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Creating Research Paper

Note Cards

How I organized my research and got an A
in honors English

Your work will be a thousand times easier if you
keep these questions at your side and refer to
them constantly as a guide for everything
research, note taking, and writing.
Ask yourself the essential questions about your
How did X develop over time?
How did events (social, economic, political, and
cultural aspects of Xs time period) influence X?
What did X care about?
Why is X someone to be remembered?
Your interpretation of the persons life (not to
mention your portrayal) of your person should be
based on research and supported by

Research must be BALANCED

There are two areas of balance to
address when doing any kind of

One: Is my work balanced between

research categories such as,
websites, books, articles, interviews,
timelines, maps, film etc. or is the
majority from one area/type?

But, balance also refers to authors


Good research should reflect all sides

of the issuepositive and negative.
As the expert on your person, your

What are Note Cards, and why

should I do them?
Note cards are a simple way for you to gather
and organize your research for easy access
while writing your paper.

Note cards help you mix up your use of sources in a good way.

Note cards also help you stay focused on

information relating to your thesis.
More importantly, creating note cards gives
you practice in paraphrasing and summarizing
information for your paper.

tated Bibliography Cards

F m.
e im u
n in
Yo se m

What is an ANNOTATED
An annotated bibliography is a list of
citations to books, articles, and documents.
Each citation is followed by a brief (2-3
sentences for us)descriptive and evaluative
paragraph known as the annotation.
The purpose of the annotation is to inform
the reader of the nature, relevance, and
quality of the sources cited.

Annotated Bibliography
Make cares for ONLY those sources you use to. Put
the needed information in works cited format (Try
using or, etc.).
Lets say I want to use this:

How do I format that on the card?

Give each source a number

Works-cited page
style entry

"Welcome to" Christopher
Gardner Official Website. Chicago Media, n.d.

Web. 13

Apr. 2016.

This is Gardners page advertising his public

speaking career. It includes his biography, books
written, and more. I used this to understand his life, his
career, what he is thinking about more recently, and how
he impacts others.



Cross, Susan. Chris Gardner: The Man, the Legend.

New York: Dillard Publishers. 2004. Print.
Cross book explores Gardners early life
through his years reigning as Emperor of the
Whole World. It offers especially useful
information on Gardners formative high school
experiences and the reasons for his various
charitable interests.
Its okay if you write the annotations later.
Annotated sources cards are due lastafter
all the notecards.

Make a booklet

Practice your
Works Cited Skills

My next source

But WHAT goes on my



Consider the goal of

your researchwhat do
you need to present a
balanced, interesting
depiction of your

One IDEA/THOUGHT per card

Ideas should be ones you can
imagine might be useful in telling
your persons story
Might be a direct quote, a paraphrase (changing information into
your own words), or a summary
(much briefer sum up of info.)

Topic headings can help

you organize

Common Ground and other

organ-izations committed to
combating violence against
women, homeless-ness, and
financial illiteracy--issues of the
utmost importance to
pg. 23

If my source has a page

number, Ill put it here.

Source Number!


Be accurate
Double check direct
quotes and statistics.
Identify direct quotes with
quotation marks.


The End
or is it?

Paraphrase Practice

Did Chris really donate blood for money?
Yes. He did this on several occasions. He felt bad about doing it, especially when he observed some of
the lowdown, desperate characters doing the same thing. In real life, Chris Gardner discovered more
ways to put a few extra dollars in his pocket. In a hotel lobby, he witnessed a man struggling with a
cigarette machine. Unable to get his cigarettes, the man went to the front desk and asked for a refund
since he lost his money in the machine. For two weeks, Chris went to various hotels telling them that
one of their vending machines ate his money. He was given an instant refund and was able to earn up to
$25 a day doing this, though it made him feel horrible about himself.

My own words