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Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 1

Hogan Sports Center Marketing Proposal

Kyle Harris, Connor Gallagher, Alex Ortega, and Koang Thok
Sport Marketing
Professor Greg Austin
Colby-Sawyer College

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 2

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Which cover the main points below:

Public Relations
Facility/Internal Image Restoration

Hogan Sport Center Discussion

Historical Perspective
Present Perspective
Current Mission Statement
Trends Affecting Hogan
Where We Want Hogan to Be

Demographic Analysis

Target Market (Community & Students)

Customers Needs
Marketing Trends
Factors That Affect Purchasing

Hogan SWOT Analysis


Marketing Proposal Overview

Public Relations
Facility/Internal Image Restoration

Marketing Proposal Strategies

Sales Strategies

Sale Areas of focus

Pricing Strategies

Marketing Strategies

In-Game Promotion
Product/Service Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Place/Location Strategy
Promotional Strategy
Positioning Strategy


Revenue Goals

Public Relations Strategies

1. Attentiveness to Demographic

Electronic Card System

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 3

Loyalty Points
More Extensive Research/Analysis

2. Hogan Website

Promotional Video

3. Newsletters/Emails/Social Media


4. Students & Community Involvement

Fit New London

5. Partners Development
Facility/Internal Restoration Strategy
Intramural Wall of Champions

Spicing up the Hallways

Merchandise Stand
Hall of Fame and Award Winners
Plaques Relocated
Staff Shirts
Locker Room Perks/Cleaning
The Bathrooms & Showers


Grass Area by Mercer

Faculty Parking Lot

Budget and Sales Forecast


Public Relations
All Strategies

Justification For Potential Sales

Facility/Image Restoration
All Strategies

Justification For Potential

Grass Area by Mercer

Justification For Potential Sales

Goals & Evaluation of Results

Work Cited

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 4

Executive Summary
This proposal consists of three main components that have been selected as the most
critical aspects of the Hogan Sport Center that need attention immediately. These three main
areas are: Sales, Public Relations, and Facility/Internal Image Restoration. Another
component has been included for more future consideration, but it is not immediate because it
involves a lot more investments, however the inclusion of this component is just as critical as
Hogan has reached full capacity and for any possible gains in revenue to be achieved this
component must be taken seriously. This area has been titled the Expansion component.

Sales- The focus of this aspect of the proposal is how Hogan can increase its revenue through
merchandising and better pricing strategies.

Public Relations- For this component, we propose ways to increase Hogans public
awareness, or at least how to get current customers more involved.

Facility/Internal Image Restoration- Ways to revamp the image of Hogan when one
walks into the facility is the pitch of this component.

Expansion- Discussing the important need to expand Hogan in order to generate more
revenue, provide more safety, and meet the main need of our consumers is developed through
this aspect of the proposal.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 5

Hogan Sport Center Discussion

Historical Perspective
The Dan and Kathleen Hogan Sports Center is one of the many beautiful facilities here at
Colby-Sawyer College. This facility was established in 1989-1990 to fulfill the fitness and sports
needs of Colby-Sawyer College students and community members alike. The Hogan Center was
one of its kind at the time, being capable of holding 1600 people and it rest upon 63,000 square
feet in middle of Colby-Sawyers campus.
Upon installation, it provided student athletes an opportunity to train, compete, and
practice in a new, up to date facility. Along with the Hogan Center, they used Mercer
Gymnasium, the already established gym right next door, to help market their facility, which is
still done today. Perhaps, the location of the Hogan Center was intentionally placed next to
Mercer to further show the innovation and the architectural beauty in which the Hogan Center

Present Perspective
Today, the Hogan Center seems to be the facility of choice in the local area with a variety
of offerings and a strong product breadth. The Hogan Center sets itself apart from its
competition. With improvements made since the Hogan Center was installed, it provides
consumers with the necessary tools to enjoy a day at the gym. Additionally, the Hogan Center
has drastically improved their relationship with the community. When it was installed in the
early 90s, the primary goal of the Hogan Center was to cater to the needs of the student body at
Now in present day, there seems to be a healthy balance of community members and
students using the facility, which means that the facility is being, used the way it should be.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 6

Sadly Hogan has reached its full capacity and must make some advancement in order to stay
with the trends of society.

Hogan Sports Center Mission Statement

The Hogan Sports Centers mission is, To provide students, faculty, staff and the
community various opportunities to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Since we are a revenue
generating facility it is important to balance the use of the facility between athletics, recreation
and community membership. It is also our mission to make use of the down times to generate
revenue through rentals and alternative programming.

Where We Want Hogan to Be

In the near future we expect Hogan, with the implementation of this proposal,
To provide an updated but unique product focused on the experience and needs of the
customers. Develop a community focus on pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle through more
recognition of Hogans various opportunities. Above all else, to generate a better relationship
between students, the surrounding community, and Colby-Sawyer athletics through apparel,
image, brand loyalty, and a fun, competitive fitness environment.

Trends Affecting Hogan Center

Natural lighting: There are not many windows where natural light can enter the
building. This is important because its part of good health.
Keeping up with technology: Involves equipment/machines and free weight updates in
the fitness center that publics want to see
Social media: Not keeping up with the latest social media networks (Twitter, Facebook,
Instagram and etc.).

