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Alec Sarian

23 Mantova Drive
Wheelers Hill, VIC 3150
0409 431 544
DOB: 23/8/1995
To work in an environment that will allow me to improve my skills whilst also
contributing to the best interests of the business I will be employed under.
Work Experience

2013 - 2014 (and earlier years) - (1 year total)

Call Centre Work - A.G.B.U: I occupied a call staff position, in which I was

responsible for contacting shortlisted individuals & raised funds for various charities.
* Responsible for managing phones at AGBU Melbourne.
* Developed social networking and customer service
* Raised money through phone fundraising efforts.
* Cooperated with managers and assisted them in their
tasks. (KPI'S)
Annys Manufacturing Jewellers (1 year): A reputable retail jewellery store
which allowed me to increase my experience in various areas. I maintained a
position which executed various general tasks for the business. This included:
Social media, emails, phone calls
Operating the till
Opening & closing store, cleaning
* Meeting KPI's/budgets

Airstream cafe & Montalcino (separate restaurants with similar roles) (1

year each) : My position as floor staff (waiter) at the well known Airstream cafe &
Montalcino required me to run all food and drink items on the cafe menu. This
position required:
* excellent communication and social skills
* problem solving
* execute a 3 plate carry, and hold a large tray of drinks

* very good coordination and stamina

All staff were heavily trained to market and persuade customers in a professional
manner. For example up-selling a menu item, recommending drinks to a table and
various other methods of sales technique.
Mcdonald's crew member (2015): Job entailed preparation/cooking of products
sold by McDonald's. I occupied a crew member position and worked mostly in the
kitchen. This position required me to execute various tasks, such as kitchen setup
(which occurred in very early morning hours), cleaning the kitchen surfaces and
machinery, and cooking and preparing various products.

Notable Qualifications/Achievements/interests
- RSA Certificate
- Year 12 education
- Certificate 4 in frontline management
Young Australian Artist of the Year (Painting - Middle Division) 2009
Highly skilled in FL studio (audio production), familiar with Word, Powerpoint and
Languages: English, Armenian

Availability: 7 days a week, 24 hours. I would like to occupy a casual/part time

position. I'm also willing to work full time depending on the flexibility of workplace
and other circumstances.
Mcdonald's Manager - Ozi Sal : Mob: 046 8406 937
Airstream Cafe Manager - Vlad : 040 5687 336