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The topic of this essay is about the positives and negatives in technological advances in

the medical field, and advances we have made in healthcare as a whole. With all of the
advancements in technology in healthcare, it is easier for caregivers to successfully diagnose a
patient and find the necessary medicine and treatment to cure the patient. Along with the
efficient diagnosis of otherwise vague illnesses, the advancement of technology in the medical
field comes at a price, literally. The funding needed to cure a patient has spiked up, and more
and more people have to resort to paying for health insurance to get the treatment they need.
There have been a tremendous amount of innovations that have changed the way we
see disabilities and how we can counteract the physical and mental disabilities people are
diagnosed with. Within the last twenty years, we have seen a boom in technological
advancements in prosthetic body parts, artificial organs, and organ transplants. Prior to the
technology we have today, if someone had a limb-threatening disease such as diabetes or a
vascular disease, the answer would have been to amputate the limb and conceive to the
handicapped life the patient will face. Now we see people with technology in bionic limbs that
can react to the body and its movements making it able to act as a fully working limb. We can
diagnose the bodys activities with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to get information about
organs and structures in the body and determine if there is an issue with the structures.
This topic of the essay is important because there are many political discussions about
what to do with the rising prices of healthcare, and it is always important to discuss health care
because there will always be new patients that need attention and new diseases that should be
researched. It is also important to discuss whether we should continue to invest time, money,
and resources into advancing the technology in medicine if it will ultimately lead to higher
hospital and prescription bills. It is also important to discuss the amount of funding necessary to
continue to do research in medicine and to make innovations in the field to benefit the patients
that need the help. Putting the taxpayers and their money into consideration is crucial when
figuring out the best strategy that will make everyone happy and will benefit the patients to our
best degree.
I should be allowed to write about this topic in this essay because it is a modern
controversial topic, should we continue funding the research of new diseases and medical
practices if it will lead to higher costs for the patients? What should we do to try to lower the
costs of medical bills and insurance plans so beneficiaries can get the treatment they need? I
also would like to take into consideration the tax dollars that should be allocated to fund the
advancements because ultimately we will have to make an educated answer whether it should
continue or be limited, and what the positives and negatives to the argument are.

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