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 7

Demographic Analysis
Target Market
Male to Female: 45%-55%
How Old: 70% is 51+ and 25% is 30+ the remaining 5% is below 30
Location: Mainly New London, 10-15% from surrounding towns
Male To Female: 40%-60%
How Old: 18-23
Location: New London

Customer Needs
Community Surveys Reveal Common Needs As Listed:
More Space
Update Equipment
Earlier Facility Hours
More Class Variation
More Class Space
Cleaner Locker Rooms
Updated Locker Rooms
More Parking
Warming locker rooms in winter and cooler in summer
TV entertainment during workouts
Locker room amenities
Campus Surveys Reveal That Common Needs Are:
More Space
Updated Equipment
More Locker Room Space
Locker room amenities

Market Trends
Social Media- Students attention is mainly on social media
Technology- Keeping up to date with POS systems and new equipment
Workout Fads- Equipment to please new styles of workouts i.e. trx and crossfit

Factors That Affect Purchasing

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 8

Seasons- Students go home during summers

Awareness- Hogan does not market to the community
Lack of Position- Hogan does little to try and market its merchandise

Overall Evaluation
Many of these needs are not being met and the customers are perceived to be lacking
quality attention that is most effective in getting them more active with the Hogan Sport Center.
Personal however, is not an issue as surveys reveal that communication is praised, but services
lack in some areas.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 9

Hogan SWOT Analysis

The Hogan Fitness Center has many strengths that cater to the needs of the consumer. For
example, in comparison to the competitors, the Hogan Center offers almost 4 times the amount
of fitness classes, providing a variety of choices for each member. Another strength of the Hogan
Center, perhaps the most important, is the membership prices. While looking at the competitors
prices, the Hogan Centers low rates attract a variety of community members.
Additionally, the Hogan Center is located in an ideal place. Being on Main Street, it is
easy for consumers to find the location. Based on the surveys, a majority of Hogans members
belong to the New London area. Also, the indoor track provides another amenity for the
consumer. Since the track is so close to the weight room, it gives Hogan members the
opportunity to complete a full workout. Consumers like to get the most bang for your buck,
which is certainly the case for the Hogan Center.
Optimal use of the entire facility is certainly another strength of the Hogan Center. When
a member comes to the Hogan Center, they have numerous amounts of options of things to do.
Convenience is a very important factor to a consumer. In this case, the Hogan members can get
virtually any kind of workout they need all in the same place (dry land workout, weight training,
and swimming).
Certainly, the Hogan Center can always improve on these strengths to better cater to the
needs of the consumer. Whilst the competition is always getting stronger, the Hogan Center must
get stronger as well. This is why it is imperative for the Hogan Center to improve its weaknesses.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 10

From analyzing customers surveys of the Hogan Center, students and community
members are not having many of their needs met, which is the biggest weakness facing Hogan.
Main needs mentioned in surveys involved cleanliness, updating equipment, operating hours,
parking and facility space, and a few other simple needs.
Community members primarily complained about the need for locker rooms to be
cleaner, and that there is a lack of space. The lockers themselves have been quite beat up
throughout the years and could use some repairing. The lack of quality locker room appearance
is a huge weakness of the facility.
Other appearance weaknesses involve quick and speedy repairs for mirrors, facility
lights, and other maintenance things that staff should be constantly aware of so members are not
the first to discover these concerns. Appearance equals comfort in many opinions and without
comfort Hogan can expect to lose its positive public image.
Another thing with the public locker rooms mentioned, were the lack of warmness
during the winter and coolness during the warm and hot weather. Facility heating and cooling
needs to be investigated and adjusted to further meet customer needs. Doing so could possibly
even be more cost effective as some of the causes could be lack of insulation, which allows
excess amounts of energy to be lost, which cost money.
Space is yet another weakness that many involved with Hogan are not oblivious to.
Members urge Hogan to increase the size of the yoga and fitness rooms. Hogan has experienced
many staff members who are very experience, but are not able to optimize their skills because of
the lack of space that limits the amount of classes that can be taught.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 11

Of all of Hogans weaknesses, the biggest is its lack in ability to keep updated. Although
it cost to update and maintain a facility, falling behind makes a facility unsafe and unsavory to
customers. Customers want to see Hogan offering the same things other facilities are offering to
their customers. Things like equipment, needs to be updated, technology resources need to
utilized (such as TVs during fitness activity), and public awareness needs to be developed
because many locals do not know the extensive opportunities Hogan does have to offer in spite
of these weaknesses.
With 1,400 students and about 500 community members, Hogan cannot sustain them all.
Hogan needs to become strictly for the students or expand for the community, unless the facility
expects to dig itself into a deeper hole. Hogan loses $35,000 annually but is covered by the
school. This is still a weakness for Hogan because it cannot pay for itself. So if involving the
community continues to be a focus then they are an important source of new revenue. Hogan
currently lacks the ability to reach out to all of these potential new customers that could make a
huge impact for future successes.

