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Information on Riot Games

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What is Riot Games?

Creator of the number one game in the world, League of Legends.
67 millions players every month
Ranked #13 on Fortunes Best 100 Companies to work for
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What is League of Legends 5 min video explaining
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Riot Games Manifesto
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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Player Experience First
We aspire to be the most player-focused game in the world
Player experience is the number one focus. Whether its the player's first game, 1000th, win, or
live stream broadcasts, it all matters according to Riot Games.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Challenge Convention
Impossible is our favorite kind of possible
Disregarding the rules is common upending the status quo.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Focus on Talent and Team
Riot games attracts entrepreneurial teams that focus on action rather than process and
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Take Play Seriously
We play lots of games and proudly call ourselves gamers. Even at work, we make time for daily
play and fun

Were professionals, but dont take ourselves too seriously


Riot Games
What is Riot Games?

Riot Games is a video game publisher, game developer, and esports organizer. Riot is
known for creating the most popular video game in the world, League of Legends
(LoL). With over 67 million players every month, Riot is devoted to creating an ideal
player experience whether its in game, or through live broadcasting of professional
gameplay (Riot, 2016).
League of Legends is a competitive player versus player multiplayer online battle
arena (MOBA) where five members team up all with a similar goal in mind, destroying
the enemys nexus. Each player must select a champion from Leagues enormous
champion pool, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. Once all five
team members select a champion you are put into game where you battle another team
of five. As the game races on, teams must take control of objectives and destroy enemy
structures leading to the final killing blow at the enemy nexus. Once a team destroys
the enemys nexus, you win the game (Welcome, 2016). Since League of Legends is
growing so rapidly, Riot announced League Championship Series (LCS) in 2013 to
focus on League as an esport. LCS is the live broadcast of professional League of
Legends organizations going head to head every week. Gamers can participate in teams
of five and get as far as the World Championship to compete for millions of dollars.
Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) and Team SoloMid (TSM) are just a couple of the many
professional esports teams involved in the scene. The esport is comparable to football in
sense that fans go to stadiums to watch their favorite teams compete for prizes.
Professional players are payed just like any other sport.
Mission Statement:

Player Experience First - Riot strives to become the most player focused game in the
world. Player experience is the most important factor to consider while working for
Riot Games. Whether its the gamers first League of Legends match or 1000th win,
each step counts (Riot, 2016).
Challenge Convention - Impossible is our favorite kind of possible Disregarding the
rules is common upending the status quo (Riot, 2016).
Focus on Talent and Team - Riot games attracts entrepreneurial teams that focus on action rather
than process and administration. Self-directed teams are usual (Riot, 2016).
Take Play Seriously -We play lots of games and proudly call ourselves gamers. Even at work,
we make time for daily play and fun Were professionals, but dont take ourselves too
seriously (Riot, 2016).
Facts and Figures:
Riot Games was ranked thirty-ninth on Fortunes 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2016. The
headquarters of this private company is located in Santa Monica, California. There are also 15
offices located around the world in Berlin, Brighton, Dublin, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Los Angeles,
Mexico City, Moscow, New York, Saint Louis, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore,
Sydney, Taipei, and Tokyo. Internationally, the company has employed 1,865 people. The
company was founded in 2006 by the current president of the company, Marc Merrill, as well as
CEO, Brandon Beck. The company possesses the most played game on the internet today with
over 70 million registered gamers. When the game of League of Legends was first released in
2009, it was one of the only games that allowed free access to its users. This is a huge factor in
how the game became so tremendously successful. However, the popular game also has many
in-app purchases available at a store within the game. Between this feature and many popular

sponsors, it is estimated that the companys revenue reaches over $1.3 billion annually.

Organizational Culture:
The culture of Riot Games is highly dependent on their customers and also their team members
who spend more hours at work nowadays. Therefore, Riot Games wanted to build a good work
environment where employees can feel comfortable as home and therefore will make them
more productive. Furthermore, Riot games is focus on increasing more high employee
satisfaction levels because they appreciate how vital a good company culture is and know that
they must really invest in their team members if they want to get the best out of them. In this
manner, they apply different major elements to create and maintain a good company culture.
As previously stated, Riot Games is a company where the majority of employees are young
people and some of them are working and studying at the same time and that is why the
company give them a lot of benefits such as flexi-time working, work-from-home options and
study days and as a result they build a healthier work/life balance. For instance, they make time
for social events to find the balance of social interaction alongside business such as activities
outside the office, dinner together, parties and a healthy social calendar that can help inter-team
bonding and create an upbeat atmosphere. Also, the company financially promotes employee
creativity through a large increase in salary to create innovative games. In this way, many
employees are motivated to work hard and be more creative when creating a new game for riot
As a result, keep your employees happy means keeping your customers happy, because their
level of job satisfaction may be reflected in dealing with the customer. In the end the workers are
all players and share a passion for video games and riot games help even more and making the
workplace a fun place.They say : As we focus on creating the best player experiences, we also
strive to create a place where Rioters will thrive

Company values:

Riot Gamess mission is about making a difference between competitions and excel in the
market of video games but also is focus on their team members on player experience which is
clearly identified in their mission statement that reflect the company's values. Therefore, Riot
games principal focus on 3 main groups such as their team members, their customers and
environments around the company.
-Team members: In Riot Games commitment come from the top of the organization and all the
levels of management show the rest of the staff that everyone is working together to create a
great company. In this manner, Clear and inclusive leadership is an essential part of maintaining
their companys culture and most importantly their leaders inside the

organization fully

understand the culture and are able to effectively uphold it. Therefore, Riot games focus on
provide equal employment opportunity for all applicants and members of the Riot team.

