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Georgia Audio-Video-Film Technology Grant

State of Georgia grant monies have been made available for equipment packages to support the
implementation of Georgias Audio-Visual-Film/Technology instructional program and pathway
courses. The goal of this grant competition is to leverage ESE Networks experience in the film
and audio/video industry and its experience with U.S. Education TV to provide middle schools
and high schools with the equipment, server storage capacity, and technical support to provide
students with opportunities to earn courses toward the Audio-Video-Film & Technology career
pathway. This goal will be accomplished through ESE Network partnerships with middle schools
and high schools across the state. This effort will build on ESEs previous work in middle schools
and high schools around the state.
Participating schools will receive a Studio in a Box that will enable them to film and broadcast
high-quality, HD video as well as access to the ESE Networks platform for two years. Access
also includes 1 TB of storage space and ESE technical support.

Proposal Grant Application Form

Section 1: Overview Information
Local Education Agency (LEA) Name
Chatham County
LEA System ID Number
School Name
May Howard
Applicant Contact Information

Contact Name: Krystle Leanza

Title: Library Media Technology Specialist
Phone: 912-395-3925

Executive Summary
Using the space below, please provide an executive summary of this grant request.
May Howard Elementary School is a neighborhood K-5 school that has been implementing a
STEM approach to learning as well as adopting this method of thinking with our students. As a
whole, our school strives to offer students opportunities to engage in real world application of
STEM skills.
The equipment in this grant would allow May Howard to incorporate video production into the
schools program. Video production can be implemented during Technology specials as well as
carried over into a school club. The equipment would provide students with skills and knowledge
to highlight school events, and it will encourage creativity and strengthen group collaboration
among students.

May Howard currently produces the morning news show using with just one outdated iPad. This
does not include any other equipment or storage devices. With the addition of modern production
equipment, the morning news show can be expanded. The students can use professional grade
equipment to document the activities occurring within the school. With this video equipment, the
Production Club would be able to film and produce video segments of the various activities
occurring during the STEM and technology specials. By connecting students with the various
STEM activities, it will produce awareness and generate interest in STEM. In addition, the
information will be available to parents and community members. The availability of the
information on STEM will produce an impact in career paths in engineering and technology as
well. The grant will improve the school community by creating chances for students to engage
with the components of STEM through video production and broadcast.
Local Investment
An LEA school can show local investment in the Audio-Video Technology and Film career
pathway. Describe how your LEA schools past (2011-12, 2012-13, and 2013-2014 school
years) and/or future (2015-2016 school year) commitments support this pathway
May Howard currently produces a morning show and broadcasts through Vimeo. The news crew
is limited in the types of segments they can produce because their is only one camera for the
news show and there is limited availability on the current switch box. Students who participate in
the news crew often aspire to attend the specialty middle and high schools in related fields, but
are currently at a disadvantage because of the limited experience provided to them with the
current equipment. The equipment provided by this grant would open up many opportunities for
students to explore their talents. The students would be able to pre record videos and edit them
to include music, background graphics, and other interesting and creative applications. The
students would also be learning software programs that are in many Audio-Video-Technology
In addition to the morning news show, students would be able to broadcast many events live to
the entire school. The equipment provided with this grant would provide parents, community
members, and students access to school events..
Section 2: Project Readiness Information
Assuming that this funding request is approved, the project described is ready to
immediately proceed in the following areas:
A full-time Audio-Video Technology and Film pathway teacher has been identified and is in
place for the 2014-2015 or 2015-2016 school year.

I agree
I do not agree

A part-time Audio-Video Technology and Film teacher has been identified and is in place to
teach an elective course during the 2014-2015 or 2015-2016 school year.

I agree
I do not agree

Appropriate, adequate space is available in the school building and committed to house
this equipment and related classes during the 2014-2015 or 2015-2016 school year.

I agree
I do not agree

A full-time Audio-Video Technology and Film pathway teacher has been identified and is in
place for the 2015-2016 or 2016-2017 school year.

I agree
I do not agree

A part-time Audio-Video Technology and Film teacher has been identified and is in place to
teach an elective course during the 2015-2016 or 2016-2017 school year.

I agree
I do not agree

Appropriate, adequate space is available in the school building and committed to house
this equipment and related classes during the 2015-2016 or 2016-2017 school year.