The Hogan Sport Center has the opportunity to expand to the grass area next to mercer as
well as the faculty parking spot behind the ATR. This expansion could meet the needs of 2000
students and 1000 community members as plenty of yoga, office, free-weight, and cardio space
gets added to Hogan.
Few renovations have gone on inside the Hogan center, which makes the facility outdated
and begging for upgrades. Hogan has the opportunity to attract more students and community
members in the New London area that has a high quality of living standard.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 12

With so many qualified staff members with a diversity of skills to offer there are many
opportunities in terms of classes that can be utilized with this ideal expansion for Hogan. Some
opportunities that are being acted on that could be better focused are some of the camps the
facility is hosting. Contacting individual teams and coaches to gather together to share their
knowledge with a multitude of athletes is something that could bring the fitness center to the
forefront of the competition.
Reaching out has not been an opportunity utilized by the facility. Not to grab more
members but to solidify its prestigious qualities. Opportunities of increased sales lay within reach
of Hogan. The facility has already been seen to offer a lot. Simply better developing a package of
what the fitness center offers plus a few extra perks can be presented to the public of its one of a
kind product. After the image is revamped prices can rise along with other sales all totaling up to
a money generating facility.

Newport Fitness - Newport NH
8,000 square feet of gym space
Two floors offering heavy lifting down stairs and cardio upstairs
Tanning and aqua massage offered at facility for cheap prices 7.00$ on session 10 spa
treatment 50.00$ and 1 month unlimited 65.00$
4 different classes and trainings
Kinesis Studio, Personal Training, Wellness Programs, Specialized Group Training
New high tech cardio machines with 17 personal entertainment screens built in
Some of the areas that Newport Fitness has the Hogan Fitness beat is they have a big gym
space with a two floor system having big weights on the first floor and the second floor
dedicated to the cardio system. They also offer a lot of different therapies and massages at their
facility that the Hogan center cannot offer to their members. Although we have a great location
and have a solid group of members the Newport fitness is only about twenty minutes away and

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 13

offers some awesome perks that Hogan does not offer and I feel that we could lose some
members if we are not careful and Hogan should look into adding some of these perks to the
Mountain side Racquet and Fitness Center - New London NH

3 Indoor Tennis Courts

528.00$ for full Membership 20 dollars less than ours
Supervised Playroom to bring your kids
Personal Training
Tennis Lessons
Two floor fitness room with heavy lifting down stairs and cardio primarily upstairs.
Massage Offered by certified Massage Therapist

This facility has Hogan beat on a few different levels and can offer some sweet perks of being a
member. Two places they have the Hogan center beat is they have indoor tennis facilities that
can be used when you purchase a full membership. This facility is our biggest competition in the
local area. They are only twelve minutes away and if you have kids they offer a supervised
playroom so you can bring your kids to the gym when you workout and they can have some fun
too. Also we need to look into lowering our current full year membership because this facility
offers a lot for twenty dollars cheaper than ours at this point in time.
Henniker Fitness center Henniker NH

Fitness Center opens 24/7

NSCA Certified Personal Trainers
Offers Multiple Classes during the day all day
Established 10 + years ago so a trusted fitness center
This Facility has really only one major factor that beats us and that is the fact it is a 24/7

gym that offers anytime workouts for its members. Also it is a trusted facility due to the fact it
has been open for ten years with no problems and clearly is a trusted gym by its consistent
members. Its a threat but at the same time not the biggest threat is that its over thirty minutes
away from New London so one would not be to concerned with them taking our members.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 14

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 15

Marketing Proposal Overview

The sales component is an area of focus that needs to be attended too. The Hogan Center
does a great job of getting members and keeping their members already, but it is a matter of
selling the Hogan Center even further to them once they are members. For example,
merchandise, ticket sales, and facility rental. Once a member becomes affiliated with the Hogan
Center, they should be more inclined to purchase merchandise and attend the athletic events on
campus, that is, if they have an enjoyable experience.
To improve the sales component, promotion, place, price, product, and implementation
must be taken into account. There is always room for improvements and there are many avenues
in terms of sales that can, and should be explored.

Public Relations
A weakness has been seen in Hogans ability to relate with the public through the many
alternative opportunities that are available. Currently the facility is lacks information on its
demographics. A lot more could be done to gather more valuable Intel on the customers.
In addition, the Hogans ability to reach and inform certain publics could be intensified
tenfold. Many social media venues can open many opportunities for the facility if they simply
get in touch with the outside world.
Relationships are the last main aspect of the Public Relations component for the fitness
center that could be dramatically developed. Making sure all customer segments relates well with
each other, as well as the facility itself with the town New London and local businesses, is a
valuable asset to ensure future security as a firm.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 16

Facility/Internal Restoration
When looking at the Hogan facility it is a beautiful brick building with many mountain
views surrounding it. As you step inside the facility it becomes somewhat outdated and lacks
excitement. Certain areas such as the athletic hallway leading down towards our Athletic
Training room need to be spiced up with some new faces and some new color. It has the same
pictures and plain white paint for some time now and its time to change things up internally.
Inside of the Hogan Center we have plenty of space and ideas to make the entrance and
the hallways more inviting and appealing to current students and interested future students on
tour. Better viewing opportunities need to become more available. One athlete, Mike Dias,
scored 1,000 points in three years of basketball at CSC. Increasing the viewing opportunities for
such athletes keeps Hogan appealing for future students and the community because they can
relate with these achievements. The facility has lost its, pop to new and interested publics and
the ascetic value is an important focus that needs to be assessed.

