Scottsdale, Arizona USA
Beechcraft B-55 Baron
RED BARON Squadron Team Leader
Trisha and I are very happy to be living in the Phoenix area, based at the
Phoenix Deer Valley airport since mid-2012, after completing my career
with 39 years in sales, marketing and finance at Rockwell Automation
Trisha is the president of RegAssist, Inc., providing cancer program registry
and certification services to hospitals. A GA passenger since only mid-2012,
she is a veteran of many local trips in Wisconsin and Arizona, several long
trips across the US and the Bahamas, and Air Rally 2014.
Richard is one of the classical kids at the airport fence. I learned to fly in the
flying club at Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1971, also earning
Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine and Flight Instructor ratings. I
enjoyed instructing as one of my part time jobs in college, as well as serving
as Vice President and President of the flying club. I graduated in 1974 with
a BSEE degree, and earned an MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati in 1986. I have been an aircraft owner since 1976, and have
owned my B55 Baron for 15 years. Previously, I had a V35A Bonanza for 17 years, a Mooney M20C, a Cherokee 140 and a Grumman
Yankee. I recently purchased a Vans RV-8A, and enjoy formation flying and aerobatics in this great aircraft. I enjoy participating in
aircraft maintenance, and have earned an Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic rating in March of 2013. I now have a little over 5200
hours of flight time, all civilian GA time, with lots of trips throughout the US and the Caribbean. My most recent interest is formation
flying. I started flying formation with the Bonanzas to Oshkosh organization in 2005. I am now a staff member in that organization, I
have served as Baron Lead for the last eight years, and am a participant, safety pilot, presenter and organizer at a number of the
B2Osh formation clinics each year. I hold FFI certification as a Lead and Wing pilot for waivered airshow airspace, and have twice
flown in the B2Osh Bonanza/Baron Formation Showcase flight at EAA Airventure. I am a Director and President of the Deer Valley
Pilots Association, a FAASTeam representative, a member of the Arizona Aviation Safety Advisory Group, and a member of EAA
Chapter 538 here in the valley.This is Richards fifth trip with the Caribbean Air Rally, and Trishas second. Were looking forward to a
great adventure!

Shreekumar V Nair co-pilot TBA

Alberta CANADA
Cirrus SR20
A few marshalling, racing and rallying with two and four wheelers on the difficult terrains,
road and sea beach during my youth in India didnt quench my need for speed at 54 in
Canada. So I took to flying in 2012 instead of a sports car for track, before the challenges to
synchronise mind and body kicks in. As I thought in my initial martial art classes how easy it
would be to fight a mob ended up later with difficult time in handling one opponent itself.
Lesson learned: I switched from buying a war bird (before my PPL from TC) to part own a
Cirrus SR 20 (slow) that has a parachute (safety).
My family and friends think it is Middle Age Crisis. But for me it is nothing but a silent
effort to Conquer the Fear up in the air and go leaps and bounds to circle the globe once.
Presently it is just in my bucket list.
I have only 300 hrs of flying time (200 hrs in Cessna 172 SP and 100 hrs in Cirrus SR 20 G3).
Also have FAA endorsement to fly US registered SEL in US. Calgary to Oshkosh (EAA Air show
2014) and back was my longest trip on a single engine plane (Cessna 172 SP) with 3 stops
each way. Presently working on my CPL and Night rating. Land / Mountain flying gave me the
confidence and now I am here to learn and experience the thrill of sea flying. Looking forward
to enjoy the fantastic adventurous program the organisers of the Caribbean Rally 2016 has
put together for us.

Donald and Patricia Eisenberg

Encino, California - USA
Cessna T 210
Pat and Don have joined us in numerous rallies since 2005. The Cree Challenge
Diamond Challenge- Challenge of the Flags - McKenzie River Challenge. 2010
2013 2014 2015 Caribbean Air Rally Don is a lucky man! Pat is always ready to
go ! They both organised a couple of group flights to Alaska for members of their
Flying Club Pat and Don have many new friends met during previous rallies and
they get a chance to reunite when they join us.

