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Takako Kobayashi

Situated/Audience Analysis Report
Purpose, vision, and/or mission
Arizona State University (ASU) is the largest post-secondary institution in the State of Arizona.
The mission of ASU is to strive to provide the students with outstanding educational experiences
with the goal of enhancing the local impact and social interaction. With that is mind, ASU needs
to contribute to social changes locally as well as globally through students learning. With this
applied project, the goal is to promote local institutions and ASU a valuable product that will
help construct more efficient and effective evaluation/coaching process through social media.
ASU has designed and developed the mobile application called EyeObserve (APP) that helps
instructional coaches provide systematic feedback to fellow instructors to help improve their
teaching through the use of APP. This applied project consists of two possible client groups. The
first type includes instructional coaches in local institutions and organizations of ASU. The
second group is social media experts for the educational technology field who can promote the
sales of APP via social media. These partnerships will help contribute to social change of
education while improving the quality of APP which benefits not only the individual being
evaluated but also the evaluator.
Organizational structure
As identified above, I have communicated with two groups of clients because this applied project
is regarding the APP evaluation process and social networking marketing plan.
I have been in contact with Global Launch (GL) at ASU and Teaching English to Speakers of
Other Language (TESOL) program at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
(MIIS). These two institutions are the main sources regarding the implementation of APP. APP
will be examined at their institutional circumstances such as K-12 and post-secondary schools
that utilize educational technology for learning/teaching. The team leading teachers (coaching
position at GL), TESOL candidates, MIIS faculty and several participating ASU staffs will
investigate and provide feedback about the usability and functionality of APP for real time
situations. In addition, I will communicate with several social media experts for the educational
technology filed such as Mr. Richard Bryrne. These social media experts are the primary source
for designing a social networking marketing plan. APP will be evaluated and introduced into
social media to promote sales of APP. ASU is the primary contact in terms of the improvement of
APP functions. My role as project manager will be 1) to act as the liaison between ASU and
other institutions for implementing APP and collecting valuable feedback; 2) to build
connections with social media experts in order to create an effective marketing plan via social
media for sales promotion.


The culture of GL, MIIS and ASU is learning experience for students. All three institutions are
dedicated to high quality education for students. There are some unique circumstances that
differentiate these school systems. GL is a tuition-based, English language program
independently operated in ASU campuses. In other words, GL is not affected by state funding.
With that said, the student population is all international students. GL instructors are looking
forward to acquiring innovative instructional skills and techniques, particularly technology
integration. Because of solely depending on students tuition for running the program, however,
they are critical to adopt a new initiative if it is beneficial for their students. MIIS is a top-ranked
Masters program to foster language educators. Both students and faculty in MIIS TESOL
program have a passion for contributing to language education. Although they are positive to
adopt a new initiative, most of them are not teaching as full-time employees during their studies.
Therefore, their usage of APP may not reflect actual learning environment. ASU is a tuitionbased, post-secondary institution. ASU is affected by state funding. With that said, ASU is also
supportive but critical to initiate change. The culture of social media experts is impact on local as
well as global levels. Each social media expert has developed his or her network through social
media, which makes each individual unique. With that said, social media experts recognize how
significant their actions are in social media and established networking systems. Overall, these
three institutions and individuals are seeking valuable change for student learning experiences.
My role is 1) to enhance communication that this project will benefit learners, teachers, and
evaluators by providing effective feedback through APP; 2) to promote the implementation by
providing constant support for users.
This applied project will require a variety of resources for the success. First of all, APP is the
most importance resource. ASU has hired a developer who has been working specifically with
APP. GL and MIIS may provide various testing locations to examine APP in real teaching
circumstances. Due to various institutional settings, however, there may be a gap of available
devices for teachers among those institutions. For example, instructors at GL are provided with
personal computers (Windows and Mac) and have the access to other mobile devices such as
iPad, whereas graduate students (i.e., student teachers) at MIIS may solely depends on their
personal devices. For GL and MIIS, all of APP testing will take place during workday in order to
respect their schedule. Several other essential resources are social media and the experts. In order
to design and implement a social networking marketing plan for APP, it is essential to investigate
various social media (e.g., YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook) and connect with social media
experts. Since social media experts are not necessarily instructors, their feedback of APP may not
be as effective as actual instructors at GL and MIIS. Another helpful resource is a user guide for
the users. I will review a pre-made user guide to see if I can employ the same one for this applied
project. I am available to support APP implementation and to provide the instruction of APP use
and technical support for GL, MIIS and social media experts. I will create a survey to ask for
their feedback after using APP.

Although the main aspect of this project is to design a social networking marketing plan, I have
not ensured connection with social media experts as well as the testing locations of APP yet.
Hopefully, I can organize the implementation and build connections with social media experts
soon in order to move forward with this project. My hope is that at end of this applied project,
APP will be acknowledged to learning institutions and educational technology experts through
social media, the evaluation process will be improved and that schools will be able to improve
students learning experiences.