Talk about the expansion overview
The Hogan fitness room is currently at full capacity throughout the day. We have grown
by over 1,000 students since this facility was built. At this rate we are accepting more and more
students every spring to come in and attend in the fall. This leads to less workout space and the
issue is not getting any better. This expansion will help the fitness center get better airflow with a
larger space and more natural sunlight while including more windows in the building addition.
Also the key to this addition being a success is that we will have a two-story fitness center to
separate the two main workouts. The weight lifting aspect to working out will remain on the
lower floors of this new fitness building and the cardio aspect of working out will be on the

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 17

second floor to create a nice separation. Having this addition to the building will increase the
space we have for the yoga classes and zumba classes. After the move to the front of Hogan, the
old fitness room will now be used as a spinning room/yoga room/boot camp room, and a Zumba
room while smaller classes can still be held in the old yoga room.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 18

Marketing Proposal Strategies/ Implementation Activities

Sales Strategies
Sales Areas of Focus
Long sleeve T shirts, Short sleeve T shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, bags, cushions
Rental Fees (courts, racquetball courts, pool, climbing wall)
Ticket Sales ($3 per community member, students/faculty still free)
Summer Camps/Winter Camps
Recreation based, sport focused
Fitness Classes
Membership Package (Increase or decrease price?)
Vouchers for athletic events
The areas of focus listed above were chosen to best fit the needs of the consumer. The
ticket sales aspect and vouchers are newly constructed ideas that will surely generate sales. The
vouchers are just an incentive for community members to attend sporting events at the Hogan
Center. The most important part is to get people to the Hogan Center. Once they are there, it will
possibly entice the consumer to spend more money (merchandise, concessions).

Pricing Strategies
Mens Basketball- 12-15 home games potentially. 3 dollars per ticket
Womens Basketball- 13-16 home games potentially. 3 dollars per ticket
Long Sleeve T-shirts (all colors) 20$-Visuals attached
Short Sleeve T-shirts (all colors) 15$- Visuals attached
Shorts 20$-Visuals attached
Sweatshirts 25$-Visuals attached
Pants 20$-Visuals attached
Bags 15$-Visuals attached
Seat Cushions $10-Visuals attached
Vouchers at local businesses (1$ off ticket)
Membership fees (increase or decrease)
General Membership: $44 1 month, $100 3 months, $185 6 months, $344 12
Full Membership: $61 1 month, $155 3 months, $292 6 months, $548 12 months
Child Membership Age 6-13: $22 1 month, $49 3 months, $92 6 months, $172
12 months

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 19

Fitness Class fees (increase price for size of class and facility space)
Summer Camps Cost is $140/week or $35/day. Program hours are 8:30am - 4:30
pm. early drop-off and late pick-up is available for an extra $10/week. Early is
before 8am. Late is after 5pm.
Facility Rental
Pool Party: 5$ per person
Open Gym Party: $5 per person
Indoor Climbing Wall: $85; use of Mercer additional $20
Bouncy House Party: $125

Marketing Strategies
1. In-Game Promotion
Not only is it important for fans to attend the games, it is important for them to enjoy
themselves while they are there as well. In that, the Hogan Center staff could work in
conjunction with the game management crew to try and implement new in-game promotions.
Already, game management provides the same promotion every game. Giving the consumer
variety will definitely attract more members of the community. For example, during the
basketball games, Colby-Sawyer could dedicate a night to the Kearsarge basketball team,
inviting their entire team and the parents of the players for a night at the basketball game. The
families would be allowed access at discount prices, discounted food, and the players can play a
5-minute scrimmage at halftime. This is just an example to get the community involved and
reach out to a local school. Ideally, the Hogan Center and game management should work on
reaching out to the public more as that is where we get the ticket revenue.
Another promotional activity, this time targeted towards student fans, should be
something that sparks their interest. Being a college student, it is apparent that college students
like free things. Therefore, we can move away from the traditional free t-shirts and try to
organize something different. For example, the Mens or Womens basketball team can go to

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 20

local businesses and try and get gift cards to their business to give to the fans. In terms of getting
the business card to the fan, this is where game management can get creative. They could have
everyone write down their ID number on the way into the game if they want to qualify for the
prizes. Then, at halftime, they will announce the winning ID number and grant the winner with
the gift card to the local business.
The are surely more examples than the ones provided above. However, it is important
that the Hogan Center reach out to the community primarily for revenue purposes and to build a
stronger relationship with the community. Also, it is imperative to try and cater to the needs of
the students, as they are the primary group that attends the games. If the community members see
that more and more students are going to the sporting events, it will surely spark more interest in
the community. New London is a small town and the word will spread quickly.
2. Product/Service Strategy
Based on the survey results, it appears as though consumers want more fitness classes
with more space as well. Newport Fitness offers four different levels of membership, which
allows members to have access to the fitness classes, assigned to that level. Another competitor,
Mountainside Racquet and Fitness Center offers in their Group Fitness Studio Body Pump
(Les Mills), INSANITY, Zumba, Dance Aerobics, and Pickelball lessons all-inclusive with
membership. In comparison to Colby-Sawyers fitness class offerings, we definitely have more
options (15 classes). This is probably why the Hogan Center has a lot of members. However, the
consumers are still asking for more. Therefore, perhaps there can be designated events once or
twice a month in the Hogan main gym to accommodate all consumers. For example, a large
Zumba event can be held once or twice a month.
3. Pricing Strategy

