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3b Deepen and enrich students understanding through content area literacy

strategies, verbalization of thought, and application of the subject matter;

Application of subject matter is important because it allows the students to relate to

subject matter. It also allows them the visualize daily use, and understand the why.
These things all allow for your students to be more engaged in the lesson and
provides them with more understanding of the bigger picture.

3g Apply varied instructional strategies and resources, including appropriate technology, to teach for
student understanding;

Utilizing technology, and various instructional strategies is necessary in this day in age. This is used not
only to keep students engaged in the lesson, but because general instruction needs to include technology as
your students are using technology, in some cases every day.

3h Differentiate instruction based on an assessment of student learning needs and recognition of individual
differences in students;

Instruction is differentiated in order to provide each student in your class with a more appropriate
education. Not every student is at the same level, so not every student should be expected to attain the
required standards the same way. Lessons should be differentiated in order to ensure that they are receiving
a more individualized instruction that is based upon their level.

3i Support, encourage, and provide immediate and specific feedback to students to

promote student achievement;

Feedback is very important for students, its important that it is immediate so that
misconceptions are cleared up. Its important that it is specific as weel. The
specificity of feedback ensures that students are not only aware of how to self-correct
but it will help equip the students with the ability to recognize future misconceptions.
4b Designs and aligns formative and summative assessments that match learning
objectives and lead to mastery

Both formative and summative Assessments are important for different reasons. A
formative assessment allows you to modify your lesson in progress after seeing how
your students are doing. While summative shows you how your students understood
the lesson and were able to adapt what they learned.
4d Modifies assessments and testing conditions to accommodate learning styles and
varying levels of knowledge

Assessments and testing should be modified should a student have the needs for it.
Learning styles and levels of knowledge are primary reasons. For example, a student
with dyslexia being assessed in math has an IEP that says to read word problems on
their math test. This is allowing a student being assessed in math, to not be at a
disadvantage in math due to her disability that hinders her reading.