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Dear Parents/Guardians:

My name is Amber Mackintosh. I am a PSII student teacher in Mr. Ryan

Letasys classroom until April 24th, 2015. I will begin teaching both
Grade 6C and 6D in Math and Science, in hopes to working up to taking
over all Mr. Ryan Letasys classes full time. I am thrilled to become a
part of the school and classroom community for this short period of
time at G. S. Lakie.
I am from Fort Macleod, AB, born and raised. I am currently enrolled in
my fourth year at the University of Lethbridge in the Faculty of
Education. I am working to complete my combined Bachelor of Science
and Bachelor of Education degrees with a major in Mathematics, and
minor in Science. One of my teaching philosophies is that teaching
begins from the heart. To be a teacher, one must have passion; passion
to learn, passion to help, passion for knowledge. I want share my passion
for math with my students, plus encourage their passion for learning.
While teaching students, both in my major and outside my major, I
would like to plan lessons that reach out to all different learning styles.
Please take a few seconds to read and complete the FOIP consent form
attached to this letter.
I look forward to working with your children throughout my time at
G. S. Lakie, and helping them to succeed at their learning goals.
Miss Amber Mackintosh

Permission to Include Student Work and Images in a Professional Teaching Portfolio

Dear Parent / Guardian

I, Miss Amber Mackintosh, am creating/updating my Professional Teaching Portfolio to demonstrate my growth, achievements, and
experiences while teaching. Typical portfolio items include photographs of successful teaching moments, creative projects, or samples of
student work.
My Professional Teaching Portfolio is online and is for my professional use only. Students limited identifying information (name, grade,
photo) may appear on the materials, but my portfolio will only be shared with persons associated with my teaching career and professional
development to highlight my progress and accomplishments in the teaching profession.
Please complete the form below to indicate approval for the use of your childs schoolwork and/or images in my Professional Teaching
Miss Amber Mackintosh


(Teachers Name - Please Print)

(Teachers Signature)

(To be completed by the parents/legal guardians of a minor student)

Students Name: ____________________________________

Grade: _____________________________________

School: ___________________________________________

Teacher: ____________________________________

As the parent/legal guardian of the child named above, please check one of the following options:
I DO give permission for the teacher named above to include any materials my child produces as part of classroom activities in
the teachers Professional Portfolio, in accordance with copyright regulations. I understand that limited identifying information may
appear on the materials in the teachers portfolio.
I DO NOT give permission for the teacher named above to include any limited identifying information of my child or any materials
my child produces as part of classroom activities in the teachers Professional Portfolio.
Print Name of Parent or Guardian:


Signature of Parent or Guardian:

_________________________________________ Date: _________________________

If this form is not completed and returned to the school it will be considered that you have not provided consent to
use your childs work samples and photographic images as described above
The information on this form is collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Sections 33, 34, 38, 39,
40 and 41.