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 21

The Hogan Center does not really have an issue with selling the fitness classes to the
consumer. However, the prices that are explained in bullet form previously are modified after
current prices that the Hogan Center offers. For example, the merchandise prices are generally
the same, just a slight increase. Based on the surveys we handed out to the community, only one
or two members commented saying that the prices are too high. Therefore, perhaps a slight
increase in membership price could occur. To see how it would affect membership numbers, the
Hogan Center should increase prices for about 2 months just to see if any differences occur, if
any. However, the membership prices cannot be raised too high because out of the competitors
listed in the previous paragraph, the Hogan Center has the lowest yearly rates.
4. Place/Location Strategy
The one thing I think Hogan should focus on more is the selling of their merchandise
(shirts, shorts, pants, sweatshirts, bags). The way in which they sell it now is very informal. The
products that are hanging on the wall is not where a lot of consumers look and dont really jump
out at the consumers. They should either purchase a glass case in which they can display the
merchandise items in them and it will stand out to the consumer. In terms of location, I think the
glass case can be placed in between the two sets of doors at the Hogan entrance. Also, more
merchandise can be placed in the office windows in the fitness center upstairs. A lot of people
use the fitness center and have to walk by the office window to enter and exit the weight room.
Its all about catching the consumers eye, which in this case, I think will succeed. An example
of a glass case we can use is displayed below:
5. Promotional Strategy
Vouchers in local businesses
Email blasts (newsletters)

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 22

Host events within Hogan (visually attract consumers)

Commercial (stretch)
Newspaper ad
Create Twitter/Facebook page for Hogan Center, which includes updates,
membership fees, class schedules, special offers, etc.
An additional staff member (Director of Social Media) is needed to ensure that each of
these promotional strategies is carried out.
6. Positioning Strategy
Values that we instill and want to reflect our facility and business plan should correlate
with our target market, the community and student body. It is difficult to match the two needs
and interests of each target market, but there is definitely some overlap. However, we want
innovation, inclusiveness, and cleanliness to be associated with how the Hogan Center markets
itself. Consumers will think Hogan has up to date equipment, constantly offering new
opportunities in terms of fitness classes, and using new technology (key card system). Also, in
terms of inclusiveness, we want members to feel welcome and get them to come back or even
purchase larger memberships. We can do this by having more staff to cater needs (if necessary),
create a more home-feeling environment (Keurig in lobby, relax space), and making the
appearance of the Hogan more visually appealing (color on walls). In terms of cleanliness,
members love knowing that they are working out in a clean environment; it is just one less thing
to worry about. If we can incorporate these values with our business plan and the Hogan image,
it will ensure that consumers will keep coming back and that more will join.

1. Short Sleeve Shirt: Also comes in white with black writing and blue with white
writing. According to Custom Ink, 100 shirts of this design can be purchased for $11.94

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 23

2. Long Sleeve Shirt: Also comes in black with white writing and blue with white
writing. According to Custom Ink, 100 shirts of this design can be purchased for $12.43 per

3. Shorts: Also comes in white with black writing and blue with white writing. According
to Custom Ink, 100 of this product will cost $16.33.

4. Sweatshirts: Also comes in white with black writing and blue with white writing.
According to Custom Ink, 100 of this product can be ordered for $17.50 apiece.

5. Sweatpants: Also comes in gray with black writing. According to Custom Ink, 100 of the
same product will cost $23.31 apiece.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 24

6. Bags: Also comes in black with white writing and white logo. According to Custom Ink,
100 of the same product will cost $6.02 per bag.

7. Seat Cushions: One color cushion. According to 4Imprint, 100 cushions can be
purchased for $400 with an additional $50 for a specialized Charger logo.

Revenue Goals:
Based on the average of 20 community members at each varsity basketball game (mens and
womens), we can predict a profit of about $1,860. We hope to double the amount of community
members at games in 3-5 years
The goal for merchandise is to rise $5,000 in 3-5 years
Make over $500,000 in membership per year (currently $448,000)
Increase awareness of Hogan Center by 55%
The purpose of these goals is to measure to success or lack thereof within the Hogan Center. The
goals that are selected are small steps, but progress nonetheless.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 25

Public Relations Strategies

1. Attentiveness to Demographics
Electronic Card System
Taking better records of ones customers of when they come into the facility will better
allow the Hogan Center to, see what members are active and non-active, gage when the busiest
time of day is, and support it with data. A system where the community utilizes the same card
systems that students do at Colby-Sawyers Dining Hall. The only difference is it is done in the
Hogan Sports Center with a focus on fitness components vs. dining services.
This transition will be tricky but CSC already has the software to do it. Simply time and a
small one time start up fee to get it running will help the Hogan Center take better records of its
facility usage. In compiling better facility usages records, more demographic information is
expected to be collected now that everything is digital, which, leads into the next strategy.
Implementing this activity starts with those in the IT department that developed the
SMART card system for CSC students. The job assignment will be to find a way to gather data
about members who come into the Hogan Center as extensively as possible. The front desk can
have a barcode scanner and members simply come in and scan their cards before proceeding to
workout. If done effectively and efficiently the site could be up by the end of the summer.
Loyalty Points
With the implementation of an electronic card system a loyalty points program could be
developed for avid fitness customers. For each class they attend or every day they go to the gym
they get a certain amount of points that could tally up to prices or other types of promotions.
More Extensive Research/Analysis

