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Iesha Perales


Document Analysis # 3
In the document From Josiah Strong, Our Country (1885) Strong poses
a strong belief in the fact that the Anglo-Saxon race is the one that is being
primed for a battle of all races. That the world is running out of livable land
and that its only a matter of time until there is war for the arable land.
By posing that theyre the better race they cause wide spread racism
to build among a religion. It makes people believe that because they are a
certain religion and because they were born a certain race it makes them
better than other people. This will lead to divisions between race, and that if
a race wants to survive in this new world they have to assimilate to the
Anglo-Saxon ways. But they could never hope to be as great or as powerful
or as an endowed as their white counterparts.
This idea is prevalent to day with, dare I say it, Donald Trump. He
promotes that Christianity is the strongest of religions while degrading
minorities in rampant speeches about kicking them out of our country for
being a different race, not Anglo-Saxon. That the war against another
race/religion is happening and the white America will succeed by getting rid
of all others. Although some are allowed to stay as long as their skin is white
and they are Christians.
This idea stays in the hearts and minds of people, taught from
generation to generation that hate and God will make you get into heaven.

That the color of someones skin makes them less than you. The blacks faced
this. Not initially were they deemed property, but training children to follow
in your own racist shoes made the racism last hundreds of years and still
continues today thanks to people like Donald Trump. Which this evidently is
going against their own docturines.
Religion doesnt make you better. The Puritans thought they were
better based off their religion. That God gave them this right. But the
puritans lost all their power due to this senseless idea and the need to keep
in control.
Meanwhile In the second document From Aguinaldos Case against
the United States (1899) he goes into saying that American government
doesnt follow its own doctrines. We claim to be a free nation, handing out
help and offering help against oppressors of the people. Then as soon as the
bad people are gone we change our minds about helping the people.
We enforce our ideals of freedom on the people. Forcing people to
listen to us and follow our ways to a T, much like what we tried to force onto
the Native Americans when the English first landed in the New World. It
didnt work then and it doesnt work now. Each culture is civilized on their
own grounds.
Both Documents deal with conformity. They both build on the ideas of
one persons and or countries beliefs are better than another peoples. But by
forcing your beliefs onto others it degrades them and makes them feel

restless. Much like in Aguinaldos Case against the United States the Filipino
people warred against us much like the fought against the spain. We made
them feel like children. Not able to take care of the big kid duties of
governing their own country cause the United States thought they could do
Even with Strongs ideas that the Anglo-Saxon race along with
Christianity is superior it makes them try to force the whites to all conform to
Christianity as well as force other nations and/or people to conform. Like the
early English trying to force the Natives into Christianity or the African
Americans changing religions to try and be free before slavery was
completely forced upon them.
Liberty to be, is not a liberty to force others to do as you do.