Maria and Ashley Neboschick

South Carolina USA
Mooney M20J-300 Missile
Ashley and Maria have only been married for 5 years, but have
already started molding their life activities to provide experience
for future adventure travel. When they met, Ashley held his PPL
and had 200+ hours under his belt, thanks to his dad and Civil Air
Patrol. Maria had never experienced GA flying, so Ashley was very
eager to share his passion by taking Maria on scenic flights over
Charleston. Ashley gained more experience when he started using
the plane he and his dad owned, a 1973 Cherokee PA-28 140 to
make work trips up the East Coast. When Ashley and Maria took a trip up to Pennsylvania to visit Ashleys
sister and they ran into bad weather. It was then that they decided that it was time for Ashley to get his
Instrument Certification. Being newlyweds and new home owners, this decision took some financial planning,
but was a necessary step. Once Ashley completed his IFR certification, he was on a roll, completing his
Commercial Pilot certificate that same year. He then earned his CFI and CFII the following year. Now, with
1000+ hours under his belt, Ashley is Marias flight instructor. Maria is finally a student pilot and hopes to
earn her PPL this Spring. She looks forward to earning her Instrument add on and soon having enough hours
and experience to fly their new baby Sophia" a 1981 Mooney M20J Missile purchased in August 2015. Once
Maria has completed her Instrument Certification, she and Ashley plan on getting Tail Wheel and Sea Plane
ratings. Ashley also plans to pursue a MEL, MES, MEI, and ATP ratings.
Although Ashley and Maria have traveled together through the southern and eastern states in the USA, the
2016 Caribbean Air Rally will be their first time flying themselves out of the country. They look forward to
taking many, many more trips to the Caribbean, and into Canada, Mexico, and South America. They are
excited about making new friends and learning from fellow pilots as they become part of this amazing Air Rally

Brian Pound
Georgetown, Prince Edward Island
Cessna 340A
I have been flying for 30 years and 2,600 hours, and Multi engine IFR
rated. We have owned a Cherokee 6, T210, 2 Barons, and currently a
C340A and are partners in a PA28 and Citabria. My Father was in the
RCAF so I grew up on several military bases in Canada and Germany. I
have flown to most of Canada and the State and even to St. Pierre
and Miquelon on the 2007 air rally. We fly out to my office in Alberta
from my home in PEI several times a year as well. I Am President of
the PEI Flying Association and COPA Flight 57. Sherry and I
participated to the 2014 Caribbean Air Rally with our good friends
Brian and Suzan Pinsent
and we won first place.
Our names are now
Governors Cup. This was an improvement on our second place finish in
2007 and an that was an experience of a life time. During this 2014 rally
we met a group of very nice people, and on our drive across the northern
US in February we visited with several of our pilot friends. In 2015 Sherry
and I returned for another Caribbean Air Rally and met another fantastic
bunch of people.
In 2015 I had the great pleasure of being MENTOR to a great young man
from El Salvador, residing in Montreal: Joel Alvarez, a professional young
man and great pilot with a brilliant future. I am glad I helped him move ahead in his professional career.
PS: I am running for the Prince Edward island COPA chapter director!
Sherry is not joining me this year, however a nice couple from PEI will accompany me to celebrate their 50th wedding
anniversary !
For the second year in a row, I will be the Governors Cup Ambassador and spokesman

Juan Francisco Asenjo & Camila, CANADA

Enrique Perez and Prof. Tores, From Chile
Columbia 400
Juan and Camila are from Chile. They live in Montreal. Juan is a doctor in
anesthesiology and a professor at McGill University Health Center. Camila is a
student at the University of Montreal : High Commercial Studies HEC.
Enrique (Kiko for his friends) and Professor Tores (Prof for his friends) specialised in
Maxillofacial Surgery, retired or near retirement.
On this photo, from left : Camila, Juan, and Enrique is on the far right. Juan was
mentor to a young pilot from France: Thomas seen also on this photo. They Wan
the Governors Cup in 2013. Juan and Enrique have done the Rally twice before,
Camila was onbopard in 2013, reason why they won the Cup !!!!

Philip and Kathleen Mattison

Minnesota USA
Cessna 340
GREY WOLF Squadron Team Leader
I am in the orthopedic products business manufacturing
and distributing products throughout the world. We are
based near Minneapolis at the Osceola Wisconsin airport.
KOEO. We will be flying our 1978 340 RAM VI, 4 bladed MT
props and Strakes to the Caribbean for the first time !
Besides flying this plane for business around the country
and to Canada, I am a member of a Bush Pilot group and
enjoy flying my Cub to remote northern territories.

After 28 years as the Dental Hygienist,

Kathleen graduated last year from the
University of Minnesota Dental School
and began practicing as a dentist right
after we returned from the Alaska
adventure organised by the
International Air Rally.
Kathleen and Camil, caught the
largest Fish ! see photo left in Yakutat !