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 26

This marketing plan has a detailed analysis of Hogans customer demographics but more
information can always be collected. Getting all customers demographics information compiled
into simple categories such as, location, favorite thing about Hogan, and biggest concern about
Hogan, can be put in an excel documents and analyzed to get a new look on the target market.
Doing this enables Hogan to make up better market segments and find things that are of
common interest in some market segments that could possibly generate even more revenue to
Hogan if that interest is met.
Having the Electronic Card System can have customers profile pop up on the facility
computer and have important aspect highlighted that could be done by staff to encourage a better
visiting experience. Staff members could even write comments about the customer that could aid
future staff members in providing a better experience in the future for that customer.
Hogan only has 500 members, if the customers feel the increase in quality an increase in
price will still raise eyebrows but if consumers see the efforts the concern can be managed. After
all Hogan only have 500 members. A better customer focus can be developed a very easily and
effectively with a lot of time invested at first but very little upkeep to create a continual flow of
demographic information.
2. Hogan Website
The appearance of the Hogan Sports Center should be simple. Tabs across the top that
list; Home, Join Now, About, Merchandise, Classes, Facilities, and Contact Us. This will allow
visitors to easily navigate to the broadest aspect of the Hogan Sports Center.
The main page should include advertisements of CSC games, special deals for parties,
some promotional videos, and maybe even some workout tips and tricks sponsored by the

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 27

athletes at CSC or Trainers. The main goal is to give Hogan a separate identity from the college
athletic where non-athletes can get Hogan only info but are directed to the athletic site should
they be interested. Another goal is to simply put out more information about Hogan such as
classes, school/community related activities, etc.
A marketing/communications staff can be developed to develop the Hogan Website.
These staff members should have CSS, HTML, and other desktop publishing experience. If done
effectively and efficiently the site could be up by the end of the summer.
Promotional Video
In conjunction with the website a promotional video will be introduced to Provide
community members with a short and sweet image of what Hogan is all about and what it has to
offer. This will bring chills to viewers and encourage them to sign up right away!
3. Newsletters/Emails/Social Media
The current outside consumers of the Hogan Sports Center are ages 50+ and it can be
assumed that many of them do not interact online as much as younger generations do. So
newsletters that focus on what Hogan is offering to its customers, as well as promotions, and
activities that Hogan is involved in can help keep customers active.
The newsletter can be informative about ones health and even promote what will be
discussed later in the, Community and Student Relations section A Fit New London. Emails
of the same newsletter will also be mailed out to the community members that have listed their
email on their membership accounts with the Hogan center.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 28

Students on campus get annoyed with emails, and paper newsletters our less than ideal.
This strategy encourages a student-focused newsletter listing things that would be important to
the student so they know what awesome Colby-Sawyers fitness facility has to offer.
Notice the difference in terminology. For outside consumers it is what the Hogan Sports
Center has to offer, whereas for the students on campus, it is what Colby-Sawyers fitness
facility has to offer, thus focusing on increasing the student bodys positive association with
As mentioned before, however, students tend to not care about emails. They want instant
info that pertains to them in as few words as possible, which is why Hogan is encouraged to get
into the Social Media aspects of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. In using this social media
venue Hogan can promote cool classes or events going on in the facility, and communicate with
students on what they would love to see from the Hogan center.
The marketing/communications staff mentioned above can be utilized to write up
newsletters and manage the online social media. This could be done in as simple as two weeks
after staff have been assigned the position and had a week to get use to it, so a total of three
weeks. Twitter, Facebook, Instagrams, and monthly newsletters should me managed continually.
4. Student and Community Involvement
Fit New London
Program such as 5ks, mile swims, and any other event that both students and the
community can do together will help strengthen the bond of the Hogan Center/CSC with the
town of New London.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 29

The marketing/communications staff will head this component as well. Once venue of
help that could be utilized are the students on campus. Just like this marketing plan is being used
to give ideas to the Hogan Center other classes can be used to help the plans listed in this
document to a further extent.
5. Partnership Developments
Looking to local business to subsidize future possible investments by associating
businesses names with the Hogan Sports Center could be a potential direction. The facility
already does it by naming things after alumni.
Those involved with drawing up renovation plans, contracts, and evaluations of figures
should all come together and put together into a portfolio that a communications staff member
can present it to local businesses.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 30

Facility/Internal Restoration Strategies

1. Intramural wall of Champions
This is the idea that right as you walk through the door approaching the gym and the
athletic training room that on the right side we dedicate the whole wall intramural champions.
We can take a simple Polaroid picture of the champs for every intramural league and write the
team name below it and put it on the wall of champions to market our intramural league and get
kids interested in getting on the wall. Ed winters could be the man who runs this wall and would
take less than 5 minutes to complete at the end of each intramural season. Take a picture like he
always does, and then develop them lastly tape them to the wall of champs.

Spicing up the hallways

Also throughout the hallway approaching the athletic training room we should purchase

some blue paint and add some color to the walls maybe change them to blue with white pin
stripes down the side or write Colby sawyer athletics down the side. We should also take some
new picture of our next generations chargers and frame big pictures of them and add to the
hallways of athletic pictures. I feel when people come into our facility it is kind of plain and we
can add a little excitement and color to the walls. This could be a project that students could sign
up to volunteer and help work on painting and same goes for staff at the Hogan center.
3. Merchandise Stand
This school has no apparel to support any sports teams on this campus. We do not sell a
single shirt that says Colby sawyer baseball or volleyball or even soccer and many more. I feel
that we should invest in some of the apparel that will support our sports teams and college and
community member can rock our favorite sports names. I think we could invest in a simple glass
case to put up against the back wall where the hall of fame accolades are and set up a little store

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 31

idea that is open a few hours a day and during sporting events for the community the kids and the
parents can buy and the revenue can be split between the teams and the Hogan center. The
merchandise stand could be a work-study job for one to two students that can run the stand
during varsity games held in the Hogan center like basketball and volleyball. If someone wants
to buy something during non-game hours someone at the Hogan desk can help.

