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Kayla M. Cash

Personal Social Media Brand: kaylacash1234

1277 N. Liberty St.

Boise, Idaho 83704
(208) 830-4379

Professional Qualifications Summary

Contemporary Public Relations & Media Consultant specializing with critical thinking skills to
emphasize effective communication, a social media presence and building client relationships.

Social media proficiency: Twitter, Facebook,

(Facebook Live), Tumblr, Instagram,
Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Periscope,
Vine, and some blogging sites
News/media awareness Informed via CNN,
NPR, NYTimes, local TV and more
Prompt, organized, attentive
Strategic campaign and event planning
Efficient written and verbal communication
Multi-tasking enthusiast
Community management and involvement

Proficient knowledge of AP Style

High standards of ethics and
Brand awareness / Advertising
In-depth interviewing expertise
Proficient on Clickability and
StoryLine CMS systems
Microsoft Office, Adobe InDesign
and Dreamweaver, Prezi
Interpersonal relations and project
Extensive customer service

Work Experience
KBOI 2News Sinclair Broadcast Group
Social Media Producer/Weekend Assignment Editor

June 2015 Present

Create, write and edit content for as well as promoting, starting and
spreading a social media presence for the television station and its on-air talent.
Mold press releases, breaking news and content into journalistic, newsworthy or
viral online and mobile articles in AP style.
Published stories, videos, photos and content through two content management
systems (CMS): Clickability and StoryLine.
Cover Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, Facebook, Facebook Live, Vine, Pinterest with
live- and scheduled-news updates.
Read, edit reporters stories for the web and write short broadcast scripts for FB.
Distribute and promote content among other Sinclair Broadcast Group stations and
digital specialists while syndicating material to KBOI.
Photograph events for online galleries.
Review and evaluate Google Analytics for the website, the Facebook page and our
mobile app.

Valhalla Bar & Grill


Pullman, Wash.
April 2014 June 2015

Utilized communication and customer service skills to ensure satisfactory for each customer,
and abide by the laws of Washington State Liquor Control Board.
Also, posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote events and drink specials.
Latah Countys Drug and Health Courts

Moscow, Idaho
Jan. 2015 May 2015

Created a base newsletter for print with intent to boost internal and external communications,
morale and participant optimization.
Promoted internal communication increases with feature stories and spotlights on
participants and staff.
Pitch and wrote stories, excerpts and event publicity.
Researched topics regarding drug and alcohol abuse with intention to educate readers.
In the end, the client accepted my newsletter and tools, but didnt communicate with me
about the final product.
University of Idaho Womens Center
Body rEvolution Intern

Moscow, Idaho
Aug. 2014 Jan. 2015

Researched, designed and presented a body image rendition that challenged the contemporary
status quo to campus living groups and educational audiences.
Created a central theme: Body rEvolution connecting body issues with evolution.
Led group discussions to brainstorm various issues within modern society and
alternative cultures.
Gave multiple presentations to audiences with 15 to 40 people.
Conducted research on physical body image, negative advertising, violence against
women, objectification, cultural beauty and the idea of beauty.
Worked with deadlines and presentation scheduling.
D. Willys Blues, Brews & BBQ

Moscow, Idaho
Nov. 2013 May 2014

Along with serving/bartending, my skills included:

Became a Facebook admin for specials and events, and worked simultaneously on a
portfolio with an ANR, fact sheet, press releases with boiler plates, information and
advice on future events and website updates within a media-writing class.

University of Idaho
Bachelors of Science (B.S.)
Major in Public Relations
Minors in Communications Studies and Political Science

Moscow, Idaho
May 2015

Specialized Training

PR Campaigns:
o Moscow Chamber of Commerce More Than A Membership
Adobe; InDesign, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop
Recruitment Exercises and Effective Communication Workshops
Customer Service Tutorials
Social Media Training; LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr
o Personal Social Media Brand: kaylacash1234 brand is linked to
personal accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr
o Facebook profile:

Leadership and Teamwork Experience

Delta Gamma Fraternity Nu Chapter membership
Director of Senior Programming
Director of Philanthropies
UIPR University of Idaho Public Relations Club
Vice President

August 2011 Present

January 2012 January 2015

Volunteer Work and Notable Mentions

August 2011 May 2015
Highway cleanup Delta Gamma, Nu Chapter
Service for Sight
August 2011 May 2015
Anchor Splash event and campaign
Social media awareness and sharing facts on the blind and visually impaired
Good Samaritan Society
April 2014
Caretaker, game enthusiast, misc. volunteer duties
Sigma Nu Fraternity
March 2013 May 2015
House Little Sister Award
Compassionate, philanthropic, loyal, advocate
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Personal References
Rebecca J. Tallent
Associate Professor, Ed.D.
School of Journalism and Mass Media
University of Idaho
P.O. Box 443178
Moscow, ID 83844-3178
Office: (208) 885-8872
Cell: (208) 596-9507
Steve Smith
Clinical Assistant Professor of Journalism and Media Ethics
School of Journalism and Mass Media
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3718
Moscow, ID 83844-3178
Cell: (509) 496-6973
Annette L. Folwell
Associate Professor, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology and Communication Studies
675 Perimeter Drive MS 3043
Moscow, ID 83844-3043
Office: (208) 885-7260
Kassi Bright-Tobias
Recruitment Advisor, Delta Gamma Nu Chapter
Teacher, Fourth Grade
2093 E. Summerdawn
Meridian, ID 83647
Cell: (208) 283-6447
Roxanne Trocino
Assistant Manager Valhalla Bar & Grill
732 NW Ritchie St. Apt B
Pullman, WA 99163
Cell: (360) 346-0335