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Samantha R.

6371 Wellesley Terrace, Clarkston, MI 48346
Phone: (248) 701-8090
Online Teaching Portfolio:
To obtain a lead position as a Special Education teacher for students with exceptionalities in an
environment in which educators collaborate to support differentiated and individualized instruction
through a student-centered approach to meet all students' needs.
Special Education Learning Disabilities K-12
Elementary Education K-5
Language Arts 6-8
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Master of Arts: Special Education
Cumulative GPA: 4.0/4.0
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Bachelor of Arts: Special Education Learning Disabilities
Cumulative GPA: 3.62/4.0
Dean's List at Michigan State University for four years
University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Special Education Study Abroad
Cumulative GPA: 4.0/4.0
6 Credits earned towards a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education

August 2015-Present

August 2011-August 2015

June, 2014


McGregor Elementary School in Rochester, MI
January 2016-Present
Grade Level: K-5 Resource Room
Planned, taught, and implemented differentiated lessons for students with IEPs to achieve
individual goals, accommodations and objectives
Collaborated with general education classroom teachers to modify curriculums and/or
provide accommodations for students with special needs
Assisted in decision making and implementation of tier 2 and tier 3 interventions for an TRIbased program for first, second, and fourth grade students
Observed and participated in TEAM meetings regarding student referrals, annual IEPs, and
re-determination IEPs
Developed individualized behavior interventions and reinforcement systems
Administered, tracked, and analyzed progress monitoring for individual students using
AIMSweb, DIBELS, MCOMP and Key Math-3 assessment
Independently formulated Individual Education Plans (IEP)
McGregor Elementary School in Rochester, MI
September 2015-December 2015
Grade Level: 4th
Implemented research based strategies to plan and teach lessons from Common Core
Standards in math, reading, writing, and science
Actively participated in students' IEP meetings
Planned and taught differentiated lessons, in all content ares, to accommodate and modify

the curriculum for all students

Assessed students, using both formative and summative, to help make educational
decisions and create goals
Led small-group and individual interventions in math, reading and writing
Co-led parent teacher conferences
Developed individualized behavior interventions
Reinforced Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports using class Dojo
Administered Basic Reading Inventory (BRI) assessments to an individual student in order
to design further literacy instruction
Administered Peabody Individual Achievement Test-Revised (PIAT-R) to an individual
student for an assessment report

Reo Elementary School in Lansing, MI

September 2014- May 2015
Grade Level: 1st
Planned and taught whole-group lesson in all content areas
Facilitated small group discussions in both math and reading
Observed classroom activities, routines, and behavioral management techniques
Developed individualized Behavioral Intervention Plan with students in order to decrease
specific behaviors
Conducted direct and indirect Functional Behavioral Assessments
Hiawatha Elementary School in Okemos, MI
September 2013- December 2013
Grade Level: K-5 Resource Room
Observed activities, routines, and behavioral management techniques
Worked one-on-one and in small-groups during classroom activities
Riddle Elementary School in Lansing, MI
September 2013-December 2013
Grade Level: 1st
Assessed student's phonological awareness, concepts of print, letter recognition, and
comprehension, formally and informally
Planned lessons specific to student interests in order to promote literacy development
Riddle Elementary School in Lansing, MI
Grade Level: K-5 Resource Room
Provided assistance to the teacher
Observed classroom activities and management techniques
Worked with students one-on-one and in small-groups

January 2012- May 2012

Substitute Teacher
October 2015-Present
Professional Education Service Group
Oakland County, MI
Responsible for classroom management and implementation of the teacher's instructional
Speech Tutor
January 2013-April 2015
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI
Worked one-on-one with international Teaching Assistants to improve their American English
Used technology for speech modification
Worked on intonation, consonants and vowels, word stress, phrasing, and slang meanings
High School Tutor
Okemos High School

August 2014-August 2015

Okemos, MI
Worked one-on-one with a high school student who has Attention Deficit Hyperactive
Disorder and Dyslexia
Completed homework in language arts, science, and math subject areas, while developing
studying habits
Worked to improve reading and handwriting skills
Camp Counselor Volunteer
Camp Oasis
Fenton, MI
Scaffolded students through activities daily
Created a stimulating, nurturing, and scheduled environment
Led small and large group discussions
Childcare Provider, Rochester, MI
Nanny, East Lansing, MI
M.S.U. Dairy Store Crew Member, East Lansing, MI
Nanny, White Lake, MI
Nanny, Waterford, MI
Lifeguard, Clarkston, MI

July 2009-July 2011

September 2005-Present
September 2012-August 2015
August 2012-July 2015
June 2013-August 2014
June 2012-August 2012
July 2010-August 2012

Rochester Community Schools Professional Development Trainings
PBIS and School-Wide Behavior Support Systems

August 2015-Present
August 2015


Proficient in:
Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, SmartBoard, ELMO, Google Docs,
Skype, Weebly, Prezi, iPad, Evernote, Child and Adult CPR and First Aid, Blood Borne
Pathogens, Recipients Rights, Allergy Management Training, Anti-Bullying Training, and
Training in Identifying Signs of Neglect and Child Abuse

Kathy McCurdy
Michigan State University Field Instructor
Phone: 248-877-3299
Kirsten Griffin
McGregor Elementary
Fourth Grade Mentor Teacher at McGregor Elementary
Phone: 586-260-2961
Nicole Wilkins
K-5 Resource Room Mentor Teacher at McGregor Elementary
Phone: 586-747-0600
Kristen Knight
K-5 Resource Room Mentor Teacher at McGregor Elementary
Phone: 734-497-1512
Troy Mariage
Associate Professor at Michigan State University
Phone: 517-432-1981