4. Hall of fame and award winners plaques relocated

As you walk into the Hogan center the awards are in an all right spot but I feel that they
would get more looks by students and parents in the athletic hallway while entering into the
basketball gym. Relocate the wood cubby and use that wall strictly for the relocation of the
awards and hall of fame plaques with a light that shines down onto them that to make them really
shine and pop out at the passer buyer. Where the reside now for example when a basketball game
is going on we have concessions stands in the way and that attracts the eyes of parents and guests
so if we move the to a more unique area where they shine they will get more views and add to
the athletic hallway. Everyone in Hogan can help move some of the plaques and rewards to
another wall and help set up a new hall of fame wall.
5. Staff shirts
We have many different people working in the Hogan center at one time weather its Lady
Jane at the front desk or a person looking over the weight room, at times it can be hard for people
to identify who is an employee there. I feel that the Hogan center should supply workers with
two or three different polo shirts that say Hogan center on one side of the chest and the other
their name so when customers or students have any questions or concerns they can find a Hogan
employee right away by identifying them by the shirt they wear.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 32

6. Locker room perks/Cleaning the bathrooms and showers

From our community survey we found that in the harsh winters ladies that use the pool
and shower after working out have a hard time drying their hair. A lot suggested that we offer a
few hair dryers on the wall do before going out into the cold their hair can be dried and no
chance of being super cold or hair freezing. Also we should offer free clean towels that are
always washed and stacked in the locker room for members and student after their workouts.
Also we had many complaints that the bathrooms were not up to par in being clean and I think
that is a huge impact on weather people want to buy a locker in the locker room. We want to
make sure that our cleaning employees are doing a good job and making sure all showers and
bathrooms are properly cleaned and washed down to keep member happy and coming back. This
is an easy task but you could contact the maintenance crew to do the drilling into the walls for
setting up the wall hair dryers.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 33

1. Grass Area By Mercer
The Hogan Fitness Center is a great facility built in 1990. Since the original build of this
facility there has yet to be any expansion added while the number of students attending this
school goes up by the hundreds each year while we also invite community member into the
facility. The Hogan facility was originally built for a student population of 400 undergraduates
while now we have 1,500 undergraduates crammed in a fitness center built for less than half that
number. Since Colby-Sawyer College is a private school it makes it very difficult to get our
hands on money quickly unless it is a donation by alum. Private schools are not allowed to apply
for public school grants because of their status of being a private facility. However, the town can
subsidize some future expansion, as Hogan could be an exception because Hogan is offered to
the community as well. Other efficient way of gaining large sums of money for this school is
donations and fundraising for the cause at hand.
The grass space between Hogan and Mercer is currently 45 ft. by 65 ft. and offers a
perfect spot to add a new fitness/lifting gym. The best part about that area is it offers great views
and plenty of open space to acquire natural sunlight into the new fitness room. We would like to
make this addition to the Hogan facility a two story building because we want to make the first
floor strictly for lifting and make the upstairs a cardio room with treadmills stationary bikes and
elliptical. This way the two-floor system separates the different workout routines of members
and helps prevent space issues and adds more room for more equipment with less waiting time to
use certain equipment. This expansion is not yet set on a year we would like to see it done by but
it is definitely a future project for the school to look into and invest in.
We contacted a local construction company from Connors hometown to get some
numbers on expansion. After talking about the space we had and the brick material it built with

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 34

he said that an addition with an unfinished inside would be 500,000.00 dollars. If we wanted the
inside finished with residential features and fully furnished with lifting equipment it would cost
around 1,500,000.00 dollars. These prices where given to us by AP Construction Corporation
located in Mashpee Ma. The owner Mr. Peterson said that the price would vary every year
depending on the price of materials whether they went up or went down in price.
If this expansion is completed the old weight room walls can be knocked down. The floor
could be ripped up and hardwood could be laid down. The entire areas could be a fitness room or
a couple of fitness rooms separated by curtains. The current stretching area in the fitness room
could also become a lounge area to create a better-relaxed atmosphere for customers that want to
feel calm before yoga classes. This space could be used for parties, dinners, etc. if the appearance
is developed well through floor plans.

2. Parking
Hogan cannot be expected to expand without the space to house the customers however.
One thing the proposal group looked at is the current parking. The commuter parking lot was

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 35

also looked at. We noticed that some of the grass area next the commuter parking lot could be
utilized to provide one more row of parking. When this is done the other rows that only allow a
row of cars can be changed to a row of cars facing each other doubling the space of parking.
In addition combining the Hogan parking lot with the commuter parking lot by paving
over the tiny grass strip buffering the commuter lot can free up more space. The road between
Campus Safety and Reinhold will just become part of the parking lot with the stop sign moved
further back by Reinhold cautioning drivers to be careful going through the parking lot.
The last suggestion is the entry road to the Ivey parking lot has parallel parking on both
sides. This seems very congested at times and we propose that the parallel parking row closest to
the commuter lot should be curbed off and instead of the cars parking the way they are now they
can be turned 90 degrees and facing the new curbed off area creating double the amount of
parking space. With this done at least 20-25 new parking spots can be made.
The weakness is that commuters will lose their parking. CSC has just created P lot,
which should be strictly a freshmen parking lot area. This frees up more space for upperclassmen
to park in K lot or other spots that do not include the Ivey parking. Commuters can then be
allowed to park in the Ivey space without feeling they have been limited with the loss of their
commuter parking.
3. Faculty Parking Lot
If the parking adjustments can be made and found successful then the faculty parking lot
can be pushed into Ivey freeing up the entire faculty parking lot for Hogan expansion. This
creates more space for offices so employees can have more departments to discuss even more
marketing ideas. It also creates more square footage for the racquetball and squash courts, and

