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I believe that my most successful areas in teaching PE during Tiger Pride was
planning my lesson plansahead oftimeandbeingabletobeversatilewhensituationsdid
not go as planned. When first starting as an instructorforTigerPrideIwasverynervous
and very worried that the students would not like me at all. Also, even though I was
prepared for my lessons I hadahardtimeintimemanagementofmyclasssomyMVPA
was pretty low the first couple of weeks. However, at the mid way point to the end of
Tiger Pride Iwasmore confidentinteachinginfrontofmystudents.AlsoIbecamebetter
in increasing MVPAintheclassroom,handlinglowskilledandhigh skilledstudents,and
managing bad behavior in the class setting. During the semester what really helped me
take initiative to become better at teaching a class, was the helpofmyfellowclassmates
DTs and ETs of
Tiger P.R.I.D.E
. I liked the aspect that we often shared strategies and
and adviceamongstourgrouptoimprove oneanotherspractice.Also,Ilikedthe fact that
my professors really took part as well in helping all of us improve in our teaching by
providing advice, personal stories about their teaching experiences, and etc Also, in
regards to which PE activities worked well with my studentsInoticedthatplayingsmall
simple games really helped. Such as playing hot potato,relayracewithpassingconcepts
involved, and etc I noticed that when I played gameswithtoomanyrulesitsortofled
to choasduringthelesson.Mainly,due tothe fact thatkidslovetolearnbutalsokidsjust
want to play. Especially at 2nd grade lots of rules don not really matter as long as they
get the interaction they need and benefits with exercise. They will learn as they move
versusexplainingtothemeverythingfor5minutes.So inconclusion,havingsimpleshort
gameplay that has elements of the skills that they need to learn that day really helps.
Furthermore, some of the professional growth goals that I have to improvemyteaching
effectiveness is first increasing mypositivecommunicationwithstudents.Second,Ineed


The central focus ofthephysicalactivityprogram

provide an environment for students like myself to develop the skills to engage in
improving our teaching practices in order to better prepare ourselves to become
professional educators. In order to make this happen
Tiger P.R.I.D.E provides us a
chance to develop our teaching skills through opportunites such as teaching a real class
and utilizing tools such as lesson planning and self reflection to better and efficiently

educate our students on the importance of physical education. In addition,
P.R.I.D.E. provides exposure to physical education for children in elementary school.
Students are able to socialize more, learn different types of gameplay, skills related to
sports, and more... Also,withthefactthatsomeelementaryschoolshavecutoutphysical
education classes, it leads to children in the elementary level beingat risk ofobesityand
other major health problems. So this is why
Tiger P.R.I.D.E
is very important. And has
inspired other univerities to take part in having a similar program to promote physical
education to elementary school students who are not provided with physical education
The ConceptualFramework iscenteredontheEducationalProfessionaland seven
themes that support professional practice. The themes that helped aid my instrutional
design for developing students knowledge and abilities in physical education is
collaborating with educational communities, engaging in reflective practice and leading
through innovative practices. In collaborating with educational communities outside of
Tiger P.R.I.D.E such as being an observer in other schools for other classes and even
communicating with my departement. I was able to gain so muchadviceandtipstoaide
in improving my instructional performance. Engaging in reflective practice such as
writing reflections weekly and observing our own videos
of our teaching sessions really
helped in visually seeing our mistakes and improvements over time. Last but not least,
Tiger P.R.I.D.E
really helped in promoting development for future educators in that it


Based on my assessments of my 2nd grade class performance I noticed that the

students benefited from repitition of concepts. So an extension of contiued learning of
objectives and concepts would be really helpful since they remembered concepts for a
longer period of time after constant reptition for a certain duration of time. For example
after the students practiced throwing and catching skills for two weeks. They were still
able to remember the cots and were able to recite and even demonstrate the skills five
weeks later. Compared to learning a concept for only one week or less than a week.


The 3 lessons that I would like to offer to next semesters delivery team about
teaching intheelementarycontextistofirstmakeanexceptionalefforttorememberyour
students names. The second is to make sure you keep up with your weebly and lesson
plan assigments weekly or else you will fall behind and it will create major problemsor
stress for you later.Thirdly,makesuretohaveanextraactivityorlessonavaliablejustin
case if you have extra time on your hands. Andlastly,makesuretohaveawatchonyou