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Intensive Reading

Understanding Your Sense of Self: Identity Creation and Perception in The

Skin Im In
Unit Plan and Syllabus
Primary Text: The Skin Im In by Sharon Flake
Primary Theme: Identity.
Guiding Questions:
What are the components of identity, and how do these components intersect to
either strengthen our identity or cause tension within our understanding of
How do people view Maleeka as an individual? How does Maleeka view herself as
a child, a student, a teenager, and a friend?
How do people view me as an individual?
How would I like to be perceived by people who know me and people who dont
know me?
Secondary Themes: Stereotypes, Biases, and Prejudice.
Guiding Questions:
Where do we see examples of prejudice at play within the novel? How do these
instances affect relationships within the text?
How do initial stereotypes and judgments affect the way we interact with others?
Why is this novel relevant to our society? What messages in the novel are
important to consider in 2016?
Unit-Wide Objectives
By the end of our unit on The Skin Im In, students will be able to (SWBAT)
Define identity, stereotype, bias, and prejudice, and identify instances in the text
where one of the four themes is affecting or advancing the plot
Articulate the plot of the text and provide at least one key detail of the exposition,
rising action, climax, and resolution
Write concise plot points for a given chapter that demonstrate an ability to
synthesize and recall information
Demonstrate mastery of 80% of text vocabulary words through in-class quizzes
and mastery exit tickets that assess the ability to define the word, identify
synonyms of the word, and use in context
Make text-to-text and text-to-life connections, using the experience of the
protagonist and the first person point-of-view
Write a five paragraph essay, with correct grammar, punctuation, and syntax,
that provides a detailed analysis of the themes at work within their own lives and

Ms. Alexis
Intensive Reading

Supplemental Texts and Media

In/visible Ethnicities: Portrait Project by Vanessa Newark
Newsela Article: First lady says education equals success
Incident by Countee Cullen
Who Said It Was Simple by Audre Lorde

Unit Rubric
Students will receive effort and mastery grades for the unit, detailed below:
Students will receive effort grades for the following:
Do Now exercises, completed in their composition notebook
o 10 Do Now exercises will be randomly selected from the unit, graded on
effort and completion (10 Do Now exercises x 3 points each = 30 effort
Vocabulary Charts, provided to students each day there is an introduction to new
vocabulary words, graded on effort and completion
o 12 charts of vocabulary words (12 charts x 5 points per chart = 60 effort
Plot Points Worksheet/Character Sketching Activities/Reading Comprehension
o 5 of these exercises/assignments will be randomly selected and graded on
effort and completion (5 activities x 10 points per activity = 50 effort
Final Response Reflection
o 20 effort points given for outline/rough draft (see handout)
Culminating Presentation
o 20 effort points given for presentation on final response paper (see rubric)
Total possible effort points: 180 points
Students will receive mastery grades for the following:
Vocabulary Quizzes
o 3 quizzes given throughout the unit (3 quizzes x 15 points per quiz = 45
mastery points)

Ms. Alexis
Intensive Reading

Self-Portrait Activity
o 15 mastery points given for demonstrated understanding of identity,
creativity, and use of color
Self-Portrait Descriptive Paragraph
o 20 mastery points given for content, correct grammar and punctuation,
and thoughtfulness of the response (see handout on assignment)
Final Response Reflection
o 30 mastery points given for final draft of paper (see handout)
Total possible mastery points: 110 points