This is evident in the high quality and unique product they provide to their

customers. Riot Games focuses on selling the most amazing video games but also offer their
customers an experience truth the video game and the consequence of a good video game is
basically the ability, creativity and motivation that riot games offer to their employees to create
new and unique product.
-Work Environment: Riot Games provide equal employment opportunity for all applicants and
members of the Riot team.They don't discriminate on the basis of race, gender identity,color,
sex, sexual orientation,religion, national origin, age or handicap (Riot makes reasonable
accommodations for handicapped and disabled Rioters)

Company Structure:
The structure of Riot Games is particularly important for decision making. Most companies either have a
tall or flat organizational structure.This company have a flat organizational structure where managers can
report directly to the president instead of a director, and their assistants are only two levels below the

president. For instance, Riot games is first divided into one main team of leadership and the next

levels are team members on the same line such as : Business Development team ,
Marketing/branding team

,Production team, Design team , Operation/Engineering team ,

Customer Service team.

Business development team:
In the business development area, employees lead teams to achieve their ambitious goals,
keeping projects on-track, teams healthy, and stakeholders informed. They usually build and
execute development plans. Therefore, their experience in servant leadership, humble
confidence, and social grace usually help them to foster an open and transparent business
Marketing and brand team:
In the marketing and brand area, the employees must have a strong track record creating and
executing marketing or brand campaigns focused on delivering value to players in unique and
memorable ways. They usually lead branding and different marketing programs through
creating campaign strategies in partnership with the development team. Therefore, they are in
charge of create and advocate new programs and campaigns that elevate and reinforce League
of Legends' and Riot Games' positioning.

Production Team:
In the production area, the employees need to understand the tastes and preferences of
customers in the local market for video games. They dedicated to creating unique, awesome,
authentic experiences for riot games players and create cross-functional teams towards
common goals. The production team ensure that their products and services exceed the quality
that players expect from their video games .
Design team:
In the designer area, the employees design the rules and structure of a video game. In larger
projects, there are often separate designers for various parts of the game, such as, game
mechanics, user interface, characters, dialogue, etc. Furthermore, the art production is usually
overseen by an art director or art lead, making sure their vision is followed. The art director
manages the art team, scheduling and coordinating within the development team.

In the Operation/Engineering area, the employees are in charge for the technical quality of the
product are the responsible for the overall architecture of the system who primarily develops
video games and implement the games starting codebase and overview the future
development and programmer allocation on individual modules.

Customer/Service Team:
As it is known Riot Games is focus on giving their customers the best experience through
innovative video games and therefore bring them not only the product also their goal is to offer
the best service to their customers. In this manner, a player support is necessary for all the
players online if they have any technical issue while playing the game. In the Customer Service
are, the employees are train to develop support tools and refining processes for the purpose to
help and create one of the best live support services.

Why The Company Works

Riot Games offers paid time off at a competitive level, meaning sick and vacation days are
usually paid. This structure is open, yet is based primarily on years devoted to the company.
This is somewhat more liberal than most other companies in regards to number of days, as well
as flexibility. Riot Games also offers state of the art catering and restaurant services on-site, at a
subsidized price for their employees. Riot Games is also proud of the variety of free snacks
stashed around their offices. Riot Games also offers a matching 401(k) program, subsidized
vision insurance, and free basic life insurance policies, with some benefits coverage for
domestic partners. Where Riot Games really thrives is the care for the mental health and well-

being of their employees. Riot offers a number of non-standard employee perks and benefits,
including subsidized gym and massage therapy memberships, state of the art equipment, and
fun events like early movie screenings and frequent company wide picnics and events. In
addition, Riot offers continuing educational opportunities, both at local colleges and universities,
as well as their own locally based Riot U.
Nature of Leadership and Management
The nature of leadership and management at Riot Games is very limited and
open. Rather than having one department managed by a certain person, each
department is broken into smaller teams that work separately on different tasks.
There are supervisors for each team, but many reports claim them to be practically
useless. The management is so limited, that there are actually many complaints by
both past and present employees about being unsure of what exactly they need to

One former employee even stated, "There are teams all over the place,

spinning up every two seconds, and no one can focus on one product long enough
to finish it." There are many meetings held, but those have also been reported to be
unorganized. Management is not Riot Games' strong suit.

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