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Teacher Reflection: Cooking Quesadillas Lesson

For this lesson, both students received a 100 percent. Both students met the
intended objective and achieved mastery for the lesson. One student was able to
complete each step without any prompts or gestures. The student explained each
step to me as she completed them. The second student completed 4 out of the 6
steps without any prompts, but needed an indirect verbal prompt and a gesture for
the other two steps. The student knew he was pushing the 3 and another number
on the microwave, but was attempting to push the 4. I asked him Which numbers
do we push? and he rechecked the steps and was able to correctly complete the
step. The student also knew he had to take the plate out of the microwave using the
oven mitt, but he did not have the oven mitt. I gestured over to the table for him to
walk over and get it and bring back to the microwave. Again, the student was able
to complete the step independently.
For this lesson I began with questioning the student about prior knowledge of
visiting a restaurant and then taco bell. I used the computer and had the student
type in Taco Bell and explore the website. We talked about what we could buy and
centered in on a cheese quesadilla. We went over how much it would cost to buy 9
cheese quesadillas and then counted out that much money. We then looked at the
items needed to make a cheese quesadilla and pulled each item out. We then
compared how much money I spent on the items to how much we would spend at
taco bell. We talked about what we could do with the extra money we saved, since it
is cheaper to make our own quesadillas then go to taco bell to buy them. I
continued using the think aloud strategy and sequence words to do the model, and
then I used direct and then indirect verbal prompts during the guided and
independent practice. During the closing, we talked about what we made and the
price differences again. We also asked the other adults in the room if they would a
I incorporated math and social skills into the lesson, used technology and
manipulatives, connected the lesson to the students lives, the think aloud strategy,
and the prompting hierarchy. The accommodations I used were wait time,
manipulatives, continuously reinforcement, and precise and repeated directions and
I believe this lesson went extremely well both of the times I taught it. The
students were excited and engaged the entire time. Based on both of the students
meeting the intended objective and achieving mastery for the lesson, no
remediation is needed. The only thing I would change for this lesson is adding
standards and objectives for math and social skills into my lesson plan and lesson.