Jerri and Robert McClory

Arizona USA
Cessna 421C
Bob has 6000+ hours as a GA pilot. Living in the Los Angeles area, he
learned to fly in a C152, C172 and an Archer. An instrument license
followed shortly thereafter. The first plane he owned was a Saratoga.
Then came a Cessna C340, a Cessna C421C and a Cessna Citation C551.
The Citation was a real thrill and a joy to fly for many years, but too
expensive to maintain after retirement. So, after he moved to Lake
Havasu City, AZ, he dropped back to a 1982 Cessna C421, the plane he
flies today (the one he says is the ultimate traveling machine and Jerri
calls our limo). In addition to those planes he has also owned a C172,
C182, Piper Dakota and 2 more Saratoga's. Today, along with his Cessna
421, he owns a V-tail Bonanza, a Stearman, an L39 (with a friend) and
Murphy Rebel Bush Plane (his all-time favorite - it can land virtually
anywhere in the desert). For him, flying has been a lifelong dream come
true. Doing it in The Caribbean with friends the one he loves ! is the icing
on the cake. Jerri is a retired home remodeling contractor. She is also the
brains behind the logistic coordination for five very successful years of the Lake Havasu City Balloon Festival that is
where Bob and Jerri met working together. Jerri & Bob got married in Sitka during the Alaska journey organised by
International Air Rally in June 2015

Oskar Starinsky & Tom Schrade

Slovakia and USA
Sport Cruiser Team
Oskar is from Slovakia. He is an Engineer and the Director for Aviation
Company in the Czech Republic, Praha. Manufacturers of
SPORTCRUISER one of the best seller Light Aircraft built there. The
aircraft has been branded by PIPER into PIPERSPORT.
OUR VISION: Today's luxury is to spend time properly.
Tom Schrade: Was onboard the first Caribbean Air Rally in 2010. In
2009, The Rally had plans to include Haiti as a hosting destination.
Much effort was put into the
program. The earthquake put
an end to our plans. Instead,
the Air Rally team helped coordinate a spectacular donation of a Circus du Soleil
Tent generously donated to the City of Port au Prince by Tom Schrade from Reno
Nevada. A huge tent, 900 chairs, toilets, tables, etc all were transported from
Reno Nevada to the port and shipped to Port au Prince in 14 containers ! the
Haiti Rally was cancelled but 5 of the 20 participating teams went to Port au
Prince for a press conference to honour Tom Schrades generous gesture. What a small world ! Marie was in the
background doing her walk around ! Tom is quite an extraordinary man and has many stories to tell !. He crossed the
Atlantic onboard the Osak Arc S38 (photo) in 2011. Same that appeared in the film The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio.
The plane was exposed across Europe and sold to Kermit Weeks for his Fantasy of Flight museum near Orlando. The
plane will be at Oshkosh EAS this summer

Yvon Lecours, Mike Cousineau and Nancy Metsella

Ontario CANADA
Mooney M20M
John and Tina Mininger
Pennsylvania USA
Jeff and Toni Foster
Ann Heimbach and Matthew Opackw
Minnesota USA
BE58 Baron
Henri Punt and Vincent Dunn
Callifornia USA
Mooney 201
John Gary McIntyre and Ernie Boschmann
Manitoba CANADA

Dave Gallagher and Mike Hickernell

Cirrus SR20
Bernard Beaubien and TBA
Grumman Cheetah AA-5A

Camil Dumont and Catherine Tobenas, Quebec Canada
Since 2003, Catherine is the organizer of the Air Rally. She works closely
with destinations coordinating all aspects of the hosting,
accommodations, activities, promotion, media coverage. Catherine lived
and worked in 7 different countries. She is proud to say that she is a
citizen of the world. She is from Spanish origin, born in France and
Canadian since 1990. She believes that a destination can only be
discovered if seen through the eyes of the locals and that a welcoming
smile is priceless. Travel must be associated with sharing great moments
especially the kids who enjoy
greeting the pilots and
visiting the planes.
Camil is the President of Aviation Connection, Official Trustee of the
Governor Generals Cup. Camil started the International Air Rally in 2000
when he was then the First Vice-president of the Quebec Bush Pilot
Association 1800 members. Camil has over 1100 hours, and is also float
rated. Camil is an Investment and Financial Security Advisor at CIBC Wood
Gundy in Montreal.

David Schrader Livonia, Michigan

Stevan Weaver, Dexter, Michigan USA
Piper Seneca PA34-200T

YELLOW TANKER Squadron Team leaders

David Schrader (right) Been flying for over 25 years.

Instrument and multi-engine ratings. Over 4000 hours of
flying. I am a CFI and CFII - teaching for almost 20 years-I am a
MEI - seaplane and glider ratings. I am a member of the
FAASteam safety team and a past board member of the Detroit
Aviation Safety Counsellors. Presently I am board member of
the Michigan Aviation Association. Also Civil Air Patrol check
pilot. I Instruct for Solo Aviation in ARB
Steve Weaver (left) FAASteam Lead representative. Past
President and Founding Board Member: Detroit Aviation
Safety Counsellor, Michigan FAASTeam. 5000 hrs, over 1900
hrs instruction. Type Ratings: 707 & 720 Commercial SEL.1800
Hrs. K-135A - 200 Hrs. C-130. Active Duty, USAF: 1970 to
1975.Reserve Duty USAF: 1977 to 1979.Instructor-Aviation Center Ann Arbor Airport (ARB).

