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Assignment 1 BDA20103

Prepared by
Nor Azali Bin Azmir

Question No 1
Car B turns such that its speed is increased by (at)B = (0.5et) m/s2,
where t is in seconds. If the car starts from rest when,
determine the magnitudes of its velocity and acceleration
when the arm AB rotates. Neglect the size of the car.

Question No 2
The motor at C pulls in the cable with an acceleration ac = (3t2)
m/s2, where t is in seconds. The motor at D draws in its cable
at D draws in its cables at aD = 5 m/s2. If both motors start at
the same instant from rest when d = 3m, determine (a) the
time needed for d = 0, and (b) the velocities of blocks A and B
when this occurs.

Question No 3
The crate has a mass of 150 kg and rests on a surface for which
the coefficients of static and kinetic friction are s = 0.3 and k
= 0.2, respectively. If the motor M supplies a cable force of F =
(8t2 + 20) N, where t is in seconds, determine the power
output developed by the motor when t = 5 second.

Question No 4
At the instant the cable fails, the 200-lb crate is traveling up the
plane with a speed of 15 ft/s. Determine the speed of the
crate 2 s afterward. The coefficient of kinetic friction between
the crate and the plane is k = 0.20.

Question No 5
The cue ball A is given an initial velocity (vA)1 = 5 m/s. If it makes
a direct collision with ball B (e = 0.8), determine the velocity
of B and the angle just after it rebounds from the cushion at
C (e = 0.6). Each ball has a mass of 0.4 kg. Neglect the size of
each ball.