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 36

more yoga or fitness class space. This strategy is included for future consideration after the
immediate need of weight room expansion.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 37

Budget and Sales Forecast

With competition in the surrounding area, it is important that the Hogan Center remains
ahead of the competition. They can do so by innovating their technology, which would appeal to
consumers, they can expand their product breadth, and they can change the appearance of the
facility. By offering a larger package with the membership, the Hogan Center can raise their
prices to remain competitive with the competition. If the consumer that their package is
enhanced from knows it it once was, they would likely have no problem in spending a few extra
dollars. Finding a niche in the health club business will surely justify the raising of prices as
well. Finding that one attribute that the local competition will indefinitely set the Hogan Center
apart from the rest of the competition.

Public Relations
All Strategies
After speaking with Jerry Volpe, his assumption on the cost for developing software
based off of the Smart Card system Colby-Sawyer already has is a start up cost of $8,000 all
inclusive. The maintenance cost will be labor hours and $10 a card. This is just a rough estimate
however but it seems logical in that all of the work can be done internally.
The upkeep of an extensive website can be as cheap as $20 a month to as expensive as
$400 a month, but with Colby-Sawyers website templates it can be done in house for much
cheaper. The main idea is that this marketing idea can be done cheaply and quickly. This can

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 38

increase awareness of all opportunities available at Hogan, encouraging members to take the
classes thus spending more money.
This is speculation but with more access to all this info people will schedule around
classes better so they can attend at least one or two more a week, generating more memberships
and simply two, one year memberships could pay off a years worth of putting up the new Hogan
Website. Other areas are not worthy of including in the budger because they are relatively
Justification for Potential Sales
The sales forecast will be shown once more demographic information has been gathered.
By finding better market segments Hogan can market specific products to specific customers and
those sales will be the result of the implementation of the software.
The results can better be evaluated as well by keeping records of how customers have
heard about us and how Hogans media usages makes the lives of customers more interactive
and easy.

Facility/Image Restoration
All Strategies
Intramural Wall of Champions - 20.00$ for disposable camera and years of film
4 Buckets of blue paint for hallways - $60.00
Merchandise Stand Glass Showcases - $350.00 for 2
Womens Locker room perks - 75.00$ for 3 hair dryers
Justification for Potential Sales
The only strategy from above that will help make the Hogan center money is the
merchandise that will be located in the glass cases. They will help make money because it will be
all apparel that supports our charger teams. For example some shirts will say Colby-Sawyer

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 39

Basketball, Colby-Sawyer Baseball, and Colby-Sawyer Volleyball. These shirts will be

sponsored by Nike because we have a contract deal with our sports teams like volleyball are all
Nike dri fit gear.

Grass Area By Mercer
$500,000.00$ - $1,500,000.00 depending on cost of material at the time of building and
how we want the inside finished.
Justification for Potential Sales:
On average Hogan expends $483,000/yr., which includes professional and student
staffing. However the annual income budget is about $448,000, which is a lost of about $35,000
yearly. The school provides the Hogan center but the facility cannot even pay for itself. An
expansion will help free up more space and allow opportunities to advertise to the town.
At the current membership price the expected increase in revenue can be 1,000 new
members times $548 a year equals $548,000 in extra revenue. Minus the $35,000 Hogan is
losing yearly equals $513,000 a year in extra revenue after the facility is built.
Obviously membership will not reach 15,000 right after the expansion but these figures
are reachable. With these figures a beautiful new facility can be paid of in as little as 10 years.
Current equipment can be utilized and new equipment can be bought slowly. This could set
Hogan in a position to at least pay for itself and generate some revenue. Then future investments
need not be as large as this expansion.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 40

Goals & Evaluation of Results

With all of our new expansion ideas we must look back on our additions and evaluate if
they were worth it or have they not paid off. The merchandise stand will be evaluated by looking
into the sales each semester to see if its making profit/revenue to support the money being put
into it. In future years if they ever put the gym addition on we can evaluate the success of it by
setting up a survey to see responses of members and current students. After the survey is
collected we then can compare the data we recover to the data received in 2014. We can ask
many questions on this survey that will touch on all additions to the Hogan center. This can
touch on questions like has the expansion of parking helped you with less of a struggle to find a
spot throughout the day, has the expansion of a new fitness center made it easier to keep your
workout in a good flow and less of a wait to use a machine. Also we would want to touch in on
whether the staff wearing all of the same shirts made it easier to identify and find an employee of
the Hogan center. Lastly we will want to see if charging people to get into an event in Hogan has
helped the school make money or has it pushed more people away because they do not feel they
should have to pay.

Harris, Gallagher, Ortega, Thok 41

Goals and Evaluation of Results

After the completion of expansion a goal of reaching 1,500 community members in 5
years by officially opening up marketing campaign for Hogan to the town of New London.