Brian Pound, PEI CANADA

Governor Generals Cup 2016 Caribbean
Air Rally Ambassador
Brian is from Prince Edward Island and Canadian Owner and Pilot
Association Chapter 57 director.
In 2014 Brian Pound and co-pilot Brian Pinsent from NB wan the
Governor Generals Cup trophy.

Fiona Horne, St-Croix USA

Fiona lives in St-Croix. She is in charge of the Air Rally coordination there and we are
hoping to have Fiona join us as show host for the Aviators TV documentary.
Born in Sydney, Fiona is an Australian singer, rock musician, radio and television
personality, actress and author, record breaking skydiver and now passionate pilot.

As every year, the 2016 Caribbean Air Rally will be covered by various aviation Media
(General Aviation News, Piper pilot, Cessna Pilot, Canadian news, etc..) A crew from
The popular network : THE AVIATIORS TV, is filming the entire Rally for a full season
7 episode (50 Million viewers, 10 Million in the US alone) .

The Governor Generals Cup Caribbean Air Challenge is a Dream date for young Pilots
looking to build valuable time and experience to become professional pilots
The Governor General's Cup Caribbean air Rally is a Fundraising event with a mission to support Aviation Connection
educational programs. In addition to the fund raising, air Rally organisers invite every year three young pilots to fly PIC
all expenses paid with the support of professional pilots, members of the organizing Committee. The young pilots are
selected taking into consideration their skills, motivation, leadership and perseverance in pursuing training and
certifications while facing hard conditions and the challenges of limited financial resources .
2016 Sponsored pilots profile:
Marie-Yves Montima, is from Port au Prince Haiti. Marie is the first Haitian woman engaged
to become a commercial pilot. Marie will proudly represent her country during the entire
event and FLY at the command of one of the Committee planes , crossing 7 borders, and
leading an armada of 30 planes to her country Haiti for a special celebration. Mary will be an
example to young people giving them hope. proving that motivation and perseverance can
take them a long way !
Marie was undergoing flying instruction with a volunteer pilot in Haiti when the Earthquake
hit. Regardless of the conditions she lived in, she continued her training partly in the USA
thanks to the support of a non for profit organization. The young girl is now a FAA certified
pilot with 284 flying hrs and moving on with her training to become a professional pilot.
Marie comes from a very poor and dangerous neighborhood in Port au Prince. Marie
personifies "Perseverance". She performed admirably passing all her exams on her first
attempt all the way through her PPSEL. She was encouraged to join the WAI (Women in
Aviation International) by Patty Wagstaff, famous USA aerobatic performer with whom she
flew as encouragement after obtaining her Private license. Taking her onboard the Air Rally
will bolster her already impressive achievements and take her faster to the next level.

Meet Maries Mentor Angela Bullard Cloud from Texas:

Since she was 16, Angela had a goal to obtain her license. She invested all her income in Flying
lessons & thanks to the support of her employer at the time, Sun Air Aviation in Leesburg, Florida,
she reached her dream and from there, took every step to earn the ratings necessary to become a
professional Pilot. After having flown close to 30 different types of aircraft including PIC on
Bombardier Challenger 300/350 ! Angela is now only 150 hrs away from her Airline Transport Pilot
License. One thing that has always presented the most meaning for me in aviation is helping young
people learn about the wonderful world of aviation and it brings me much joy to have Marie as my
partner through our air rally journey in April. Marie's story is truly inspiring and I am so excited
about following her career as she continues to grow. What she represents for her country and the
world, is fantastic and proves that a dream is possible if you have drive and commitment. I have full
confidence that Marie will make an amazing mark on aviation Angelas uncle was so kind to let her
use his Cessna 172 during the Rally. Marie will fly PIC and Angela will coach her every step of the
way across 5 islands, 7 border and 2675 NM, on this extraordinary 15 day journey !
Rainstar Luke, First Kalinago Native pilot from the island of Dominica.
Rainstar is a Star Celebration of Flight German documentary featured
Rainstar Luke (13 year old then) and Daniel Rundstrom (then 78 year old)
building a Vans RV 8 aircraft in the mountains of Dominica to present it
during the famous Sun n Fun Show. The film has won many awards. Rainstar
Completed all academics with Multi Engine \Instrument rating, Commercial
Pilots License. Studies include Communications, Sciences and Crew Resource
Management. Rainstar did not have the financial capacity to undergo pilot
instruction and he benefitted from The Aviation Diploma program, offered
in partnership with Canadore College, the only Indigenous, post-secondary
program of its kind in Canada. In 2015, the important damages caused by
the hurricane to his island, Dominica deprived him from a grant from the
Dominica Government. Participating to the Rally will give Rainstar the
valuable hours he needs to become a flight instructor and then move on
with his career.

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