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Byangter Teaching & Practice According to the tradition of Khordong Monastery Kham, Tibet Sanaa aa aga yc Gc Eqa ARs ns The Ritual Text of the Glorious Mahakala and all Dharma Protectors. Terma of Rigdzin Godem Edited by Khordong Therchen Tulku Chhimed Rigdzin Lama Tarslated ito Erlich by CR Lama & Jurgen Hewes, Barbara Mitchel James Low Copyright by CR. Lama Tibetan inthe new edton was checked by HH, Chimed Rigdin Rinpoche | English in the new eon was checked by Guru Knausenberger | “Typing Tibetan and English inthe now edition was done by Pawet Ostrowski [cons ©orene naw ton by Zaz Bude Khordong we Plece Darkw 18, 57-343 Lewin Roda || Bank PKO BP S.A. Kudowa Zerg} | 97 10205112 127680208 tel, mobil + 48 601 35 77 76 email: hordong@pacta.cnet ol e-mail: andrzsstaren@poccta.onet al | To order texts: ‘email: pawela@yov0.o1 ‘Thumaczéu,Polsks, May 2001 Table of content Preface — 1 The lineage of this practice — 2 Note — 3 Benefits — 3 Preparatory practice — 5 Self-transformation into the eight Herukas — 10 The ritual text of the glorious Mahakala and all Dharma protectors — 24 The brief prayer which is a mass of offering clouds that causes the rain of blessing to descend — 98 The serkyem offering — 107 Appendix: the seventy five glorious protectors — 129