I agree
I do not agree

Provide additional explanation or readiness information below. Clearly explain your

timeline for implementation relative to the responses above.
May Howard currently has a broadcast area dedicated to the morning news program. That area
(located in the technology lab) has a wall painted as a green screen. In addition, May Howard will
be receiving a new school in 2017. The new school will have a broadcasting room with a green
screen. The space will be used solely for production of the news show and is able to
accommodate the news crew, sponsor teacher, and equipment.
The full-time media specialist and the gifted teacher are currently in charge of the news program.
The gifted teacher will play a more active role in facilitating the morning news show as well as the
Production Club. If granted, the equipment would be implemented into the program immediately.
The Production Club would meet before school, and would be open to students in 3rd, 4th, and
5th grade. The club would introduce audio-video-technology. Students would learn essential skills
such as taking care of equipment, developing and editing scripts, and directing and editing short
segments for the news show.
Section 3: Project Impact
Please describe the significance or potential contribution this proposal offers to your
educational community. Does it impact student achievement, solve a learning issue, and
increase the capabilities of career pathway and/or digital learning? What does it enable
that is not possible now? Clearly identify and explain your timeline for implementation.
May Howard students have the opportunity to participate in STEM activities such as engineering
and coding. Students also have the opportunity to creatively express themselves through art,
music, and drama. They do not have the ability to learn audio-visual techniques and skills

because the school does not have dedicated equipment for this skill set. Students would benefit
from the equipment provided by this grant so that they could learn the complexity of film
production, editing techniques, and other skills needed to continue on a career path in AudioVideo-Technology and film. With the increase in film production in Georgia, this career pathway is
a promising opportunity for the students at this school. May Howard would begin using the
equipment by establishing a club for students in the 2016-2017 school year.

Number of students positively impacted: 756

Number of teachers positively impacted: 124

Section 4: Audio-Visual Technology and Film Course/Pathway Implementation Strategy

Describe in detail the LEAs/high/middle schools strategy to effectively implement the
Audio-Visual Technology and Film courses and/or pathway, utilizing digital resources,
state provided tools, and the equipment, training, and support provided if awarded this
grant. Be specific about the implementation timeline.
During the 2016-2017 school year the Production Club would expand the school news program to
include pre recorded video segments highlighting student achievements, lost and found items,
and classroom activities. Student videographers would also use the equipment to broadcast
assemblies, award ceremonies, sporting events, spelling bees, and other events to the entire
school. The technology teacher will also incorporate implementing some of the principals into the
technology special to provide an introduction to audio-visual-technology to students.
Briefly describe the professional development plan for staff members to ensure they are
able to successfully use and integrate these systems into their work.
The library media specialist and the gifted sponsor will attend all training opportunities available to
them. They will become gurus in this area. They will then conduct faculty trainings which will
demonstrate to teachers how to use the equipment provided by this grant. The library media
technology coach will be available to coach teachers on equipment use as needed.
Briefly describe this application's alignment with the LEA's Strategic Plan and the schools
improvement plan.
The use of the grant equipment at May Howard will encompass skills needed to be a successful
student. Students in the Production Club will be critical and creative thinkers as they plan out their
videos and begin producing them. They will also have to communicate and collaborate in order to
have a finished product. During the creation of films, students will gain experience and knowledge
about many different types of editing and production software. Students will establish a vision for
their project and work to implement that vision. This will require students to show initiative,
productivity, and leadership. All of these skills learned are 21st Century skills that are essential to
the successful entry into the career fields surrounding audio and visual production.
Briefly describe how this application has the support of local media partnerships to fully
leverage student opportunities.
May Howard has partnered with local film-makers in the community. These community members
will be partnering with the Production Club to improve the quality of instruction and application of
the productions. These community members will serve as mentors to assist the students with
their productions.

Project Lead Information

Name: Krystle Leanza

Job Title: Library Media Technology Specialist

Role in Project: Advisor/Instructor
Phone Number: 912-395-3925
Email Address:

Section 5: Acceptance of Terms

If this grant application is approved, the associated license agreement is for a period of
two years beginning with the date of the signed license agreement between the
High/middle School and ESE Networks. Under the agreement, the high school will receive
Broadcast Video Production Equipment, an ESE Platform, up to 1TB of storage, plus
training and tech support. The intent of the grant that supports this agreement is to assist
Georgia high/middle schools in creating broadcast video production pathways and
creating opportunities for students interested in journalism, film, or associated fields.
Renewal of the license agreement following the two year grant-funded period will be
subject to negotiation between the school and ESE Networks.

I accept

Section 6: Binding Authority

I certify to the best of my knowledge the following:

I am authorized to make this request on behalf of the educational system and school.

Signature: Krystle Leanza

Title: Library Media Technology Specialist
Date: 2/17/2016