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Span 122

Sample Speaking Test & Practice # 1

Nombre ________________

Formato: The speaking exit exam consists of 4 phases: a brief warm-up, a short conversation
on one or two topics, responding to a general question with a drawing cue, and a role-play.
Instrucciones: Work with a classmate. One of you is the professor and gives the test to the
student. Remember: The professor should stick to the time limits given by each section. The
student should respond in complete sentences as much as possible. When you are done, reverse

I. Warm-up (Greetings & pleasantries; less than 1 minute)

Hola, ____. Cmo ests hoy?
Ests ocupado(a) con tus clases esta semana?
Qu estudias este semestre?
II. Conversational exchange (One or two common topics, emphasis on present time frame,
with some questions into the future and past time frame. (2 minutes)
1. Vamos a hablar un poco de tu familia. Cuntos hermanos tienes? Son mayores o menores?
Cuntame ms (Tell me more) de tus hermanos. Describe el aspecto fsico y la personalidad
de tus hermanos.
2. Con qu frecuencia visitas a tu familia? Por lo general, qu hacen Uds. juntos (together)?
Vas a visitar a tu familia el prximo fin de semana?
3. Cundo visitaste a tu familia por ltima vez? Qu hiciste con tus hermanos? Jugaron Uds.
deportes? Miraron una pelcula? Hablaste mucho con tus padres? De qu hablaron Uds.?
III. General question with drawing cue (1 minutes)
Turn to page 2 of this document. Read the instructions and take 15 seconds to think. Then,
respond to the prompt as fully as you can in 1 minute. Try to create complete sentences in the
present time frame.
IV. Role-play (Basic travel and social situations; 2 minutes)
Read the instructions for the role-play on page 3 and take 15 seconds to think. Then, role-play
the situation as fully as you can with your classmate in 1 minutes. Remember to ask questions.

Leisure activities
Your friend from Spain would like to know how Americans spend their leisure time.

Say as much as you can, as well as you can.

You have 15 seconds to think.
You have 1 minute to complete the task.
Use the picture as inspiration for your response.
Draw on your own experience to add to your response.

Qu hacen las personas en los Estados Unidos en su tiempo libre?

Situation: Discussing travel plans

Role-play this situation with your classmate.
Say as much as you can, as well as you can.
Show what you can do.
Be creative to fill in details.
You have 15 seconds to think.
You have 90 seconds to perform the role-play.

You are: yourself

Your classmate is: a new friend from Spain (During the real test, this would be the
professors role.)
You have met a student from Spain and are speaking Spanish with him/her. She/He would
like to visit other places in the US during an upcoming school break.

Discuss the students travel plans.

Find out what kinds of things he/she likes to do. Ask many questions!
Tell him/her about interesting places to visit and what he/she could do there.
Tell him/her about the best way to travel and the costs involved.

Your professor (the Spanish friend) will begin this way: Quiero hacer turismo en los
Estados Unidos. Qu ciudades debo (should I) visitar?

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