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Maria Priscilla Jaro

2442 Bur Oak Avenue, Markham, Ontario, L6B1J8



To obtain a position as a Registered Practical Nurse, where my knowledge,

skill, and experience will be utilized to determine the unique needs of patients,
and respond safely and competently, according to the evolving plan of care
in a changing environment


Markham-Stouffville Hospital, Markham, Ontario

January 2016 April 2016
-Performed comprehensive, competent, and thorough head-to-toe physical
assessments, detected abnormal findings and acted accordingly in
response, created a plan that is tailored specifically to each unique client,
executed safe and competent nursing interventions, and evaluated results
and effectiveness of interventions
-Safely and competently administered medication by mouth, inhalant,
subcutaneous, sublingual, via gastrostomy and nasogastric tube, and via
intravenous line, with adequate knowledge and adherence to the rights of
medication administration
-Communicated effectively to patients throughout time of care, as
exemplified by obtaining consent, explaining care and procedure,
encouragement of involvement in care, and promotion of health and
wellness (through admission, inpatient care, and discharge teachings)
-Communicated effectively and appropriately with members of the
interprofessional health care team using the SBAR method (such as the
physician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, facilitating nurse,
registered nurse, pharmacy, etc) during shift report, bullet rounds, whenever
requiring assistance and clarification, and whenever a change is noted in the
three-factor framework
-Documented accurately and completely in a timely manner, using
electronic (MediTech, eMAR) and hand-written methods (FN Book, Pharmacy
Form) in order to provide adequate report and communication to the health
care team, as relevant to client care
Humber Interprofessional Medical Mission, Guatemala
February 2016 February 2016
-Contributed nursing skills as a member of an interprofessional health care
team, in providing healthcare to those at high risk of illness, malnutrition, and
abuse, and to those requiring immediate medical attention
-Commenced initial client interview, performed physical assessments,
obtained past medical history, vital signs, and laboratory values such as
hemoglobin test and urinalysis, and provided adequate report to the
-Calculated and confirmed medication reconstitution as ordered by the
physician, and provided appropriate health teachings as relevant to
treatment, care, and health promotion

-Encouraged pediatric population of both urban and rural areas to engage

in self-care such as hygiene and dental care, and nutrition and hydration
-Engaged in set-up and take-down of clinics (equipment, operation, and
function), comprised of stations for interviews, physical assessments,
laboratory values, physicians room, medication administration, and health
Scarborough Grace Hospital, Scarborough, Ontario
September 2015 December 2015
-Assigned on the Medical Unit (4A), to learn in partnership with a nurse, while
providing compassionate, empathic, safe and competent care to
cardiology, respiratory, neurology, urology, renal/hepatic, and orthopedic
-Safely and competently administered medication by mouth, subcutaneous,
gastrostomy and nasogastric tube, and via intravenous line, with adequate
knowledge and adherence to the rights of medication administration
-Performed, practiced, and refined wound care skills, including wound
assessment, cleaning, medication administration, and dressing application
-Documented accurately, as related to assessment findings, care provided,
evaluation, and pertinent data that may affect the patient plan of care
Leisure World, Scarborough, Ontario
January 2015 April 2015
-Performed, practiced and refined routine care skills such as full or partial bed
bath, showers, making a neat bed, and helping the geriatric population with
their activities of daily living
-Assisted the residents eat during meal times, and simultaneously promoted
health, nutrition, and wellness
-Considered, practiced, and refined communication skills as related to the
challenges of language barriers, sensory perception limitations, and
neurological dysfunctions

Registered Practical Nursing Diploma

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Ontario
June 2016


-Valid Level C for HCP CPR and First-Aid Certification

-A.S.I.S.T Suicide Prevention Workshop
-Valid Full G Drivers License
-Mask Fit Testing Complete
-Caring for Your Patients Receiving Infusion Therapy Certification (RNAO)
-Preceptor Education Program Certifications (Understanding and Fostering
Clinical Reasoning, Fostering Reflective Practice, Dealing with Conflict, Giving
and Receiving Informal Feedback)


References are available upon request.

Maria Priscilla Jaro

2442 Bur Oak Avenue, Markham, Ontario L6B1J8 +1(416)917-3110