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Final Analysis

Before starting nursing school, I had no idea that my journey would the amazing
rollercoaster ride it has been. I came into this experience with only my passion for caring for
others and my desire to be great. I expected nursing school to be challenging, but I didnt
expect it to push me to my limits and even sometimes second guess my decision to become a
nurse. I can honestly say that nursing school has changed me and my life for the better.
Throughout all of the ups, downs, and in-betweens I have experienced through nursing school, I
believe I am emerging as a better, smarter version of myself.
The BSN Program at Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing has been my second
home for the last three years. If I were to graph my growth in knowledge, skills, and attitudes
throughout the program, it would resemble a linear growth chart. My growth is demonstrated
through the various service-learning opportunities, practicum hours and in-class courses. My
nursing school program outlines five specific objectives in which all practicums are based. These
objectives are as follows: communication & collaboration, servant leadership, caring & the
catholic ministry, commitment to lifelong learning, and safe, quality, evidence-based practice.
Each semester, I along with my peers were given the opportunity to meet the program
objectives during clinical. Meeting these objectives each semester is what has shaped and
prepared me to accept the responsibility of practicing as a nurse. Communication and
collaboration is probably the objective that I had the most trouble with. This is because initially I
found it intimidating to communicate with doctors and nurses. Today, I am more confident in my
abilities and seek out opportunities to communicate patient status and other information to both
nurses and doctors alike. Servant leadership has been demonstrated through the various service-

learning activities spent in the community. Providing safe, quality care is an extremely important
part of nursing. An example of how I have met this objective was by performing the 5 rights of
medication administration prior to medicating a patient. Caring and the catholic ministry, and
commitment to lifelong learning have been demonstrated by me throughout my years as a
nursing student by my interactions with patients and seeking out new learning opportunities.
Something else nursing school has taught me was how to better work with a group.
Throughout my journey as a nursing student, I have had a slew of opportunities to work with a
group for a project presentation or even service-learning activities. I have learned to work with
peoples different personalities and traits, which I believe will benefit me as a nurse. One thing
that I really love about my nursing program was the various amounts of service-learning
activities we were afforded each semester. I loved being able to go out into the community and
provide education and other services to vulnerable populations. The service-learning
opportunities provided perspective on patient experiences after they leave the hospital. I believe
these experiences will make me a more empathetic and knowledgeable nurse, so that I can better
serve and educate my patients.
Throughout nursing school, I have had classes that taught me the different areas of the
nursing profession. These teachings included the nursing process, pharmacology, assessments,
vulnerable populations, behavioral health, metaphysical nursing, servant-leadership, professional
role development, nursing research, and much more. We have also had simulation experiences
that helped prepare us for what we might see in clinical, as well as assess how our skills as
nurses were developing. As students, we were required to complete over 900 hours of clinical
experiences, in which we able to put our learned skills to use. In my last semester of nursing
school, I was able to complete 225 hours of immersion, where I was pared with a nurse preceptor

and cared for patients with very little supervision. My immersion experience has helped me to
build confidence and begin sharpening my prioritizing and critical thinking skills.
In nursing school, I have had lots of memorable experiences both good and bad. My
most challenging experience in nursing school was during my first semester junior year. The
switch from having only one core nursing class to five was a lot for me to handle and I struggled
through the entire semester. This semester was also the beginning of having classes four days of
the week, which meant I had to get used to being at school more, studying more and working
For me, the most positive memorable experience in nursing school was with a patient
who had been addicted to drugs. He was in the hospital for complications associated with long
term drug use and was all alone. He stated that his family had washed their hands with him and
he thought that he didnt deserve to get well because of his past. Being that he was my only
patient, I was able to sit and talk with him for about an hour and get to know his life story. I
unexpectedly learned a lot from him, while at the same time being there for him as a listening
ear. At the end of the day, when I went to say my goodbyes, he broke down in tears and
expressed how much it meant to him that I was able to talk with him without making him feel
judged. It is moments like this that I hold on to during times when I am feeling frustrated or
overwhelmed with all the comes with being a nurse. I use this experience as a reminder to make
myself available to my patients and create trusting relationships with them.
Being that I am a novice nurse, I still have areas for future growth needed for entrance
into professional nursing. For example, I am still learning how to prioritize and think critically. I
also am building confidence in my abilities to make decisions regarding patient care. Another

area for future growth would be to continue to get better at communicating and collaborating
inter-professionally as well as assessing and developing short and long term goals for patient
All in all, my nursing school journey has been a wild one. There were times where I
didnt think I would make it and times where I even questioned my reasons for becoming a
nurse. Now that I am reaching the end of this chapter in my life, I cannot think of one thing I
would change or take back. Throughout my journey, I have met some of the most amazing
people and had some of the best experiences. I have been able to grow on a personal level, as
well as professional. I have overcome skills and fears that I never would have dreamed to be
possible. Although there have been times where I felt Ive been pushed to the limit, I wouldnt
change this experience for the world. Nursing school has been the most challenging, yet
rewarding experience of my life.