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Cottee, S. (2015, June). What Motivates Terrorists? The Atlantic.

Cottee takes a look at the why in regards to individuals joining a terrorist group. Terrorism lies to individuals.
People are generally driven by these lies or they are pushed to join- you join or die- both reasons for joining
steam from a social relationship. Once you are part of the terrorist group, family, movement most are
motivated to stay and live out certain actions for other reasons- dark shameful thoughts, bizarre others don't
even know why.
Momtaz, L. F. (2015, Feb 23). ISIS Trail of Terror. Retrieved from ABC News:
This article starts with the roots of ISIS. They can trace ISIS and their history back to the terrorist group al
Qaeda- AQI. AQI was weakened when some members the US. This made the group move and there are now
different groups spawn from AQI- ISIS being one. ISIS later had a fall out with the parent organization. ISIS has
grown and become successful using tactics such as military expertise and unimaginable brutality. It is
estimated that ISIS has over 30,000 fighters and is growing. In addition to this they also have "self-radicalized"
ISIS supporters.
Salim, S. M. (2015). Escaping ISIS . Retrieved from The Daily Beast:
Salim interviews and reports on the young, Yazidi, women survivors. These are women whose fathers and
brothers were killed by ISIS and their mothers taken away. These women were kept by ISIS to be slaves. To be
sold, forced to work, raped, starved. Many refused to bathe to keep the men away. Some claimed to be
mothers to be sparred by being killed. Each girl interviewed tells her story of losing her family, becoming a
slave of ISIS and her escape.
Walt, S. (2015). Don't Give ISIS What it Wants. Foreign Policy.
Walt outlines steps we should start taking against ISIS they all revolve around not giving these terrorists what
they want. We need to keep the threats in perspective and not over react and look towards revenge as a step
one. Build it back up, we need to accept that 100% security is not possible, we cannot keep ourselves closed off.
Understand extremism requires understanding the origins, we need to understand where the anger and actions
are coming from. The Islamic State has a strategy- do not fall for it, defeat it and do not fall in their traps. Keep
calm and carry on, for all this to truly come to an end they will have to be defeated locally.
Wood, G. (2015, March). What ISIS Really Wants. The Atlantic.
Wood explains who ISIS is and what they want. ISIS- the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. They seek absolute
power leading up to the day of judgement. The Islamic State has attracted psychopaths and adventure seekers.
Most Muslims reject the Islamic State. Yazidi women and children are a big target to the Islamic State. Recruits
are not all local, they come from all over like France, the UK, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Australia, Indonesia
and the United States, they have a large, underground political movement.