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problem 1 :
root cause : assets ingested -> manifest corrupted when request was sent back to
the client(response to demand)
solution - improve transcoding on VOD Harmonics short term solution : delete
assets (today) ... next week republish all assets
symptom : log in Harmonic deleted after a week ;
Follow-up on - why corruption on mobile reflect on stb

problem 2

root cause : caches of origin node service crashed => playout service crashed .
Origin server recorded this issue as a warning and not a fault .
symptom : assets - response empty from origin server = empty manifest => no
successful playout ;
Follow-up on - how can that service on origin service stop without being noticed ?
Solution : more traps to catch this type of alarm

problem 3 :
root cause - after deleting assets from CDVR - EBMS continues updating the
metadata about the assets even if its not available on CDVR .
zombie effect = bring assets back to life in Kaltura = create Kaltura update
without physical asset
Impact : 126 assets in Kaltura that didn't have a valid media transcoding in CDVR (
no proof in CDVR )
symptom : 404 on CDVR for the manifest of this assets
workaround - identify assets in Kaltura that are not in CDVR and request Kaltura to
erase them - a list has already been sent to kaltura
- tracking occurrence after deleting an asset on CDVR to make sure it
doesn't regrow - send no more updates on deleted items

Intrebari :
1. IT - same problem ? : correct this on uk and then look at italy . it could impact
italy .
astia vor sa stie daca nu implementeaza chestia asta pe italia o sa aiba aceasta
problema ? :))) Logic !

2. Origin server : problem 3 is the most relevant?

p1 - change problem - has solution
p2 - true technical incident - has solution
p3 - very important and unexpected ; architectural problem => fundamental

3. Digimon asset unavailable because of what problem ?

send list and observe . digimon and pokemon - problem 3 probably
taloi zice ca e problema 1 ca sunt reale ... adica asset-ul exista

4.How many assets unavail due to p 1 ?

450 ... big problem .... most of them exited licence perioud so the number should be
about 250
should't be managing the deleted assets

5. ETR for problem 1 to be resolved

- end of next week
if they republish now the transcoder will treat them as an update and not as new
info and it will not re-transcode them - we need to reingest the assets.