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Name:_Tao Shen__

Goals (Use active verbs like: research, study, investigate, apply, learn AND the
impact you expect to see on your instructional capabilities and/or student literacy
learning.)(Example: I will _________so that I can__________; I will ________so that my
student(s) will be able to _______.):
I will learn some useful strategies for teaching Chinese Literacy in a 9-week Chinese
Program so that my students will be able to listenspeak and write simple Chinese.
Rationale (Why these goals are important. Rationale should include principles of
exemplary literacy instruction)
Self-reflection (use your Week 1 Discussion Forum post, expand if you
Just like what I mentioned in Week 1 Discussion Form, my short-term goal for this
course is that I can learn as many effective teaching strategies as possible to better
help me enable my students to read and write Chinese more fluently. Considering it
is just a 9-week Chinese Program, so I just want to enhance my students'
listeningspeaking and reading skills.

Teaching situation needs/requirements (school mandates or state

As I mentioned, unlike other Chinese programs, this one only lasts for 9 weeks, so I
feel it more important and challenging to me to equip my students with basic
Chinese skills. At the same time, cultural lessons should be taught which means the
time for Chinese literacy is more short.
Student(s) instructional needs:
Basically students know little about Chinese which makes building a comparative
Chinese environment classroom more difficult to me. In this way, it is more
important for me to find some good method to involve my students into my
classroom's atmosphere.

Areas of interest (literacy areas you are curious about):

I am curious about how to develop students' writing as they are the very beginners
to Chinese. Some writing-teaching strategies will work for my classroom.

Performance patterns (include your frustrations here):

Reading simple Chinese is easy for students since they don't need a lot of time and
energy to memorize what they hear, but when it comes to writing or speak a long
sentence, they seem bored about this. Personally I think students they do not want
to do it is because switching from two languages is too challenging for them
considering the fact that they know little about Chinese before they step into my
Chinese classroom.
Plan (Include knowledge & skills):

Objectives (what you want to learn. Use the goals from your Week 1 post):
I will learn some useful strategies for teaching Chinese Literacy in a 9-week Chinese
Program so that my students will be able to listenspeak and write simple Chinese.

Resource needs (If you need more resources than our course reading material):
I think I should ask the Spanish teacher next door about some strategies that he
uses to teach
1. Search online resources to see whether there are some good materials for
teaching reading and listening.
2. Seek for help from a Spanish teacher in my school to see if he has some good
experience that I can adapt into my Chinese.
3. Since I have 4 quarters each school year, I will evaluate the effectiveness at the
end of each quarter and make some changes to the next quarter.

Assessment & Documentation (How will you know if you achieved your goals?):

Rubric (Include components of effective & exemplary literacy teaching you will use
to evaluate your learning this semester):

Personally I think the evidence to show a teacher's achievements is students'

progress. So what I want to do is before each quarter, I would have my students do
a pre-test about Chinese and at the end of each quarter, I will distribute the same
test to my students. The progress that students make is the evidence to show my